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Angel is a human who knows Um and It are irkens, but like Gaz she does not care. But she has developed a crush on Um and wishes him good luck on defeating his enemies in Irk when he was sent to save Irk from Nuc. The irkens told her to stay but she wants to help them regain the planet, so she came with them secretly. When Um was down and ready to give up, Angel approached to him to never give up. After her talk, Um and It were able to defeat the Pandorian Military, Lex, and Nuc. After the rebellion, she was named queen of Irk by Um.


Her usually appearance is that she has a red hoodie and jeans with headphones and a MP3 player. But sometimes she wears a black shirt and a skirt.


To many humans, her personality is pretty unknown because she doesn't talk to many. But to Um and It, she is generous, caring, and sweet girl who help her friends out of anything. She is the protagonist.

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