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The Blade Runner is Invader Vex's version of the common Irken Spittle Runner. It contains many advanced features and hardly resembles the original ship whatsoever.


The Blade Runner is grey, black, and blue, with two fang looking objects protruding from the sides. There are two engines on the rear of the ship, and a T looking window on the front of the ship.

Features and Abilities[]

The Blade Runner is equipped with weapons on par with those used in The Massive, but on a smaller scale. It's primary weapons are plasma cannons on either side of the ship, proton smart missiles, and a large scale bio-electricity manipulator, similar to the one in VIR- Vex's SIR unit. Many other weapons are concealed behind various panels, such as grappling hook launchers, mines, and a hull built for ramming.

The Blade Runner is also equipped with the latest in ion propulsion, allowing Vex to travel at nearly the speed of light. This is an incredibly rare feature for a single pilot ship.(If anyone has any ideas, please put them on the "talk" for this page)


Vex has used the Blade Runner as his primary mode of transportation ever since he made it back on Planet Vort. The Blade Runner played a pivotal role in Vex's Invasion of The Vortian System (Resistance camps), seeing as no other ships besides The Massive and Vex's Plague Runner have plasma turrets strong enough to breach Vortian made high-tech shields. Vex was on a solo operation, and did not call The Massive for assistance, and his battle cruiser, the Plague Runner, would have been too large to hide while he was undercover.

Now that Vex has invented and engineered several much more advanced spaceships, including his space station, the Plague Runner, and Flash Runners, he does not use the Blade Runner much, and keeps it in his space station's hangar.

Facts of Doom[]

  • Invader Vex has never had another personal ship before the Blade Runner. Before he built it on Planet Vort, his only method of off world transportation was the Irken Public Transportation System.