The Bliverx is a mysterious starship which travels the galaxy, with its pilots unknown. It is known to occasionally orbit planets, and escapes into light speed whenever it is approached.

History Edit

The Bliverx was designed on the planet Philius Alpha for the sole purpose of being used to study the Milky Way's neighboring galaxies, to confirm the suspicions of the Galactic Government. The Bliverx was given the most advanced technology in the known Universe, which angered the Irken Empire, as well as the people of Gaspontaniasgalantiak, and it was soon decommissioned by order of the Department of Intergalactic Peace-Keeping, who feared it would anger the other galaxies. And so, with nothing to do with it, and not wanting to waste a piece of perfectly good engineering, the Galactic Government simply started a contest, in which people would enter and receive a simple crossword puzzle. The only thing about this simple crossword puzzle, was that it was not at all simple. In fact, it was so not simple that the contest lasted 300 years. The reason it was so not simple was because the Galactic Government had thought that whoever would be able to solve it would be a perfect owner for the Bliverx. It was not until one amazing day that an anonymous contestant sent in his crossword, and, amazingly, had figured it out. The Bliverx was taken to the planet Marzontania, where a man in a hood who had been confirmed of being the contest winner, received it. The Bliverx has since then been a figure of mystery, and all anyone knows is that the hooded man is driving it. There's only one man who knows who he is.

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