A type of weapon system that normally works by using magnets to propel magnetic projectiles, Railguns tend to hit real hard, and real fast. Rarer due to the costs involved with building man-portable railguns.

Notably, most Irken Railguns tend to utilize a loading chamber for any magnetic material, where the munitions are heated up and held in a magnetic field for firing. Once heated, a sliver of pre-determined size is severed from the rest of the material, and is commonly shaped into a spike before being pulled out at super-high velocity by the weapon's magnetic accelerators.

There are also Railguns that function by using Ferrofluids, which can bore through layer after layer of armor, but they are much rarer to come by due to the exotic nature of it's ammunition.

Soft targets commonly don't stand a chance.

Recoil on Railguns tends to be high, and higher velocities create more visible plasma trails as projectiles fly. Rate of Fire is also a notable concern with railguns.

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