Irken Empire Wiki
  • It shows Earth*
  • It zooms into London*

Jib: So, um..why is he living here now, anyway? Menami: ... *Adjusts jacket*... I think he's just feeling a lot of guilt.. 1:10 Invadervax Xav: He's not exactly Vax anymore...He's really angry at himself. Zik: *standing next to Menami, wearing a leather bomber jacket*.. Well I guess that one incident really uh.. Did somethin. Menami: Poor guy.. Xav: YEah... Yeah* Zik: Yeaaah. Sooo.. *looks around* This is a cool city. Lotsa snow.. Tall buildings and cool-lookin cars.. *smiles* I love snow. 1:14 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I like snow too. ^^ Xav: It's a pretty interesting city.

  • They see a tall plastic man standing still by a parking lot as kids kick him and throw snow on him* Kid: Wow, this toy really sucks!
  • Mario stand still with an angry expression, not wanting to expose himself to the community*

Menami: .. *Looks toward the man* ._. Zik: ....*blinks* Xav: *Knocks on the door to a strange apartment* Vax: *Answers*

  • The kids walk away from him in disappointment*

Menami: Hi, Vax. 1:20 Invadervax Vax: Hi...

Vax: ..Don't call me that... 1:20 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Why not..? *Worried look*.. Vax: I am unworthy of that name... Menami: .. That's a lie! 1:22 Invader Jib Jib: There's nothing else to call you.. 1:22 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Broooo, thats like saying IM unworthy for MY name. And Im pretty awesom-- ..... I mean ....... *sheepish grin*.. Youre pretty awesome too. Didnt you want to get to know me? *holds out fist* I work like this. Like bros, man! So stop being sappy, thats no way to be awesome, like me 1:22 Invadervax Vax: Did you see what I did? 1:23 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... It wasn't your fault! You weren't thinking.. 1:23 Ametrineskies Zik: ..What she said, man. You didnt do it 1:23 Long Time

  • Mario runs over to the group, while no humans are looking*

1:23 Ametrineskies Zik: Well -- err- you DID do it, but um.. it wasnt uh.. YOUR choice.. Or anything like that.. 1:23 Long Time Mario: I'm so glad I found you guys..! 1:23 Invader Jib Jib: Everyone makes mistakes like happens sometimes..I guess.. Jib: Okay, it's RARE..but it CAN happen..and uh- 1:24 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Ya gonna brofist me or what 1:24 Invadervax Vax: You don't understand... 1:24 Long Time Mario wipes off snow on his plastic jacket* 1:25 Invader Jib Jib: Erm..I've done stupid stuff like that before..not as extreme, but uh.. 1:25 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Yes I do!

Menami: Besides.. you're forgiven! Menami: Why keep dwelling on something when it's over? 1:26 Invadervax Vax: ...Long ago, I made a promise.. 1:26 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Hey uh.. Werent you one of the people that told me that um.. I dont have to worry so much about being a hero? Or .. That I was one? *smiles* Somethin like that. I think I learned somethin from it 1:27 Invadervax Vax: Recently, I broke that promise... 1:27 Invader Jib Jib: Vex said that...but it has a good point.. Vax: And that may be something you can forgive me for, but it i not something I can forgive myself for.. Is* 1:29 Invader Jib Jib: annnnyway...that time stuff is's really unstable..gross stuff.. 1:29 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Sighs*.. Vax, sometimes.... sometimes, not all promises can be held. That's just... life. 1:30 Invadervax Vax: But this promise...This was a promise of loyalty... 1:30 Long Time Mario: I've been searching for you guys.. for a long time. 1:30 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Besides..! What's so bad to be upset over anyway..? ... *picks up his wrist and lightly fists his hand* .. 1:31 Invadervax Vax: A promise of truth and wisdom.. Long Time has left the chat. 1:32 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... Vax, it wasn't your fault. You couldn't predict your actions, control them, or change them. You really didn't break the promise because it was your subconcious being forced into doing the work for someone else. Long Time has joined the chat. 1:32 Invader Jib Jib: ...That wasn't what happened, but.. 1:33 Ametrineskies Zik: *smacks Jib* Yea it was go with it :U 1:33 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: shutupjib 1:33 Long Time (Is the group just going to ignore me? .__.) 1:33 Ametrineskies Zik: You ain' HELPIN Zik: By the way, did you guys hear someone? Zik: .....Eh 1:33 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. I did. 1:33 Invadervax Vax: ... 1:34 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Anyhow. There AINT NO REASON to be so SAPPY 1:34 Long Time Mario: Hello over here! *It only seems like there's a giant toy over there* 1:34 Invader Jib Jib: You know, Vax, I know this time, paranomral magic stuff is important to you..but you shouldn't put it before everything. 1:34 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Mario*.. 1:34 Ametrineskies Zik: *stares at Mario* ..Oh, its just a giant, talking toy Zik: ...... 1:35 Invader Jib Jib:...what 1:35 Ametrineskies Zik: ...MANNEQUIN! KILL IT *jumps on top of Jib's headXD* 1:35 Invadervax Vax: I'm not putting my studies before so much...I'm putting the safety of the Universe I love before so much... 1:36 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Laughs at Zik* 1:36 Invader Jib Jib: Vax...I need to tell you somethi-AH! *Collapses from the weight, since Jib is much shorter* 1:36 Ametrineskies Zik: ITS EVIL- *falls over* 1:37 Invadervax Vax: ... 1:37 Long Time Mario: Uhg... they always say that kind of stuff .-. 1:37 Ametrineskies Zik: IT TAAAALKS! *runs away* 1:37 Long Time Mario: BOO! 1:37 Ametrineskies Zik: AAAAAARRHGHGJDFJDDHYS *runs to, kicks in the face and runs* 1:37 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... ZIK. ._. 1:38 Long Time Mario: Argh! 1:38 Ametrineskies Zik: YOLO! 1:38 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. IT'S JUST A-- ZIK! 1:38 Long Time Mario wiped foot print off face* wipes* 1:38 Ametrineskies Zik: SO MUCH YOLOO 1:38 Invadervax Vax: *Shuts door* 1:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*looks at the door* 1:38 Invadervax Xav: Great. Xav: Just great. 1:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*hides* 1:39 Long Time Mario: Don't mess with me >:/ 1:39 Ametrineskies Zik: *loud whisper*: maannneeequuiiinn 1:39 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: EVERYBODY SHUT UP. 1:39 Invader Jib Jib: Dang it..I needed to tell him the evil guys are using him.. Zik: ..*covers mouth* 1:40 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Jib, you go talk with Vax.. I need to deal with this. *Walks over to Zik and Mario* 1:40 Long Time Mario: Uhg.. That one ate too much sugar today, didn't he? *points to Zik* 1:40 Invader Jib Jib: *Knocks on Vax's door* 1:40 Ametrineskies Zik: *derps* No I totally didnt *grabs an energy drink* 1:40 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. ZIK. DROP IT. 1:40 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*opens it* 1:40 Invadervax Vax: I need to be left alone... 1:40 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Slaps it out of his hand* 1:40 Invader Jib Jib: I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING, VAX! 1:40 Ametrineskies Zik: ..NUU- 1:41 Invader Jib Jib: You need to know! 1:41 Long Time

  • Mario burns energy drink can that is on the floor with fire*

Mario: >:/ 1:41 Ametrineskies Zik: ...;3; 1:41 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. He's NOT a mannequin. 1:41 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*slowly grabs a candy bar* 1:41 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Looks at Mario*.. You're Robloxian, aren't you? 1:41 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*quickly opens and munches on it* 1:42 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..*CHOKES ZIK* 1:42 Ametrineskies Zik: FGSHSHDUIHDD Zik: *drops the bar* IMGONADIIEEEE 1:42 Invader Jib Jib: Vax..the evil guys are USING YOU. 1:42 Long Time Mario: Yes I am... 1:42 Invader Jib Jib: They're using your time travel to their advantage. 1:42 Long Time Mario: I tried to find a new home, because most of my population is very stupid. 1:42 Invadervax Ruton: *Appears next to Vax* Vax, you are a Time Crosser! Something terrible is about to awaken and attack London, and you're the only one that can stop it... 1:42 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Lets go of* -.-.. 1:42 Long Time Mario: But this planet is horrible! 1:42 Ametrineskies Zik: *runs off* AAAAAAAAAAAAA 1:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks back at Mario* .. Welcome to Earth, dude. .-. 1:43 Invadervax

  • Meanwhile*

1:43 Long Time Mario: Oh gosh -_- 1:43 Invader Jib Jib: But being a time crosser is a BAD THING! Jib: It screws up time and creates the gross time stuff! 1:44 Invadervax

  • Under the Houses of Parliament, in a UN base, there are soldiers guarding a giant ice-berg*
  • There are monitors, and something purple is seen in the ice-berg*

Zik: ...*runs back, smacks Jib* ..I happen to be a time traveller, and its NOT bad. <.< 1:46 Invadervax Cracks* 1:47 Long Time Mario: *Looks a Zik* I've got my eyes on you... 1:47 Invader Jib Jib: In small amounts, sure-but doing it CONSTANTLY screws stuff up! 1:47 Ametrineskies Zik: IN FACT.. I travel just to get here. Im obviously not from here, and neither is that block thingy 1:47 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Maybe you should use a disguise if you wanna stay here.. otherwise, you're gonna be treated like a toy. 1:48 Invadervax

  • Two purple hands break free*

1:48 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Its a little obvious that we do NOT look like block mannequins

Zik: ...In fact its actually scaring me o_o 1:48 Long Time Mario: Yea 1:49 Invader Jib Jib: Nobody listens to me T_T 1:49 Long Time Mario: I have no idea how I'm going to get a disguise to loom exactly like a meatbag human. look* Vax: Stuff yourself with meat. Zik: ..Meatbag huh. o_o 1:50 Invader Jib Jib: Annnway...Vax, I'm SAYING, the way you're doing that stuff ISN'T WORKING. Menami: .. ._. 1:50 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*flips his hair*.. Hmm. I may be not human.. But daang thats insulting

  • A purple creature breaks from the ice-berg*

Vax: Jib, I've given up on adventure, FYI. I broke the promise, now I'm no longer Vax. Creature: Freedom... 1:52 Long Time Mario: Well they are made out of meat. 1:52 Invadervax Soldier: WHAT THE... Zik: ...Yeah. So. Dont be so.. Whatever youre doing. Yeah. ... *pokes* 1:53 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Yeah. So. Dont be so.. Whatever youre doing. Yeah. ... *pokes* 1:54 Long Time Mario: Don't poke me... 1:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Watches them, actually kind of amused* 1:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*pokes more* 1:55 Invadervax Creature: After 12 years..] Soldier: O_O 1:57 Long Time Mario: Don't temp me >:/ tempt* 1:58 Invader Jib Jib: You're made of plsatic..can you even feel that? Jib: In are you even alive? 1:58 Ametrineskies Zik: ....He's a ROBOT! IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Zik: *Bouncing* AND ROBOTS ARE USED TO UM UM UM UM UM ...... Zik: ...TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Zik: *jumps onto Menami's head* Aaaaaaa- 1:59 Long Time Mario: :| 1:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: HGJH-- *Falls over* 2:00 Long Time Mario: I may be plastic but I still have feelings. 2:00 Invadervax Creature: *Takes over the UN base and then breaks through the ceiling* 2:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: GET OFF-- 2:00 Ametrineskies Zik: NEVERRRRR Zik: ...oh wait you want to choke me *runs* 2:01 Invader Jib Jib: FYI, Robots are used as servents. 2:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT-- D< Menami: YOU'D BETTER RUN 2:02 Long Time Mario: I'm not a robot 2:02 Ametrineskies Zik: IM GONNA DIE~! 2:02 Long Time Mario: Well Schmoob did warn me about this place >_> 2:02 Invadervax Vax: *Opens the door again* 2:03 Long Time (mario is friends with Schmoob.) 2:03 Invader Jib Jib: It's just weird...your existence denies every possible scientific fact.. 2:03 Invadervax Vax: Unless he's an Auton... 2:03 Ametrineskies Zik: *eventually comes back* Zik: ...*pokes Menami* :u 2:04 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... I haven't studied their anatomy much, so-- *Looks at Zik* .. >I 2:04 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*big, nervous grin* *squeee~* Zik: *trying to look as cute as possibleXD* 2:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Flicks him* :I 2:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*Scrreeeeeehhh* Zik: *flails* 2:05 Invader Jib

  • FLIR suddenly comes out of Jib's PAK*

FLIR: EVERYBODY JUMP ON THE PHYSIC LADIE'S HEAD Jib: FLIR: Aww... Mario: Aw, that little robot is cute. 2:06 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..HEY-- Zik: ..*looks at Menami* Why do you wanna choke me so badly, what have I ever done to you? *grabs another energy drink*.. 2:07 Long Time Mario: You should really restrict sweets from this monster *looks at Zik*... 2:07 Ametrineskies Zik: ...MONSTER? Zik: ...Yeaah, its ... Common name I guess Zik: *puts drink down* 2:08 Long Time Mario: Not a literal monster, I kid, I kid... 2:08 Ametrineskies Zik: *shakes head* No no. Zik: *looks at* Its not too surprising that the people I meet usually call me names, but ey'll get used of it, eh? 2:08 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Zik.. 2:08 Invader Jib Jib: Why DO people do that, anyway? 2:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. He's perfectly normal. ._. I don't understand people.. 2:09 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*shrugs* I dunno. It's been that way since I was kicked out of the place I was born in. Zik: Im actually supposed to be wiped completely from Irk's records, and I probably am. 2:09 Invadervax

  • Someone walks over to them*

2:09 Long Time Mario: I didn't mean to call him a literal monster, I'm sure you're nice.. 2:10 Ametrineskies Zik: Yeah, whatever.. 2:10 Invadervax Vax: *Shuts door* 2:10 Long Time Mario: I don't really have a disguise here though, so kids treat me as an over-grown toy.. 2:10 Invader Jib FLIR: Being called a metaphorical monster is even worse..being a real monster is cool, because they can shoot fire and stuff.. 2:11 Long Time Mario: So all of you guys, are irkens? 2:11 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Well I think Im called this way because Im "a defect" or something. Obvious by my clothes. 2:11 Long Time Mario: I have a friend that's irken.. 2:11 Invadervax Man: And what is going on here? 2:11 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*floats up slightly from the ground* I also do strange things. I have DNA strands of an actual.. "Monster". 2:11 Invader Jib FLIR: I happen to be a defect..ya know, screwed up brain..error. I don't really care. 2:11 Ametrineskies Zik: So call me what you want, because I dont care 2:11 Long Time

  • Mario stands still*

2:12 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: YOU'RE FINE. Okay? 2:12 Long Time

  • Pretends to be a toy, as the man comes by*

2:12 Ametrineskies Zik: Only you would say that! You havent called me names yet 2:12 Invadervax Xav: *Looks at the man* Hmmm... 2:12 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*drops down, stares at the man* 2:13 Invader Jib FLIR: *Repeatedly pokes Mario annoyingly* 2:13 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Because it's TRUE, Zik-- *Looks at the Man*.. 2:14 Long Time

  • Mario has an annoyed expression on his face*

2:14 Invadervax Man: I am the British Prime Minister. I am just making sure everything is normal. 2:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*shakes head a little, to hide his bright blue eyes with his bangs*.. *nods* Sure is. 2:15 Invadervax Prime Minister: *Grins suspiciously* 2:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stares at him.. eyes narrow* 2:15 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Raises a suspicious look* 2:15 Ametrineskies Zik: I shouldnt be suspicious about the mannquin, I should be suspicious about THIS guy. Zik: *walks up to him*.. I'm watchin yoouuuu 2:16 Invader Jib FLIR: *Takes off Mario's hat and wears it* 2:16 Invadervax Prime Minister: And I am watching you, too. 2:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ....pedophiiilllle 2:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Yo. Get away from here. You're creepy. *Looks at the Minister* 2:17 Ametrineskies Zik: He iiis. ono 2:18 Invadervax Prime Minister: *Still smiles* 2:18 Long Time

  • Mario has a death stare on FLIR*

2:18 Invadervax Prime Minister: *Walks away* 2:18 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Yea um.. Shoo. You're becoming OBVIOUS- Yea GO 2:19 Invader Jib Jib: FLIR, give the plastic guy his hat back. FLIR: Aww... 2:19 Long Time Mario: >:/ 2:19 Invader Jib FLIR: *Sets Mario's hat on Mario's shoulder* 2:19 Long Time

  • MAn is out of sight*
  • Mario puts hat back on*

2:19 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Anyhow. *stares at Menami* ..The thing thats true is that these names are true! People look at me and call me a criminal as if they've known me since whenever 2:19 Long Time Mario: A disguise would be really useful.. Menami: ....YOU'RE NOT, ZIK. GEEZ, I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE HERO. -n- 2:21 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Well I try to be 2:21 Long Time Mario: It isn't a competition to be a hero, but to be a friend. 2:21 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*small smile* I just gotta try harder. One day Ill be the one to save the universe. 2:22 Invadervax Xav: There's something fishy about that Prime Minister...But I just can't put my finger on it...' 2:22 Invader Jib Jib No one person can save the universe..nor can one man destroy it. So.. 2:22 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*frowns at Mario* Well Im lookin for friends, heck yea, but.. I also need to fix up my reputation and shove my proof in their faces Zik: *crosses arms*.. Not really anybody can understand though 2:22 Long Time Mario: I should as mention that.. 2:23 Invader Jib (BRB) 2:23 Long Time Mario: I'm on of the very few robloxians that are very smart. I also have a set of powers, but they are limited due to the fact if I use them too much I can become unstable. Jib: Uh-huh..well, I can shoot fire by yelling PK FIRE or whatever...Ok, I know that's old news, but I just can't get over it.. Xav: You know, you don't have to shout a spell to use PSI... Jib: Sure, but it's cooler that way.. Jib: WAIT- Jib: Then how DID I do it? Zik: ..Thats like shouting a spellcard name is essential to casting it.. 2:52 Long Time Mario: Wow. 2:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ...:I 2:52 Invadervax Xav: Well, you shouted a spell, that's one way, but you don't need to do it that way. Jib: I think it's easier that way.. Kids: Hey, it's that dumb toy again! 2:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... You just found it, I suppose? Menami: .. Oh boy. 2:53 Long Time Kids: Lets burn him this time! Mario sweats, standing still while the kids run over to him*

  • There are people acting strange*

2:54 Invader Jib FLIR: Nah *Picks up Mario* I bought this with mah own moneh. 2:54 Long Time Kids: Too bad!

  • Kids throw a match that is on fire on mario*

2:55 Ametrineskies Zik: Just leave-- Oh. o-o 2:55 Long Time Mario: OWWWWW!!!- YOU ROTTEN- *Covers mouth* O_O

  • Kids scream and run away*

2:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. o_o 2:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Heheheehheheh 2:55 Invader Jib FLIR: *Throws Mario across the street into a puddle* FLIR: Nah, he's fine. 2:56 Long Time Mario's left hand has melted into a puddle* Mario: Ahg, MY HAND! 2:56 Invadervax (How is there a puddle?) 2:57 Long Time (Plastic (remember?) 2:57 Invadervax (Oh.) 2:57 Long Time Mario: I hate fire! 2:58 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Aaaahhn. 2:59 Invader Jib

  • Picks up Mario and takes him to the other side of the street*
  • back to
  • FLIR:

FLIR: So, science..he;s made of plastic so even those 5 times smaller than him can pick him up..*Sets him down* 3:00 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Sciencccee. *jazz hands* o.- 3:00 Long Time Mario: Don't ever touch me again. Mario: :/ 3:00 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*pokes* 3:01 Long Time Mario: Do it again. Mario: I dare you 3:01 Ametrineskies Zik: *pokes* 3:01 Invader Jib FLIR Hey, I wonder if..*Tires to pull off Mario's arm like a figurine* 3:01 Long Time Mario kicks Zik in the face* Mario: I'm not like lego >_> 3:01 Invader Jib C 3:01 Ametrineskies Zik: GBBGFGUSD ;3; 3:01 Long Time

  • Arm doesn't come off*

3:01 Invader Jib

  • Typo

FLIR: Aw! That's stupid! 3:02 Long Time Mario: And so are you. Mario: :/ 3:02 Ametrineskies Zik: Youre just grumpy 3:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. :I 3:03 Long Time Mario: Well you did keep on poking me, plus my left hand is gone SO... 3:03 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Eheh. 3:04 Invader Jib FLIR: That's what you get for breaking the laws of physics! FLIR: I mean..there's nothig connecting your limbs to your's kiiinda weird..

  • nothing

Mario: There is alot more weirder things out in the galaxy then this :/ FLIR: Such as? Mario: One-hundred headed elephant monkeys. FLIR: I doubt that's a thing..but okay.. 3:12 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..Does that even exist? Zik: ..Anything can happen in space.. *derp* Mario: pretty much.

Mario: I just need to rest my hand for about 20 minutes, and it will regenerate on it's own... though I do need to be more careful. 3:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Cool. Zik: ..*blinks* So weeeiirrd, bro. Zik: You defy every single physic out there. Jib: Well, so...wait, what are we doing here again? FLIR: We're kinda..just standing in the street.. Mario: Yea, not very productive. 3:19 Invadervax Xav: I came to accompany Vax. Jib: Yeah, but now we're just standing here.. Mario: Who's Vax? Xav: I forgot t introduce him to you... FLIR: He's this crazy guy who travels around time killing evil stuff for fun. 3:22 Invadervax Xav: He doesn't do itfor fun... It for* FLIR: Well, what DOES he do it for? Clearly none of those guys are capable of destroying or of harming the universe. They're too stupid. Xav: They're smarter than you think... FLIR: If that's the case, what's stopping them? Why aren't we all dead? There's no way Vax could catch them if they were smart, since there is hundreds and hundreds of different times.. Mario: Time travel you say...?

Mario: That's extremely dangerous stuff, one slip and the whole universe can be changed. Mario: I've had bad experiences from it before.. 3:27 Invadervax Xav: Vax defeats them because he figures out how. 3:27 Invader Jib Jib: THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING THEM, BLOCK GUY! Jib: They don't listen.. 3:28 Invadervax Xav: Plus, me and Menami have assisted him. FLIR: I seems like anyone could do what he does.I guess it's cool that he's willing to do it, but.. Xav: ..

Xav: Doing what he does requires assistance. 3:31 Long Time Mario: I've time traveled before, I screwed it up and it took awhile to fix it all back up again, like having to confront my past self and to tell him to never time travel in the first place, so the time traveling would never happen and ruin everything! Jib: But if you told your past self not to do it, you wouldn't do it, so you wouldn't have to tell your past self not to..and so your past self then- Mario: Yea it's pretty confusing stuff, I usually end up destroying the machine in the past Mario: So can I meet this 'Vax' fellow? Xav: If he's willing. Mario: Wait, your name is Xav, right? Xav: YEs. 3:42 Long Time Mario: So your name is backwards of Vax's name? 3:42 Invadervax Yes* Xav: Yes. Mario: Woah, are you guys related? FLIR: They are..but they're also dating as's kinda weird.. Xav: You could say we're related. Xav: And we're not "dating". FLIR: *Grins* Oh, suuure you're not. Xav: I'm more of his assistant.

  • Xisenin opens the door abruptly and wears a frown, but smiles when he sees them* Xisenin: Who woke me up?

Xisenin sees a man made out plastic and has a blocky shape*

Mario: Is this the Vax you were talking about? 3:46 Invadervax Xav: No. Xisenin: I-HEH.. IT'S A MAN MADE OF BOXES! OMG GGAFGGGG *spazzes in happiness* 3:46 YourFavoriteFangirl (im kind of tripletasking) 3:47 Long Time Mario: Uhm... Hello there.. Xisenin: GAAAAH I LOVE BOXES *tackles Mario* Vax: *Peaks head out* Menami: ... o_o\ 3:49 Invadervax Vax: *Walks outside* 3:49 Long Time Mario: ARHG! Mario: Get off me!

  • Mario pushes Xisenin off*

Xisenin: You're a box person!! HRMMM *hugs* Mario: Agh, What's wrong with this guy!? Xisenin: BOOXES! *stands up* CAN I HAVE YOUR ARM? Mario: No you can't... but if it ever falls off consider it a "christmas" present for you, okay? Xisenin: :> OKAY! *dances*

Xisenin: So, you wanted to meet Vax, huh? He's in here Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat. 3:56 LIRLIR .Xisenin: *walks in*

Vax: Hello. 3:56 Long Time

  • Mario walks in*

Menami: .. Can I come in too? 3:57 Invadervax Vax: Sure. 3:57 Long Time

  • Vax sees the plastic man with the block body parts*

3:57 Invadervax Xav: *Walks in* 3:57 Long Time Mario: Hello 3:57 Invader Jib Jib: *Comes in as well* 3:57 Invadervax Vax: *Walks in*

Xisenin: *sits in a comfy looking chair*

Menami: *Walks inside*.. *Sits*

Mario: So you're the fellow I've heard about

Vax: YEs. Yes*

Xisenin: I like to sleep in different places. *his voice is warbly*

Mario: One question.. why would you ever want to live on earth?

Xisenin: So... Yeah .

Menami: *Leans back on the couch*..

Mario: Why would you ever want to live on earth? All the humans here are idiots.. No offense if you have any human friends...

Menami: ..i kind of like earth..

Xisenin: earth has CHEESE.

Vax: Indeed. 6:43 Invader Jib (Vax's apartment.) 6:43 Ametrineskies Zik: *sits next to Menami and smiles at her*.. Menami: It's actually pretty interesting. ^^

6:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: IT HAS CHEESE. 6:44 Ametrineskies Zik: ..You dont want to choke me anymore, right? 6:44 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Looks at Zik*.. *Huggles* o3o 6:45 LIRLIR Xisenin: *thumbs up Zik* 6:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*sighs and hugs back* 6:45 Mysteriousjillguy ( Is LIR in this? 6:45 LIRLIR Xisenin: Eh. 6:45 Invader Jib (no ) 6:45 Long Time Mario: Aren't irkens supposed to conquer all the planets they find? How come earth isn't taken over by irkens? 6:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looks at Xi*.. *rolls eyes and scoffs, smiling* 6:45 Invader Jib Jib: ..Because the dude trying to conqure it sucks. 6:45 LIRLIR (LIR FC NO. XISENIN, YES) 6:46 Long Time Mario: Who? 6:46 Invadervax Vax: *Sips tea* I'm actually only the second most frequent time traveler. 6:46 Invader Jib Jib: He's Zim...I dunno about him, I just heard about it-and that he blew a bunch of stuff up. *To Mario 6:46 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. There's someone trying to conquer Earth? :U Menami: *Like, totally forgot by nowXD* 6:47 Ametrineskies Zik: ...:U What if I said I'm one of his clones 6:47 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. wat :UU 6:47 Long Time Mario: Woluldn't believe you :/ 6:47 Invader Jib Jib: *shrugs* Everybody's a clone of somebody. Jib: It doesn't really make difference. 6:47 INVADER VEX

  • Suddenly, Jib is getting a phone call from the automated caller cycle in Vex's infirmary*

6:47 Long Time Mario: You know, what if I told you that I'm the queen of England? 6:47 LIRLIR Xisenin: Mine is a gerbil :3 6:48 Invader Ark ( (yes) to Mario) 6:48 Ametrineskies Zik: Well um.. Im not joking! It's from my dimension, but the records are gone.. 6:48 Invader Jib Jib: *Answers the phonecall* 6:48 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. That's kind of scary. ._. 6:48 Invadervax Vax: I know the queen of England. 6:48 Invader Ark (I want to use Ax in an RP... Can he be in Vex's... Thingy?) 6:49 INVADER VEX Automated caller cycle: Hello, you have been put down as an alternate for Jaz, who is being released from care tomorrow* (No, Vex doesn't know Ax.) 6:49 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hey, did you guys know that I breed gerbil people? 6:49 Invader Ark (But... <:( ) 6:49 LIRLIR (Find another way.) 6:50 Invader Ark (Hm... *thinks*) 6:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Is it scary..? *looks at Menami* How? 6:50 Invader Jib Jib: *Hangs up the phone* 6:50 Ametrineskies Zik: ..other than the fact that my older siblings are unintentional serial killers but thats okay o-o 6:50 Mysteriousjillguy ( Should I bring Schmoob in this..? 6:51 Invader Ark

  • the phone rings again
  • it's a number they haven't seen before

6:51 Invader Jib (No, Schmoob, you use him too much.) 6:51 Invader Ark (this okay?) 6:52 Long Time Mario: I almost forgot! 6:52 Mysteriousjillguy ( I don't have many characters.. 6:52 Long Time Mario: You see this hat I'm wearing? 6:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Just seems kinda scary. 6:52 Invader Ark

  • the phone rings yet agin

6:52 Long Time

  • Mario is wearing a hat with two red-looking eyes, and two small robotic arms are attached on the sides*Mario: It's my newest creation..

6:52 Invader Ark

  • again

6:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Well nobody would believe me anyway, which is fine, because nobody really hacks into Irk's archives, do they? 6:53 Invader Jib (Teri, Nin, Nylus, Flight, Schmoob, Yarp, probably forgetting someone, Schmoob.) 6:53 Long Time

  • Mario turns on the hat* Mario: I call it Mr.Hatbot!

6:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: GAAAAGH I NEVER GET HEARD!! *starts eating chair in anger* Hey, this actually tastes good! *munches* 6:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *stares at Xi* Zik: ...Umm.

  • the phone rings... YET AGAIN

6:53 Long Time

  • The hat dances around then plops back onto mario's head*

6:53 Invader Ark

Jib: *answers the phone* Jib: *answers the phone* C(T

  • typo

(This RP is a lot more laidback than TGI, TGI was just like that since it was the season finally.) 6:56 LIRLIR (It not be Schmoob) 6:56 Mysteriousjillguy ( I GTG in a few mintutes.. ( Summary of RP? 6:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: (don't add Zimmerman m) 6:57 Invader Ark Irken voice: Hey, when are you coming to fix my washing machine, HUH, filthy human... I mean, human... Friend... * nervous and crazy laugh * 6:57 LIRLIR (Lag) 6:57 Invader Jib Jib: I don't..know you.. 6:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( 2 mintutes.. 6:58 Invader Jib (there's a recording, Schmoob.) 6:58 LIRLIR Carol of the Doomed 6:58 Invader Ark Voice: Wha? *rustle* You ARE the washer repairman, right...? 6:58 Invader Jib Jib: No..

Xisenin: No I AM.

Voice: *curses under breath* Well, then, how am I supposed to do... You know, whatever it is you do with washing machines?

Jib: I don't know! You have a wrong number..or something!

Xisenin: You just don't! HEE BY Voice: I'm AX, filthy... THE ONCE MIGHTY INVADER AX! I mean... The normal human, Ax... *another laugh *

Jib: Hey, I'm not a human. Save you bad impressions.

Ax : Listen, repair human, I am going to track you down... SO I CAN WASH MY DISHES ONCE MORE! *laughs maniacally, then hangs up* 7:02 LIRLIR Xisenin: *yells into the phone* You're an Irken who's friend's head got hacked off!!

Mario: Who was it?

(Does he care? XD) 7:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..... That's an insane person right there. ._. 7:03 Invader Ark (Good point...) Long Time has left the chat. Long Time has joined the chat. 7:04 LIRLIR Xisenin: I KNOW THE DING DONG TYPE WHEN I HEAR IT HUR. 7:04 Invader Ark

  • a damaged, filthy Irken ship lands outside the apartment
  • Ax gets out

7:04 Mysteriousjillguy ( File:LIR upgrade.jpg ) 7:04 INVADER VEX

  • Jib's phone begins to ring again*

7:04 LIRLIR ... 7:05 Invader Ark Ax: COME OUT AND FACE ME! OR I CUT YOUR HEAD OFF- * he freezes, then drops to his knees and stares at the ground* 7:05 Invader Jib Jib: *Answers the phone* 7:06 LIRLIR ( Good. ) 7:06 INVADER VEX Plixx: Hi Jib... I noticed you hung up on the automated caller... Were you not informed that you were an alternate number put down by your friend... Um... Zyl? 7:06 Ametrineskies (...Back :I) 7:06 Invader Ark Ax: *snaps out of his trance and walks towards the apartment* 7:06 Long Time Mario: Man, who's that crazy person outside? 7:07 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looks outside* ..What the 7:07 Invader Ark Ax: *lasers come out of his PAK and he shoots a hold in the door* 7:07 Long Time Mario: His... or..Her ship isn't even cloaked! 7:07 Invader Jib Jib: I was..not informed of that.. 7:07 Long Time Mario: Any human can see that miles away! 7:07 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hello there! *hugs Ax* 7:07 Invader Jib Jib: and he's NOT my friend.. 7:07 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ! Geez.. 7:08 INVADER VEX Plixx: Okay. We'll try to call Zyl again soon. 7:08 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Walks over to the door*.. That guy's crazy.. 7:08 Invader Ark Ax: HI, FRIEND! *hugs Xi back* 7:08 Invader Jib Jib: Okay then. 7:08 Ametrineskies Zik: ...O.o 7:08 Invadervax Vax: Hmmm... *Walks outside* 7:08 INVADER VEX Plixx: Wow... It looks like something crazy is going on there! Um... Should I call for help or... Something? 7:08 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Two insane buddies 7:08 Invader Ark Ax: Nice to know I'm not the only one out there... 7:08 LIRLIR Xisenin: I like the cut of your jib! 7:09 Long Time Mario: Are you INSANE!? Humans can see that ship miles away... 7:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... This is.. wow.. .-. 7:09 LIRLIR Xisenin: Yeah... 7:09 Invadervax Vax: Greeting, Irken. 7:09 INVADER VEX

  • some policemen start hitting the ship with batons and sticking tons of tickets on it*

7:09 Long Time (lol) 7:09 Invader Jib Jib: Sure. Some..guy broke in. 7:09 Invader Ark Ax: *looks around the room, one eye twitching* WHERE IS THE FILTH WHO REFUSED TO FIX MY MACHINE? I NEED TO KNOW! 7:09 INVADER VEX

  • Plixx hangs up*

7:10 Mysteriousjillguy Policeman:NOW GENTLEMAN<WE MUST HANDLE THIS PROFESSIONALLY. 7:10 Invader Jib (Pause a sec, recording) 7:10 Invadervax Vax: *Walks bak inside* 7:10 Mysteriousjillguy

  • The policeman takes out a gun*

7:10 Invader Ark Ax: MY DISHES MUST BE CLEANED! * shakes fist in the air *

Ax: MY DISHES MUST BE CLEANED! * shakes fist in the air * 7:10 Invadervax Back* 7:10 Invader Ark (ok ) 7:10 Mysteriousjillguy

  • The pliceman throws the gun at the ship,making a "clank" sound*

Policeman: There. 7:11 INVADER VEX

  • the rest of the policemen throw their guns and handcuffs at the ship* Take that, criminals!

7:11 Invader Jib (continue) 7:11 Mysteriousjillguy Other policemen:Ummghhm..okay..uhhh..guess so..uh huh..oh yea. ( GTG) 7:11 INVADER VEX (Ok, bye) 7:11 Invader Ark (Bye) 7:11 LIRLIR (LOLZ BYE) 7:11 Invadervax (Bye.) 7:11 Long Time (bye 7:11 Invader Jib (bye) 7:12 INVADER VEX

  • All of the sudden, Ax's ship gets crushed by what seems like nothing and the policemen all run away*

7:12 Invader Ark Ax: Eh... Never really liked that ship anyway... Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat. 7:13 INVADER VEX

  • A door opens out of nowhere, and a tall Irken elite rolls out of the ship and starts shooting at the policemen randomly*

7:13 Invader Ark Ax: Well, I guess I'm stuck with YOU! *walks over to Zik and menami and puts one arm around each * so... How are things... 7:13 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. UM-- o_o 7:13 Invadervax Vax: ... 7:13 Long Time Mario: What the... 7:13 INVADER VEX

  • the Irken elite, having killed all the guards, starts running towards the appartmens, shooting people who see him*

7:13 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Who are you and why are you touching me. 7:13 Ametrineskies Zik: ...o_o 7:13 Long Time Mario: Who's that? 7:13 INVADER VEX

  • policemen*
  • not guards*

7:14 Ametrineskies Zik: ...You are not WORTHHEEEEEE of touching me 7:14 Invader Jib Jib: ....I'm legitimately freaked out 7:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: *tele-lifts ARK into the air* So, who are you? 7:14 Invader Ark Ax : MY NAME IS AZ, I'M FROM IRK, AND MY BEST FRIEND IS TY- *freezes like he did outside* 7:14 LIRLIR

  • az

7:14 Invader Ark

  • ax


  • ax

7:14 Invadervax Vax: Calm down. 7:14 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Pokes him* Menami: :u 7:15 Invader Jib Jib: oh, btw, AX...I AM NOT A REPAIRMAN! 7:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hehe. *floats ax everywhere* 7:15 Long Time Mario: Erm... This is just getting really weird.. 7:15 INVADER VEX

  • the Irken elite comes to the top of the stairs and looks at Ax from behind, getting ready to hit him in the back of the head with his gun's stock*

7:16 Invader Ark Ax: Tyn... *suddenly sane * No... Not Tyn... 7:16 Long Time Mario: Hey you, you're not going to hurt anyone on my watch!

  • Mario runs over to elite irken*

7:16 LIRLIR Xisenin: MY PRECIOUS *floats Ax behind himself* 7:16 Long Time Mario: >:/ 7:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ...What is going on <n> 7:16 INVADER VEX Elite: *slams the but of his gun into Mario's face while he's charging at him* 7:16 Invader Jib Jib: I'm...really lost right now 7:16 Invader Ark Ax : We were walking and her disguise... Went down... They... *sniff * they killed her... *bursts into tears* 7:17 Long Time Mario: You shouldn't have done that! 7:17 INVADER VEX Elite: So Jib, is this the... Intruder? *points the gun at Mario and then back at Ax* 7:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Slowly leaves* Nopenopenope 7:17 Invader Ark Ax: *is crying* 7:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: *drops Ax* 7:17 Long Time

  • Mario gets ball of electricity in hand*

7:17 Invader Jib Jib: The Ax one..I think he's insane. 7:17 Invadervax Vax: ... 7:17 Long Time Mario: You hurt me first! >:/ 7:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*not understanding, he just walks next to Menami* 7:17 Long Time

  • Mario shocks irken elite*

7:18 INVADER VEX Elite: *shoots the electricity, making a blue explosion* 7:18 Invader Ark Ax: *curls up in a little ball and continues to sob* I would've done so much differently if I knew what would happen... 7:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Walks up to Vax* :I 7:18 INVADER VEX Elite: So... Game on, is it...? *to Mario* 7:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..youve got chaos at your house now breh 7:18 Ametrineskies Zik: ...So uhh~ *puts on his flirtatous lookXD* ..How about I have some sugar? ovo... *stops when she walks to Vax* okay 7:18 Invadervax Vax: I know... 7:18 Long Time Mario: Heh oh yea. 7:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Snickers at Zik* 7:19 Long Time

  • Mario shoots more and more electricity at the elite**

7:19 Invadervax Vax: *SIts back* Sits* 7:19 INVADER VEX Elite: *points gun at Mario and slowly walks around the room, canceling out the blasts* 7:19 Ametrineskies Zik: ..D-dont laugh at me! 7:19 Invader Ark Ax: *gets up, runs over to menami, grabs her shoulders, and shakes her* WHY? WHY DID IT HAVE TO END THAT WAY?! 7:20 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*SMACKS Ax* Get off 7:20 Long Time

  • Mario shoots fire at the elite with left hnd, while shooting electricity out the right hand*

hand* 7:20 Invader Ark Ax: *feels his face, then growls* 7:20 INVADER VEX Elite: Your little powers are no match for me! I can destroy any matter in the universe! *shoots two bolts at the electricity and fire, and then one straight at mario* 7:20 Invader Ark Ax: You shouldn't toil with me... 7:20 Long Time

  • Mario rolls to the side dodging*

7:20 Ametrineskies Zik: Dont mess with me then 7:20 Invader Ark Ax : *lunges at Zik and kicks him in the gut* 7:21 Long Time

  • Mario gets an idea*

7:21 INVADER VEX (Ark.. Toil means work... That makes no sense...) 7:21 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: AAA-- Menami: *Shaken up* e-e 7:21 Ametrineskies Zik: AGH! *stumbles back* 7:21 Invader Ark (He's crazy. It doesn't have to make sense.) 7:21 Long Time

  • Mario takes a large bucket of water and splashes it all over the elite irken*

7:21 LIRLIR Xisenin: Electricity is made of electrons.. 7:21 Long Time Mario: :) 7:21 INVADER VEX

  • The Irken elite burns, but ignores it and keeps firing*

7:21 Long Time Mario: Whaa 7:21 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*runs to him and grabs his wrist, then twists it toward his back* 7:21 Invadervax Vax: *Really stressed out* 7:22 INVADER VEX Elite: rrgh... *smokes* *fires a volley of ten shots at Mario* 7:22 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Motions Vax to another room and runs there* 7:22 Invader Ark Ax: *grabs Zik's arm and wrenches it behind him* 7:22 Ametrineskies Zik: NGH! *quickly kicks him in the stomach* 7:22 Long Time

  • Mario gets shot by one blast in the shoulder* *gets a melting hole in arm* *Ignore's it holding back pain*

7:22 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hmm. 7:22 Long Time

  • Mario shoots fire at the rifle the elite is shooting with*


  • The shot makes Mario's arm glow blue and then crack black*

Elite: *rolls behind a couch* 7:23 Invader Jib Jib: EVERYBODY STOOOOOOOOOOP! *Yells very loud8 7:23 Long Time Mario: Ahggg... 7:23 Invader Ark Ax: *gasps* RRRRR... *punches Zik in the side of the head * 7:23 Long Time

  • Fire engulfs couch *

7:23 Invader Jib Jib: YOU, MARIO, COOPERATE WITH THE ELITE. YOU, CRAZY GUY, JUST QUIT IT. 7:23 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..*Peeks out again, antennae drooping*.. 7:23 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs his wrist*.. Look, why are we fighting anyway? *narrows eyes* 7:24 Long Time Mario: :/ 7:24 Invader Ark Ax: Because you decided to strike... 7:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: YO. YOU'RE ALL STRESSING OUT VAX AND DESTROYING HIS HOUSE. QUIT IT. oAo 7:24 Invader Jib Jib: What did I do.. 7:24 LIRLIR Xisenin: I find this as pointless as moulding bread. 7:24 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*quickly tosses him back with telekinesis* Back off, then.. 7:24 INVADER VEX Elite: *moves away from the couch and hits a button on his gun, making Mario's almost decintegrated arm return to normal* 7:24 Invader Ark Ax: LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE A THING FOR HER... *points at Menami and smirks* 7:25 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... -n-!!! 7:25 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*cheeks turn a faint purple; a blush* Whatever 7:25 Long Time

  • Elite has burn marks all over him* *Gives elite some burn lotion* Mario: This should help with the pain..

7:25 LIRLIR Xisenin: OH- OOH DON'T HURT THEM!!! *tele-punches Ax* 7:25 INVADER VEX Elite: *takes out a small white canister and loads it into gun* *smacks the lotion out of Mario's hand* 7:26 Invader Ark Ax: *groans, but straightens up after and keeps taunting * YOU LOVE HER, YOU LOVE HER, YOU'RE IN LOVE... 7:26 Ametrineskies Zik: So what? 7:26 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .................. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- D< 7:26 INVADER VEX Elite: *aims the gun at Ax's head and fires, sending a small white cable into Ax's head and making him fall over* 7:26 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs his hammer from his PAK* Not that you REAALLY care-- Ooh 7:26 Invader Ark Ax: *gasps* 7:26 Long Time Mario: That was rude.. :/ 7:26 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm. 7:27 INVADER VEX Elite: Mhph. I did my job, block man. 7:27 Invader Ark Ax: You two remind me of me and Tyn... *passes out* 7:27 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... 7:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*rolls eyes*.. 7:27 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm. 7:27 Invadervax Vax: *Sighs* 7:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*sets the handle of the hammer on his shoulder, then walks to Menami and smiles*.. *then looks to Xi and thumbs up* 7:28 INVADER VEX Elite: *slumps Ax over his shoulder* So Jib, you wanna keep this little spaz, arrest him, prosecute him, what? 7:28 Invader Jib Jib: Arrest. 7:28 LIRLIR Xisenin: *smiles* 7:28 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. uwu *Huggles Zik* 7:28 LIRLIR Xisenin: Oog, can we keep him?? 7:29 Long Time Mario: Man.... Irkens are un-forgiving... 7:29 INVADER VEX Elite: Alright then. *throws Ax on the couch, handcuffs him, and then injects a needle into his head, making him wake up but be sluggish* 7:29 Invader Ark (Aw... Another RP with my OC in prison :( ... Whatever, continue.) 7:29 INVADER VEX (Not necessarily. ) 7:29 Long Time Mario: Wait. 7:29 Invader Ark Ax: Ugh... What? 7:29 Invader Jib (They're too destructive, Ark.) (That's why soo many get arrsted.) 7:29 Long Time Mario: Can't we give the guy a second chance? 7:29 Invader Jib

  • arrested

Jib: He bursted in attacking people..he's crazy. 7:30 LIRLIR Xisenin: AH WANT TO KEEP HIM! *picks up Ax and drags him around like a toddler does to a blanket.

7:30 Long Time Mario: That person's obviously not right in the mind and wasn't REALLY their fault... 7:30 INVADER VEX Elite: We did give him a second chance, block man.This is Ax. He is certifiably insane and commited minor crimes in the past. 7:30 Long Time Mario: oh... 7:30 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: He could be sent to an asylum on the other hand.. 7:30 Long Time Mario: By the way just call me MArio :/ 7:30 LIRLIR Xisenin: *drops him* 7:31 Invader Ark (Ax is certifiably insane, and Vira is kind of bloodthirsty and breaks laws... They have good reason to be arrested, it's just not as much fun when they are. ) 7:31 Invader Jib Jib: He could be sent to the Loony bin..that's what will probably happen. 7:31 INVADER VEX Elite: *walks up to Ax* So... Why'd you break in here, fool? 7:31 Invader Jib (Pause for a bit, recording) 7:31 INVADER VEX Elite: Any good reason, or just insanity?

Ax: It's not my fault... I called the guy that was supposed to fix my washing machine... He refused... (K.) 7:31 LIRLIR (..) 7:33 Long Time (mmk gurl) 7:33 Invader Jib (Continue) 7:33 Invadervax Vax: Hmmm... 7:33 INVADER VEX Elite: So Ax... How did you obtain this number? 7:33 Invader Jib Jib: I'M NOT A REPAIRMAN!

Ax : I guess I must admit that I happen to dial wrong numbers from time to time...


Ax: PRETZELS ?! WHERE?!? WE CAN HAVE A PRETZEL PARTY! 7:34 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Motions Vax over*.. 7:34 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*puts his hammer away* Vax: *Walks into the other room* 7:34 INVADER VEX Elite: You called an Irken number, not a human one. No humans use that frequency. HOW did you get this number and why did you call on this frequency? 7:35 LIRLIR Xisenin: Er, i mean, *clears throat* *kicks Ax several times in the face*

Menami: *Sits back* So um.. before the battle thing started, you seemed kind of distressed.. anything wrong? 7:35 Invader Ark Ax: Ow... Why, my buddy, why? We were gonna eat pretzels! 7:35 LIRLIR Xisenin: We can eat pretzels later. 7:35 Invader Ark Ax: I guess I was on the Irken frequency... I dunno??? Ax: Yay, pretzels! 7:36 Invader Jib Jib: No Irken phone calls human frequency! 7:36 Invadervax Vax: Yes... 7:36 INVADER VEX Elite: Please answer the question. I'm Irken Elite Sev and I work for the good of the Empire... You can trust me. Now, answer the question in entirety. 7:36 Long Time

  • Mario burns the pretzels on fire infront of Ax*

MArio: ._. 7:36 Invader Ark Ax: And by the way, I do NOT want to talk about it... *to Menami * 7:36 LIRLIR Xisenin: Mister Sev, i believe he hasn't fixed his phone in a while, 7:36 YourFavoriteFangirl (..she wasnt talking to ax) 7:37 Invader Ark Ax: NOOOOOO ! NOT THE PRETZELS... (oh) 7:37 LIRLIR Xisenin: It's just a wild guess. 7:37 INVADER VEX Elite: Who gave you this number? I know someone did... Invaders' numbers are not in the public domain. 7:37 Invader Jib Jib: *Walks over to the other room* Can I come in here? That guy is ticking me off T_T 7:37 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Sure, I guess. 7:37 Invader Ark Ax: I like this guy! 7:37 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..Anyways, Vax, tell me what's wrong. *Takes out notepad, getting into therapist positionXD* 7:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*sits down next to her* :3 7:38 Invader Jib Jib: Er, Oh..Neevermind..* Walks back into the main room* 7:38 Invader Ark (Aww your OCs are in love... :3) 7:38 Ametrineskies (Its obvious XD) 7:38 YourFavoriteFangirl (:'D) 7:38 Long Time (wait 7:38 Invader Ark (Yes it is.) (it's cute.) 7:39 Invader Jib (Person: HOLY CRAP WHAT) 7:39 Invadervax Vax: I just know that something bad is about to happen... 7:39 Ametrineskies (He's trying really hard anyway.... XD) 7:39 Long Time (defective spoiler inbound) (yeeeee 7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl (shutupmario) 7:39 Long Time (cri cri 7:39 Ametrineskies (..Zik claimed he was defected alot XD) (*defective (ghjfk) (*grabs soda*..) 7:39 Invader Ark (Excuses, excuses... ) 7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl (Menami claims she isnt defectiveXD She secretly likes Zik) 7:39 INVADER VEX Sev: Hmm... Jib, I don't think this guy is lying... 7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. So you sense negative impulses? 7:40 LIRLIR (Xisenin likes to protect both Menami and Zik if they're in trouble :/ ) 7:40 Ametrineskies (Zik: Y U NO LUV ME- :UU | Menami: :UU *subject change*) 7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (XDDD) 7:40 Invader Ark Ax: Why would I lie to a proud Elite of the Irken Empire? 7:40 Invadervax Vax: Yes... 7:40 Long Time (soiler alert Menami: cuz i'm batman *THE END* 7:40 Invader Jib Jib: I don't really get how he just randomly got my number.. 7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (XDDDDDDDDDDD) 7:40 INVADER VEX Sev: There are plenty of reasons, most of which I would rather not discuss... 7:40 Invader Ark (XDDDDDDDD) 7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (batnami) (XDD) 7:41 LIRLIR Xisenin: *settles in a shady corner in the room* 7:41 Long Time (lool) 7:41 Invader Ark (BECAUSE... I'M BATMAN) 7:41 INVADER VEX Sev: And as for your number... That may be a different story... 7:41 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Where from? I'd like to know. *ScribblescribbleXD* 7:41 Invader Ark (Batman: You know why? Superman : Because you're batman... Batman : BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!) 7:42 Ametrineskies Zik: ..o: I didnt know you were a therapist 7:42 Long Time (batmon 7:42 Invader Ark (XD ) 7:42 Invadervax Vax: Coming from the Houses of Parliament... 7:42 Long Time (every little thing mon every little thin batmon gunna be alright) 7:42 Ametrineskies (Menami: Im not a therapist.. | Zik: :u | Menami: because im batman | Zik: GAAASP D: 7:42 Long Time (yeyeyee) 7:42 Invader Ark (LOL ) (XDDDDDDDDD ) 7:42 LIRLIR Xisenin: Ooh. Having a therapist BFFAE is helpful. I need one. 7:42 YourFavoriteFangirl (XDDDDD) 7:42 Invader Ark (BFFAE ?) 7:43 LIRLIR (K continue) 7:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Well, I suppose I do work good in therapy.. 7:43 Long Time (Mario: Wait Xisenin likes pretzels..? OH MA GAWDD HE"S BATMAN *DUN DUN DUN*) 7:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..maybeishouldmakethatasidejob 7:43 LIRLIR (BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER) 7:43 Invader Ark ( I see... ) 7:43 Invader Jib FLIR: *Randomly throws a mufin at Menami* DATNOTANIRKENJOB 7:43 Invader Ark (�) (aw emoji doesn't work. ) 7:44 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: The houses of parliament..? *Blinks* Then if you're sensing it there, we should-- *Grabs muffin*.. It can be. *Eats* :I 7:44 INVADER VEX Sev: Jib, I think he might have been influenced by outside forces to dial your number... Who knows it that you think might compromise your saftey? 7:44 Invadervax Vax: I'm sort of a therapist sometimes. 7:44 Long Time Mario: Hey we can call you.. Dr.PHILami! Haha... 7:44 Ametrineskies Zik: ...therapistception o: 7:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: *hugs FLIR very tightly* 7:44 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Wipes mouth*.. Yeah, I know Irken Therapy exists. :I I could try it. 7:44 Invader Ark Ax: Wha? I'm REALLY having a hard time following all this... 7:45 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Mario*.. Bad joke but okay. Eheh. 7:45 INVADER VEX

  • Jib remembers the Irken from Vax's lab that quit that one time and vowed revenge that he had to give his number to at the front desk*

7:45 Invader Jib FLIR: ....Awkward :\ *Looks at Xisenin* Jib: There was this one guy...a logn time ago.. Jib: Not very long, but still. 7:46 INVADER VEX Sev: Who was it? 7:46 LIRLIR Xisenin: *stops hugging FLIR and sits in a corner* 7:46 Invader Jib Jib: A secretary working for Vax. I didn't get a name. 7:47 INVADER VEX Sev: Vax... Is Vax that guy in the room over there? 7:47 Invader Jib Jib: Yeah. 7:47 Long Time Mario: I'm horrible at making jokes, sorry :/ 7:47 Invader Ark Ax: My best friend is dead you know... *to Xisenin* 7:47 INVADER VEX Sev: *walks back to the room where Vax is* 7:47 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. So maybe we should head there, Vax? 7:47 INVADER VEX Batman to Ax: My parents are dead, you know... 7:48 YourFavoriteFangirl (RANDOM BATMAN) (DUN DUN DUN) 7:48 Invader Ark Ax : I know why... Because you're batman 7:48 Invader Jib FLIR: So if your mario, shouldn't you be smashing blocks, not be made of them? 7:48 Invader Ark (XD) 7:48 INVADER VEX Batman: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN 7:48 Long Time Mario: Really, just.. :| 7:48 Invadervax Vax: Perhaps... 7:48 LIRLIR Xisenin: Oh. Cool. *goes to the nearly empty original room and sits on a couch* 7:49 Long Time Mario: I'm going to smash you, how about that!? (oh god that sounded very wrong) 7:49 Invader Jib FLIR: I'm not a block, though 7:49 Ametrineskies (ohohon :u) 7:49 Invader Jib FLIR: TAKE A JOKE DUDE T_T 7:49 INVADER VEX Sev *to Vax*: Vax, do you remember the name of an Irken that quit your lab several months ago? A secretary? 7:49 Long Time Mario: I was joking back. geez... Tophats4ever has joined the chat. 7:49 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Lets head-- *Looks at Sev*.. 7:49 Invader Jib FLIR: That was more like a threat..but whatever... 7:50 Invadervax Vax: What? I never had a secretary... 7:50 Long Time Mario: I'm not good at making jokes, like I said.. 7:50 Invader Jib (Vax, remember that one RP?) 7:50 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Are we going on another ADVENTURE?:D 7:50 INVADER VEX Sev: A man working at the front counter? Does that ring a bell? 7:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Probably, Zik. :3 7:50 Invader Jib (Pause a sec, recording) 7:50 INVADER VEX (ok) 7:50 Invadervax Vax: Nope. Ax: Adventure? I like adventures! Can I come? I'll give you a free hug! *tries to get up and hug Menami, but he is in handcuffs and can' t*

Mario: Adventure!? Can I come along? I love adventure! *eyes widen* 7:53 Invadervax (Yes. Vax actually was completely oblivious to his existence.) 7:53 INVADER VEX Sev: Well if you can't remember him can I check some work logs? 7:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Kicks Ax away* no 7:53 Invadervax Vax: Okay. 7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Sure. *Looks at Mario*.. 7:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: Awww. *hugs Ax* 7:54 INVADER VEX Sev: Um... *is waiting for Vax to get him the work logs* 7:54 Invader Ark Ax: Aw, I can't come? *whimpers *

  • hugs Xi back

7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Sigh* ..As long as you don't attack anyone.. 7:54 Invadervax Vax: Wait, I don't have them. 7:54 Invader Jib FLIR: Yo is jealous of us havins official ranks n' jobs *To Xisenin

  • TYPO

7:54 INVADER VEX Sev: T_T 7:55 Invader Jib

  • to Ax

7:55 Invader Ark Ax: YAAAAAY! ADVENTURE! 7:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: I'll chain you to FLIR. * gets out a random chain and does this* 7:55 Invadervax Vax: Say, have I met you before> 7:55 Invader Ark Ax: I'm not jealous! 7:55 Invadervax ?* 7:55 Invader Jib FLIR: U IS TOTALLY JEALOUS 7:55 Invader Ark AX: NOT JEALOUS ! 7:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: Admiral Shiv made me a soldier. 7:56 Invader Jib FLIR Ya, and ax is totally jealous of dat 7:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*blinks* 7:56 INVADER VEX Sev: Vax, where can I get the work logs? 7:56 Invadervax Vax: I don't know. 7:56 Invader Ark Ax: NUHUH, YOU ARE WRONG! R-O-N-G- WRONG ! 7:56 INVADER VEX Sev: Ugh... Ok... Can I access your computer? 7:56 Invader Jib FLIR: Vax don't know cuz he don't pay attention 7:57 Invadervax Vax: I don't have a computer... 7:57 Invader Ark Ax: OH SNAP :O :O :O (XD ) 7:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: *looks at FLIR chained to Ax* AWWWW YOU TWO ARE CUTE. 7:57 Invadervax (BRB) 7:57 INVADER VEX Sev: How can you not have a computer..? *walks over to a table and flips it* 7:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Frowns* 7:57 Invader Ark Ax: You really think so? *strikes a pose * 7:57 Ametrineskies (Shouldnt we pause for him..?) 7:58 Invader Jib Jib: Those are standard issue with bases and labs.. (Yeah) 7:58 YourFavoriteFangirl (Mhm.) 7:58 LIRLIR Xisenin: Yup.

Xisenin: Hnmm.

Sev: *walks back over, clearly a bit annoyed* Sev: So you have absolutely no information about this? Zik: ..*blinks*.. 8:22 Invader Ark Ax: We need to plan our pretzel party! *to Xisenin* Menami: ..*Tapping fingers, irritated*.. Menami: wasting time..

Menami: wasting time.. 8:23 LIRLIR Xisenin: Not today, Ax. 8:23 Invadervax Vax: None at all. 8:23 Invader Ark Ax: Soon, though... Soon... 8:23 INVADER VEX Sev: Come on... T_T He was one of your employees!

Vax: ...

Sev: This is ridiculous... Well I think I can hack into the log using the Irken job interface softwears... *pulls out his computer and starts searching around*

Sev: *finds the database and inserts his authorization code, revealing all of Vax's employees*

Sev: Now let me just... *clicks one one and tracks it back to a few months ago and installs a patch that allows him to see the lists from then* Welcome to the Irken

Sev: *scrolls down* Jib, tell me when you see him.

Xisenin: He could have removed himself from the logs.. 8:28 Invader Jib

  • It scrolls down to a guy with a "VAX IS KOOL" hat* Him

Sev: *clicks on it, showing an irken named Ploot* So... This is our first suspect...

Ax: *looks over and sees* OOH... I LIKE HIS HAT... I WANT ONE.

Sev: Well, it looks like we have an Irken to hunt down...

  • all of the sudden, Vax's phone begins to ring*

Ax: AAAH! *grabs pillow off couch and throws it randomly* IT'S THE ATTACK OF THE RINGING THINGS, EUN FOR YOUR LIVES! 8:32 Invadervax Vax: *Answers*

Scythe: Hi, um... MY MOOSHMINKY WAS SUPPOSED TO GET HERE THIRTY MINUTES AGO!!! You better have your guy get it here in the next minute or I get it FREE!

Xisenin: Hmmmmm. O.o 8:33 Ametrineskies (Brb restarting laptop) 8:33 Invader Ark Ax: HEY, WHO ARE YOU? *yelling so loudly that Scythe can hear it* Ametrineskies has left the chat. 8:33 YourFavoriteFangirl (Can we pause for Misty? :U) 8:33 Invadervax Vax: What? What are you talking about? 8:33 INVADER VEX Scythe: WHAT?!? ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME I WON'T GET MY ORDER? 8:33 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Pause for misty .-.) 8:33 Invadervax (Okay.) 8:33 Invader Ark Ax: BECAUSE I DID THIS SAME THING ABOUT HALF AN HOUR AGO... 8:34 LIRLIR

Xisenin: MOOOOOSHMINKEEEEEEEEEEE *eats Vax's phone*


  • it can be heard through Xisenin's gut*

8:41 Invadervax Vax: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Vax: I have no idea what you're talking about. 8:42 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger


8:42 LIRLIR Xisenin: HEE HEE HEE IT TICKLES!! 8:42 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger )* 8:42 INVADER VEX Scythe: I ordered food almost an hour ago! I want it now , Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 8:42 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What's with all these people getting the wrong number...?

Vax: Wrong number. 8:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... This is a waste of time! *Slams pen on notebook*.. -.- 8:43 INVADER VEX Scythe: Wait... This isn't MOOSHY JOE'S!!!! NOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!! *hangs up* 8:43 LIRLIR Xisenin: *barfs the phone up, and something alive has attached to it*

Zik: ...I am confused right now :u

Menami: *Looks at Vax*.. Vax? 8:43 Invadervax Vax: Yes?

Sev: I assume Ploot strikes again...

it's wriggly and covered in tentacles* 8:44 Invader Ark Ax: OOH, WHAT IS THAT? 8:44 Invader Jib

  • Vax's phone rings again*

Vax: *Answers* 8:44 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Uhg, just put it on silent or something... 8:44 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: We s-- UGH! 8:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: *sticks the phone to Vax's face* 8:45 Invader Jib Zyl:*on phone* HEY! ARE YOU THOSE GUYS WHO PRETEND TO MAKE AUTOMATED MESSAGES? 8:45 LIRLIR Thing on the phone: GHGRLFKFGLGKGLV 8:45 Invadervax Vax: *Automatically hangs up* Zik: ..*sits back, bored*.. 8:46 INVADER VEX Sev: So what's this guy's deal anyway? 8:46 LIRLIR Xisenin: My tummy made your phone pretty! 8:46 INVADER VEX Sev: Why does Ploot hate Vax so much? 8:46 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Vax, are we gonna go or not? 8:47 Invadervax Vax: Yes. 8:47 Invader Ark Ax : OOH, it IS pretty... Nicely done, my friend! 8:47 Invader Jib Jib: I could answer that question, Sev, but..I'd be smacked in the face again 8:47 INVADER VEX

  • the doorbell rings*

8:47 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Who could that be..? 8:47 Invadervax Vax: ... 8:47 Ametrineskies Zik: Im soooo boooorred. 8:47 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (*Jaws music*) 8:48 Invadervax Vax: *Answers* 8:48 INVADER VEX Pizza man: Delivery of forty supreme pizzas for a mr Vax. *hands a huge stack of pizzas to Vax* 8:48 Invader Jib Jib: *Moves closer to Scythe's head, and talks in a loud whispery voice* IT'S BECAUSE VAX CAUSES TIME PARADOXES 8:48 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (*dun dun dun* IT"S PIZZA!) 8:48 Invadervax Vax: ... 8:48 Invader Jib

  • TYPO

8:48 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Pizza!? 8:48 Invader Jib


8:48 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Did somebody say pizza!? 8:48 INVADER VEX Pizza man: And... That'll be... Um... Seventy five dollars. Pizza man: And... That'll be... Um... Seventy five dollars. 8:49 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Mario rushes to the door* Mario: Did I hear pizza? :D

8:49 Invadervax Vax: *Throws the pizza in the man's face and runs out* 8:49 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: aw... 8:49 INVADER VEX Pizza man: Hey, someone has to pay for all this! 8:49 LIRLIR Xisenin: *eats a slice of pizza on the ground* 8:49 Invader Ark Ax: PIZZA!!!

  • does the same

8:50 INVADER VEX Pizza man: Hey! I need my seventy five dollars! 8:50 Invadervax

  • A purple thing approaches the pizza man*

8:50 LIRLIR Xisenin: Its food, poor man. Take it home for your family free. 8:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Menami: CAN WE ADDRESS IMPORTANT MATTERS NOW? *Hits the notebook on the wall* 8:50 INVADER VEX Pizza man: I don't have a family yet! I'm only nineteen! 8:51 Invadervax Vax: Menami, come on. 8:51 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Hey I got this. *Gives the man 85$* Keep the change.. *man sees blocky plastic guy* *and plastic money* 8:51 Invadervax Xav: I'm coming, too. 8:51 LIRLIR Xisenin: WELL YOU'VE GOT A MOM. FEED HER. 8:51 INVADER VEX

  • the man grabs the money anyway and runs out. *

8:51 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: I always keep prepared :) 8:52 Invadervax

  • The purple thing raps around the pizza guy and traps him in an egg*

8:52 Invader Jib Jib: *looking out the door* What the heck.. 8:52 LIRLIR E_o 8:52 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Xisenin, want to help me eat all this pizza? It'd be a shame for it to go to waste! 8:52 INVADER VEX Sev: This onslaught of annoyances is just starting, Vax... Escape while you can. 8:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: Sure. 8:52 Invadervax

  • The purple thing then turns into an exact replica of the pizza man*

8:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: *brings the pizza in and eats some* 8:53 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Heh.. I'm not supposed to have pizza because it makes me act "Weird" but it's just so good I can't help myself! I haven't had pizza in years!

  • Mario eats a slice of pizza*

8:54 INVADER VEX Sev: *smells the pizza and notices it is triple habanero* Um... Guys? 8:54 Invader Ark Ax: *eats some pizza* 8:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: Uh. What+ 8:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Starts to walk out* 8:54 LIRLIR ? 8:54 Invadervax Vax: Ome on. 8:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Ignores EVERYTHING* 8:54 Invadervax Come on* 8:54 Invader Jib FLIR: Mario, you can't eat pizza. You don't have a digestive system, sicne you're made of blocks. 8:54 Ametrineskies Zik: Menni? *runs after* 8:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Adventure, Zik. ..*Small smile* 8:54 INVADER VEX Sev: You might want to get a gallon or two of some beverage before you eat any more of that. 8:54 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Believe or not I can digest food it just.. takes awhile.. 8:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ADVENTURE~! 8:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: No, hecan eat. 8:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Catches up to Vax* Lead the way. 8:55 INVADER VEX Sev: *walks after Vax* 8:55 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What do you mean? This pizza is delicious! 8:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: MURGG AAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHHHHHH MY MOUTH AAAAAAH *runs around* 8:55 Invader Ark Ax: Come on, my friends... *to menami and Zik * EAT SOME PIZZA! * throws slice of pizza at menami* 8:55 Invader Jib Jib: T_T CAN EVERYBODY JUST TAKE YOUR PHONE, AND PRESS TH OFF BUTTON, THEN CLOSE THE DOOR AND IGNORING AND SOUNDS COMING FROM IT 8:55 INVADER VEX Sev: So... Where are you going, Vax's? 8:55 YourFavoriteFangirl ("SEV, MENAMI, AND ZIK HAVE JOINED THE PARTY!") 8:55 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What is ti going to do to me, make me have five heads? haha it* 8:55 Invadervax

  • All of the people are acting weird*

8:55 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: OH wait.. What's this feeling MArio: erggg 8:56 Invader Ark Ax: Five heads... That's like... Four extra heads! 8:56 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: AHGHGHGH MY MOUTH, MY MOUTH! *runs around frantically* 8:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Grabs the pizza Ax threw before*.. *Throws it back at Ax* 8:56 INVADER VEX Sev: Actually that's exactly four extra heads... 8:56 LIRLIR Xisenin: WATER!! WATER!!! AHHHH % slams into a wall and faints* 8:56 Invader Ark Ax: *catchws it in his mouth* I know, right? 8:56 Invader Jib Jib: WHO. CARES. 8:56 Invadervax Vax: Hmmm. 8:57 Invader Ark

  • catches

8:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Vax. 8:57 INVADER VEX

  • some people come up to Vax*

8:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Lets just go there before your predictions become true.. 8:57 INVADER VEX Man: Are you Mr Vax? 8:57 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: UHG, WATER PLEASE! 8:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Stares at the people*.. 8:57 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*crosses arms* I oughta... *Sigh* 8:57 Invadervax Vax: *Ignores them and heads towards the Houses of Pariament* 8:57 LIRLIR

  • Xisenin is out could*

8:58 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Follows, grabbing Zik's arm* 8:58 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: PLEASE WATER! ARGHHGHGH 8:58 Invader Jib Jib: *Walks out the door, visibly annoyed* 8:58 Ametrineskies Zik: ! ..*follows* 8:58 Invadervax Xav: *Follows* 8:58 INVADER VEX Man: *follows Vax* congratulations! you are the lucky recipiant of this christmasgram! *the group starts singing* 8:58 Invader Ark Ax: *starts banging his head on the wall* PIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZA! 8:58 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario follows the group* 8:58 LIRLIR ( XD ) 8:59 Invader Jib Jib: *Follows Vax as well with an annoyed expression* 8:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Carollers.. the WORST time. 8:59 Invader Ark Ax : *staggers after the group* 8:59 INVADER VEX

  • all the carolers are following Vax and the others around*

8:59 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*adjusts jacket*.. Go away. 8:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: PLEASE go. *Waves off the carolers* 8:59 Invadervax

  • The Houses of Parliament are covered in the purple stuff*


  • they just come back singing louder *

8:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at the building*.. WHAT THE-- 8:59 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE GIVE ME WATER FOR THE LOVE OF PLASTIC!? blaghghg 8:59 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs his hammer* Look, you guys need to go away 9:00 Invader Ark Ax: YAY, SINGING! WE WISH YOU A MERRY PRETZEL, WE WISH YOU A MERRY PRETZEL, WE WISH YOU A MERRY PRETZEL, AND A HAPPY PRETZEL! 9:00 Invader Jib Random guy: Hey, Vax, someone informed me that your head is a potato. Is that true? 9:00 LIRLIR (I'm LOLING HYSTERICALLY RIGHT NOW XD ) 9:00 Invader Ark Ax: HA! Potato head! *points at Vax and laughs hysterically* 9:00 Ametrineskies Zik: ..For all we know, it could be a rejected jellybean*. Now go. (So much reference) 9:00 Invadervax

  • Purple creatures abduct the carolers and plae them in eggs, then they turn into exact replicas of them*

9:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... o_o 9:00 INVADER VEX

  • paparazzi starts swarming Vax asking him really dumb questions while the carolers continue to sing *

9:01 Invadervax Vax: *Ignores him and heads to the houses* 9:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... V-Vax, what is that thing.. 9:01 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • MArio steals water from a little boy* *mario drains water into his mouth*

MArio: Ahgg better.. 9:01 Invader Ark (SO AM I I AM BASICALLY FIGHTING BACK TEARS RIGHT NOW <LIR>) 9:01 Invadervax Vax: Purple Magma. 9:01 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Aaah? Zik: Are we gonna encounter some BIG MONSTER that pukes purple stuff? 9:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. So you're casual about purple creatures kidnapping people? 9:01 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Erm Vax... May I ask.. what's with all this weird stuff going on? 9:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: e-e 9:01 Invader Jib Jib: This is, by far..the weirdest day of my life.. 9:02 Invader Ark Ax: I WILL GIVE THEM ALL HUGS! *hugs Jib* 9:02 Invadervax

  • People start approaching them*


  • Xisenin is still out cold in the room*

9:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Looks at the people*.. 9:02 Invader Jib Jib: -_- *pushes Ax off* 9:02 Invadervax Vax: They're obviously Magnans. 9:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. THEN WE NEED TO GET INSIDE! 9:02 Invadervax

  • A strange man motions them to follow him*

9:02 Invader Ark Ax: AW, SOMEONE'S GRUMPY... *tries to hug jib again * 9:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs into the building* 9:02 INVADER VEX Reporter: Vax, a man with green skin informed me that you are destined to become a huge melon slice... Is this true? 9:02 Invadervax Vax: Wait. 9:02 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (The burger was never meant to sink.. but it sunk that day from the cold Coka Cola Iceberg.. R.I.P Burger) 9:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Stops*.. What? 9:03 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Blarrrgh! >.> *stares at the people* 9:03 Invader Jib Jib: HELP, I'M BEING ATTACKED BY THE CRAZY GUY 9:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Cmon! We've gotta hurry! 9:03 Invadervax Vax: I think we should follow him. 9:03 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Mario runs over to them*

9:03 INVADER VEX Reporter: Vax, Vax! Is it true you like to eat grass chunks? 9:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. And risk being attacked by PLASMA PEOPLE?! 9:03 Invadervax Vax: Come on. *Follows the man* 9:03 INVADER VEX

  • a bunch of guys carrying pizza run up and try to make Vax pay them for the pizza*

9:03 Invader Ark (By the way, Ax basically has a "kill switch," so if any of your OCs are getting fed up with his nonsense, then just have them mention Tyn) 9:04 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Fine.. *Follows after Vax* 9:04 Invader Jib Jib: *Pushes Jib off and follows Vax* 9:04 Invader Ark Ax: Mr. Reporter, I like grass chunks! 9:04 Invader Jib

  • typo, Ax.

9:04 Invadervax Man: *Leads them to Buckingham Palace* 9:04 LIRLIR

  • Zik notices familiar cubes are converging on the paparazzi*

9:04 Ametrineskies Zik: *follows after them*.. Zik: ..*looks at the cubes*.. Zik: ....*smiles* 9:05 Invader Jib Person: HEY, VAX, DID YOU KNOW YOUR JUST A FANMADE CHARACTER FOR A CANCELLED TV SHOW? 9:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at the palace*.. 9:05 Invadervax Man: In here. *Goes inside* 9:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*smashes the person with the hammer* 9:05 Invader Ark Ax: Where you goin', buddies? *follows them in* 9:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL. *Yells at the person* 9:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*quietly walks inside* o.o 9:05 INVADER VEX Person: Vax, Vax! Is it true you kill people and then eat their spleens? 9:06 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs inside* -.- 9:06 Invader Jib Jib: *Walks inside* 9:06 Invadervax Vax: Shut up, reporter. Vax: *Goes inside* 9:06 LIRLIR Xisenin: YAAAAAAAAH!! BZZZZZZZZ!! *the cubes Buzz angrily as Xisenin jumps down with a cube army and fights off the paparazzi* 9:06 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: You're sure famous, Vax..

  • Sees a sign that's supposed to say "Tyon's food restaurant" but the 'o' was cut out by a foolish teenager* Hey, vax, some jerk teenager messed that sign up so it says "Tyn" instead of "Tyon"! Man, teenagers these days..

Ax: *stiffens* 9:08 Invadervax

  • There are a bunch of people there*

Man: Vax, the Earth is in danger. 9:09 Invader Ark

  • Ax falls over and lands on Sev

Sev: Owch... *shoves Ax off*

Menami: *Listens*.. 9:09 INVADER VEX (Uh... Weren't we supposed to pause?) 9:10 Invader Jib (Oh, sorry, continue) 9:10 LIRLIR (Yeah..) 9:10 Invadervax

  • The queen is there*

9:10 Invader Ark Ax: groooooooan...

Mario: You okay Ax? *Mario leans close to Ax to finish what he was saying* You don't seem so good :/ LIR

  • There is a massive paparazzi-cube war going on behind them*

9:11 Invadervax Queen: The Gamemaster has escaped. He's replaced nearly everyone in London with Magnan clones. 9:11 Invader Ark Ax: *hugs his knees to his chest* grooooooan... 9:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Zik*.. 9:11 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Ermmm 9:11 Invadervax Vax: I see... 9:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Whispers*: Ya hearing this..? 9:12 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*blinks*.. Mhm 9:12 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What the mother of plastic.. :/ 9:12 INVADER VEX Sev: *walks into the room and sees the queen* Hey, aren't you that old lady figurehead that Vax thinks rules earth or whatever? 9:12 Invadervax Man: He's disguised himself as the British Prime Minister. 9:12 Invader Ark Ax: GROOOOOOOOOOOAN... 9:12 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Um, Xisenin I think something's wrong with Ax.. 9:12 LIRLIR Xisenin: NO, I LIKE GRAPES AND MY MUM IS A PISTACHIO! *punches a reporter hard* 9:12 Invadervax Vax: I don't think she "rules Earth:... "* 9:12 Invader Ark (LOL, LIR) 9:13 INVADER VEX Sev: Well from data files, she doesn't really rule anything 9:14 Invadervax Queen: That may be true, but that's not important right now. 9:14 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... 9:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: *runs up* What we're you staying? Ax? He's fine. *follows* 9:14 Invader Ark

  • Ax's antennae go really far forward, and he curls up into a ball like he did before

9:14 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Who is this.. Game Master? 9:14 INVADER VEX Sev: Well if you don't rule anything, then... Why are you telling Vax what to do? 9:14 Invader Jib Jib: I've never heard of sounds like some guy who sits in abasement and plays videogames.. 9:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Hmm.. 9:15 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Xisenin I really think Ax isn't doing so well O-o 9:15 INVADER VEX Sev: Yeah, he sounds like a loser. 9:15 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ...Mm.. 9:15 Invadervax Vax: A being made of Purple Magma that used to be a human scientist. He's very dangerous. 9:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: If the world were his game, we would be right. 9:15 Invader Jib Jib: He mustnot be a very good scientist if that happened.. 9:16 Invader Ark

  • ax makes an effort to sit up and punch sev, but just winds up lying back down

9:16 INVADER VEX Sev: Yeah, what a loser. 9:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Then can we just go kick his butt? It's Christmas Eve and I don't wanna spend the rest of my eve battling people! 9:16 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Yea he doesn't seem like a hard enemy. 9:16 INVADER VEX Sev: What's this Christmas thing? 9:16 Invader Ark Ax: Tyn... Grooooan... 9:16 LIRLIR Xisenin: I can send a search squad.. 9:16 Invader Jib Jib: It's a human thing where...they fight to the death with trees... 9:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: A holiday. I enjoy it a bit.. Menami: ..N-No, no! 9:17 Invader Jib Jib: *Grins* I know. 9:17 INVADER VEX Sev: That sounds fun! 9:17 LIRLIR (LOL JIB ) 9:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Zik could explain the most.. 9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: *balances the hammer on its handle and sits on the base*.. I wanted a special Christmas >^< 9:17 INVADER VEX Sev: *runs outside! shoots down a tree! and starts hitting people with it* 9:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Zik* .. ^^;; 9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*grabs a history book*.. :U 9:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Looks at Sev* o_o 9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*throws it at Jib* o_o Invadervax has left the chat. 9:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: I can get you mistletoe... :3 9:17 Invader Jib Jib: I know what it is *grins* Jib: I was joking. 9:18 INVADER VEX Sev: *whacks Jib with the tree* 9:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Blushes in embarassment at Xisenin* >.> 9:18 Invader Jib Jib: OW Invadervax has joined the chat. 9:18 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*smiles at Xi* Eheh 9:18 INVADER VEX Sev: *runs around whacking everyone* Sev: Jib was right, this is a good holiday! 9:18 Invadervax (What did I miss?) 9:18 Invader Jib Jib: T_T I WAS JOKING 9:18 LIRLIR Xisenin: % floats the tree and impales it into a building* 9:19 Invader Ark

  • sev whacks Ax, and he doesn't do anything

9:19 INVADER VEX (You missed Sev hitting everyone with a tree, Vax.) 9:19 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Puts a mistletoe over Xisenin and an old man* Mario: There's your mistletoe Xisenin hahaha...

9:19 INVADER VEX Sev: *runs back outside and Impales some guy with the tree* 9:19 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (troll mario is trolly) 9:20 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Ugh, forget it-- DROP THE TREE! Menami: STOP FOOLING AROUND! *Annoyed tone* 9:20 Invader Ark Ax: uuuuuuuuggghhh... 9:20 Invadervax Queen: Get to the Houses of Parliament. The Gamemaster must be stopped. 9:20 INVADER VEX Sev: yeah right... I outrank you! 9:20 LIRLIR Xisenin: *gives the mistletoe to Zik and strides away* 9:20 INVADER VEX

  • to Menami

9:20 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: NO YOU DON'T! >U 9:20 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Eheh! Zik: ..*hides the mistletoe in his jacket pocket* 9:20 INVADER VEX Sev: Uh... Yes... I do... *hits more people with the tree 9:20 Invader Jib Jib: I OUTRANK ALL OF YOU WHO CARES 9:21 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: YOU GUYS CAN JUST SHUT UP, RANK DOESNT MATTER RIGHT NOW. Menami: THIS IS SERIOUS AND YOU AINT HELPING. 9:21 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Wait, so if all the humans outside are fake, what if he makes a fake clone of one of us? 9:21 LIRLIR

  • the cubes have disappeared*

9:21 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What if one of us is a clone!? *dun dun dun* 9:21 INVADER VEX Sev: Eh, who cares? * hits another guy with the tree* 9:22 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Eh.. 9:22 Invader Jib Jib: I DON"T CAR ELETS JUST GO KILL THE PURPLE THING

  • lets

9:22 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Grits teeth* Menami: Youre all so stupid.. *Runs out* 9:22 LIRLIR Xisenin: *flings Sev off the tree* 9:22 INVADER VEX Sev: Let's show that Gamemaster dude what christmas spirit is all about... *lifts up the bloodied tree* Mysteriousjiillguy has joined the chat. 9:22 Invader Ark Ax: *sighs* I wish I could... Try again... Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger has left the chat. 9:23 Invader Jib Jib: You know, why are we helping a species that is marked for conquest? 9:23 Invader Ark (HA fail! Extra "I") 9:23 Invader Jib Jib: Why are we saving an ENEMY planet? 9:23 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Because. 9:23 Invader Ark (NOT Schmoob!) 9:23 Mysteriousjiillguy (Dangit I thought Schmoob was still in chat 9:23 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Crosses arms* Earth isn't even marked for conquest. 9:23 Mysteriousjiillguy (>.<) 9:23 INVADER VEX Sev: Who's saving them? * hits another guy* 9:23 LIRLIR Xisenin: Cuz we like it. Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger has joined the chat. 9:23 Ametrineskies Zik: Besides.. I like this planet. It's baws. 9:23 Invadervax Vax: *Runs towards the Houses of Parliament* Come on! 9:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Earth really isn't marked for conquest at all. It's kind of a lie, I hope you're smart enough to realizew that. 9:24 LIRLIR Xisenin: Yeah. It has cheese. 9:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs after Vax* 9:24 Invader Jib Jib: T_T JUST IRRATED RIGHT NOW *Follows* 9:24 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: This planet is filled with dumb humans though... but it is cool... 9:24 INVADER VEX Sev: Jib has a really good point, though... I'm just gonna sit here and kill people with mah tree. 9:24 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Follows after*

9:24 LIRLIR (Vax, do you live in England?) 9:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Jib's point is stupid and so are you *To Sev* 9:24 Ametrineskies Zik: Eheh. Mysteriousjiillguy has left the chat. 9:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Catches up to Vax* 9:24 LIRLIR Xisenin:*follows* 9:24 Ametrineskies Zik: Pwwnnned Zik: *follows* 9:25 INVADER VEX

  • sev runs up and hits Menami really hard with the tree*

9:25 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Screams and stumbles back* 9:25 Invader Jib Jib: HEY! *Picks up the tree* QUIT ACTING LIKE A FIVE YEAR OLD, SEV! 9:25 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What the!? 9:25 Invader Ark Ax: *is suddenly insane again* HA! TASTE TREE, MORON! 9:25 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Falls over, bleeding*.. 9:25 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Menami are you okay!? 9:25 Ametrineskies Zik: ..MENNI! 9:25 LIRLIR Xisenin: O_O 9:25 Invadervax Vax: Sev! 9:26 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ...a-aaaa.. 9:26 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*GLARES at Sev* 9:26 Invader Jib Jib: ..*Picks up the tree and whacks Sev with it* 9:26 INVADER VEX Sev: *aims gun at Zik* 9:26 Invader Jib Jib: There. 9:26 Invadervax Vax: This is no time for this, Sev. 9:26 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Mario kicks Sev in disappointment* Mario: >:/


  • Sev stumbles into a bush*

9:26 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ...*Groans* 9:26 LIRLIR Xisenin: *hits Sev with a volley of telekinetic punches* 9:26 INVADER VEX Sev: Rrgh... 9:26 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*picks up his hammer and runs to him and SWINGS it, shooting a barrage of bright, curved lazers toward Sev* 9:26 Invader Ark Ax: HEY, KNOCK IT OFF! SEV IS COOL! 9:27 INVADER VEX Sev: *shoots the hammer! making it explode* 9:27 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Vax for help*.. cant.. get up.. >~< 9:27 LIRLIR Xisenin: *shoulders Ax* 9:27 Invader Ark Ax: * laughs at her again* 9:27 Invadervax Vax: *Helps her up* 9:27 Ametrineskies (Really? Its kinda a big and huge hammer.. But alright) 9:27 INVADER VEX Sev: Go ahead and save your stupid little planet... I'm calling in the armada soon. 9:27 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Shakily stands*.. 9:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stumbles back, watching the hammer just explode*...... 9:27 Invadervax Xav: How do we get in? 9:27 Invader Ark Ax: Calling in the Armada is a good idea, sev... 9:27 LIRLIR Xisenin: Eh 9:27 INVADER VEX

  • sev gets up and leaves*

9:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ........ 9:27 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..T-Thanks.. *Tries to wipe the blood off self*.. 9:28 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Oh my GOG!! D< 9:28 Invader Ark Ax: Aw, does you need a bandaid? *holds out bandaid* 9:28 Ametrineskies Zik: *STOMPS foot* That was one of my FAVORITE WEAPONS!! 9:28 Invadervax Vax: Hmmm... 9:28 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Oh well *eye twitches*.. I'll make something better. 9:28 Invadervax Vax: They don't understand how important this planet is to me. 9:28 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *GLARES at Ax* 9:29 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs scythe, quickly twirling it, then slams the handle to the ground*.. 9:29 Invader Jib Jib: you know, Menami, Vax, and Zik, YOU THREE SHOULD GET A TROPHY FOR ACTUALLY BEING SANE *kicks a wall in anger* 9:29 Ametrineskies Zik: I'm not completely sane, but alright. 9:29 Invader Ark Ax: *sticks his tongue out and shakes the bandaid like he wants her to take it* 9:29 LIRLIR Xisenin: *slams Ax into the concrete sidewalk repeatedly* 9:29 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. THANK you Jib.. -n- 9:29 Invader Ark Ax: MY HEAD! MY INGENIOUS HEAD! NOOOO! 9:30 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Wow... why did Sev even do that? uhg... 9:30 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Starts to quickly recover from injuries*.. *Looks at Vax*.. I understand. Lets go. 9:30 Invader Ark

  • he kicks Xisenin off him

Ax: *PAK legs come out* I'M COMING TOO... 9:30 LIRLIR Xisenin: HERRFG. *follows* 9:31 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Walks over to the building*.. 9:31 Ametrineskies Zik: *follows*... 9:31 Invader Jib Jib: *Follows* 9:31 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger mario: *follows* 9:31 LIRLIR Xisenin: LET'S JUST BLOW IT UP.. 9:31 Invadervax Vax: *Finds a hole big enough for them to fit through, and gets through it, finding a tunnel* 9:32 Invader Jib Jib: *Follows* 9:32 LIRLIR Xisenin: *follows* 9:32 Invader Ark Ax: *follows, singing loudly* 9:32 Ametrineskies

Menami: *Follows after Vax into the hole* Xisenin: Laaaaa.

  • They find themselves in the UN base from earlier, which is now a big, purple Magnan nest*

Xisenin: So. I have no idea what is going on... 9:45 Invader Jib

  • They reach the end of the pipe..I think*

Menami: *Reaches the inside of the tunnel*

Xisenin: So many egg things..

Ax: neither do I... All I know is we're underground probably and she wouldn't take my bandaid *points to Menami* 9:46 INVADER VEX

  • they hear a noise behind them and see a figure dodge out of sight*

Zik: ...*looks around* Familiar.

Menami: ... This is creepy.. e-e

n..) 9:41 Invader Ark (I don't believe we have met... I'm Invader Ark.) 9:41 Ametrineskies (Hello~) 9:41 YourFavoriteFangirl (I don't believe we've met either. :3 I'm Miz.) 9:41 LIRLIR (I am LIR.) 9:41 Xenathu (its been awhile since I was on here) 9:41 INVADER VEX (Mhm. I don't know if you remember me, but we met briefly...) 9:42 Ametrineskies (..Call me Misty) 9:42 LIRLIR (So, we are doing an rp.. I'm terrified of anyone else joining, sorry if i'm mean :( ) 9:43 INVADER VEX (Why is that, LIR...?) 9:43 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Call me Burger man) 9:43 Xenathu (I think I remember you, I don't remember how I met you but I remember you; its cool) 9:43 INVADER VEX (Ok.) 9:43 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Stopping crime with the new and improved burger alarm.) 9:43 Ametrineskies (*saved myself* //happy tears) 9:43 LIRLIR (So.. Can we continue please?) 9:43 Invadervax (YEs.) 9:44 INVADER VEX (Ok) 9:44 Invadervax Yes* 9:44 Invader Ark (Mhm. 9:45 LIRLIR Xisenin: So. I have no idea what is going on... 9:45 Invader Jib

  • They reach the end of the pipe..I think*

9:45 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Reaches the inside of the tunnel* 9:45 LIRLIR Xisenin: So many egg things.. 9:45 Ametrineskies (Skype's being a jerk, Miz) (Its trying to process everything we did |: 9:46 Invader Ark Ax: neither do I... All I know is we're underground probably and she wouldn't take my bandaid *points to Menami* 9:46 INVADER VEX

  • they hear a noise behind them and see a figure dodge out of sight*

9:46 Invadervax (No, Jib. They reached the UN base, which is now a Magnan nest.) 9:46 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*looks around* Familiar. 9:46 LIRLIR (Vax said that already, pay attention) 9:47 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... This is creepy.. e-e 9:47 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Hm, this place looks unforgiving... 9:47 LIRLIR Xisenin: *looks at a egg thing* 9:47 Invader Ark Ax: *he is not paying attention, he is positioning the bandaid on his forehead* 9:47 Invader Jib Jib: That's kindaaa why I stopped going on adventures with gets really screwed up 9:48 Invader Ark Ax: Well then why are you here, dummy? *slide bandaid around on his head* 9:48 INVADER VEX

  • they see some light reflect off of something behind them*

9:48 Invader Jib Jib: T_T I didn't mean I started protesting against it.. 9:48 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm. *touches a egg thing* 9:49 Invadervax Vax: Hmmm... 9:49 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Xisenin, that's probably not a good idea.. 9:49 Invadervax

  • The pizza man is in it*

9:49 Invader Ark Ax: SCRAMBLED EGGS! LET'S MAKE 'EM, FRIENDS! *one PAK leg come out and smashes an egg* 9:49 LIRLIR Xisenin: *stops touching it* 9:49 INVADER VEX

  • a reporter falls out of the smashed egg. *

9:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Vax? 9:50 LIRLIR Xisenin: DA HECK?? 9:50 Invader Ark Ax: Ooh... 9:50 Invadervax Vax: Yes? 9:50 Ametrineskies Zik: .....*slowly grabs a pack of minty gum and starts chewing a piece*.. *hides it, expecting a mob of people either trying to smack it away, or steal it* 9:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: So where's the guy? Is he hiding from us? IS HE BEING A WIMP? *SAYS SO LOUDLYXD* 9:50 Ametrineskies Zik: ..YEA, HE BE WIMPIN o3o 9:50 Invadervax Voice: Beautiful, isn't it? 9:51 Ametrineskies Zik: ...No! 9:51 LIRLIR Xisenin: *floats a gum packet from Zik to himself and chews on the gum 9:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..o_o what. 9:51 Invader Ark Ax: *sticks tongue out* Hi, yes... It is... 9:51 LIRLIR

9:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Whoever's speaking, come out and show your darn face! 9:51 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looks at Xi*.. Eheh. *grabs the pack* 9:52 Invadervax Voice: They are just marinating. My children are coming to get you, too.. 9:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: Mmfh. *chews* 9:52 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Man this guy sure is A WHIMP-A-SNICKA'-DOODLE *yells and it echoes* 9:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... ..STALKEEEER-- 9:52 Invader Jib Jib: ... 9:52 Invader Ark Ax: It's pretty. You should keep it like this FOREVUH! 9:52 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Holy cow, that voice sounds like santa... 9:52 INVADER VEX

  • they see another egg that seems to have something metal inside it along with the resident *

9:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: No seriously. We're not afraid of you and your "children". Come out and face us. 9:52 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: goodbye childhood! 9:53 Invader Jib Jib: Um...>_< Jib: Wait, you're a child? 9:53 Invadervax Vax: Come out, Gamemaster. 9:53 Invader Ark Ax: Did you decorate this place yourself? 9:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: Perhaps i can shed some light on this. *his right hand becomes a radiant orb of light, which he holds high* 9:53 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Hm! 9:54 Invadervax Gamemaster: Oh, but the fun is just starting! 9:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: Well, i was also have night vision... 9:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: STOP WIMPING! 9:54 Invader Ark Ax: Fun is only fun with pretzels, you know... 9:54 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger MArio: I'm not a child :/ Mario* 9:54 Invader Jib Jib:..Somehow I can't resist pointing out that wimping isn't a word.. 9:54 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: I was kidding around.. 9:54 Invader Ark Ax: SCIENCE! 9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: Jib, this is no time to initiate grammar nazi mode! 9:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. I really don't care about grammar right now. Eheh. 9:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: *deactivates the light and activates his night vision* 9:55 Invadervax Gamemaster: I haven't had this fun in twelve years. I don't know if you noticed, but I WAS TRAPPED IN AN ICE-BERG FOR TWELVE YEARS! 9:55 Invader Jib Jib:..How would we have noticed that 9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Yea, so? 9:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: that would be cool. 9:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Give me a valid reason why we care. 9:55 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: What if we split up into groups? Two in each group..? 9:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: :I 9:55 Invader Ark Ax: *walking around* Yep, real nice place you got here... *trips and falls onto another egg! smashing it* WHOOPS! 9:56 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Maybe we'll find it faster.. Tophats4ever has joined the chat. 9:56 INVADER VEX

  • out of the egg falls a slimy Sev*

9:56 Tophats4ever (Wait, What? 9:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... eww. 9:56 LIRLIR Xisenin: O_O 9:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ...There you are *glares at Sev* 9:56 Tophats4ever (Did Mario just changed his name? 9:56 Invader Jib (Ten people in the chat..that's a new record) 9:56 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (What do you mean?) (Oh (This is an alternate account) 9:57 Tophats4ever (When I was here before, There were a fudge load of users. 9:57 INVADER VEX (Yeah Mario has about ten accounts.) 9:57 Tophats4ever (Young n' Old. 9:57 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (all of them are very funny. Lol) 9:57 INVADER VEX (Mhm) 9:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: Huh. 9:57 Tophats4ever (I have like 3 (Including this 9:57 LIRLIR (I have the one and only) 9:57 Tophats4ever (2 forgotten passwords 9:58 Invader Ark (Only one account) 9:58 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (I remember ALL my passwords) Mario: Should we split up into groups? 9:58 Invader Jib (I just use he same password always and i-) 9:58 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: This guy is all talk and no fist.. I have no respect for that. *Puts hands on hips* 9:58 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Maybe we'll find it faster..? 9:58 Tophats4ever (I have a mind of a goldfish. (I don't remember for 1 hour. 9:59 Invadervax Gamemaster: Hmmm... 9:59 Tophats4ever (But I can recall. 9:59 Ametrineskies Zik: Talk is only charm.. Which I have lots of, heh 9:59 Invadervax

  • A Magnan clone of Sev walks in*

9:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Plus, his name.. Sounds like he just plays Call of Duty all day or something. 9:59 INVADER VEX Sev: *groans and flops over* 10:00 Invader Jib Jib: Or like he's good at playing chess and so he thinks cool.. 10:00 Invadervax Magnan Sev: *Notices the real Sev*] 10:00 Invader Ark Ax: YOU, CHARMING? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS... *to zik* 10:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Hey, so he's finally sending some enemies! *Looks at Magnan Sev*.. 10:00 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Is the group just going to ignore what mario says? .-. okay then) 10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*stares at Ax* Zik: Oh really? 10:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: GUYS! 10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: Im not charming, then.. Im sexy! 10:01 Invader Ark Ax: I've seen pretzels that were more charming than you... 10:01 INVADER VEX Sev: *notices the gooey Sev clone* Wwwhat... Theeee. 10:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Facepalms* 10:01 Ametrineskies Zik: Whats with you and pretzles? 10:01 Invader Ark Ax: OH, DE PRETZELS, I WUV THEM SO MUCH... *closes eyes and sticks out tongue again* 10:01 Invadervax Magnan Sev: *Charges at Sev* 10:01 Invader Jib Jib: I know that Zik doesn't obsessively hug people at Jib: unlike SOMEONE.. 10:02 LIRLIR Xisenin: :3 10:02 Ametrineskies Zik: I dont like many people touchin me anyway uvu 10:02 INVADER VEX Sev : *crawls into a corner while shooting a lot at the clone * 10:02 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Alot of other stuff could be more attractive then you, Zik.. No offense... 10:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs up to Mangnan Sev and takes out a laser, shooting it to see if lazers are effective* 10:02 Invader Ark Ax: TOUCH. *pokes Zik in the arm* 10:02 Ametrineskies Zik: *rolls eyes*.. 10:02 Invader Ark (Reference) 10:02 Ametrineskies (TOUCH :UU) 10:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: HEY, HERO BOY! GET OVER HERE! 10:03 LIRLIR Xisenin: Uh, guys.. pay attention here! 10:03 Ametrineskies Zik: The name's ZIK, Menni. *runs to* 10:03 Invadervax Magnan Sev: *Bites Sev* 10:03 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Hm, I'll try fire! 10:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ! .. Ew.. 10:03 INVADER VEX Sev: *shoots the Tesseract stuff at the clone! making it explode* 10:03 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger

  • Mario blasts fire and Magnan Sev*

10:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..It just totally ignored my lasers! 10:03 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Hm. 10:04 INVADER VEX Sev: *panting, slumps to the ground * 10:04 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Would fire affect them?) 10:04 Invader Jib Jib: *slices clone Sev with time sword* 10:04 Invadervax

  • The clone is blasted all over the place...literally*

10:04 INVADER VEX (It exploded already... ) 10:04 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (OH wow.. my chat is lagging..) 10:04 Invader Ark Ax: aw, "hero boy" and "menni..." Looks like you two lovebirds got CUTSIE NICKNAMES... * half smirks half smiles* 10:04 Invader Jib Jib: Ax..SHUT UP Jib: PLEASE 10:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... AX, I WILL BEAT YOU WITH MY SHOE. Menami: D< 10:05 Invadervax (Actually, they love fire. Their weakness is ice.) 10:05 INVADER VEX (And exploding) 10:05 LIRLIR Xisenin: TYN! TYN TYN TYN TYN TYN TYN TYN 10:05 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Maybe this will make Ax be quiet, I've learned that "TYN" sets him off... 10:05 Ametrineskies Zik: *swings his scythe, hitting Ax in the face with the side of the blade* 10:05 Invadervax (That, too.) 10:05 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: TYN, TA TYN TYN TYNN Mario: Everyday I'm TYNin' 10:06 INVADER VEX Sev: *clutches his gun tight, shivering and covered in weird goo* 10:06 Invadervax (Well, ice and Tesseract.) 10:06 Invader Ark Ax: *stops taunting 10:06 INVADER VEX (Because science) 10:06 Invader Jib (...*Tempted to go in "SCIENCE" mode*) 10:06 INVADER VEX (SCIENCE) 10:06 Invader Ark Ax: *eye twitches* 10:07 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... So are there gonna be anyone else to fight? Seriously. This is boring. 10:07 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Hey, Ax... 10:07 Invadervax Vax: Show yourself, Gamemaster! 10:07 Ametrineskies (Does ax have aanny reaction of being hit in the face by a blade XD) 10:07 Invader Ark Ax: *lunges at Mario* 10:07 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Tyn *pokes ax* 10:07 Ametrineskies (Ax*) 10:07 LIRLIR (They blinded me with sciiieeence) 10:07 INVADER VEX (<run_file:SCIENCE.exe>) 10:07 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger Mario: Ahg! *Mario dodges* 10:07 Invadervax Gamemaster: Oh, you want me to show myself, eh? 10:07 Invader Ark (yeah, sorry, now he has a mark on his face) 10:07 Ametrineskies (..Pay attention darling..) 10:08 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Please do, Gamey. You're boring. :I 10:08 Invader Ark (I missed that... :/ ) (sorry ) 10:08 Ametrineskies (..Oreally) (He hit Ax in the face with the SIDE of the blade) 10:08 INVADER VEX Sev: *points gun into the darkness, looking around shakily*