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Vak is quite possibly the best known figure in Irken history aside from Plinkoo, the first Irken in space, because he was and has been for centuries the tallest Almighty Tallest in existence. Tallest Vak has been honored posthumously with the inability of any other Tallest to choose his uniform color. The Massive was designed to show this color, and it is now one seen in lots of aspects of Irken Technology as a sign of respect.


Almighty Tallest Vak had a tall head, normal Irken antennae, and a dark pinkish red suit and eyes. He had an older version of the Tallest uniform that had a segmented skirt piece and no ridges on the top of his torso piece. Despite his eye color, Vak had black PAK spots. Even these were original, as the large majority of other Irkens just had a plain grey PAK with no different colored spots to be seen. This started the fad of having PAK spots colored, a trend lasting for centuries.


Vak was well educated and was a prominent military figure in his youth. Over time, he learned to govern the Empire well, and reigned for over 300 years. This is when the space age architecture and new well shaped and efficient spacecraft were developed, and many accredit this to Vak's hiring of government architects and engineers, a trend that would continue in the Empire. Vak was not the nicest person, but he made the Irken Empire prosper under his rule, and is considered to be one of the best Almighty Tallests ever.


Vak died in his flagship after 372 years of ruling the Empire. The fuel tanks took damage, presumably from sabotage from the Vraalskrith Confederacy. A war sprung up between the two war groups, and a gridlock has been present at the borders ever since. Vak's death was terrible for the Irkens, and a huge funeral where his body was shot into Irk's star. Every year, his death is remembered with Tallest's Day, where all great Tallests are celebrated. The legacy of Almighty Tallest Vak is left behind in almost every aspect of the Irken Empire.


After Vak's expensive funeral, it was decreed that no Tallest should ever wear his uniform's color, and the Irken Flagships from there on out were all adorned with this color in respect to Vak. The location of Vak's palace was to be the location for all other Tallests to build their own palaces or towers, and Vak is widely celebrated during Tallests Day. However, due to an odd solar storm, Vak's funeral launch torpedo was fired at an incorrect angle, and many conspiracy theorists believe that Vak's corpse is still in orbit of Irk's star and that the Vraalskrith Confederacy wants to steal it. This is, of course, ridiculously untrue.