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"*Bear noises about bad TV show's*"

Burr, a alien cyber baer who is quite cocky, and heavily perverted. They attempt to line every single of their

words with something seductive. They were born on a unknown planet inhabited by "Baers". They mostly took classes in electronics and space piloting to make their dream "Travel space for bad shows". In-fact, the reason why they took electronic class was to hack to get random shows across the universe;

While young Burr couldn't talk, like most Baer's. They talked through Bear noises. And in a latter part of Burr's life they were attacked at "Con Air Con" Based off of the hit movie that all Baer's loved, while there a group of random Aliens came and caused destruction on Burr's planet, thus killing most baers, during the attack, Burr was pelted with bullets and had skin melted off, a arm torn off after running away from chain saw robots,and a portion of their brain missing, they were carried somewhere to be healed up and to fix them up. After their surgery they were much smarter, had steel cover up the missing skin, and had their missing arm transformed into a high class flash light, which can be placed into over drive and which can shoot lasers, but it is normally for blinding random people.

Currently they reside on their planet, where they created a religion based around them-self, and has a space beacon out, hoping someone to come

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