Boolurg is an Irken soldier. He is often found in Dunkz' Donuts when not on duty. He is somewhat new to the soldier rank. However,this does not stop him from being a skilled soldier.


Boolurg is of average Irken height,has antennae tips a big longer then most irkens,and has light slamon colored eyes. His head is similar to Invader Alexovich's head,but shorter. Also,unlike Alexovich,Boolurg's eyes are bigger. He wears a dark blue standard soldier uniform with blank grey arm pods. He also wears light upper chest armor. 

His right antennae were damaged in the past,so it now has internal cybernetic implants. These implants often glow red randomly,causing a line of red dots to appear on his antennae. 

While not on duty,Boolurg wears a standard irken uniform with no stripes. His PAK also has one giant pink spot and a smaller one below it.


  • He has robot hover drones that he can deploy from his PAK. Strangely,a malfunction causes them to address Boolurg as "BOO-URNS".
  • His PAK is slightly upgraded.
  • He is Dunkz' Donuts' best customer,because he is very fond of pastries and donuts. 
  • His favorite treat is a chocolate fudge filled glazed cinnamon roll covered in whipped cream. He usually gets this at Dunkz' Donuts. 
  • His favorite food is cinnamon rolls. 
  • He hates sandwiches,along with Jinkz Groovey Grub
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