"The Customer is always right,as they say. Unless they suffer some horrible contagious disease known as "stupidity" ."-CARLEdit

CARL is a mysterious cyborg who is involved with the black market. He often sells illegal weaponry and technology to LIR and Lurk


CARL is usually calm and is known to be very intelligent. He knows tons of information about species and planets,including the Irken Empire. It is unknown how he learned this information. 

CARL is usually known to have a very dark sense of humor,and is often sarcastic. He also dispises beings with low intelligence,because of this he often enjoys confusing idiotic customers.

If he actually enjoys a customer,he will offer advice.  


Not much is known about CARL. All that is known is he seems to have worked for the Empire long ago,and has presumably visited many planets and star systems in his past.


  • Carl blinks very slowly and rarely moves his mouth when he speaks,this often creeps out some of his customers. 
  • CARL often gives LIR,Lurk,and (rarely)Xisenin advice. He seems to be intrigued by their skills and knowledge. He also seems to enjoy their insane company.
  • He is repulsed by Nightmare Irkens or any other Nightmare being,and considers them abominations. This causes him to never sell any technology to them. 
  • His location is kept secret to avoid local law.
  • He talks to customers through secret communication networks,usually through a live video feed. 
  • His origin and race is unknown. 
  • His robotic body houses his preserved brain,and is connected to his body with cables and wires.
  • He speaks with a raspy voice.
  • It is unknown where he gets his technology from,but it rumored he gets them from a crimelord or a cybernetic space pig monkey with telekinesis. Most doubt the latter. 
  • He is extremely wanted by the Irken law. 
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