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The Bleematodes are a species of omnivorous fish like people from the Bleematode homeworld. Similar to Irkens,they seem to thrive on fatty processed foods. 

Not much is known about them.


Most Bleematodes have gigantic overbites and sharp teeth. They are usually as tall as an average sized Irken. They have 3 long fingers,big eyes with small pupils,grey skin,and one leg. They usually hop around with one leg,and can jump very high if they need to. 


  • They are usually found in resturants across the universe. 
  • They have are constantly hungry most of the time,and usually eat 5 meals a day,along with snacks. 
  • They seem to have quick metabolisims.
  • Some Bleematodes can learn to speak other languages. 
  • Most english speaking Bleematodes are food critics or chefs. 
  • They are extremely omnviorous,and can digest almost anything. 
  • Most Bleematodes have poor tastes,but some can have good senses of taste,and can even be picky.
  • Most of them thrive on fatty processed foods filled with grease,however,they can still get sick from eating too many sweets.