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Brainsucking Grood bats are giant wasp-like insects with bat wings. They consume the brains of their prey, hence the name.

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The Brainsucking Grood bat resembles a giant earth wasp. It has 6 extendable,spindly legs,6 human like eyes,4 mandibles,and bat like wings. It's mouth is full of giant human like teeth and splits in half,revealing 2 extendable sharp mandibles and 2 proboscises. It uses it's bottom proboscis to pierce through it's prey's flesh,and suck out it's fluids. It's top proboscis is used to spray acid,to liquify it's prey's innards. 

On the ends of it's abdomen is a huge,bristle covered stinger. It's stinger paralyzes it's prey with a painful venom.


Brainsucking Grood bats travel alone.

First they render their prey paralyzed with their stinger, then they hide their prey somewhere where it can't be stolen or destroyed.

They then wait until the venom has full effect and causes the prey to swell and vomit. Once this happens, the Grood bat begins its feeding process. It inserts it's bottom proboscis into the victim's head and sucks the brain out. It then inserts it's top proboscis into the victim's flesh,spraying acid inside it. This melts the victim's insides,the grood bat then sucks out it's insides with it's 2nd proboscis. After this is done,the grood bat chews what ever is left of it's prey with it's huge,human like teeth,and swallows it. 

However,with smaller prey it usually just stabs them to death and eats them with it's mouth.


Grood bats reproduce with a mate. A female can lay up to 3,000 eggs in an eggsack under its thorax.

Facts of horrible screaming pain[]

  • Grood bats are the size of an Irken Spittle Runner.
  • Their homeworld is unknown, but they inhabit random planets due to illegal exporting.
  • Oddly,males are much smaller and have no wings. Their stingers also only paralyze their prey and do not contain venom.
  • They make loud, high pitched howls when they spot prey.
  • Grood bats make a clicking noise when it feels threatened. If it's about to attack, it will make a screeching roar and raise its wings in aggression.
  • It has a subspecies that resemble gigantic horseflies,they are known as "Bone Crushing Arraak Flies". This species has the ability to breathe fire. They are found mostly on planet Araak Prime. 
  • Unlike insects on earth,they breathe with lungs. Their exoskeletons also seem to be made of an unknown lightweight material. 
  • Grood bats usually go for large prey,however this does not mean they will not hesitate to go for smaller creatures. Especially if they are angered. 
  • It is theorized that they are actually bioweapons. Most do not believe this theory however.
  • They are based on the creator of this article's fear of winged stinging insects.