Ace was designed by Invader Plazatrax as an infiltration pilot SIR-type unit as part of his KRONOS line of SIR units. After his escape from Plazatrax's lab, he fled to the nearest planet, Foodcourtia. For several months Ace hid from most, not wanting to be found by Plazatrax and be taken back to the lab. Once he met with a few members of a Resisty scouting party, he said he would join them, if only they would help him hide from Plazatrax.

He now serves as one of the main Resisty pilots. When on one of his rare ground based missions he joins, he disguises as an Irken pilot.


Ace is the standard KRONOS unit, looking like an elongated model 3 SIR unit, being 6 feet tall. In his Irken disguise he wears an outfit simmilar to an Earth World War I American Air Force pilots' outfit.


Ace is rather careless in many ways, often saying things before thinking how it might affect others. He often over estimates his abilities, and fails spectacularly when trying to live up to his boasts. While he is piloting ships he often refers to himself in third person, narrating his actions, much to the announce to others around him. He gets annoyed when others out-do him in almost anything.


Ace prides himself on never losing a single dogfight, even though he has never been in an actual dogfight ever.


Ace has little to no interaction with others besided getting ordered and reporting to superiors

Invader Plazatrax : Ace does not want to be found by Plazatrax, in order to stay away from the lab.

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