Rakkvarn in his custom spaceship

Space battle

Rakkvarn and a small squad taking out a Viral Tank

Captain Rakkvarn is a Vraalskrith captain and leads a huge swarm of ships from a larger command ship nicknamed "Dreadnought" by Irken pilots. He is a high ranked Vraalskrith, and rarely loses a fight.


Rakkvarn is a lot like normal Vraalskriths in most ways, including his bloodlust, need to contribute to the Vraalskrith Confederacy, and militaristic mentality. The only reason he was chosen to lead a swarm of ships, however, is his large brain. Vraalskriths always have a large brain cavity, but only a few have brains that even come close to filling those cavities. Rakkvarn is one of those few, and has the mental capacity to multitask enough to command thousands of tiny ships at once. This extreme mental ability makes him more ruthless, cunning, adept, and quick. He is one of the few Vraalskriths that have the neurons needed to activate his full muscular potential, making him larger, tougher, stronger, and faster than the average life form.

While most Vraalskrith do not have a distinguished personality, Rakkvarn is arrogant and optimistic towards his own ability. This sometimes causes him to make hasty decisions, but these decisions usually do work out for the better eventually.


Rakkvarn looks just like a normal Vraalskrith, but larger and more muscular. He has two panels on his head that hook up to a spaceship's interface, and a tattoo of the Vraalskrith Confederacy's logo on his forehead.


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