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Babz is a mix of Zim and Anj's DNA. She is a female Irken.


When Anj wanted to research human birth, she created a way to form an unborn smeet (a "smeetus") and implant it into Lor, who carried the child in a flesh sack on her back. Babz was born with the ability to switch between human and Irken without a disguise.

Even though she was partly made with Zim's DNA, Babz is not mentally defective; however, she has tyrannical tendencies that make her bossy, mean, and sometimes disturbing. She also has short antenna that make her senses weaker. She has no robot yet. Babz likes to use both force and intelligence to have things her way, but she isn't very powerful. Babz wants to be an Invader, but she is not qualified enough. This is the source of her rage.


  • Babz is the first Irken to be born from a human surrogate.
  • Babz is similar to Tak in behavior, except she is physically weaker.