Bone Crushing Arrak Flies are relatives of Brainsucking Grood bat. They resemble giant horseflies.  
Brain Sucking Grood Bat 001

Fly on the bottom left


Arraak flies resemble gigantic versions of horseflies. They have 3 black reflective eyes and a mouth filled with sharp mandibles. Also,they have 2 claw like limbs on their neck that they use to stab prey.

They have 6 skinny legs,4 wings,2 antennae,and a sharp stinger on their abdomen. Their stingers paralyze their prey for 2 hours. Their wings are too small for their bodies,so they are only able to hover.

Giant dragonfly

The sound of their hovering  

Small roar

One of their screeches

Also,their bodies are covered in tiny hairs. Their necks are also able to slightly extend,using special muscles in their neck and head. They also seem to possess bioluminscene,and use it to communicate with each other. They have bioluminscent patches on their necks and chests. 


The Arrak Flies live in small,underground hives. These hives are ruled by a king. The females of the hive hunt usually. Not much else is known about their hives,because they are usually hidden deep underground.


  • They usually live in small underground hives. Unlike colony insects on earth,their hives are ruled by a king. 
  • They reproduce in a fashion similar to seahorses,explaining why their hives are ruled by a king.
  • Usually males stay in the hive,it is unknown what they look like. 
  • Female Arrak fly drones are usually the size of a large dog. 
  • Their jaws are powerful enough to break bones,hence their name. 
  • When threatened,they make a low,purring noise that rises to a loud humming. When they are angry they produce a loud,distorted,gurgle like screech. 
  • Their sting is painful.
  • Their homeworld is unknown,but they are usually found on Arraak Prime.
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