Tix is an Irken soldier who is a military Space Operations Captain.




Tix was always inspired by soldiers, especially Commander Thresh and Commander Rees. She heard there was an opportunity for young Irkens to become soldiers, and she wanted to enlist right away. But she also wanted to expand the military a little bit. Tix joined a branch of the Armada designed for special space operations. She worked her way up the ranks over the years and was chosen to lead her own squadron as Captain.


Tix is very obedient and always follows orders from superiors. She is quick to action but is also willing to think things through if necessary. She also has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with combat, which can make her reckless outside the Armada.

Tix is skilled with piloting several types of ships, and her ability to cooperate and put her team above everything else besides the mission makes her a unique soldier. She kills when ordered but will spare a life if she can decide what to do with an enemy.


Tix is five feet, two inches tall. She has dark purple eyes, roundly curled antennae, and curved eyelashes. She wears a specialized uniform with purple markings on it.

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