The Almighty Tallest Phineas10 is the co-ruler of the Irken Empire along with Almighty Tallest Gabu.

He's the succesor of Almighty Tallest Red, and he tried to kill GIR 2 times.

Similarities with ZimEdit

He is very similar to Zim in many ways, and he accepts it, even once he said "Once I tried to kill Zim, but that would be killing myself", his similarities with Zim scare Almighty Tallest Gabu because Zim accidentally killed Miyuki, Spork, Red, and Purple.

One of his most notable similarities with Zim is the paranoia and they caused problems many times.....


He's much like a taller version of Zim.


Almighty Tallest GabuEdit

"We're too united as our predeccesors, don't you think?"-Almighty Tallest Gabu to Phineas10.

They're good friends, although Phineas threatened Gabu twice, 1st time because Gabu made fun of him because he was checkin' stuff in Asylum Planet, home of the crazy psycopaths, he threatened him with desentigrate Gabu, 2nd time because Invader Min said "I love Zim", and then Gabu said "Then you love Phineas10", both have the same wish of destroy Asylum Planet and most of the time are the only in the principal room of the Massive.

Invader MinEdit

"Hmmm,err, what are you doin' and why are you too excited?"-Phineas10 to Min.

Min get excited when she knew the much Zim that Phineas10 is, sometimes she calls Phineas10 "Zim", first time she were too excited even to lunge on him, but Phineas10 really doesn't know why the strange behavior with him...

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