The Ancient Dome is an unnamed artificial planetoid that appears in Diamond In The Mirror. Its origin is unknown. It is suspected to be at least 4 trillion years old, and was created by an unknown race. 


The Planet seems to be made of connected white metal plates, making it almost completely smooth. It is usually cloaked as an asteroid. 


The Planet is located in an uncharted region of space, near EARTH-4510

Subterranean levelsEdit

The planet is made up of thousands of levels and is made up of mostly metal and machinery. For unknown reasons, the only lifeforms allowed in must be organic(Excluding Robots). Any other types of life will be immediately destroyed by the planet's security system.

Somewhere in the planet, there are tons of large rooms filled with tons of storage. This storage mostly consists of water and food that could last several thousand years, suggesting the planet was supposed to be used as some kind of bunker. There also seems to be what seems to be artificial habitats for several types of lifeforms, suggesting it was some kind of ark. However, these habitats are extremely old and filled with animal skeletons, implying the planet's systems stopped caring for them. 

The planet seems to have monorail trains that lead to anywhere in the planet. It's core holds tons of supercomputers filled with ancient data. Some say that this data is so ancient it predates the age of the universe, making it practically an endless sea of knowledge.


  • Despite being 4 trillion years old, the planet's machinery still functions. However it seems to be getting glitchy. 
  • For unknown reasons it welcomes Invader Jib as a visitor. 
  • It seems to have data that Isosceles wants, what this data contains is unknown.
  • Isosceles' unstable 3D form seems to set off security scanners. It is unknown why.
  • It is revealed that KlipNorp visited this place more then once, the reason why is unknown. 
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