CSUE is an abandoned Irken experiment.


Developed as a weapon, CSUE was launched into an enemy planet. It worked sucessfully until it's effects learned to be recursive and launched meteors infected with CSUE onto a nearby hotel planet. The whole planet was infected and sent straight into the nearest star, burning everyone on it instantly and exposing the star to the energy, which went supernova and blew up it's whole solar system. Everyone responsible died.


CSUE is an infectious energy that, when infected, an object will zip around in a gridlike fashion and spread to other objects on contact. It is unknown as to whether or not it has gained intelligence or its actions are completely randomized. It is extremely reactive to the fusion found in stars and causes them to explode. When infected, an object emits a bright blue glow.

Current StateEdit

CSUE is somewhere in space, spread everywhere by the supernova.

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