Anj is Invader Myu's and Krom's sister and a high-class Irken scientist. She, like Krom, Lor, PEN-E, and LoLo, is a new costar in Invader Zim: Agents of Doom.


Anj was the other half of Operation Genesis Experiment M7U4NJ. She was

Anj, to the left, is born from the experiment.

less defective, but considering how kind and merciful she is to almost all, she may as well be a defective Irken. She was the more docile and smart twin and was always a bit annoyed by fussy smeet Myu. She virtually adopted Krom when she was nine years old. She was tiny, but nonetheless loving, so she rescued the smeet in danger by attaching a worn out (and evidently broken) PAK to him and spent most of her life raising him as opposed to studying invading. Anj was creative, but since she spent so much time with Krom, she never had time to execute her ideas. So she engineered the PEN unit, which could care for and protect any Irken it was assigned to. Some early models, like BUNS, were too selfish to work for someone like Krom. Eventually, PEN-E and LoLo, the first two working PENs, were invented. Anj became famous and was promoted by Almighty Tallest Miyuki to be an Irken scientist.

Anj in her ship with PEN-E.

Afterwards, Anj discovered Invader's Plague, studied almost every planet, and, to the favor of Red and Purple, made things blow up. Myu envied her for being so successful and respected, so they battled like siblings do. Anj liked to prank Myu by stalling her invading. She made Myu miss Operation Impending Doom I by taking her to Conventia late.

Anj independently decided to study Earth because no one knew about it. Red

Anj in her solid holographic human disguise. Notice how nearly everything is a faint shade of blue or red.

and Purple let her so she could maybe kill Zim. Anj went there with Krom and their PENs and went to live with Zim. She and Zim became somewhat frenemies (since Zim doesn't like anyone) and partners. Her nemesis became Lor, the dangerous sci-fi investigator.



Anj and Myu fight sometimes, but Anj really does like Myu, just not what she does.


Anj loves PEN-E because she is a good PEN unit to her, not to mention her pride and joy.


Anj likes Zim more than he likes her. She helps him with his "invasion."


Anj loves Krom more than life itself and cares for him before anything.


Anj thinks Dib is smart and kind of cute. He is her desired "test subject" for Earth to study, so she follows and secretly tests on him.


Anj likes watching GIR but is also curious why he acts how he does.


  • Anj, like Myu, is based on the creator.
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