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Facts from this Universe! Edit

Please note that the following is mostly fanon and speculation.

  • Vort and Irk had a schism between them starting from the day of Tallest Miyuki's death, and ending with their conquering 50 years later.
    • Battles were fought on occasion, but neither side erupted into large-scale open warfare.
  • The Planet Jackers of Guarven and Irk initially fought about 70 years ago when they first met, but the Irken-Planet Jacker treaty ended hostilities following a few skirmishes.
    • Notably, while the Planet Jackers could not stand up to Irken Vessels in direct combat, they were capable of encapsulating entire worlds without anyone knowing. Many Irkens actually feared this.
    • Guarven is the canon name for the Planet Jacker Homeworld.
  • Irken Gladitorial Games are quite popular.
    • There is an annual week of battle held on a selected gladitorial world, where gladiators may sign up and compete for all sorts of prizes.
    • Gladiators have the option of opting for 'life insurance'. This means that instead of fighting to the death, they are teleported to saftey when 'eliminated'.
      • They are typically seen more as cowards by the crowd as a result, and often win less glamorous awards than those who go in without the safety net.
      • Gladiators who do not opt for Life Insurance run a much higher risk than those who do not, but often gain much more favor with the crowd and acquire better prizes with greater glory.
    • Creatures, such as the Demon Squid (Seen in Zim eats Waffles) and the Digestor (a gladitorial creature cut from The Nightmare Begins) are popular opponents in the arenas.
      • Promising creatures are sometimes pitted against one-another with their own equipment and armor, adding to the variety of Irken Entertainment.
    • Irk has it's own Colosseums.
  • A Human year is referred to as a Standard Year, or a Standard Cycle.
    • Irken Years last Ten Standard Years.
  • Most, if not all Irkens are cloned from random DNA underground on Irk.
    • Traditional Mating is a concept that is near nonexistent, and is currently a Criminal Offense.
      • At certain points in the past, when the population was low, the Control Brains have allowed and sometimes even endorsed mating, if purely to bring the numbers of the Irken race up.
      • Even then, however, most couples or 'Breeding Pairs' are assigned by the Control Brains, and any offspring are automatically sent off to the academy, almost never destined to meet their parents.
      • The couples almost always destined to break apart on their own.
      • The last time Traditional Mating was allowed was more than 200 years before the present.
    • Control Brains are specially selected Irkens, who are either integrated into the multi-eyed shell of a brain, or are trained to open a hatch somewhere and sit inside and act imposing.
    • Horrible Painful Overload Day One lasted Five Standard Years, and Part Two lasted Four.
    • Both of the Horrible Painful Overload Days heavily impacted the birth rate of cloned Irkens for years to come.
  • The 'Whole of Irken Knowledge' is really just a distorted fraction of Irken Knowledge, kept unconsciously repressed when irrelevant..
    • Can't have military secrets in the download...
    • History is written by the victors...
  • Smeet Cadets in the Irken Academy train for 10 Irken Years.
    • Smeets in the Academy typically train with VR visors for most of the day to meet a quota, then are let free for the rest of the day to either study, eat, train some more, or sleep.
    • Academy Cadets are expelled with a pummeling if they are caught on Irk's Surface pre-graduation.
    • Academy Cadets are overseen by the, well, Overseers, as well as Control and AI brains.
    • Cadets will often be assigned to full VR simulators for assessments or special classes.
      • Utilizing direct PAK connection, the simulator is capable of simulating realistic pain.
        • Controversially, this setting is set to full as a standard in assessments despite possible physical problems that may result from this, such as heart malfunctions.
    • Graduation lasts two days. The first consists of the initial announcement and celebration, and the second day consists of the graduates being brought to the surface to receive either Job Recommendations or outright be Assigned to Jobs.
  • Full Military Tours last a single Irken Year, or ten standard years.
    • Recruits or returning service members are capable of choosing their postings and the length of their postings if the latter is available, and may typically apply in teams of four, maximum.
    • Available Postings will vary depending on the personal skills or specialties, as well as the possible usefulness of the individual(s) if assigned to the posting.
  • Every seventy years, Irken Elite trials are held on a prime Irken World such as Devastis.
    • Irken Elites serve until they die, get re-encoded, or retire after a varying amount of years in service.
    • Irken Elites have almost the highest authority in the military, and are capable of making their own orders if there is no higher power available.
    • Instead of postings, there are a broad amount of direct assignments available to Elites.
    • Invaders, when on assignment, have authority equal to or greater than that of an Elite.

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