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Nightmare Arraak Prime

Arraakeen Wraiths (Speculated).


Kharaa (Unexplored).


Former Imperial Garrison, overrun by Pirates.

Notable Facts

Considered the home base of the 'Arraakeen Wraiths'.


Relatively unexplored by the Nightmarish Reflection of the Irken Empire, the Nightmare Arraak is infamous for being considered the home of the 'Arraakeen Wraiths', a rogue group of Irken Pirates led by their 'Shipmaster', Averii, and his Mistress, Entra.

It's also infamous for being a downright horrible planet, sharing the same climate with it's 'real' counterpart. Visit it's page for details.

Orbits the 'Nightmare' version of Giedi Secundus.

Historical Overview[]

Formerly a simple planet with a survey team just setting up, Arraak Prime had just been discovered some sixty years ago, with potential for being an extensive source of materials for the Empire. Lacking equipment for proper scans, however, the Planetary Survey Team assigned to explore the planet required more material, and thus a trio of Cargo Ships were dispatched, escorted by a Viral Tank known then as the Vengeance.

Their equipment never arrived, however, with reports of a mutiny aboard the Vengeance reaching nearby Comm Buoys before the ship was silenced. Responding craft found the cargo ships stripped of debris, their simple drone brains corrupted and their memory erased. The Viral Tank was nowhere to be found, save for the vaccuum-frozen bodies of some unfortunate crewmembers.

Soon after, the Survey Team was evacuated, and command of the world was taken by a growing garrison that replaced their simple research camps. It was subsequently obliterated from orbit a few months later by a rather familiar starship, shortly after refusing to surrender to a group known as the 'Arraakeen Wraiths', now known to be the rogue crew of the Vengeance. Renamed the Revenant, the Vengeance's loyalist crew had been unable to quell the uprising within, it seemed, and had given birth to an insurrectionist faction. Responding ships found no trace of the Revenant's presence, however, other than surviving data pieced together from the remnants of the garrison's Computer Network.

In the years since, the Arraakeen Wraiths have grown in their infamy, and it has been rumored that the Wraiths have actually established a black market and automated mining system of sorts here. However, most smaller groups of vessels venturing near it under Imperial Command are lost, presumed destroyed or captured by the Pirates. Those who survive simply propagate the tale of the Wraiths, as even entire battlegroups are lost attempting to cleanse the Giedi Secundus System.

On the occasion where a small retaliatory fleet can be gathered and sent to try and find the traitors, they also report nothing despite a few weeks of dedicated searching.