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As the name of this category implies, all items found beyond here are Irken Weapons of some sort. Be they the venerable Shock-Spear, a Laser Rifle, or even an automated machine designed for combat, they're all Irken Weapons.

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Vortian Invisibility Helmets - Note, these aren't even Irken Weapons...

The VIH alters bio-electrical energy around all living things in the wearer's vicinity and makes their brains convinced that the wearer doesn't exist. In other words the enemy can't see the spy because it doesn't "exist". It is used from hats for one Irken or on entire spaceships. The flaw in this cloaking techology is that, for example, if the spy is outside a house, the person inside can simply look through the window and see the spy, because the glass blocks the bioelectricity-altering waves that the helmet sends off. This means that security cameras can also see the spy.

Bioelectricity Manipulator

The Bioelectricity Manipulator, or BM for short, can remotely tamper with the natural electricity inside a living thing's brain or the electricity of a robot. It is basically an uprgraded version of the Vortian Invisibility Helmet, but it can also do other things. It is available for both Irkens and SIR units, such as VIR. but to get it the Tallest must approve because of the great power of it. With the BM, one can create illusions for the enemy, such as blindness or monsters. It can even activate the fainting reflex, which is basically falling asleep. Another ability the BM has is it can make the brain of the enemy think that there is tons of pain being inflicted, which is intense and can be used for torture. The BM can be used to make "holographic" disguises like Tak's. In the same way that holographic disguises are made, the BM can convince the brain of the enemy that the wearer of the BM doesn't exist, or tampering with the electric signals sent by the eyes to the brain and deleting the sight of the wearer. The BM can even be used to read minds. Unfortunatey, like the Vortian Invisibility Helmet, mirrors and glass have the uncanny way of telling the truth.

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