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Skittlez,Kat,And Pd when they were little

Skittles with Wings

Skittlez in a Fuku!

Android Skittles




Demon/ Angel


5' 3"


Zim, Planet Earth, Tallest, Gaz


Her mother, Irken way of doing things, Herself



Love interest


Wish List

Her fathers' love and to overcome the "darkness"

Notable Facts

She is an excellent three-partner dancer.

Android Skitlez is the unholy offspring of Satan and Archangel Michael. To regain his place in heaven, Michael left Skittles on Irk to die. The Tallest found her and analyzed her DNA. Finding out that she was pure good, and pure evil, used her as a destruction device and constructed her an artificial body, which was also constructed with the help of Invader Kolop. After seeing the pain she caused the people of the planets the Irkens conquered, showed mercy. Becoming angry, the Tallest created Invader Pd, thus, neglecting Skittles. Skittles become lonely and angry, causing her ability of making the Nightmare world appear by singing angerily to form.

After taking damage from one of Skittles' "angry songs", the Tallest sent her to earth to destroy it instead. But, she fell in love with it, mostly because she loves Gaz, decided not to destroy, causing Purple to beat her in his anger.

She and Zim find an interest in ballet, waltz, and other ballroom dances, and often intertwine their dance routines with their " play time". Teaching Zim how to love, also taught him what the, "other type of love" there was, causing him to become a pervert.

Once in a while, Skittles goes on homicidal rampages, but only kills people that want to die, and seems to leave a crucifx behind. She is only known in this way as the Angel of Death.

Her outfit consists of a grey sweater, with rainbow colored laces, a lavender undershirt, a grey skirt, grey socks with ribbons, and ballet slippers. Her weapon is an axe which she uses to steal the souls of her victims. Only seen once, by Zim, is her wings that look like rainbowed colored fire, and only when she sings sad melodies. If touched, her wings make the person touching them have depressive thoughts.

Recent News[]

  • Met Dakama, wants to be friends
  • Helping(Forcing) Dakama to make friends
  • Zim fixed Skittlez' black hole, so now she doesn't need an overhang!
  • Skittlez' Seriousness

Lets Sing

Skittlez Singing