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BUNS is Invader Myu's mix of a PEN and SIR Unit

BUNS, a PEN unit semi-programmed with SIR technology.


BUNS is sarcastic and satirical in nature. She is programmed to be female. BUNS usually lies around the base, "protecting," it. Myu usually is put off by this and the fact BUNS is generally annoying. BUNS is peaceful. Sometimes she'll act like GIR, especially around LoLo, who she likes. BUNS has a fear of loud noises, especially rainstorms, and then she won't shut up. BUNS does try to take care of Myu in Duty-Protection Modes, but she often acts independent. She apparently dislikes invading and doesn't see Serpentia as worth it. Her disguise is a Snakanine. She doesn't usually go into only Duty or Protection Mode, but a glitchy mix of the two. This is why her eyes are not red or blue when this happens like SIRs and PENs respectively, but purple.


"This invasion is a waste. Irk is a practical utopia. We don't need some filthy snake planet."

"I'm making pancakes. Only for me!"

BUNS in rare Duty-Protection Mode.

"Protect my Myu master!"

"Right, you act so feminine."


"Um, we're underground, and Serpentians like Nio can slither underground really fast, which means run."

"Hold on, I'm sniffing the ground. (smells ground) Smells like dirt."

"She's a custodian? Why is she not cleaning puke?"