Ankl-Biters are a species native to planet Kyrosos 4. They resemble horseshoe crabs with long,spider like legs. 


Ankl-Biters resemble horshoe crabs with 6 long spindly legs, and a sharp long tail ending a venomous stinger. Ankl-Biters are about the size of an earth chicken, and have 4 small pincer arms hidden under their shells. 

Despite their small size,Ankl-Biters are known to be extremely dangerous, their tails secrete a venom that causes instense euphoria and extreme fatigue. This allows them to attack and kill their prey without resistance. They usually hunt in large groups, and swarm their prey like angry piranhas. 

Ankl Biter

The Ankl-Biter screech


Their venom causes intense euphoria and feelings of well being, along with extreme fatigue. The venom also causes their prey to feel dehydrated. The venom's effects usually last 9 hours. 


  • They are somewhat inspired by the compys from Jurassic Park
  • Their stings are described to have a burning feeling. 
  • Ankl-Biters are known to bite their prey's ankles first,hence their name. 
  • At first,they appear docile to fool their prey, they usually do this by making soft squeaking noises and dragging their tails on the ground. When they are ready to attack, they make loud screeches. 
  • They tend to be scavengers when prey is not available.
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