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Bloog is a member of the foodcourtia food munching Blob race. 

He is presumed to be mentally unstable and insanely religious. This is evidenced by the fact that he refered to Vok as a satanist. He also seems to be a conspiracy theorist.

He died at the hands of a fire attack by Vok in The Horribly Confusing Weird Date of Cliche Doom,ending up as a burnt skeleton on the floor. 


Bloog is a red,fat blob guy who wears a stained white T-shirt,dirty jeans,and a fedora. He also seems to have chub flaps on his neck,covered in a thin layer of stubble and short hairs. 

He also carries an inflatable,squishy, giant pillow with a picture of Tallest red on it in his pocket,it is unknown why.

Trivia of Insignifigance[]

  • He has a neckbeard.