A CUT Unit is like a SIR Unit for Nightmare Irkens. It stands for Crazily Used Terror Unit.


No CUT Unit can be kind and live to according to Nightmare law. They are all ruthless and very, very dangerous. They have sharp claws, rusty metal, are half the size of a Nightmare Irken, and only obey evil commands from their master. They cannot speak. Invaders have been trying to snatch a CUT unit for a long time, but have failed. The Irken Rockets want to use these to overthrow Irk. Not all Nightmare Irkens use CUT units, or theirs are so upgraded or different that they are not regarded as CUT units anymore.

Known CUT UnitsEdit


BUNS's nightmare counterpart and Myutoo's CUT. She is smart like BUNS but very,very, infinitely destructive.


DIDI is Nightmare Tak's CUT Unit and the nightmare counterpart of MIMI.


RIV is Nightmare Vax's CUT Unit and the nightmare counterpart of VIR.


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