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AIM is Moodge's extremely capable SIR Unit. It is known for high defensive, offensive, and cooking qualities. 

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AIM is generally very silent, only speaking when necessary. However, when he does speak, he odes so with a deep and slightly British voice. He is as ruthless as his master, and if anybody tries to hurt Moodge, he will hunt them down with incredible voracity.


  •  Flamethrower
  • Plasma Gatling Gun
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Pistols
  • Dissecting Knives attatched to tentacles
  • Tasers
  • Comm Device
  • Computer hacking Software
  • Radio Breaker (Allows him to acess any communications frequency)
  • Irken Drink Dispenser
  • Irken Food Maker
  • Holograhpic Generator


As stated in the previous section, he posesses a Holographic Generator. This allows him to project holograms over anything. He has a three copies of this device, which are currently in use by Moodge and Moodge's two Roboparents. His disguises (so far) are a siamese cat and a human toddler.


  • His head is based off the one-eyed Irken Military symbol if you look closely.