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Anomaly 856-1CB
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Characters Invovled

Irken Scientists, Kronus Research Array Team.

Where It Took Place

Remote Quadrant-Z981. White Dawrf System.


Anomaly 866-1CB Is a strange energy reading picked up near a small white dwarf system a few days ago. It is currently emmiting from The Rift Vortex. It has been radiating vast ammounts of unused radiation across its star system. Causing a research station to be taken over by a mutated, hostile, organic plant creature.

The reading showed bursts of this energy coming from the center of the star system. Although the cloud of smoke surronding it is now to thick to see what the center of the star system is.

Irken Scientists first were noted of this event by the Kronus research team. This notification was coming from There long range energy pulse scanner used to pick up things from the infamous planet picked this signal up even from so far away. Due to how much excess was being leaked and spilled out into other star systems. A few ships have been caught in the smoke and have been infected with the same organic virus that grows black plant like appendges across the ship like vines. Encasing the entire hull and entrior, processing the matter of the bodies into nurishment. And using light from a close sun to grow.


Flannyr - Cipher

The Event's Theme.

Planets Affected.[]

This is the list of known planets or systems affected with this event.

A Diagram Of The Event.

  • Kronus.
  • Foodcourtia.
  • Andromenta System.
  • Ice Moon, White Dwar System.
  • Rohedron Asteroid Colony.
  • Irk.
  • Various Ships & Freighters.
  • 20 Individual Space Stations.
  • Devastis.

Counter-Action Plan.[]

During a meeting with the IGN, [Intergalactic.Nations] The Irken Military have stepped forward as candidates to assemble a team to go investigate one of the closet affected space vessels infected the virus like organisim, before heading a heavily radiation proof vessel deeper into the eye of the storm. The vessel was carrying dangerous susbtances to Devastis. Before being teleported to the storm and all life support being taken away, Then shortly being taken over by the OG-ZETA 'Virus.'