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Future humans

Plot Summary[]

Zav ,Mario ,Yik,Feebl,and Zogg get taken to the future


This RP place some time before Forming Storm-Part one


**One Day in space near planet BLaarg***A stolen ship flies by***Zogg is in the controls**Zogg:Ghnghgh*Zogg:HEY MARIO*Zogg:Remember the time you LOST ALL YOUR MONEY?*Zogg:That wuz kind of sad and stuff.**Yik is softly chewing on Mario's arm****Yik is softly chewing on Mario's arm**8:28Long Time(chat lag*Mario: Uh... yeah... err-- Yik, what are you doing?*8:28MysteriousjillguyYik:*slowly looks up at mario's face**Yik:I need to tenderize your flesh so I can use it for a new vessel.*8:29Long TimeMario: ....*8:29MysteriousjillguyYik:IIII LIIIKEEE BURRRITTTOSSSSSS *gets in Mario's face***8:29Long TimeMario: *slowly pushes Yik off*.... you're really weird, dude.**Mysteriousjillguy( trhyrju 3e5thetrjtg*8:30Long TimeHatbot: Soooooo, friends, what're we doing today?*8:30MysteriousjillguyYik:*twitch**Yik:FOOLISH FOOLS! I AM NOT WEIRD,I AM BATSHIFT!*Yik:PROTECTURRR OF THE NITE!*8:30Long Time

Hatbot: Oh geez, not this. Are you gonna call me "Hatboy" again? .-.

*8:31MysteriousjillguyYik:DOODY DOO DOO DO *runs to another part of the ship**8:31Long TimeMario: *Whispers*... weirdo.*8:31Mysteriousjillguy *The ship shakes,the sound of a space cow is heard**Zogg:*smiling at the steering wheel all crazy like**Cravitus has joined the chat. *8:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:I am crazy and stuff.*8:32Long TimeHatbot: Oh well, that's reall- wait IS Zogg CONTROLLING THIS THING?*Hatbot: He almost killed us all last time!*8:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:YES,YES I AM!**The ship goes upside down**Zogg:I CAN'T DRIVE AT ALL! *8:33Long TimeHatbot: ...*arm flail* AHHHHHHHHHHHHNAHAAA*8:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE*Zogg:Again.*8:33Long TimeMario: ... *Sigh* We're doing this, again... really?*8:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait I mean almost aga-**The ship crashes into an asteroid***It spins around out of control**Zogg:AHHHHH!*8:34Long TimeHatbot: AHHHHHH SUDDEN IMPACT*8:34MysteriousjillguyYik:SCREAMING NOISES!*8:34Long TimeMario: *Screams* Zogg YOU'RE AN IDIOT!*Hatbot: CHAOTIC THINGS, FIRE FIRE FIREEE*8:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:I'm INSANE! There's a difference.*

*The ship flies into the planet's atmosphere,on fire*


*The ship crashes through a futuristic flying school bus,then an orphanage field trip escort ship,and then a ship full of kittens*


*The kittens fly everywhere,meyowing**8:36Long TimeHatbot: Well-- WERE THOSE KITTENS?*Hatbot: YOU MONSTER!*8:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:I'm more of a dog person.

**Zogg is ignoring the wheel**

*The ship is miles away from hitting the ground*

*Zogg:*turns around and looks at the window*


Feebl:Oh hey guys I was on the ship looking for some burritos and-AHHHH! OH MY IRKUS WE'RE GOING TO CRASH AND DIE.*8:37Long TimeMario: Zogg, DO SOMETHING!*Mario: ANYTHING, JUST SOMETHING THAT'LL PREVENT US FROM DYING!*8:38Mysteriousjillguy *The ship crashes,the screen goes black*

*(yes this is a tv show now don't ruin my impossible dreems ok*

*Smoke clears,revealing the ship on fire and crashed,skeletons and bones are everywhere*

*Zogg:Good thing we survived that.*

*The crashed ship is an exact duplicate**8:40Long TimeHatbot: Oh yeah, that's pretty lucky.*Mario: *Heavy breathing, panicking from the situation they were just in*...*8:40Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's ship is inside a giant jelly alien creature***everyone is outside the ship**8:41Long TimeHatbot: Hmmmmm, where are we anyways?*8:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:Planet Blaarg.*8:41Long TimeHatbot: That's a stupid name.*Hatbot: Oh wait, my name's... Hatbo-- eh nevermiiind...*8:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:There's supposed to be a convention for television shows here. I WANNA SEE THE FIONNA COSPLAYS*Zogg:They make me release my jelly.*Zogg:DOOM FILLED JELLY*8:42YourFavoriteFangirl(*was distracted* so wait what's going on*8:42Long TimeMario: ... Really? We just survived a horrific ship crash, and all you're thinking about is that blonde headed GIRL?*Mario: *sigh**(rp*8:42Mysteriousjillguy( Zogg crashed into planet blaarg in an attempt to go to a convention to hopelessly flirt with kawai fionna cosplayers*8:43YourFavoriteFangirl(oh*8:43Long Time(1000 thousand years later*8:43MysteriousjillguyZogg:But she looks hot and smells like dirt.*Yik:Yeah Mario! You have no taste in women!*Yik:*Coughs up dirt all over Zogg's face**8:44Long TimeMario: What? You don't even know the real smell of her, because you've nEVER MET HER.*8:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:In my dreams.*Yik: I see visions of your dreams.*Yik:They are not nice.*8:44Long TimeMario: Well yeah, those are your DREAMS.*8:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm*8:44Long TimeMario: There's a huge difference between dreams and reality.*8:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:WE'll need to find that convention.*Zogg:*takes out a tablet device**8:45Long TimeMario: ...*8:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:C'mon! You'll get to see previews of your favorite upcoming tv shos.*shows**8:45Long TimeMario: I don't have any.*8:46MysteriousjillguyZogg:...You don't watch any TV?*Zogg:Not even non Irken?*8:46Long TimeMario: I don't really like television.*Mario: At all, really.*8:46MysteriousjillguyZogg:*GASPS**Zogg:WHY?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUUUU?!*8:46Long TimeMario: ._.*Mario: Eh, I just don't like the shows.*8:47MysteriousjillguyYik: I'LL GET THE NAILS AND BURNING SUPPLIES!*8:47Long TimeHatbot: Boooored.*Hatbot: Why don't we gonna on another adventure.. or something... adventure-y-ish-nesss-thingy..*8:48Mysteriousjillguy("The Blaargians build their civilization by spying on different races, replicating their buildings, and applying the word Blaarg to them. Examples of these buildings include BlaargHut, BlaargDonalds, Blaarg's Donuts, BlaargMart, and BlaargerKing.")*8:48Long Timewe go on**8:48Mysteriousjillguy( blaargs makes deviantart recolors confirmed*8:48Long Time(lol*8:48Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of blaarg appear**Blaarg:WHEN R WE GONNA SEE THE BLAARIN BLONIC THE BLAARG HOG DRGGF*Blaarg2: Be patient you BLAARG!*8:49Long TimeMario: Oh it's theeese guys.... they're so annoying.*8:50MysteriousjillguyBlaarg:WHY DIDNT YOU SAY BLAARG?!*Zogg:Uh,excuse my friend here,but he has blaargin blaarg deficiency syndrome.*Blaarg:Oh.*Blaarg2:YOU DIDN'T SAY BLAARG!*8:51Long TimeHatbot: Oooh, we get to use blaaarg stuff! Blaarging blaarg fun blaarg.*8:51Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of blaarg officers come with totallynotrecolored irken jetpacks***The officers grab the 1st blaarg and beat him with batoons**Blaarg:MY SPINE!*Officer:YEEEEEEAAAAH! DATS WOT U BLAARGIN GIT!*Officer2:Yes I agree completely Blaarg.*Zogg:We should leave right now.*8:52Long TimeMario: Wow.... police brutality. Um, yeah..*8:52Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks away**8:52Long TimeMario: *follows Zogg**8:53MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well..the convention should be here somewhere.**3 hours later**Zogg:*looking at tablet***A crab like alien waddles by,it catches on fire from the extreme horrible heat***Feebl: It's TOO HOT OUT HERE.*8:54Long TimeHatbot: Meh.*8:55MysteriousjillguyFeebl: Can we get some burritos filled with ice?**Yik**8:55Long TimeMario: Yeah... it's reeeeallly hot out here.*8:55Mysteriousjillguy( y*8:55Long TimeMario: Burritos filled with ice? \:*8:55Invader Jib(honestly i think that line fits either way**Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's tablet displays a PAK signal on the screen**8:56Long TimeHatbot: Is somethin' gonna happen out here or what?*8:57Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of kittens run by**8:57Long TimeHatbot: Bored of being bored because it's really boring, bored bored boredddd.*8:58MysteriousjillguyBlaarg:Doo doo dee doo doody**The kittens leap onto the blaarg,sprouting fangs**Blaarg:Hu-HUH?! ARRGHHAUUHGGHHH**The blaarg is mauled alive**Zogg:....*Zogg:Boring.*8:58Long TimeMario: Errrrrr.... that was horrible...*8:59Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg looks at his device**8:59Long TimeHatbot: Is that guy okay!? ;n;*8:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:It looks like there's another irken here.*8:59Long TimeMario: Meh. He's probably dead.*Hatbot: >.<*8:59MysteriousjillguyYik:Shut up Hatbot your voice is annoying and causes brain cell genocide.*8:59Long TimeHatbot: Wh...what?*9:00MysteriousjillguyZogg:I FOUND THE PAK SIGNAL!*Zogg:It belongs with Zav!*9:00Long TimeHatbot: o~o*9:00MysteriousjillguyTo**Zogg:Elite Zav*9:00Long TimeMario: Yik, could you kindly shut up?*9:00MysteriousjillguyZogg:He met us at the casino,remember?*9:00Long TimeMario: Yes.*9:00MysteriousjillguyYik:I see a vision of me slitting your throat.*Yik:With a sword made of bees.*9:01Long TimeMario: Wow, really? Huh, that's funny. Because I have a boyfriend who could easily burn that stupid smile right off your face.*Mario: I'd suggest you to stop, mmk?*9:02MysteriousjillguyYik:Okie Dokie**A crashed spittle runner is up ahead near zav's signal**9:03Long TimeMario: Anyways, what's so important about Zav?*9:03MysteriousjillguyZogg:I'll try to get his attention.*9:03Long TimeMario: Do we need him or something?*9:03MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Zogg pulls out his plasma cannon and shoots at it**9:03Long TimeMario: I think- WOAH DUDE, STOP!!*9:04Mysteriousjillguy *The ship splodes**9:04Long TimeMario: *Pulls Zogg's plasma canon away*--...*Mario: You're really destructive, and that isn't a good thing..*9:04Invader Jib *irken screaming of confusion and fear is heard in the distance**9:05MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Takes cannon back* Destruction is NICE!*Zogg:?*Yik:*twitch**Yik:A CRY FOR HELP!*Yik:BATSHIFT IS ON THE WAY!*9:05Long TimeHatbot: Oh geez.. he's trying to be a hero again...*9:05Mysteriousjillguy *Yik begins digging a small hole into the ground***Zogg walks toward the ship**Zogg:Hello?*Zogg:HELLO?!*9:06Invader Jib???: Who is this?*9:06Long TimeMario: *follows Zogg**9:06MysteriousjillguyZogg:HI ZAV!*9:07Long TimeHatbot: Oh, hey, it's our old friend! Question Mark, Question Mark, and finally... QUESTION MARK!*9:07MysteriousjillguyZogg:I see you're on Blaarg for some reason.*9:07Invader Jib???: Huh-*Zav.: I mean uh....yeah hi...*9:07MysteriousjillguyZogg:Uh..we sort of crashed.*9:07Long TimeMario: *Fake Cough* Not we, Zogg *Fake Cough**9:08MysteriousjillguyZogg:I think you got some sort of disease.*9:08Invader Jib *A figure steps out from behind the ship, and while the shadow looks different from what comes out, it's Zav**Zav:*Zav: Did you have to blow that up?*9:09Long TimeHatbot: Yes, he did.*9:09MysteriousjillguyZogg:I was trying to get your attention.*9:09Invader JibZav: Isn't there...some other way you could do that?*9:09MysteriousjillguyZogg:ANYWAY! *Swings cannon around,hitting mario in the face***Zogg puts his cannon away,unaware of Mario's head injury**9:10Long TimeMario: *Falls over* HGHH--*9:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:No.*9:10Long TimeMario: Idiot...*Mario: *Stands back up**9:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:So uh,you see any conventions around here?*9:10Invader JibZav: *sigh* no..*9:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:? WHAT?! That's impossible!*Zogg:There's supposed to be a convention on this planet!*9:11Invader JibZav: As far as I know, I haven't seen one..*9:11MysteriousjillguyZogg:GGRGGH! This is ridiculous! Lemme see here! *Grumbling***Zogg takes out his tablet device**Zogg:Lemme check the INN.**Zogg goes on the Intergalactic Neverending Network**Zogg:Lemme check GaDabraDoodle.*Yik:WOT IS DAT*9:14Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, WHAT'S THAT?*9:14Mysteriousjillguy *Commercial style music plays**9:14Long TimeHatbot: Sounds weeeird.*9:14MysteriousjillguyZogg:GaDabraDoodle Is a website for all basement dwellers and uh,stuff.*Zogg:It's a social networking site used across the galaxy! You should REALLY REALLY MAKE AN ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW! *Looks at the screen and back at mario,and then back at the screen**9:15Long TimeHatbot: Weird.*Mario: Nah...*9:15MysteriousjillguyYik:Why are you staring into space? DO YOU SEE A POSSESSED MUTANT?!*Zogg:NO! Of course not,Yik,you pitiful insane fool.**Zogg checks a comment**User:Gonna GT the con with my B0. GIP!1! 54gt45 @Swoog*@Planet Blaarg***9:19Long TimeHatbot: Welp.*Hatbot: Can we go home now?*Hatbot: This was a huuuge waste of time.*9:19MysteriousjillguyComment date: 3 years ago*Zogg:3 YEARS?!*9:19Invader JibZav: guys should just uh..go home..*9:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:HOW?! BUT-BUT AND GTHFTH*9:20Long TimeHatbot: Yeah Zoggy, it's time to go home.*9:20MysteriousjillguyYik:Zav you smell horrible. GO TAKE A BATH FULL OF LEMON JUICE*Zogg:MY NAME ISN'T ZoggY!*9:20Invader JibZav: Uhhh no*9:21Mysteriousjillguy *A bright blue light appears on the ground***It forms a circle around them all**9:21Long TimeHatbot: WOAH HEY BLUE.*Mario: Um... what's this weird blue stuff?*9:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:HNGHH! IT'S THE CYBORGS FROM A DISTANT FUTURE!*Zogg:RUN FOR YOUR LIVES*9:21Long TimeMario: Um..... WHAT!?*9:21Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg takes out a bottle of glue and a cucumber**Zogg:=>0**The blue glows brighter***A spotligh forms on them**splotlight***The ground cracks***Everyone is suddenly lifted upward**9:23Long TimeMario: U-Uh...*9:24Invader JibZav: Wh*Zav: What's happening?*9:24Mysteriousjillguy *The ground is suddenly warped and distorted,time and space begins to warp**9:25Long TimeHatbot: YAY HEROIC ADVENTURE STUFF!*9:25Mysteriousjillguy *Time accelerates around them,planet blaarg becomes older and older**Cravitus has left the chat. *9:25MysteriousjillguyZogg:MY FACE IS BEING MESSED WITH! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!**Zogg's face expands,becoming blob like**Zogg:EEEEEUDFGHUAGGH*9:26Invader JibZav: gross*9:26Mysteriousjillguy *Yik suddenly becomes extremely thin and tall***The others' shapes get twisted and contorted***Outside the circle,the blaarg's sun suddenly expands and explodes,the planet is blown up into chunks***A space station is being built around him in fast forwarded time**Zogg:Wh-**The circle flickers,everyone returns to normal***The circle light dissappears**9:29Long TimeMario: Uhg... *scratches his forehead* What was that?*Hatbot: Something FUN!*9:30Invader JibZav: wasn't fun*9:30MysteriousjillguyZogg: THE CYBORGS*9:31Invader JibZav: *eyebrow raised**9:31MysteriousjillguyZogg:They're GONNA TURN US INTO ZOMBIES*Zogg:*Runs***Zogg runs into an invisible wall**9:31Long TimeMario: Cyborgs, eh?*Mario: Well maybe they're friendly?*9:32Mysteriousjillguy *The wall becomes visible when he touches it***It's revealed to be a giant tube container**9:33Invader JibZav: Woah*9:33Long TimeHatbot: Cooool.*9:33Mysteriousjillguy *Another containers fill the gigantic room***Each of them are filled with hideous alien creatures**9:33Long TimeHatbot: Er... not so cooool.*9:34Mysteriousjillguy *A robotic arm grabs the tube they're in**9:34YourFavoriteFangirl(Gonna go, see you guys*9:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:*thrown back**(Bye*9:35Invader Jib(Bye*9:35Long Time(bye*Mario: *Falls over**Hatbot: We're in some sorta tube thingy.*9:36Mysteriousjillguy *The robot arm grabs the tube and takes it to a computer monitor***Another arm scans them**Monitor:Incorrect teleportation. Planet Blaarg filth detected.*Monitor:Sending to planet *deep voice* TRAAAASSSH*Zogg: Eh?*9:38Long TimeHatbot: But we're not "TRAAAASSSH"! D:*9:38Invader JibZav: What*9:38Mysteriousjillguy *The robot arm suddenly shoves the tube into a nearby giant chute***The tube shakes***Zogg flies into the back of the tube* Zogg:GNGh*9:39Long TimeMario: *Still laying down, and slides* EY-*9:39Invader JibZav: GAH *slides**9:40Mysteriousjillguy *Inside the chute robotic arms come out of hidden panels in the chute,they shoot lasers at the tube***The lasers form a red light,engulfing it***The tube is teleported to another chute on planet Trash**Zogg:All this teleporting might be unhealthy.**Yik turns around,with his eyes fused together,with a gigantic overbite**Yik:NONSENSE!*9:41Long TimeHatbot: Maybe we'll get COOL teleporting powers like Zik, or Kiz!*Hatbot: Or we'll get horribly disfigured like Yik.*9:42MysteriousjillguyYik:I hope we all get cancer and die so I can be finally free.*Zogg:....*Stares at Yik with a horrified look,eye twitching**9:42Invader JibZav: *looks horrified**9:42Long Time(brb**Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat *9:45Long Time(back Mario: *Stared at Yik* ....*Hatbot: That's horrible! :c*stares**(h tried*(tired**9:47Mysteriousjillguy *The tube is taken out by a robot arm**Cravitus has joined the chat. *9:47Invader JibZav: uh this is getting awkward...where are we?*9:47Mysteriousjillguy *The robot arm chucks the tube into a pile of trash**Zogg:AHH!**The tube is flipped over and lands in a pile of garbage**9:48Long TimeMario: Ewwww...*9:48Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg stumbles and gets up**9:49Long TimeHatbot: That's gross!*Hatbot: It's a good thing I'm not designed to smell putrid objects such as those.*Hatbot: Yay for poor programing!*9:49Invader JibZav: *gets up, and steps on some old smoothie...or something**9:49Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg takes out his plasma cannon and fires it at the tube's top below them**9:49Long Timeprogramming**9:49Mysteriousjillguy *A hole forms in it**9:50Long TimeMario: Ech.. It smells awful in here.. *stands up**9:50Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg crawls into a hole and then bursts out of the giant pile of garbage outside it**Cravitus has left the chat. *9:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:*GASPS* *Gags***Zogg coughs up some trash***Yik glows pink and phases through the tube**Yik:Puny mortal .....un...MUTANT..people.*9:51Long TimeHatbot: o-o Uhhhhh.... wut?*9:51MysteriousjillguyYik:I have become a god to due the transcendence of the almighty teleportation device!*Yik:FEEAAR MEEEEEE*9:52Long TimeMario: *Cough* Yeah.... whatever.*9:52MysteriousjillguyYik: YOU MUST GIVE ME CHEESCAKE,AND STUFF!*9:52Long TimeMario: Can we just leave this area now?*9:52MysteriousjillguyYik:YOU DARE DISOBEY MEEEEEEEEE*9:52Long TimeMario: Yes.*9:52Mysteriousjillguy *Yik points his arm at mario angrily**Yik:? Why aren't you floatin.*9:53Long TimeMario: *shrug**9:54MysteriousjillguyYik:No psychic powers?!*9:54Long TimeMario: Nah. *follows Zogg into the hole**9:54MysteriousjillguyYik:WHAT IS THIS?!**Zogg smacks Yik with an old cerial box that's covered in cement**Yik:EEUAUGAGH**Yik falls onto the ground**9:54Long TimeMario: What? I just don't have weird... powers. It's not like I'm Zik.. or Vok... I'm just some dude.*Mario: So, eh.*9:55MysteriousjillguyZogg:He was talking about my mutant powers.*his**9:55Long TimeMario: Oh.*9:55MysteriousjillguyZogg:*looks up**9:56Invader JibZav: *mumbling something strange under breath**9:56Mysteriousjillguy *A huge,brown metallic ceiling covers the area***There are huge metallic walls in the distance***Giant robot drones fly by in the sky,making weird noises**9:56Long TimeHatbot: BLOW ALL THE DRONES UP, ALLLLL OF EMM.*9:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wha...What is this place?*9:57Long TimeHatbot: Meh, not sure.*9:57Mysteriousjillguy *Conveyor belts are all around the area above the land of trash**9:57Invader JibZav: Str..strange..*9:58Mysteriousjillguy( brb**Cravitus(I have returned from swim practice, woo)*10:18Invader Jib(oh*(cool*Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat *10:25Mysteriousjillguy( back*10:26Invader Jibok*10:26Mysteriousjillguy( Where were we*10:27Invader JibThey just got to the trash planet*10:30Long Time(yea*(sooo*(continue?*10:33Mysteriousjillguy( augh*( left pictures and stuff of future irkens*( brb*(back*Cravitus has left the chat. *10:50Invader Jibugghhhh chat freezng*10:52Mysteriousjillguy(uploading*( pic*( of futur irkuns*10:55Invader Jibok*10:58Mysteriousjillguylatest?cb=20150407025352 )*( Mutations have increased in the smeetiries so some of them are mutants*( the irken on the left is the future guy they meet*(Also,their antennae are getting smaller each generation to reduce individuality*( from genetic engineering and stuff*( further in the future they might end up becoming complete duplicates of each other*( like real clones*( also heres a low quality pic of the future ships*( latest?cb=20150407030027*Invader Jib has left the chat. *11:02Long Time(oh cool*Invader Jib has joined the chat. *11:03Mysteriousjillguy( ok continue*Zogg:..? Where are we?*11:05Invader JibZav: No idea..*11:07Long TimeHatbot: *Shrug**11:07Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg takes out his tablet device**11:07Long TimeHatbot: It looks like some sort of trash place.*11:07MysteriousjillguyZogg:HNghh...the internet on it's all messed up.*Zogg:I can't connect to anything for some reason..**Zogg puts it away**Zogg:Hmm*11:08Invader JibZav: I wouldn't think there'd be internet in a place like this*11:09Long TimeHatbot: Maybe the internet was canceled in the future, in an attempt to seal all outside interaction with others... or something...*11:09MysteriousjillguyYik:WOT? You BELIEVE Zogg about his cyborg ninja story and stuff?*11:09Long TimeHatbot: Huh? Never heard it.*11:09MysteriousjillguyYik:But he is stupid,AND SMELLS HORRIBLE*Yik:THE ONE ABOUT FUTURE CYBORGS!*11:10Long TimeMario: Wow um, Hatbot. That's actually a pretty smart theory, though, you don't really have any proof to back it up. Sooo..*11:10MysteriousjillguyYik:HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS DA FUTURE?!*11:10Long TimeHatbot: *Arm flail* WHY ARE WE YELLING?*11:11Invader JibZav: We're yelling?*11:11Long TimeHatbot: YES.*11:12MysteriousjillguyZogg:BE QUIET! I'm trying to concentrate.*11:12Long TimeHatbot: But you just yelled...*11:12MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm.....HMMMMMM...MM....*Looks at Mario and Zav**Zogg:HMM...*Picks up a can**Zogg:Ok,what I think,is that we're in some kind of computer simulation by FUTURE CYBORGS that kidnapped us with horrible CYBORG SQUID DEMONS AND-*11:13Long TimeMario: ...Ehhhh...*Mario: That's EXTREMELY hard to believe.*11:14Invader JibZav: That's completely ridiculous and-uhhh I mean I don't think that's it*11:15Long TimeHatbot: Who cares? Let's believe the insane mood-swing hedgehog head guy!*11:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:EH?! My hair DOESN'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A HEDGEHOG!*11:16Long TimeHatbot: Mmmmmmyes, it does.*11:16Mysteriousjillguy *A slave alien walks over**11:16Long TimeHatbot: It really does.*11:16MysteriousjillguySlave alien:HEY! You guys hear about the new year celebration?*Zogg:WHO ARE YOU?! ARE YOU AFTER OUR BRAIN MEATS?!*Slave alien:NO! Brains taste like mold covered tacos.*11:17Long TimeHatbot: NO!? It's the New Year already? HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY, ANOTHER YEAR CLOSER TO OUR UNEXPECTED DEATHS!*11:17MysteriousjillguySlave alien:Anyway,the new years celebration is startin! 201500000000!*Zogg:....What?*Zogg:I think you added too many zeros.*11:18Long TimeHatbot: OOooooh, so it IS in the future!*Mario: Ummm... w-what..?*11:18MysteriousjillguySlave alien: Are you guys on cactus juice or something? IT'S 201500000000!*11:18Long TimeMario: Zogg, I think we got sent into the future... >_o*11:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:....WHAT?!*11:19Invader JibZav: I thought we already established that..*11:19MysteriousjillguyZogg: I SHOULD'VE KNOWN!*Yik:But Ah thought you said there were future cybo-*11:19Long TimeMario: Well Zav, the two people that suggested that, are both... well.. not the smartest.*11:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:ENOUGH Yik! You've done enough insane babbling for a while.*11:19Long TimeHatbot: EY!*11:20MysteriousjillguySlave alien: It would've been just 2015,if they reset the calend-**The slave alien gets shocked**Slave Alien:BBTHTTFYHJRYFHJKUGTYTGHGJ*11:20Invader JibZav: Good point...@mario*11:20Mysteriousjillguy *A collar on the slave alien lights up,it vaporizes him instantly**Zogg:..=_0?**A pile of ash is on the ground**11:21Long TimeMario: GEEZ! He's already.. dead!?*Mario: This sure is a brutal future.*11:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well that was morbid.*Zogg:You should see what happens when rodents take over the moon Mario,that's gonna be brutal.**Two hover vehicles come over**11:22Long TimeHatbot: Yeah Mario, rodents are a real killer, Mario. They've taken over thousands of beloved areas, MARIO!*Mario: Uhm.... okaaay?*11:22Mysteriousjillguy *There are two irkens inside them,only their heads are visible***The Irken is wearing a strange cybernetic helmet,his head is covered in cybernetics and stitches**Irken:HEY!*11:23Long TimeHatbot: Yo!*11:23MysteriousjillguyIrken:WHERE ARE YOUR UNIFORMS?!*11:23Long TimeMario: Er... Hi?*Mario: Uniforms?*11:23MysteriousjillguyIrken2:THEIR APPEARANCES EXPRESS UNIQUENESS. That's horrible.*11:23Invader JibZav: What uniforms?*11:23MysteriousjillguyIrken:Yes,and there's some kind of hideous rodent mutant with them.*Zogg:He's talking about you Mario.*11:24Long TimeMario: *Facepalm* Zogg, eh... nevermind...*11:24MysteriousjillguyIrken:No,pretty sure I was talking about you.**Zogg throws a rock at their head**Irken:OW!*11:24Long TimeHatbot: OOooooOOooOOOH! Zogg just got dissed.*11:25MysteriousjillguyIrken2:HOW DARE YOU HARM BOB! We were gonna just give you some cake and tea and send you to a nice comfy prison with fancy pizza pockets and PORK! But now that you hurt BOB...*11:25Long TimeMario: Well, eheh... y'see, we're not from around here. We're from the past, the far... far past.*Mario: We got sent to the future by some weird.. advanced stuff.*11:25MysteriousjillguyIrken2: You gotta go get your PUNISHMENTS!*Bob:*Sniff**Bob:The rock hurts Steve.*11:26Invader JibZav: *narrows eyes* great job Zogg*Zav: oops I mean uh..*11:26MysteriousjillguySteve:I know Bob..I know...*distorted violin**11:27Long TimeHatbot: Welp.*11:27Mysteriousjillguy *The pods activate tractor beams,they grab the group**11:27Long TimeHatbot: Can you guys just send us back into the past, and we'll forget that this happened?*Hatbot: I mean... what if you guys create some sort of time PARADOX?*Hatbot: Then we'll allllll suffer...*11:29MysteriousjillguySteve:Why should we believe you came from the past?*Bob:Yeah! AND YOU HIT ME WITH A ROCK*11:29Long TimeHatbot: I didn't hit you with anything.*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *The pods carry the group with tractor beams,everyone occasionally hits some random object in the way**11:30Long TimeHatbot: Well, didn't you guys see that extremely-hard-to-miss giant flash of blue unexplained light?*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's head rams into a floating sign**Zogg:GNGHH*11:30Long TimeMario: FFFFF- where you guys are dragging us!*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *The pods fly into a crevice on the gigantic wall in the trash place***Tons of ruined buildings are everywhere***Conveyor belts nearby are holding crates of random animals,they head into a giant machine and come back out turned into cyborgs***holographic irken statues line the walls of the crevice place**Zogg:..?*11:32Long TimeMario: Um... wow...*11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hngh..**Zogg looks at a statue**11:33Invader JibZav: *looks at everything they're seeing in a mix of disgust and shock**11:33Mysteriousjillguy *The irken in the statue is covered in cybernetic parts,his antennae tips are extremely small**Zogg:Irkens in the future look..weird.*Yik:Just like you.*Yik:GGGDTRHFAOUYRGGH*Zogg:HEY-*Yik: I SEE A HORRIBLE DOOM FILLED VISION!*11:34Invader JibZav: I-*11:34Mysteriousjillguy/*Yik drools***Yik squirms around**11:35Long TimeMario: Sooo.. just as expected, Irk gets worse and worse as time goes on?*11:35MysteriousjillguyYik: I SEEEEE....A GIANT BALL OF COMPUTERS*Yik: POKING Zogg WITH A STICK*Yik: AND SHOOTING IRON PIGS AT MARIO*Yik:*Stops squirming**Zogg:Yeah,pretty much.*Zogg: This is why I hate the empir-**A sign for cherry milkshakes goes by***A holographic irken is on the sign**Irken:BUY NOW! We are not responsible if your stomach melts.*11:37Long TimeMario: Most of this probably happened because of unquestioning mindless loyalists.*11:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:CHERRY MILKSHAKES?!*Zogg:*licks the wall of the tractor beam**Steve:Would you all shut up?! I'm trying to read.*11:38Invader JibZav: *narrows eyes**11:38Long TimeHatbot: Oh boy! If only I could TASTE STUFF! Nudge nudge, subtle wink, cough c o u g h, marioooo-*11:38Mysteriousjillguy *Steve reads 34 shades of Cringe**Steve:*giggles**Bob:*Has a somewhat disturbed look on face while looking at Steve***A chute opens up on a nearby wall***The pods go into it**INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *11:39Mysteriousjillguy *It's giant tube covered in lights**11:39INVADER VEX(Hey*11:39Long Time(Hi*Hatbot: Well, this place is pretty weird.*Hatbot*Hatbot: How about that, huh?**11:42Mysteriousjillguy *The tube ends,the pods come out into a huge dome shaped room**Zogg:What is it and architects with domes? Y'KNOW?*11:43Invader JibZav: uh.**..*11:43Long TimeHatbot: Meh.*11:44Mysteriousjillguy *A hidden panel opens up on a wall***It reveals in a big cell**Zogg:Wow it looks alot bigger then the outside...Neat!*Bob:You really think so? Thanks.*Bob: It took a while to make.*Zogg:Well the effort shows!*Bob:D'OH QUIT IT!*11:45Long TimeHatbot: Wow, Zogg saying a genuine nice comment..?*Hatbot: That's awfully.. rare nowadays...*11:45Mysteriousjillguy *The pod tractor beams chuck them into the cell**Zogg:DDauURg-**Yik flies into a wall,flailing**11:46Invader JibZav: *slams onto the ground**11:46Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg flies onto a soft object breaking his fall**Zogg:..?*11:47Long TimeMario: *Falls on Zogg**11:47Mysteriousjillguy *The soft object is a giant mutant rat with 50 black eyes,it stares at Zogg with a long wrinkly neck***The rat roars**Zogg:AHHHH!**The rat picks up Zogg and begins mauling him**11:47Long TimeMario: That rat sure.. looks dangerous o_o*11:47Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg screams horribly**11:47Long TimeMario: *Falls off Zogg* AHg-*11:48MysteriousjillguyBob:*Throws a rock at Mario's head**Bob:HA! Revenge-.....BLAHHHH *Cries***Steve comforts him**11:48Invader JibZav: *picks up the rock and throws it at the rat**11:48MysteriousjillguySteve:It's ok Bob. It's ok.**The cell closes***The rock hits the rat and makes a squeak noise**Rat:*looks at Zav**Yik:*waves nervously***The rat falls over,somehow killed by the horribly dangerous rock**Zogg:*crushed by the rat**11:49Long Time(chat lag*11:49Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg crawls from underneath the rat**11:49Long TimeMario: Ow... why'd you throw a rock at MY head?*11:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:EUghh...bones...broken..*Cracking noises**11:50Long TimeMario: I didn't even do anything..*11:50Mysteriousjillguy *The cell door is closed**Yik:Do you like talking to walls? I do.*Yik: WE should be friends.*11:50Invader JibZav: No....*11:50Long TimeHatbot: OH wait, didn't Vok make that Wall language that one time?*11:50MysteriousjillguyYik:*Grabs Mario* *Invades his personal space and smiles at him**Yik:Frrrieeenddssss*11:50Long TimeHatbot: You should use it to convince your friend wall to help us escape.*Mario: *Slowly pushes Yik away*... Ew.. no..*Mario: Sorry, but no.*11:51MysteriousjillguyYik:Oh well.**Yik walks away holding Mario's wallet,unnoticed**Zogg:Augh...**Zogg stumbles**Zogg:MAARRRIIOOOO*11:52Long TimeMario: Errr... yeah?*11:52MysteriousjillguyZogg: MY organs*Zogg:They are splodin*11:52Long TimeMario: Oookay?*11:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:WITH PAIN*11:52Long TimeMario: I can't do anything about it, so why're you tellin' me this?*11:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:Can you give me some bloogogagl soda?*11:53Long TimeMario: I don't know what that is ._.*(brb*11:53MysteriousjillguyZogg: It's a soda I like! I used to drink it when I was ..uh...THIS BIG! *points at mario's knee,crouching*

**Long Time(back*11:58MysteriousjillguyZogg:I used to drink it while running away from the other cannibalistic kids on the playground.*Zogg:It was scary.*11:58Long TimeMario: That.. sounds horrible.*11:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yeah,uh I can't remember much of my childhood.*Zogg:But I know it was horrible.*11:59Long TimeHatbot: Is that why you're so weirdly insane?*11:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:Lots of reasons.*Zogg:*Grabs hatbot and stares* LOTS OF REASONS.*12:00Long TimeHatbot: aaaaaAAAAAHHH *slaps Zogg*.. WEIRDO!*12:00MysteriousjillguyZogg:HEY! Don't damage my face!**Hatbot's arm is covered in porcupine like spines from Zogg's hair**12:00Long TimeHatbot: Well you're damaging my... uh... innocence!*12:01MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh I lost that a long time ago.*12:01Long TimeHatbot: I can tell -~-*12:01MysteriousjillguyZogg:Mentally AND physically!*Yik:Wha-*12:01Long TimeHatbot: o_o ..*12:01Mysteriousjillguy *An irken the back of the room giggles**12:02Invader JibZav: Who..*12:02MysteriousjillguyIrken:*insanely laughs**12:02Long TimeHatbot: Is that you, Yik?*12:02MysteriousjillguyYik:No.**The irken crawls onto the ceiling with 10 spider legs**Zogg:...=_0?*12:03Long TimeMario: Greaaaat, now we have a THIRD insane Irken.*12:03Mysteriousjillguy *The irken leaps down**12:03Invader JibZav:'re kidding right*12:03Mysteriousjillguy *The irken is watching a video on his tablet device**Irken:*Giggles**Irken:Oh hi.*12:03Long TimeHatbot: Yo!*Hatbot: What's your name?*12:03Mysteriousjillguy *The Irken's fingers are unnaturally long,his right eye is crooked and has 4 shines**Irken:Sploog*12:04Long TimeMario: *Disturbed stare*...*12:04MysteriousjillguySploog:*Waves with 8 long fingered hand**12:04Long TimeMario: Oh... er... um.. Hi.*12:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Stares at his fingers,intensely disturbed**Zogg:...*quietly stutters**Irken: So uh,whart ya in for? *Holds mario's shoulder***His fingers suddenly glow green**Zogg:...Umm..y-your fingers.*12:05Long TimeMario: ...*12:05MysteriousjillguySploog:Oh! Ho ho! THose are just implants.*Zogg:....*Zogg:Mario he scares me.*12:05Invader JibZav: ...*12:05Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg hugs Mario,whimpering**12:06Long TimeMario: Oh er--- We're in for a really stupid reason.*Hatbot: Awwww, Zogg's actually cute for once!*12:06MysteriousjillguySploog: Don't worry guy! I'M....FROM...THE...SAME...HOME..PLANET..AS YOU...ARE *creepy voice**Yik:...WHY...ARE...YOU...TAAALKIINGGGG...LIKE...THAT*12:06Long TimeMario: o_o; Um okay..*12:07MysteriousjillguyZogg:GET AWAY! GET AWAY OR I'LL MELT YOUR FLESH!*12:07Long Timegtg*(bye guys*12:07Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg takes out a cannon**( aww*12:07Invader JibZav: *mumbles* I can't take this anymore*(Bye*Mysteriousjillguyhnghh*Sploog:...Uh..*Zogg:*points the cannon at Sploog**LIRLIR has joined the chat. *9:32LIRLIRBack*9:35MysteriousjillguySploog:Uh..*Sploog:Maybe you shouldn't shoot me with your cannon y'know? I..uh...I could help you.*Yik:Yeah! Maybe we should listen to the hideously deformed irken! HE COULD HELP US GET SUM LEMONS.*9:37Invader Jib(oh we started?*9:37Mysteriousjillguy( ghyg yes*9:37Invader Jib(ok*9:37Mysteriousjillguy( 1000 thousand years later*9:37Invader JibZav: Why do we need lemons?*9:38MysteriousjillguyYik:So we can summon Satan!*Yik:WE NEEEEDD SAAATTTAAANNNNN!*9:38Invader JibZav: Uhhh forget i asked*9:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yik! Quit yelling! You're making everyone's noise detecting organs hurt! *Looks at the screen**Zogg:*looks back at Sploog,horribly disturbed**Sploog:So uh..I can help you guys escape.*9:41Invader JibZav: Okay?*9:41LIRLIRSpace pig: *floats by* *oink**9:42MysteriousjillguyYik:*stares at the pig**Sploog:Uh..Hmm...UHH...HMMMM*9:44Invader JibZav: ...*9:45LIRLIRSpace Pig: gerta ger ferst *zooms away**9:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:...You don't know how to help us do you.*Sploog:Nope.*Zogg:HNGH-Well uh,can I kill the creepy irken now before he goes after our blood?*9:48LIRLIR *There is a loud crash in the distance followed by a chorus of oinks and zoomy noises**9:49MysteriousjillguyZogg-? What was that loud distant crash followed by a chorus of oinks and zoomy noises?!*9:49Invader JibZav: Wouldn't they uh...throw us in a giant incinerator or something if we killed the other prisoners*9:50MysteriousjillguyYik:Or turn us into irken burritos.*Yik:o_o Piggies*9:51LIRLIRRandom prisoner:* crawls up to Zogg and clamps onto his legs* THE PIGs. THE PIIIGS!*9:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:GAGH!*Zogg:HOW MANY PRISONERS ARE IN THIS CELL?!*9:51Invader Jib *the gates to the cell open up again**9:51Mysteriousjillguy *A ton of random prisoners come out of the dark part of the cell**9:52Invader Jiboops*9:52MysteriousjillguyPrisoner:Hi.*Prisoner2:Hello.*Prisoner3: How ya doin*Zogg:Do any of you pitiful prisoners know away out?*Prisoner:Well...there was ONE guy...but we ate him cuz the officers forgot to give us lunch.*9:54Invader JibZav: *cringes**9:54MysteriousjillguyZogg:AUrggh...If only LIR was here..*Zogg:..Wait a minute!**Zogg looks in his backpack**Zogg:...?!*Zogg:WHAT THE?!*Zogg:WHO TOOK MY STUFF?!**Zogg turns toward the other prisoners in suspicion**9:56LIRLIRRandom prisoner: UHH! AGH! AUUUUUUUGH! *The door opens and he is dragged out by space pigs. The door closes immediately after this***His screams are heard outside**9:59Invader JibZav: ...We're all gonna die*10:00LIRLIROther prisoner: Naww. We'll just be fed until we leave or them floaty piggies eats us*10:01MysteriousjillguyYik:YAYYY! DEATH!**Robot arms come in through hidden panels on the ceiling**10:02LIRLIROther prisoner: In the meantime, I found out that my teeth are explosive!*10:02Mysteriousjillguy *They hold plastic trays with stale food**Yik:FOOOOOOOD*Yik:GIT OUT OF ME WAY**Yik pushes prisoners out of the way**Yik:THE CHEESE CAKE GODS DEMAND I CONSUME THIS GARBAGE!*10:03LIRLIROther prisoner: *slowly eats his food**10:04Mysteriousjillguy( hghhgh*( where is the mario*( i can't stall forever*10:04LIRLIR(Idk.)*Other prisoner: dauugh. Bit too hard. *A small portion of his teeth detonate, blowing up the tray**10:05Mysteriousjillguy( murriiooo*10:05LIRLIROther prisoner: mhhhhhhgg*10:05Mysteriousjillguy *The robot arms chuck the food trays at random people***THey retract back into the ceiling,the panels close**Long Time has left the chat. *10:07Mysteriousjillguy *One of foodtray's food grows tenetacles and grabs one of the prisoners,it absorbs him**Zogg:Uh...*Zogg:*pokes food with fork**10:08LIRLIROther prisoner: Well, he died.*10:08Invader JibZav: I'm not touching that stuff*10:08Mysteriousjillguy *The food is brown sludge,it makes bubbles when Zogg pokes it**Zogg:EUGH,this reminds me TOO much of the looney bin.**Zogg chucks his food tray**10:08LIRLIROther prisoner: Eat it, breh! It's good!*Other prisoner: Just don't splode yah teeth*10:10Mysteriousjillguy *The prisoner's food becomes acidic and begins to eat through the tray**10:11LIRLIROther prisoner: AGH IT'S GONE BAD *Chucks the acid at the door**10:11MysteriousjillguyPrisoner2:Nice try. The walls are made of..uh..something acid proof.**The acid barely eats through it**10:12LIRLIROther prisoner: I was just getting off me*Other prisoner: *noms the tray* Mm. Tastes like licorice**getting it off me*10:13MysteriousjillguyPrisoner3:MINE TASTES LIKE MERCURY!*10:13LIRLIROther prisoner: Ooh!*10:13MysteriousjillguyZogg:Grggh..there must be SOME way out of this..we have to escape before the future irkens SUCK OUT OUR BRAINS!*10:14LIRLIROther prisoner: There could be a space pig invasion. Too many of them can overrun even this place*10:15MysteriousjillguyPrisoner:You realize this place is just one gigantic trash disposal planet right? The space pigs would be vaporized and stuff.*( hnghh*( brb bed*( pause*10:16LIRLIROther prisoner: Naww, they got helmets. They love their trash too*10:16Mysteriousjillguy( when mario comes back we can get the plot moving again and stop stalling*( and stuff*10:16LIRLIR(K)*ysteriousjillguyPrisoner:WELL TOO BAD CUZ UR STAYIN HERE*11:55Long TimeHatbot: IT isn't thaaat bad...*11:55Invader JibZav: um yes it is*11:55Mysteriousjillguy *The prisoner slams his face into the food**11:55Long TimeHatbot: Ehhhh... not really. We've seen worse places..*11:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:The hat shaped robot has a point.*11:56Long TimeHatbot: Wait, how far into the future are we again?*11:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:Uhh...umm...100 million years.*11:57Long TimeHatbot: Oh, dang. I wanted to see what we'd look like in the future! That sure is a bummer...*Hatbot: Maybe I'd be a COOOL robot ninja bounty hunter thingy!*Mario: Eh... I'd rather keep it a mystery.*Mario: Sometimes knowing the future is a bad thing... like, what if we have horrible depressing futures?*11:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:Your point is...?*Zogg:Our futures are going to be full of doom anyway.*12:00Long TimeHatbot: You guys don't know that.*Hatbot: Geeez, no need to be so negative!*Invader Jib has left the chat. *12:01MysteriousjillguyYik:THE SPIKY HAIRED CHILD IS CORRECT*Yik:Your gonna die first Hatbot.*Zogg:How do you know that?*Invader Jib has joined the chat. *12:01MysteriousjillguyYik:THE VOICES IN MY HEAD TELL ME LOTS OF THINGS*Zogg:...*twitch**12:02Long TimeHatbot: Whaaaat? Don't say that type of sutff.. you're gonna scare me.*Hatbot: I mean, I won't die first... right?*stuff**12:03MysteriousjillguyPrisoner:Why do you guys talk about this stuff outloud in a crowded cell full of people?*12:04Long TimeHatbot: *shrug**12:05Invadervax *Something taps Zogg's shoulder**12:05MysteriousjillguyZogg:HNGHHH-**Zogg turns around,holding nothing**Zogg:*looks at empty hands*..Oh right..*12:06Invadervax *There's no one there**Voice: Zogg? Is that you?*12:06Long TimeMario: Sooo, what're we gonna do now? I don't plan on staying here... or in this timeline..*12:06MysteriousjillguyZogg:ARGGH These STOOPID voices in my head.*Yik:?*Zogg:Did anyone here a disembodied voice?*12:07InvadervaxVoice: I'm not in your head. It's me!*12:07MysteriousjillguyZogg: WHO?!*Zogg:...Could it be*12:07InvadervaxVoice: DlareDlare! Don't you remember me?*12:07MysteriousjillguyZogg: FIONNA-*Zogg:*Angry twitch**Zogg:HOW DARE YOU SURPRISE ME WITH YOUR MYSTERIOUSLY QUIET VOICE!*12:08Long TimeHatbot: Errr... how is DlareDlare here...?*Hatbot: ._.*12:08InvadervaxDlareDlare: Me and my body had a falling-out. I do 't know where it is.*12:08MysteriousjillguyZogg:Maybe it's future Dlaredlare.*12:08InvadervaxDon't*12:08Long TimeHatbot: Boy... he's really old then...*12:09InvadervaxFlare:Flare*12:09MysteriousjillguyOld Prisoner: WUTS WRONG WIT BEIN OLD BOI?**The prisoner whacks Hatbot**12:09InvadervaxDlareDlare: I haven't seen you guys in so long...*DlareDlare: The Galactic Economy fell.*12:10Invader JibZav: the what*12:10Mysteriousjillguy *A loud booming noise is heard**Zogg:?*12:11InvadervaxDlareDlare: The Galactic Government got sued and fell.*12:11MysteriousjillguyYik: ITS THE TOMATO GODS*12:11InvadervaxDlareDlare: The galaxy's been a mess ever since.*12:11Mysteriousjillguy *The wall at the end of the room explodes,sending prisoners flying***Smoke flies everywhere**12:11Long TimeMario: !! *Eyes widen*... what was that!?*12:12Mysteriousjillguy *A group of tomatos with arms and legs appear**Zogg:Yik REALLY IS PSYCHIC!**Zogg grabs Yik by the head**Zogg:WILL I EVER MEET FIONNA?!*12:12Long TimeMario: ._.*12:13MysteriousjillguyYik:I can't think when your grabbing my horrible skull.**Yik pushes Zogg offf**Zogg:BUT I GAATTTA KNNNOWWW*12:13InvadervaxDlareDlare: Everyone's either dead, insane, or moved to another galaxy.*12:13Mysteriousjillguy *The tomatos float and fire random lasers**12:13InvadervaxDlaee*12:14Mysteriousjillguy *4 of them grab Hatbot,Zogg,Mario,and Zav**Zogg:HEY-WHAT THE*12:14Long TimeMario: This.... this is really... weird.*12:14MysteriousjillguyZogg:LET ME GO OR I'LL EAT YOUR INTESTINES**The tomatoes fly out of the cell**12:14InvadervaxDlareDlare: All the groups have been in an endless war.*12:15Mysteriousjillguy *The other tomatoes self destruct,filling the cell with tomato parts and what appears to be "tomato sauce"***The prisoners are all gone***An alarm blairs**12:16Invader JibZav:...*12:16InvadervaxDlareDlare: The Montamaks, the Yaxmen, the Kakradonites, everyone. Just an endless war.*12:16Mysteriousjillguy *Circular shaped hoverpods with one single eye float near the tomatos**Zogg:Do I meet Fionna?*12:16Invader JibZav:no*12:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:SHUT UP ZAV!*Yik:No. Never. Not in a million years.*12:16InvadervaxDlareDlare: Who?*12:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:FIONNA!*Zogg:The blonde haired girl that I crush on!*Zogg:DON'T YOU READ WIKIA ARTICLES-**The pods shoot lasers at the tomatos**12:17InvadervaxDlareDlare: Oh. Her. I forgot what happened to her.*12:17MysteriousjillguyZogg:GAH! *swings upward to avoid a laser**Zogg:..? What do you mean..?*Yik:FIONNA DOESN'T EXIST YOU EGGPLANT! BESIDES,SHE IS INFERIOR TO THE ALMIGHTY CHEESECAKE GODS! GRDHFTJYJDTGJDTTDBLAUGGHH*12:18Long TimeHatbot: You guys are really weird o.o*12:19MysteriousjillguyYik:YOU HAVE RED EYES AND THE SCENT OF POTATO STINK*Zogg:DOES FIONNA COME TO Z-14 OR SOMETHING?!**The tomatoes become engulfed in a bright pink light,and disappear along with the group**12:20Long TimeHatbot: What's wrong with red eyes? and I DON'T SMELL LIKE POTATOS!*12:21Mysteriousjillguy *The tomatoes reappear in a gigantic air vent**Long Time has left the chat. *Long Time has joined the chat. *12:21Mysteriousjillguy *THey drop everyone**Zogg:GNGH*Yik:LOUD EXPRESSION OF PAIN!*12:22Long TimeMario: ...Rnh! What's with these tomatoes anyways?*Mario: It's reaaaaally weird.*12:22Mysteriousjillguy *The tomatoes decloak,revealing mutant future irkens***Their antennae are shorter then average and have cybernetic implants**12:23Long TimeHatbot: Yes. REALLY WEIR- OH MY GOODNESS THEY'RE HIDEOUS!*12:24MysteriousjillguyZogg:Do you guys know anything about Fionna..?*Yik: I like irken flesh.*12:24Invader Jibmutant irken: no*12:24Long TimeMario: Zogg... could you stop asking about Fiona?*12:24Invader Jib *future lol*12:24Long TimeMario: Please.*12:24Mysteriousjillguy *One of the future irkens has 4 spider like legs and no visible arms,he walks over***He eyes are popping out of his sockets**12:25Long TimeHatbot: Hey Irken dude-people-things, what's up with the weird cyborg get up? And the smaaaall antennae... and that one dude's eyes... eww..*12:25InvadervaxDlareDlare: Hey, guys!*12:26Mysteriousjillguy *The Irken with popped out eyes's head splits in half,revealing teeth and a tounge**Mouth Irken:Silence.*12:26Long TimeHatbot: EWWW EWEWEWEWEWWWWW*Mario: ...o_o*12:27MysteriousjillguyZogg:Shut up Hatbot! These guys might know about FIONNA AND MY FUTURE AS THE GREATEST IRKEN EVER!*12:27InvadervaxDlareDlare: Gludipudagargasmarga off.*12:27MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: You were always the most idiotic of this group Zogg.*Zogg:Thank yo-HEY!*12:27Long TimeHatbot: NO! How about you shut up? You've been obsessing about Fionna for the past hour!*Hatbot: IT's freakin' annoying.*12:28MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: SILENCE *distorted voice**12:28Long TimeHatbot: And that's coming from me, dude.*12:28MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: *Mouth fully opens up***A hologram appears from it**12:29Long TimeHatbot: No offense... but that's really gross.*12:29MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 2: We rescued you because you're from the past and stuff.**The mouth irken closes it's mouth,his eye glow white with a red hue**Mouth Irken: IT'S NOT MY FAULT I'M A MUTANT *Distorted loud voice**Yik:Hngh*Mouth Irken: WE ARE THIS WAY BECAUSE THEY DID THIS TO US. WE ARE NOT PURE IRKENS.*12:30Long TimeHatbot: Oooh, well that's sad.*12:30Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth irken's mouth opens,the hologram appears again**12:30Long TimeMario: Wait.. if you know Zogg.. does that mean you know about our friends too?*12:31Mysteriousjillguy *It shows a strange altered symbol***irken*12:31Long TimeMario: ..What happens to us later on?*Hatbot: I thought you didn't want to know the future, Mayo -~-*Mario: Shush.*12:31MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Speaks with a computerized voice* The Irken Empire has become a scourge across the universe. They have conquered several planets and enslaved many species.*Mouth Irken:They now spread like wild fire. Conquering ..uh..atleast..I dunno..87 planets as we speak.*Future Irken2: Yeh. It's bad.*12:32Long TimeHatbot: Geez.*12:33MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:This very moment they have already conquered an entire solar system.*Mouth Irken: The Irken Race has become much crueler then in your time. Defectives are literally killed at birth.*12:34InvadervaxDlareDlare: Plus they're doing really well in the war.*12:34Long TimeMario: Wow...*12:35Invader JibZav: ...*12:35MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: There is no individuality or freedom left. Every irken must wear a uniform at all times and watch television programs approved by the Notorious Intelligence Corporation*12:35Long TimeMario: Anywayyys... what happens to us later on?*12:36MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:People usually call it NIC,or NICC if you want to use ugly language.**An orange logo comes up on the hologram**"GLAD YOU'RE WATCHING NIC FELLOW ORGANIC BAGS OF ORGANS! WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW!"*12:37Invader JibZav: *horrified gasp**12:38Invadervax(LOL*12:38Mysteriousjillguy"And REMEMBER! AQUATIC INVERTEBRATE IS WATCHING!" *A picture of a red sponge with black,souless eyes appears**Red Sponge:HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE! I LOVE THE TASTE OF FRESH 3 YEAR OLD SOULS!*Zogg:WHAT KIND OF SICK TELEVISION NETWORK IS THIS?!*12:40InvadervaxDlareDlare: The kind I've*Gotten used to.*12:40MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: Poor quality reality sitcoms dominate television,along with toilet humor filled animated shows,shopping channels,and weekly empire worship 24/7 channels.*Mouth Irken: The internet is constantly monitored by sentient robotic fedoras.*Mouth Irken: They kind of resemble that the hat shaped robot actually.*that**12:41InvadervaxDlareDlare: And a biased news network. Don't forget them.*12:41MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Yes,Orange Canine network,such filthy lies.*12:41Long TimeHatbot: Who, me!? I KNEW I'D HAVE FELLOW HATBOTS ONE DAY!*12:42MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: Fanfiction has been outlated for copyright issues. Along with anything fan made.*12:42Long TimeHatbot: Yaaaay.*12:42MysteriousjillguyZogg:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*Zogg:GGAURGGHH*Zogg:I CAN'T TAKE IT**Zogg grabs a gun from a future irken**Zogg: I have to END IT ALL*12:43Long TimeMario: Yeah, yeah, horrible future... but uh, how did WE turn out later on? You already knew who Zogg was, do you have to know...*12:43Invader Jibfuture irken: ummm dont do that*12:43Long Timeso you**12:43MysteriousjillguyZogg:WHY NOT?!*12:44Invader JibFuture: WHETHER YOU SURVIVE*12:44MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: *Closes mouth**12:44Invader JibFuture Irken: IS COMPLETLEY DETERMINATIONAL..TO WHETHER THIS FUTURE IS THE FUTURE WE LIVE IN*Future Irken: Well uh..*12:44Mysteriousjillguy *The Mouth Irken fires a laser at the gun,vaporizing it**Zogg: Aww*12:45Invader JibFuture Irken: About 50/50 Determinational and POSSIBLY how the future is*12:45Long TimeHatbot: I guess nobody wants to answer you, Mayo. Now you know how it feeeels!*12:45MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: As for your question Mario, this is going to be hard for you to process*Mouth Irken:But..umm...Zogg kills himself*12:46Long TimeMario: Um... w-what..?*12:46MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: Uh...*12:46Long TimeMario: Why?*12:46MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Your friends..they-**panels open up in the air vent**12:47Long TimeMario: ..*Antennae droop*.... they what?*12:47Mysteriousjillguy *Floating fedoras come out with three red eyes**12:47Long TimeHatbot: HUZZAH! FELLOW HATBOTS!*12:47MysteriousjillguyFedora:G'DAY MATE. YEE BE GETTIN READY FOR A SWOGGLIN NOW.*12:47Long TimeHatbot: Hey guyssss what's up?*12:47MysteriousjillguyFedora:FISH N CHIPS. *Fires a laser,missing hatbot**12:48Long TimeHatbot: Woah, hey, what was that for?*12:48MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:We must move quickly. These are horrible security drones programmed to eat flesh.*12:48Long TimeHatbot: I'm a hatbot tooooo! Look at me, I'm YOUR BROTHER!*12:48MysteriousjillguyFedora:I SURE LIKE THE FLESH OF THAT THERE HATBOT! YESSIRE*12:48Long TimeHatbot: I DON'T HAVE FLESH THOUGH!*12:48Mysteriousjillguy *The fedoras eyes glow,and they rush toward hatbot**12:48InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Runs out**12:49Long TimeMario: *Runs away from the bots*... Fedoras... really?*Mario: Why fedoras?*12:49Invader JibZav: *runs away**12:49Long TimeHatbot: Because fedoras are cool.*12:49MysteriousjillguyFedora: *Demonic voice* WE BE MAKING IMPROVISATIONS DEN MATE. AH'LL EAT YA METAL!**THe fedoras fire lasers***Zogg and Yik run***THe future irkens fire lasers at the bots***The mouth irken runs ahead of everyone,he stops***His legs glow red,he spins around in a circle**12:50Invader JibZav: ...*12:50Mysteriousjillguy *A circle shaped hole melts below him,his legs are super hated**heated**12:50Long TimeHatbot: Umm*(leg hater*12:50MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Drops down the hole**( lord hater.jpg with leg for a face*12:51Long TimeHatbot: Ummm.. should we follow him?*12:51MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2: If you don't want to get vaporized,yeah.*12:51Invader JibZav: *jumps down the hole**12:51Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg jumps down the hole,along with Yik**12:51Long TimeMario: *Jumps down the hole**12:52Mysteriousjillguy *The future irkens go down as well**Fedorabot2:$%$$^%&%^&^^%ing BLOODY UNDERWORLD**The future irkens throw a grenade into the hole,it explodes,destroying the bots***Botparts fall down from the hole**YourFavoriteFangirl has left the chat. *12:53InvadervaxDlareDlare: *Jumps down the hole**12:53Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth irken lands gracefully onto the ground***Zogg slams into the floor**Zogg:GNGH*12:54Long TimeMario: So... what were you going to say about my friends?*Mario: I want to know..*12:55Invader JibFuture Irken: Yeah all of them are-*12:55Long TimeMario: ...are what? Just tell me already, please..*12:56MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2: Dead.*12:56Invader JibFuture Irken: I was just gonna saw they were gone-*12:56MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2: Only you,Menami,Vok,and Zik survived. Barely.*12:57Long TimeMario: ...*Antennae droop*.. Oh, oh...*12:57InvadervaxDlareDlare: And me! Well, I'm technically a ghost, but not exactly.*12:57MysteriousjillguyZogg:..? What about me?*12:57Invader JibFuture: oh you died*12:58MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2: You couldn't take the pressure of everyone dying.*12:58Invader Jib *irken*12:58Long TimeHatbot: Mayo, are you okay? Mario: I just got told that a large portion of my friends are going to die, and I'll have to experience it eventually.*12:59InvadervaxDlareDlare: I'll try to find you.*12:59MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2: You suicided by killing yourself with a poison of Xi's.*12:59Long TimeMario: W-wait...*Mario: Kiz lives right...? Oh god please tell me he lives...*12:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:...Wait...W-..What about LIR..?*Zogg:...L-LIR lives right..?*Mouth Irken: I am sorry. But no.*Mouth Irken:To both of your questions.*1:00Long TimeMario: ...*1:00MysteriousjillguyZogg:...You're lying.*1:00Long TimeMario: *Starting to get teary eyed*...*1:00MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: I'm telling you the truth.*1:00Long TimeHatbot: Oh man.. here come the waterworks...*1:00MysteriousjillguyZogg:...NO*Zogg: THIS IS A LIE!*Zogg:YOU'RE JUST SAYING THAT TO SPARE MY EMOTIONS!*1:01Long TimeMario: *Sits down... covers his face with his arms, and cries*..*1:01MysteriousjillguyZogg:LIR'S STILL ALIVE! WHY!*1:01Long TimeHatbot: :c*1:01InvadervaxDlareDlare: All of my old friends were murdered by Zavix Nabiax.*1:01Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg runs over to a junk pile**Zogg:H-HE MUST B-BE IN THIS PILE!*1:01Long TimeHatbot: No. He's dead.*1:01Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's eyes begin to water**Zogg:H-HE HAS TO BE! HE'S IN THIS JUNK PILE! HAHAUAHA!*1:02Long TimeHatbot: No. He's deaaaaad.*1:02Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg agressively slams his fist onto the trash**1:02Invader JibZav: *looks down, eyelids lowering**1:02MysteriousjillguyZogg:LIRRRRR LIRR LIRR lIr WhERE ARE Y-Y-YOUUUHOHOHOOOOohooooo*Zogg:HAAUGHHHHAHAHA**Zogg squirms around,crying and laughing like a maniac**1:03Long TimeMario: ..*Sob* B-but.. I love Kiz so much.. I don-don't want him to die... *sniffle*..*1:03MysteriousjillguyZogg:THIS IS A JOKE! I'M DREAMING! THIS IS A JOKE! JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE!**Zogg begins to claw the floor**Zogg:GGGAARRUAGGHHHH AUGHHHHH HahAHAhaa....*Zogg:...Ha..ha....ha..*Zogg looks at a reflection of himself in a puddle of tears**Zogg:....*1:04Long TimeHatbot: *Rubs Mario's head* There there...*Hatbot: Let it allll out.*1:04Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg falls into the pool of tears**Zogg:*Mummbles**1:04Invader JibFuture Irken: OH and something else important*1:04InvadervaxDlareDlare: I witnessed their deaths as well.*1:04Long TimeMario: ...*sobs**1:04Invader JibFuture Irken: One of you people isn't who they say they are, and that person is very important right now.*1:05Invadervax *Tears begin to fall out of the air where DlareDlare is**1:05Long TimeHatbot: Oh man.... this isn't good...*Hatbot: When Mario gets sad... he stays sad for awhile >_o...*1:06MysteriousjillguyYik:...?*1:06Long TimeHatbot: For like... months..*1:06Mysteriousjillguy *Yik walls over to a pile of junk***Yik sees a strange circular metal disk***Yik pokes it**1:07Long TimeMario: *Curls up on the ground, and continues crying**1:07Mysteriousjillguy *The ground rumbles**1:07Long TimeHatbot: Maaaan... this really.. sucks...*1:07MysteriousjillguyYik:Hhhrrmm?*Invader Jibfuture irken: oh god everyone is frozen in time, it finally happened*11:43Long TimeHatbot: Well.. on the bright side, we know about this horrible future now. So we'll be able to prevent it when we get back home, right?*Hatbot: And GEEZ you guys cry a lot!*11:44Invader Jibfuture irken: also*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:GHHHHH SHUT UP HATBOT!*11:45Invader Jibfuture irken: *taps zav's head or something, and his eyes start to change color**11:45Long TimeHatbot: EY! Don't tell me to shut up!*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg: I DO NOT CRY! *turns head,getting tears all over him**11:45Long TimeHatbot: I've got claaaass.*11:45Invader JibZav: Huh..*11:46Long TimeHatbot: Well um, you're crying right now, genius...*11:46Mysteriousjillguy *The ground begins to rumble**11:46Long TimeMario: ... Nn.. Hatbot's right, we've gotta get it together...*11:47Invader JibZav: *static starts to fade over him**11:47Long TimeHatbot: Ooooh, Zav's a portable T.V.!*11:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:?**Zogg looks at Zav and then back at the ground***The ground begins to crack**11:48Long TimeHatbot: *Pokes Zav* Hmmm... how many channels does this thing have?*11:48Invader JibZav: *his eyes start to turn red**11:48MysteriousjillguyYik:I POKED SOMETHING AND NOW ITS SHAKING or something**The ground near the trash pile near Yik cracks and splits open**11:49Long TimeHatbot: *continues poking Zav**Hatbot: WORK! WORK! WOOOOORK!*11:49Invader Jib;**typo*Zav: *his stictched antenna turns into a normal antenna8*11:49Long TimeMario: *Wiping the tears off of his face*...! What's happening!?*11:49Invader JibZav: well uh*11:49Mysteriousjillguy *The pile of trash falls into the crack,it falls apart,revealing an underground cave**11:50Invader JibZav: this isn't supposed to happen*11:50Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks over to the crack,along with Yik**11:50Long TimeMario: *Walks over to Zogg and Yik*..*11:50Invader JibZav: *walks over to the crack**11:50Mysteriousjillguy *A ruined big ben clock tower is in the cave***There's also the statue of liberty in the cave as well,reduced to wreckage**Zogg:*GASP**Zogg:THEY BLEW IT UP!*Zogg:DARN YOU!*11:52Long TimeHatbot: *shrug* ..who honestly cares? d:*11:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:DARN YOU ALL TO INFERNUM!*11:52Long TimeHatbot: It's just human stuff.*11:52Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg runs down into the cave,toward a wrecked cartoon convention center**Yik:...*11:52Long TimeMario: *follows Zogg**11:52Invader JibZav: *follows*11:53Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg sobs,staring at skeleton wearing a withered fionna cosplay costume**11:53Invader JibZav: *the hollogram fades out completley, and he turns into an irken with a red uniform, a mask, and clearly some kind of metal eye under it**11:54Long TimeHatbot: WOAAAH! ZAV IS SOME KIND OF MUTANT NINJA SPACE DINOSAUR!*11:54Invader Jib???: Wait I was wearing a disguise? Ohh..*11:54MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Uh..Zogg..It's kind of disrepectful to the dead to squeeze now-decayed body parts like th-OK STOP THATS REALLY GROSS*11:54Long TimeHatbot: Everybody look at him! He's so weeeeird!*11:54MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Looks back at Zav**Zogg:!*Zogg:YOU!*11:54Invader Jib???: ...*11:54Long TimeMario: Erhm...?*11:55MysteriousjillguyZogg:(totallynotzimvoice) JIB!*11:55Invader Jib???: Who's that...*11:55Long TimeHatbot: Who the heck is Jib?*Hatbot: Is he the broom delivery man?*11:55MysteriousjillguyZogg:DONT PLAY ...uh...TWISTER...WITH ME JIB!*Zogg:You're behind this aren't you! It's a gigantic conspiracy planned by SHAPESHIFTING FROG PEOPLE FROM VORT!*11:56Invader Jib???: I don't know exactly what "playing twister" would be so*???: And uh*11:56Long TimeMario: ..Jib? Aren't you Vex's friend or somethin' like that?*11:56MysteriousjillguyZogg: YOU'RE THEIR LEADER! YOU AND YOUR..STUPID HEAD...FILLED*11:57Invader Jib???: You can call me uh...Dab*11:57Cravitus('who is actually averii's father' - from earlier (but ave came out of a cloning vat-*11:57MysteriousjillguyZogg:You don't remember Jib Mario? He's the jerk who got me sent to the looney bin!*11:57Long TimeMario: Hm... hm...*Mario: Actually.. I um.. I can't remember.. that.*Mario: Rng.. oh well.*11:58MysteriousjillguyZogg:...? =_0*11:58Invader JibDab: Uh*Dab: I was in the jury for that trial and it seemed like Jib was correct*11:59Long TimeHatbot: How forgetful!*11:59MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 3: My apologies,this is not the jib job you know of in your horrible timeline.*11:59Long TimeHatbot: OH you mean the stupid hell trail?*trial**11:59MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken:This is DAB,he's a jib from some point in time where he changed his name for some reason. Sounds pretty stupid for a name isn't it?*Zogg:LIEEESS! AND-Eh ok that makes sense.*Yik:But-*12:00Invader JibDab: No actually*12:00MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*pokes Yik with a rusty fork**12:00Invader JibDab: My name was always Dab*12:00Cravitus(is everything chrome plated (i expect someone to go into the fetal position and start to repeat the phrase 'future'*12:00MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 3: Shut up Dab,the plan isn't working.*( oh lol*12:01Long Time(pff*12:01Invader JibDab: *mumbles* Yeah maybe I should've shut up..*12:01Mysteriousjillguy( future humans will have a chrome ship*12:01Long TimeHatbot: What plan?*12:01Cravitus(futureee)*12:01Mysteriousjillguy( spongebob and iz take place in the same universe confirmed*12:01Long TimeHatbot: WHOSE PLAN!? WHAT'RE YOU PLANNING PLANNERS OF PLANNING PLANS!?*Hatbot: SURRENDER YOUR PLANS TO ME NOW!*12:02MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 3: STOP SAYING PLAN! And yes,it was a plan that we planned to make sure everything plan.*12:02Long TimeHatbot: Tell me your PLAN!*Hatbot: I wanna knoooow!*12:02MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 4: How complicatedly*12:02Long TimeMario: Uhg... this is like that stupid Wall language Vok made...*wall**12:03Cravitus(Language of the walls, alsobrb*12:03MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 3: We planned for pretend to be a completely different person in case if he's from your timeline,to prevent horrible fish related paradoxes.*Future Irken 4: Paradoxes are spooky and smell horrible.*12:04Long TimeHatbot: Oooh! That's completely normal and not suspicious at all.*12:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well that plan seems legit.*12:04Long TimeHatbot: Carry on with you planning, you planning planner...ers.*12:04MysteriousjillguyYik:That gag is really not funny at all.*Zogg:What gag?*12:05Invader JibDab: what gag*Dab: Hm nevermnid..*12:05MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:ENOUGH DISCUSSION! We must make it to our home base if we are to ever succeed in changing the future.*12:05Invader Jib *nevermind*12:05MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:And stuff**The Mouth Irken walks forward,going deeper into the cave**Zogg:Wait? This Jib isn't from OUR timeline right? So...say if someone brutally murdered him,it wouldn't cause any paradoxes-*Future Irken: No.*12:07Invader JibDab:NO It would cause the entire multiverse to collapse, not that i'm jib or anything*12:07MysteriousjillguyZogg:*horrified gasp**12:07Long TimeHatbot: HE'S A JIB!*Hatbot: BRUTALLY POKE 'EM!*12:08MysteriousjillguyZogg: *Puts a helmet on jib's head with a smiley face on it,it painfully wraps around his head with robotic tenetacles**12:08Invader JibDab: No...I just wanted to prevent you guys from destroying the killing Jib*Dab: HNNNNNGH*12:08MysteriousjillguyZogg:There. Now you're safe.*12:08Invader Jib *The helmet on Dab's face breaks**12:08Long TimeHatbot: *pokes dab**12:09MysteriousjillguyZogg: *Pulls out another helmet,puts it on Dab**12:09Invader Jib *Dab's face has two normal eyes despite expecting a robotic eye***Dab wears an eye contact on one of his eyes for no paticular reason**12:09Mysteriousjillguy *The Mouth Irken walks forward,ignoring the idiots from the past timeline***Two hunch backed guards stand at the corner of the cave,wearing strange masks and holding sharp staffs**12:10Invader JibDab: uh..*12:10Mysteriousjillguy *They guard a hatch like door**Hunchback:Doody dee doody doody-*Hunchback:HUH?! *Snort**12:10Invader JibDab: you know i never wanted to be here*12:10MysteriousjillguyHunchback: *Howling grunt noises**12:11Long TimeHatbot: Okay. Does that mean we can brutally murder you?*12:11Invader JibDab: No*12:11Long TimeHatbot: You're no fuuuun...*12:11Mysteriousjillguy *The staffs activate,emitingtotallynotlightsaber laser swords from the top of the staffs**Hunchback:HOOT HOOT HOOT!**THe hunchbacks waddle toward them,making horrible grunting noises**Zogg:AHHHH!*Zogg:KILL IT! KILL IT! *A hunchback waddles toward him all spooky like**12:12Invader JibDab: *pak legs come out**12:12Long TimeMario: Um... what are these things?*12:12Mysteriousjillguy *Yik jumps onto a guard,biting him**Mouth Irken:They're an enslaved species of hideous mask people from some desert planet that has a horrible name,just kill them.*12:13Invader JibDab: *shoots some of the hunchbacks with his laser guns**12:13Mysteriousjillguy *More hunchbacks waddle out from a hidden elevator nearby,holding light sword staffs**12:13Long TimeHatbot: Sounds like a certain multi-billionaire franchise to me! Wait.. what?*Hatbot: Sometimes I don't even understand myself... is that a bad thing?*12:14MysteriousjillguyYik:*Rips off one of their masks,revealing a hideous tenetacled,wrinkly face with giant human like eyes and lips**12:14Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... Yes, Hatbot.*12:14MysteriousjillguyHunchback:HOOT HOOT HOOT*Hunchback:I'MA AN OWL.*12:14Long Time(gtg*12:15Invader Jib(bye*12:15Long Time(bye*12:15Mysteriousjillguy(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *luke voice**12:15Long Time(also that hunchback reminds me of the sniper owl off of tf2-*12:15Mysteriousjillguy( that was the joke-*12:15Long Time(0h*12:15Mysteriousjillguy( bye*Long Time has left the chat. *12:15Mysteriousjillguy( jibbbb**Mysteriousjillguyso uh*Jib are you ready*to RP?*jib*jiiibbb*jib*( hghgh*( ok we left off at*( um*( " Mysteriousjillguy Yik:*Rips off one of their masks,revealing a hideous tenetacled,wrinkly face with giant human like eyes and lips* 12:14 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*... Yes, Hatbot. 12:14 Mysteriousjillguy Hunchback:HOOT HOOT HOOT Hunchback:I'MA AN OWL. "*( they were fighting the hunchbacks thattotallyaren'tbasedoffofstarwars*( "Hatbot: Sometimes I don't even understand myself... is that a bad thing?"*( why does this quote feel so familar-*11:07Long Time(dik*(idk***(qq*11:07Mysteriousjillguy( ye*( it seems jib is away*( uh ill look for the plot for this rp while hes away*( its a document*( GOT IT*( ok now we gotta wait for jibby nutron*( hes distracted because the utoob is agressive*11:13Cravitus(Magnificent, I have begun to remember how to use flash)*11:14Mysteriousjillguy( ok jibs here*11:14Invader Jibhe is?*11:14Mysteriousjillguy( continue pls*Zogg:*Punches one of the mask guys or something**11:17Long TimeHatbot: Man.. they're ugly.*Hatbot: Wait, we could try to be peaceful to them.*Hatbot: Violence doesn't solve everything... most things... but not everything.*11:18MysteriousjillguyHunchback:HOOT HOOT HOOT *Whacks Hatbot with a cane**11:18Long TimeHatbot: OW!*Hatbot: *crawls back up to Mario's head**11:19Mysteriousjillguy *The hunchback fires a laser pistol at Mario**11:19Long TimeMario: *Jumps out of the way**Mario: *Runs over to the hunchback and punches it*...*11:20Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg grabs one of their laser pistols,and shoots one***The hunchback falls over,dead***THe hunchback's mask breaks,revealing its horrible face**11:20Long TimeHatbot: Wow! These things are really weak.*11:20MysteriousjillguyHunchback: DIE BABY MAN**The hunchback kicks Mario in the ribs**11:21Long TimeMario: Rn...! *Kicks the hunchback in the face**11:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait a minute why is that one speaking engli-**A hunchback tackles Zogg* Zogg:GHNGHG-**The mouth irken opens his mouth,a robotic arm with a laser cannon on it comes out,it fires,killing a bunch of them**Mouth Irken:QUICKLY! GET TO THE ELEVATOR...HATCH..THING...that they came from!*11:22Long TimeHatbot: ... yay, I guess.*Mario: *Runs over to the elevator-hatch-thing*..*11:23Mysteriousjillguy *More hunchbacks appear from another nearby elevator,riding tripodial robots covered in weapons***The future irkens run into the elevator thingy**11:23Invader Jib(oops forgot chat*11:24MysteriousjillguyYik:*Drags Dab to the elevator**11:24Long Time(brb*11:24MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Follows**(ok pause*11:25Cravitus(*(For the first time in years, I have flash animateddddd)*11:27Long Time(back*Hatbot: What's with all the hunchbacks!?*11:28Invader JibDab: They're uh...probably mutations off of those weird skin things i heard about that used to live here*11:28Mysteriousjillguy( Woah thats cool Crav*11:28Invader Jib(yeah*11:28Long Time(ye*11:28Cravitus(Once, I could do stuff)*(Eventually, maybe I can do stuff again)*(and stuff)*(But now to bugfix)*11:29Long TimeHatbot: Oh, that's pretty weird...*11:30MysteriousjillguyZogg:Skin thingies?*Zogg:Huh?*11:30Invader JibDab: uh*11:30Long TimeHatbot: ...*Pokes dab* You're pretty weird too!*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth irken puts in some coordinates**11:30Long TimeHatbot: Weirdness is in the air tonighhhht..*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *The hunchbacks bang on the door,making weird noises**11:31Invader JibDab: *cringes**11:31Mysteriousjillguy *The elevator goes up**11:31Long TimeHatbot: Finally..*11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:So uh,where do we go now..?*11:33Long TimeHatbot: ... welp... anyone see anything interesting lately? Hatbot: Excluding the apocalyptic hordes of midget people, that is.*11:34MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: We're going to have to find some kind of ship somewhere...*Zogg:Do hordes of apocalyptic mutant elephant baby hybrids count?*11:34Long TimeHatbot: Hm... NO!*11:35MysteriousjillguyFeebl: I saw a movie about an irken who gets possessed by ghosts.*Zogg:Uh...those were officers Feebl,and Yik got arrested.*11:35Long TimeHatbot: Well we don't need a movie for that. We could just invite that weird Marek guy again!*11:35MysteriousjillguyFeebl:OHHH*Zogg:NO*11:36Invader JibDab: I uh...did..nothing...interesting..recently...*11:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:NEVER AGAIN HATBOT-*11:36Long TimeHatbot: Wait. What ever happened to him anyways?*Hatbot: Did he die... or..?*Mario: *Sigh*... Can we just change the topic?*11:36MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken 3: Unknown. No one's heard from Marek in years.*Zogg:Uh..yeah..I agree with Mario...*11:37Invader JibDab: Who's that?*11:37Long TimeHatbot: Some weird demonic fast evil guy.*Hatbot: I think.*11:37MysteriousjillguyZogg: You weren't on Irk for it Jib....OR WERE YOU?*Zogg:Maybe SPYING ON US WHILE YOU WERE GONE?! HM?!*11:38Invader JibDab: Eh I'm getting bored of this whole Dab thing*Jib: No I was getting a milkshake*11:38Long TimeHatbot: AHHHH HE'S A FAKE-DAB!*11:38MysteriousjillguyZogg:A PHYSIC POWERED MILKSHAKE?!**The elevator beeps**11:39Long TimeHatbot: WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR BELOVED SOFT DAAAB!?*11:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:DAB IS A LIE HATBOT! This is obviously JIB!*11:39Invader JibJib: He feel off a cliff and asked me to perform his last wishes*11:40MysteriousjillguyZogg: I BET HE'S AN INTER DIMENSIONAL DEMON VERSION OF JIB FROM AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE THAT WANTS TO STEAL OUR ORGANS!*11:40Long TimeHatbot: It's a good thing I don't have organs.*11:40MysteriousjillguyYik: Huh? A feel? I don't know that feel.**THe future irkens have left,the elevator door is open**Zogg:Huh?*Future Irken 5:You guys have been arguing for almost an hour.*Zogg:IMPOSSIBLE! We argue for 6 HOURS!*Yik:BbLrgghh jelly..ghhmmlb *Crawls all over Mario's head**11:42Long TimeMario: .. Let's jus-.. euhggg..*Mario: Yik, never do that again.*11:42Invader JibJib: So uh what's wrong with that guy*INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *11:42Long Time(hi*11:42INVADER VEX(Hey. Power went out earlier, sorry*11:43Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl steps out of the elevator,revealing a giant room filled with strange catacombs and spires,the room is filled with a strange red mist**Feebl:Woah..*11:43Cravitus(Hey Vex, guess what *(Wait, can you view stuff in flash on whatever platform you're on?*11:43Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl looks at the ground,seeing a piece of mangled garbage**11:43INVADER VEX(Um. Idk. Maybe..?*11:43MysteriousjillguyFeebl:FREE GARBAGE*11:44INVADER VEX(If not I can log onto my computer*11:44Invader JibJib: Where are we supposed to go again..*11:44Cravitus(It's fine, I made a .gif of it*(*11:45Mysteriousjillguy( wait*11:45Cravitus( File:BLU Anim Proto1.gif*11:45Mysteriousjillguy( if misty comes we can continue finale*11:45Long TimeMario: *Steps out of the elevator*..*Mario: I just... really want to go home.*11:45Cravitus(I have remembered how to animate stuff in flash, after three years of not remembering*11:46MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: You cannot go home.*11:46Long TimeMario: We'll find a way. We always do...*11:46MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: I can't really explain this and your friends are extremely important.*11:46INVADER VEX(Wifi is still so bad...*11:46Long TimeMario: Wait... what do you mean?*11:47MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:I can't tell you here. They're watching.*11:47Cravitus(Mmk.)*11:47MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Infact we should've probably put on some disguises.*11:47INVADER VEX(That's cool, Crav... What software did you use?*11:47Invader JibJib: ...What's watching?*11:47Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of evil hatbots appear from above**11:47Long TimeHatbot: I'm.. IMPORTANT!? *Grin* I've been waiting for this moment my entire robot-life! I've always wanted to be important.*11:48MysteriousjillguyHatbot: ELLO ELLO! HOW ABOUT A FAT STHICK IN THE SKULL?**evil hatbot*( htgfjrtdyjg*11:48Cravitus(Flash CS6, which I found much more confusing than CS3)*(But now I remember the techniques I used)*11:48Mysteriousjillguy *The evil hatbot pokes Hatbot in his eye with a claw**11:48Long TimeHatbot: Uhg... looks like my totally-lamer brothers are here.*11:48Cravitus(And what to do as well)*11:48Invader JibBrb*11:48Long TimeHatbot: HEY! You're not allowed to touch my eye, I need that!*11:49MysteriousjillguyDefective tophatbot: WE HAV MUCH MOAR SWOG THEN YOU DO! BFBBGGFGDFHFGHJHHGJGH*11:49INVADER VEX(Yeah... I've wanted to do some animating for a while... Never got around to it. Maybe over summer I will*11:49Mysteriousjillguy( pause jib is brb*Mysteriousjillguy( so uh*( miz? can misty come or no?*Defective tophat:*Sparks**12:38Cravitus( dat animated image do*(*doe*12:39Mysteriousjillguy *The other tophats messily devour the defective,leaving nothing but a pile of scrap metal**( IMAGES DEY DOO?*( whats ur problem*12:39Cravitus( File:BLU Anim Proto1.gif*(delicioussss*12:39Mysteriousjillguy( such robotic movements*INVADER VEX has left the chat. *12:40Mysteriousjillguy( uncanney valley gg*12:40YourFavoriteFangirl(um shes playing an rpg*(but ill ask*12:40Mysteriousjillguy( welp that kills the finale @vex*( and ok*12:40Invader Jibhm*12:40Mysteriousjillguy( continue rp*12:40Invader Jibwe could just write "everyone died" on the rp page*then choose new main characters*12:40Mysteriousjillguy(...y*12:41YourFavoriteFangirl(how about NAW*12:41Invader Jib(ok*12:41YourFavoriteFangirl(ill wait till vex gets back to ask*(she may say no tho*12:42Mysteriousjillguy( oh ok*( if misty can't come we'll continue with the future rp*12:42Invader Jibok*12:43Mysteriousjillguy *The defective tophat is nothing but a scrap pile**Zogg:Well that was violent.*Mouth Irken:!**The Mouth irkens fires at some the hatbots,causing them to spark**Tophatbot:BZZZZZZ TAQUITOS*12:44Invader JibJib: *Backs away**12:45MysteriousjillguyTophatbot2:ITS A DEFECTIVE! RIP OUT HIS INTERNALS! PIP PIP CHEERIO ALL THAT STEROTYPICAL NONSENSE*Tophat3:YOU DIDNT USE A GENERIC BRITISH ACCENT IN THAT LAST SENTENCE! DEFECTIVE!*Tophat4:NONSENSE! YOU ARE THE DEFECTIVE! CLEARLY!*Tophat5:OBJECTION**The tophatbots argue,clawing at other making screeching noises**12:46YourFavoriteFangirl(hatbot: *turns into phoenix wright**12:47MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Whispers* Quickly,uhh...RUN or something while they're busy talking about crumpets!*12:47Invader JibJib: ...*runs**INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *12:49Cravitus(The vex hath returned, rejoice)*12:50Mysteriousjillguy *THe future irkens runs down a bridge platform below**run**12:50YourFavoriteFangirlShe says no**((*12:51Mysteriousjillguy( Oh ok**The future Irkens emit a bright pink light,everyone is suddenly cloaked into a bunch of generic hunchback slaves**Zogg:Why didn't you use that in the first place?*Mouth Irken:What? I dunno*Future Irken2: Well see-**THe tophatbots float over to the group,staring at them with red eyes***they're covered in the parts of the defective tophatbots**12:54Invader JibJib: . . .*12:54INVADER VEX(Gtg*12:54Mysteriousjillguy( Bye*( mario is away*( pause ghhgg*Invader JibBack*( i said brb..*Jib: Uhh*10:03MysteriousjillguyHorrible tophat robot: CHEERS**The robots float away,fooled by their disguises**Long Time has left the chat. *10:04Mysteriousjillguy( bowser took im*( rip*( *sad airhorn**Long Time has joined the chat. *10:04Mysteriousjillguy( oh*Feebl:MAN,THIS DISGUISE IS REEEEEEL ITCHY-*Zogg:*Covers his mouth,then strangles him***The top hat bots look back,eyes glowing red***They turn around,floating away**10:06Long TimeHatbot: Welp, that was pretty easy...*10:06MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Let's keep moving before we get attacked by french fedora bots. Ok?*Zogg:Okie Dokie*10:07Invader JibJib: Yeah I had that idea already...*10:07Long TimeHatbot: Awww man, why do they get to be french? I wanna be french!*Matio: Yeah, let's get going.*Mario**10:08Invader JibJib: *Walks**10:08Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth Irken runs forward***The Mouth Irken walks up to a strange door,and puts his hand on it***The door beeps,and opens**10:09Long TimeMario: *Follows**10:09MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Everyone keep their disguises on.*10:09Invader JibJib: *Follows**10:10Long TimeHatbot: Well, duh.*10:10Mysteriousjillguy *The door leads to a small,dimly lit passageway,the floor is metal and covered in tiny holes***Tons of future irken soldiers are below the floor,marching,on patrol**Zogg:*Stares at them in fear***THe mouth irken puts his hand on another door,it beeps,opening**10:12Invader JibJib: *Mumbles* So that's what we end up being like..weird*10:12Mysteriousjillguy *The door opens,revealing a dimly lit room,hundreds of slaves are seen**10:13Long TimeHatbot: Well, we're going to change the future. I think...*10:13Mysteriousjillguy *They're picking up packages and supplies,putting them on a hoverpod***All of them are wearing shock collars and chains***Some of them are irkens,covered in stitches and bruises**10:14Invader JibJib: *cringes**10:14MysteriousjillguyGuard:HEY!*10:14Long TimeHatbot: HI!*10:15Mysteriousjillguy *A guard walks over,wearing a gigantic bulky robotic suit,it looks uncomfortable**10:15Invader JibJib: Uh..*10:15Mysteriousjillguy *The guard shakes his arms around,restricted from movement by the suit* Guard:WHAT ARE YOU SLAVES DOING OUTSIDE YOUR SECTION?!*10:15Long TimeHatbot: Ooooh, nice robotic suit!*10:15MysteriousjillguyGuard:DID I TELL YOU TO SPEAK?!*10:16Long TimeHatbot: Um, yeah.*10:16Mysteriousjillguy *The guard shocks hatbot**10:16Long TimeHatbot: You di- AUHH HEYYYY!*10:16MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Ermm uh...we were ordered to move to this room. Yeah.*Guard:Oh ok.**The guard walks away,unsuspcious**Zogg:Well that was stupid.*10:16Long TimeHatbot: Geez... what an idiot.*10:17MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2:I think his suit may be blocking blood flow to his brain.**The guard walks to a wall,humming**Zogg:Uh..yeah...I can see that.*10:17Invader JibJib: Right..*10:17MysteriousjillguyZogg:Now where do we go so the future doesn't end up so horrible and awful and stuff?*Mouth Irken:Err um..well..we need to find out where the ships are so we can get off this stupid rock.*10:18Long TimeHatbot: Yeah... are we ALMOST there yet? This place is really boring... and sorta depressing.*10:18MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:I suggest we take a hoverpod.**A hover pod conviently lands,crushing one of the slaves**10:19Invader JibJib: Hoverpod...and that is-oh*10:19Mysteriousjillguy *The future irkens get onto the pod,along with Zogg and Yik**10:19Long TimeMario: ..*Gets onto the pod***vader JibJib: *Gets into pod**10:19Mysteriousjillguy *The pod rises up***A sickening noise is heard from the now crushed slave as it rises,along with a tearing noise***The pod goes up into the upper levels***It stops in a storage room,filled with packaging robots and more slaves***An intercom blairs**10:21Invader JibJib: So..there's supposed to be a ship here?*10:22Mysteriousjillguy"LIKE THE TASTE OF MEAT? HOW ABOUT VORTIAN? WELL,TOO BAD,CUZ THERE EXTINCT!"*"BUT DON'T FRET,TRY THE NEW TASTE OF...uh..WORDTHATRHYMESWITHFRET OR SOMETHING! YEAH"*"SYNTHETIC VORTIAN MEAT! COMING TO STORES SOON!"*Zogg:What's the point of this commercial if the item isn't even out yet?*10:23Long TimeHatbot: WOW! I suddenly have a strange urge to but this man's vortian meat!*10:24MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Sad isn't it? The Vortian race was worked to exhaustion until they all went extinct.*Zogg:I didn't say anything about the vortians-*Mouth Irken:This is what the future holds.**A tank of slime suddenly falls from above**10:25Long Timeto buy**10:25Mysteriousjillguy *It crashes into the ground,breaking into glass shards***A horrible mutated cow crab creature is on the ground,mooing**Zogg:ACK!*10:25Invader JibJib: Ew*10:25Mysteriousjillguy *The creature meyows,it sprouts an earth cat head***A packaging robot floats over,it has a horribly painted smiley face on it's head,it's eyes glow red with hatred**10:26Long TimeMario: That's... disturbing.*10:27Mysteriousjillguy *The robot grabs the creature,and slams it into another jar in it's other claw arm*&***10:27Invader JibJib: You know my life was better not knowing that existed*10:27Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth irken walks forward into a nearby hallway** now we must the rp *Zogg:What am I doing with my life. *9:16 Long Time totally not op *9:17 YourFavoriteFangirl yup 9:18 *Invader Jib Jib: That's a good question 9:18 *Mysteriousjillguy Mouth Irken:Enough politics. WE MUST FIND A SHIP 9:19*Invader Jib Jib: Right...*looks around "*Hatbot: YEAH! POLITICS SUCK!*9:26MysteriousjillguyYik:I agree.*Feebl:Wait when we did talk about politics-*9:27Invader JibJib: I don't believe we did*9:27Long TimeHatbot: Yeah. I just hate politics.*9:27MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: Hmmmm...I'm guessing the ship hangar is on the upper levels or something*9:27Long TimeHatbot: Just like that ONE darn space cat!*Hatbot: Always getting in the way.*9:27MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh yeahhh...I hate that space cat.*9:27Long Time(success*9:27MysteriousjillguyZogg:Remember the time he did something horrible.*9:28Long Time(space cat is now a running gag*9:28Mysteriousjillguy( yes*9:28Long TimeHatbot: Yeah that sucked.*Hatbot: And that time he did that one thing, to that one dog! How rude of that ONE darn cat.*9:28MysteriousjillguyYik:Or the time he ate our souls and transformed us all into floating doritos?*9:29Invader JibJib: Uh-huh....*9:29Long TimeMario: What..? Space-cat..? You all seriously have some issues..*Mario: Can we just focus on getting a ship?*9:29MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Ignores the past irkens and goes to a few guards,knocking them unconcious with his spider legs**Mouth know I never thought about what I'd do after this..uhh..*9:30Long TimeHatbot: Really? A plan that you never thought to the end?*9:31MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: Let's use our cloaking devices we forgot about this whole time!*9:31Long TimeHatbot: GREAT IDEA!*9:31Invader JibJib: Ohhh yeah*9:31Long TimeMario: Wait what--..*Hatbot: JUST DO IT*9:31Invader JibJib: *Activates cloaking device**9:31MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yeah! Instead of using these guard's clothes! They wouldnt even fit! THAT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS.*Zogg:*Activates cloaking device,cloaking into a generic future irken**Mouth Irken:*Does the same**9:32Long TimeMario: *Activates his cloaking device*...*9:32Mysteriousjillguy *The other future irkens cloak themselves as well**9:32Long TimeHatbot: What about me?*9:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:Uhh..uh..*Zogg:*Grabs hatbot putting him on Mario's head**9:32Long TimeHatbot: I'm A TOP HAT, TOP HATS AREN'T ALLOWED ON THIS NON-FASHIONABLE PLANET*9:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:Pretend your a hat..or something.*9:33Long TimeHatbot: Gee, that'll totally work.*Hatbot: Actually. It probably would!*9:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:STOP SCREAMING AT ME! I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN,YA KNOW?!*9:33Invader JibJib: Yeah he looks nothing like a hat-oh*9:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:AUGH! FINE,MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN!*9:33Long TimeHatbot: YES I KNOW I JUST LIKE SCREAMING! *flails his arms around**9:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Grumbles,stomping toward a door**Zogg:...*Zogg:Wait how do I open this?*9:34Long TimeMario: It's a door.*Mario: What do you think?*9:34Cravitus(use your patrick voice*(and say 'OPEN SESAME'*9:34MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Takes a spare cannon that was conveniently on the floor next to the guard**Mouth Irken:*Fires it at the door,missing Zogg's head by an inch***The door explodes**Zogg:How convient.*9:35Long TimeHatbot: How convenient, just like how I'm a hat! Just like how we had cloaking devices! VERY CONVENIENT!*Mario: I know, right?*9:35Invader JibJib: *walks through the door, the remaining part of the door moves up automatically**9:35MysteriousjillguyYik:*Licks Hatbot***Zogg walks through it**9:35Long TimeHatbot: Ewww*Mario: *walks over to them**9:36Mysteriousjillguy *The Mouth irken walks over an elevator door,and presses some buttons***The door opens**Mouth Irken:Every get in.*Every body**9:36Invader JibJib: *gets in**9:37Long TimeMario: *gets in**9:37Mysteriousjillguy *The other future irkens get in,along with Zogg,Yik,and all those other characters im too lazy to type**9:37Long Time(chat lag*9:37Mysteriousjillguy *The elevator door closes,a ding is heard***Salsa music plays in the elevator**9:38Long TimeHatbot: Thousands of years into the future, and elevators are still a thing? How advanced.*9:38Mysteriousjillguy *A humanoid with a clown mask is in the elevator,appearing out of no where***The music continues to play**9:38Long Time(it's the clown from that one date rp*9:38MysteriousjillguyYik:*Looks at his watch**9:38Long Time(isn't it-*9:38Mysteriousjillguy( no*9:38Long Time(oh*9:38MysteriousjillguyZogg:.....*Coughs**9:39Long Time(rip backround krev-clown character*9:39MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Scratches his head**9:39Long TimeMario: *Taps his foot*...*9:39Mysteriousjillguy *The mouth irken looks at everyone**9:39Invader JibJib: *Yawns**9:40Mysteriousjillguy *The person with the clown mask stares at Mario,heavily breathing,sweat trickles down his face**9:40Long Time(this clown*9:40Mysteriousjillguy *The sound of mounkey screams is heard in the backround**9:40Long Time(reminds me so much of the clown*(from the date rp*9:40Mysteriousjillguy * The camera zooms in on the clown masked person**Zogg:*Looks at him,disturbed**9:40Long TimeMario: Hm... this is boring.*Mario: *looks over to Zogg* So... anything interesting lately?*9:41MysteriousjillguyYik:Plbbbbtttt! *Sticks his tounge out**9:41Long TimeHatbot: Clown.*Mario: What?*9:41Invader JibJib: You'd think in the future they'd have faster elavators*9:41Mysteriousjillguy *The clown continues to stare**9:41Long TimeHatbot: Clown.*Mario: ... what?*9:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Looks at him,horrified**9:41Long TimeHatbot: Cl o wn*9:41Mysteriousjillguy *A ding is heard**9:41Long TimeMario: Weird..*9:41Mysteriousjillguy *The door opens**9:41Invader JibJib: *Walks out* Finally*9:41Long TimeMario: *walks out**9:41MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:What are you guys talking about?**THe clown masked guy is gone**Zogg:Oh well. *Walks out**9:42Long TimeMario: I don't know... Hatbot's weird.*9:42Mysteriousjillguy( hatbot has been scarred for life*9:42Long Time(yes*9:42Mysteriousjillguy( he will never look at ronald mc donald the same way ever again*9:42Long TimeHatbot: *shaking, with the same expression*...*(rip happy meals*9:43Mysteriousjillguy( not even burgie can save them now**The mouth irken walks toward another door,it opens***A hangar is behind the door,filled with all kinds of ships**9:44Invader JibJib: *follows**9:45Long TimeHatbot: Hurry up man! We've got present-people-who-probably-don't-care-about-us to return to!*(brb*9:48Cravitus (and now krev knows the mayor finds pearl attractive*9:48Mysteriousjillguy( indeed*9:48Cravitus(comment unavailable*9:48Mysteriousjillguy( looking at timeline of future earth*(*( " Earth will have likely been hit by a meteorite comparable in size to the one that triggered the K–Pg extinction 65 million years ago.[42] "*( thats the time period they're in*( but im guessing the irkens could deflect it because technology*9:52Cravitus (good lord*(the mayor's truck*9:52Mysteriousjillguy( i will have to go to bed in a few minutes*( in translation that means ill just take the laptop to bed*( so im gonna brb for maybe 15 minutes in a few minutes*9:53Invader Jibthats a long time to take the laptop to bed-*9:54Mysteriousjillguy( i have to brush teeth and what not*9:54Invader Jiboh*9:54Mysteriousjillguy( then theres getting the laptop to bed without mother questioning it*( sometimes she doesnt care but just to be surreeee*( i must the sneak it*( what rp should we do tommorrow*( oh uh marios back*9:56Invader Jibthe finale*9:57Long Time(back*(for a second*(i thought krev said he found pearl attractive-*(misread that so bad**Mysteriousjillguy( same lol*9:58Invader JibJib: ...*9:58Long Time(maybe krev does*(who knows what sly lobster*(thinks*9:58MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmmmm*9:58Long Time(maybe the sly lobster is infact*(the mayor*9:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:What ship should we get..*Mouth Irken:*Looks around**9:59Long TimeHatbot: You and Jib are already a ship.*Hatbot: There's the ship*Hatbot: ok*9:59Cravitus(no comment*9:59Invader JibJib: ..............Never say that again*9:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:...Hatbot I will dismember you-*9:59Long Time(wow krev*(kreb has been exposed*9:59MysteriousjillguyDrax:*Bites Zogg's head**9:59Long Time(he loves the bird mom*9:59MysteriousjillguyZogg:AHHHH!*10:00Cravitus(argh, my video is glitching*(audio is gone*10:00Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg falls over,trying to get Yik off**10:00Invader JibJib: *Rolls eyes**10:00MysteriousjillguyFeebl:HOW BOUT THAT ONE! *Points to a futuristic looking Shuvver**10:00Long TimeHatbot: YOUGUYSWOULDSTILLBEAGOODSHIPOKAY*Hatbot: Anywaaaays..*Hatbot: How 'bout that ship?*10:01MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:It might be too big for us and theres not really enough us to pilot it which may cause us all to crash and die a horrible death,but okay.*Zogg:Wait what*10:01Long TimeHatbot: Wait Jib.*Hatbot: Jib*Hatbot: Jib Jib Jib Jib Jib*10:01Invader JibJib: Uh yes?*10:01MysteriousjillguyIrken Guard: HAULT! Who goes there?!*10:01Long TimeHatbot: I know why you wouldn't like that ship,*10:01MysteriousjillguyZogg:Are you with the ORDER OF THE DEMONIC TUNA FISH?!*10:02Long TimeHatbot: YOU'RE TOO BUSY ENJOYING CHICKEN BUCKETS WITH Frognol*10:02MysteriousjillguyIrken Guard:...What*10:02Long TimeHatbot: *arm flail* I KNEW IT!*10:02Cravitus(nyess*(jib exposed*10:02MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Uh..yes..we'd like a ship,please.*10:02Invader JibJib: .No*10:02Long Time(a period before the word*10:02Invader JibJib: Where'd that even come from*10:02Long Time(advanced writing*10:02MysteriousjillguyGuard: Identification..?*10:02Cravitus(AGH*(I refreshed, I wasn't supposed to do that!*10:03Mysteriousjillguy( yeah they all write with periods in the front in the future*10:03Long TimeHatbot: *shrug* Some out of this world force, forced me to tell the truth*(you dun goofed up lobster*10:03MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Uh...*10:03Long Time(now you won't be able to view your bird mom waifu*10:03MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:...*10:03Cravitus(Nah, I just won't be able to record-*(also lies*10:03MysteriousjillguyGuard:Well?*10:03Cravitus(liesssss*10:03Long Time(no krev*(admit it*(kreb wants the bird mom*10:04MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Chomps onto he guards head,throwing him away**Guard:GOBGHHOLOOGAUYGH*10:04Cravitus(lies*10:04MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:*Runs into the shuvver**10:04Long TimeMario: Woah... that was aggressive...*(truth*10:04Invader JibJib: *Jumps into the shuvver**10:04Mysteriousjillguy *Other guards look at them,alarmed**10:04Long TimeMario: *Follows them into the shuvver**10:05Mysteriousjillguy *The other future irkens follow***Zogg,Yik,and Feebl go into the ship,Zogg grabs hatbot***The shuvver entrance closes,and its landing gear retracts**10:06Long TimeHatbot: Hey, why'd you take me off Mario's head? That's like my 2nd favorite head to rest on.*10:06Mysteriousjillguy *The shuvver starts up**10:06Cravitus(no comment*(no commentttttt*10:06MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Because reasons.*10:06Long Time(wot*10:06Invader JibJib: Who's the first-Nevermind I didn't say anything*10:07Long TimeMario: Your second favorite, huh--..*10:07Mysteriousjillguy *The shuvver fires a laser at the hangar doors,it bursts open**10:07Long TimeHatbot: It's a seeeeeecreeeeettttt*10:07Mysteriousjillguy *THe shuvver boosts forward,sending nearby irkens flying***Zogg flies into a wall,knocked away by the boost**Zogg:GNGH!**Yik flies into him,screaming**Zogg:GET OFF MEEEE!*10:08Cravitus(the giant hand has landed*10:08Long TimeMario: You know, you guys could just sit down like normal people.*(kreb*10:08Cravitus(i half expected it to flip them off*10:08Long Time(you're on the season 1 finale?*(that was fast*(i half expected that too*10:09MysteriousjillguyFeebl: *Takes out a lolipop from his mouth,puts it on Marios head,smiles**Zogg:*Pushes Yik off him,and walks up the control panel**Zogg:Wait hold on I wanna do something.**Zogg presses some buttons,the shuvver turns around**10:09Long TimeMario: ..*slowly takes it off*...euuuuhgg... that's absolutely, DISGUSTING. Don't ever do that again, okay?*10:10Invader JibJib: ...You should probably keep him away fro that*10:10MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:What are you doing?! STOP!*10:10Invader Jib *from*10:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:Nah.*Mouth Irken:B-but*Zogg:No.*10:10Long TimeHatbot: wrecked.*10:10Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg presses some buttons,the shuvver fires a laser at the hangar,causing it to explode**Zogg:HehehAHAH!*10:10Invader Jib(brb*10:10Mysteriousjillguy( pause*( is this rp good so far**Mysteriousjillguy *The Shuvver flies away from the hangar,going into the atmosphere**10:49Long TimeHatbot: So, what now?*10:50Mysteriousjillguy( almost typed hatbot*( wh*10:50Long Time(wot*10:50MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:First we need to get to our base of operations...*Mouth Irken:Then I can explain everything to you guys.*10:50Long TimeHatbot: Sounds suspiciously spooky.*10:51Cravitus(I have run out of episodes*10:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:What if he's actually a demon,Hatbot? Think about it*10:51Long Time(already*(kreb*(you were on the season finale like 10 minutes ago*10:51Cravitus(krev's side of the bargain has been filled*10:51Long Time(what episode did you end on?*10:51Cravitus(You have yet to fill your side*10:51Long Time(kreb*(what episode*10:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:He's flying in the air with a ship,DEMONS fly in the air with their demun powers,he's a mutant,DEMONS ARE MUTANTS!*10:51Cravitus(I believe I hit episode 53 when it said it wasn't released yet.*10:52Long TimeHatbot: He probably is. BURN THE DEMON!*10:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh my Irkus! It all connects! OH MY IRKUS! *Shakes Hatbot**10:52Long Time(krev*10:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:WE MUST BURN HIM*10:52Long Time(there's 67 episodes currently released*10:52Cravitus(then this site*10:52MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken3:Demons dont exist,you fool.*10:52Long Time(you're missing like all of season 2*10:52Cravitus(is 14 short*(in any case you still haven't watched a single episode of spacebots*10:52Long Time(then look for it somewhere else ye pleb*(i will kreb (netflix is being evil*Hatbot: Then explain Vok! That guy is most likely some deranged demon.*10:53MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken3:Who is "Vok"?*10:53Long Time(season 2 is gud, kreb*10:53MysteriousjillguyZogg:Vok is a magical hobgoblin. Theres a difference.*Zogg:You can tell from his EYESSS*10:54Long TimeMario: He's not a goblin. He's my father.*10:54Invader JibJib: ...magical hobgoblin*Jib: Wait..*10:54Long TimeMario: Just stop talking about him, okay?*10:54MysteriousjillguyYik:*Poorly imitates Mario,then smacks him**10:54Invader JibJib: But you're an irken..wait*10:54MysteriousjillguyYik:Bagels.*10:54Invader JibJib: You people are confusing*10:54Long TimeMario: ...*10:54MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Mario is an Irken?*10:54Long TimeMario: I've already told you this before, Jib. I wasn't always an Irken.*10:55Invader JibJib: Yeah I remember now*10:55Mysteriousjillguy *The shuvver exits the earth's atmosphere***From space Earth has been made into a metallic planet**10:56Long TimeHatbot: OOOOOH! It's all shiny! Looks much better than it did last time I saw it.*10:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wow! The empire did something GOOD for once!*10:57Long TimeMario: Yeah.. "good".*10:57Invader JibJib: Yeah those pale skin people were gross*10:58MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yep. Jib is pretty hideous.*10:58Invader JibJib: Or uh, are*Jib: At least I don't look like some kind of..uh..*10:59Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, if they're gross, THEY SHOULD DIE! Right guys, that's how it works, right?*10:59Invader JibJib: Mutant porcupine/hedgehog hybrid*10:59Mysteriousjillguy *The ship flies toward a big purple planet,its covered in pink swirly clouds**Zogg:Yeah! WE should MURDER JIB!*Zogg:*Grins,taking out his plasma pistol**11:00Invader JibJib: Err*Jib: I object to that*11:00Long TimeHatbot: YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER!*11:00Invader JibJib: At least i have a soul*11:01Cravitus(comment found:*11:01Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, at least I won't go to hell-*11:01Cravitus(404: humor not found*11:01Long TimeMario: Woah. That was uncalled for-*11:01Invader JibJib: Yeah WELL....your face!*11:01Long Time(kreb*( do you even season 2*11:02Cravitus(no, i don't*11:02Long Time( u wot*11:02Cravitus(do you even sidonia*11:02Long Time(i cant*(kreb we will discuss of a plan b after this*11:02Cravitus(weaksauce*11:02Long Time(no u*Hatbot: Yeah! My face is FAAABULOUS. I think.*Hatbot: Probably.*11:03Mysteriousjillguy *The ship lands in a swamp,loud thunder is heard**11:04Invader JibJib: Gee I think we're here*11:04MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:The big headed irken is correct.**The shuvver's exit opens up,Zogg walks outside**11:05Long TimeMario: Wait, what was the point of coming here again?*11:05MysteriousjillguyZogg:This planet smells horrible.*11:05Long TimeMario: *following Zogg**11:05MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:You'll see.*11:05Invader JibJib: *Follows**11:05MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Whispers to Mario* Hopefully these irkens aren't insane.*Zogg:That would be bad.*11:05Long TimeMario: Yeah, tooootally... it's not like you couldn't just tell me here. Nope. Gotta keep it mysterious, huh?*11:06Mysteriousjillguy *Yik and Feebl get out of the ship,along with the other future irkens***The Mouth Irken takes out a remote,and presses it***The ship explodes into a fireball,the mouth irken calmy stands there**Zogg:Oh well.*11:07Long TimeMario: ...*his eyes widen, surprised by the explosion* ..WOAH! What was THAT for!?*11:07MysteriousjillguyYik:*Sits in the mud,playing with rocks and some twigs**11:08Invader JibJib: ...What if there's no other ships here*11:08MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:That was so they couldn't track us.*Zogg:Wait..couldnt they just figure out where the ship is from it's signal before it exploded?*11:08Long TimeMario: Soooo was that our only ship? If so, I'm gonna be really upset with you*11:08MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Well see uh...SHUT UP*Zogg:We're all going to die.*11:09Cravitus(rip*11:09Invader JibJib: What else is new?*11:09Cravitus(To quote Aliens:*11:09Mysteriousjillguy *The Mouth Irken takes out a walkie talkie**11:09Cravitus(Did IQs just... Drop sharply?*11:09MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:We're here.*11:09Cravitus(I mean, this is the future, right?*11:10Mysteriousjillguy *A loud rumbling is heard**11:10Long TimeHatbot: No DUH!*Hatbot: This place is weird and mysterious, just like you mouth-people. Weird. Mysterious. Probably insane. We're going to die.*11:11Mysteriousjillguy *A platform rises from a nearby lake,steps fold out from it onto the edge of the lake***THe Mouth irken walks up the steps onto the platform**11:11Long TimeHatbot: Well that's pretty dang fancy.*11:12MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well uh..we might as well follow him..we could get eaten by swamp wolves..or GOBLINS*11:12Invader JibJib: *walks up the steps**11:12MysteriousjillguyYik:Oh I hate goblins. Mhmm.**Feebl follows,along with Yik***An energy field surrounds the platform**11:12Long TimeMario: *follows Jib*..*Mario: This feels really... off.*11:13Mysteriousjillguy *The other future irkens follow***The steps retract,and the platform begins to lower into the lake**Zogg:HE'S GOING TO DROWN US!*Zogg:I KNEW IT!*11:14Invader JibJib: Wouldn't that drown him too?*11:14MysteriousjillguyZogg:This was all a suicide mission planned by the mutant space doritos! ITS ALL PART OF HIS PLAN!**One of the future irkens facepalms**11:15Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... Zogg, that's ridiculous.*11:15Mysteriousjillguy *The platform goes into the lake,the energy field stops the water from coming in**11:15Long TimeHatbot: Nah.*11:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:Mario's right,hatbot,you're an idiot.*11:16Long TimeMario: *Sighs again*.. yuuup.*11:16Cravitus(the plot twist is, Zogg was right all along*11:18Invader JibJib: ..*11:18Mysteriousjillguy *Two panels open up underneath the platform at the bottom of the lake,the platform lowers into it***The panel doors close,and the sound of water draining is heard**11:20Long TimeHatbot: This is boringggg... do you guys have some games or something?*11:20Mysteriousjillguy *The energy field shuts off,the water has all drained**Mouth Irken:*Walks off the platform,a huge metal door is seen***Robot arms come out of the ceiling and scan everyone with red lights**11:21Long TimeHatbot: Hey-- DON'T SCAN ME MS./MR. ROBOT! I feel violated.*11:21MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER-817:VERIFICATION COMPLETE.**The doors open**11:21Cravitus(i don't think anyone wants to violate hatbot-*(i suddenly regret typing that*11:22Mysteriousjillguy *Revealing a long hallway,guards stand in line by the walls**11:22Long Time(wh*(krev*(why*11:22Cravitus(deauagh*11:22MysteriousjillguyMouthIrken:*Walks down the hallway**11:23Long TimeMario: *continues following**11:23Mysteriousjillguy *Another door opens,revealing a room full of various aliens and mutant irkens**Zogg:Is this a secret society or something?*11:23Long TimeMario: Geez, how long have you had this base?*11:23MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:Huh? Wha-No.*Zogg:Eh?*Mouth Irken:Its not.*Zogg:Oh. Huh.*11:24Invader JibJib: ..Really?*11:24MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken: About uh..maybe 2 years after our last base was destroyed..I dont remember.*Mouth Irken:You see,this is where we*Mouth Irken:You were brought here for a purpose,*11:25Invader JibJib: What is that purpose exactly?*11:25MysteriousjillguyMouth Irken:You are the chosen ones.*Mouth Irken:The prophecy foretells that-*11:26Invader JibJib: That's....cliche*11:26Long TimeMario: The chosen ones...? Really..?*Hatbot: BOOOO CLICHE*11:26MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken:Oh wait. Hold on. He's rambling again.*Mouth Irken:*Begins to ramble gibberish**Guard:His medication has worn off! Take him down!**Several other guards tackle the mouth irken,using unnecessary force**Mouth Irken:STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!*Mouth Irken:I KNOW THE MAYOR OF VENUS! HAMBURGERS CAN SEE THE FUTURE!**The guards drag him away**11:27Long TimeHatbot: Welp. This is normal. Let's keep walking*11:28MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wow! So he was insane.*Feebl:What a TWISSSSTTT.*11:29Long TimeMario: Wait, so we trusted an insane man--..*Hatbot: Pretty much.*Hatbot: We already trust Zogg, so what's the difference?*11:29Invader JibJib: Yeah...*11:29Cravitus(humor found*(krevlaugh initiated*11:30Invader Jib *Anothher Irken replaces the the irken that was taken away**Future Irken: Welcome, citizens of the past!*Future Irken: My name is..KlipNorp, and this is our rebellion headqauters!*11:31MysteriousjillguyZogg:KlipN-PFFTTTT*Zogg:*Laughs,falling over**11:31Cravitus(kilpnorps*(kisdplfadspmf*(if you listen closely in the following link*(you can hear the krevlaugh*11:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:KLIPNORP! OH MY XENO-*Laughs**11:32Long TimeHatbot: KLIP NORP! HAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAHA YOU'RE KLIP, AND YOU'RE NORP*11:32Cravitus(*11:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:HIS NAME IS KLIPNORP! AHAHAHAHA*11:32Invader JibKlipnorp: ...Are you making fun of my name?*Klipnorp: ..Nevermind*11:32MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Holding in laugh* N-no not at all s-sir.*11:33Long TimeMario: Don't worry Klip, they're just idiots.*11:33Invader JibKlipnorp: Anyway, considering you folks are from the past,*Klipnorp: You're somewhat crucial to our ultimate goal.*11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:AHAHAHA HUHHAHOGGAHU AHA I CANT! I CANT! MARIO! HELP ME! AHAHAHA *Tugs on marios sleeve,then falls over**11:33Invader JibKlipnorp: See, what we realized is that...We're all doomed, and probably going to die at some point.*11:34Long TimeMario: *Sighs*... stop bring so embarrassing, Zogg...*11:34MysteriousjillguyYik:The Tomato gods are displeased.*11:34Invader JibKlipnorp: HOWEVER, our extensive data tells us you past people live before the point of no return.*11:34Long TimeHatbot: HAAAAH HIS NAME IS STILL KLIPNORP*11:34MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Laughs as well,falling next to Zogg**11:34Long TimeHatbot: That's funny.*11:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:HAHAHAHA-Ah..don't touch me. *Pushes Feebl away**11:34Invader JibKlipnorp So with some luck and-STOP LAUGHING!*11:35Long TimeHatbot: ... a guy named "klipnorp" requested for us to stop laughing, THAT'S TOO GOOD HEHEHEHAA!*Mairo: ... uhg, just tell me the info, Klip.*Mairo: I'll inform them after.*11:35Cravitus(just imagine him with a comically high-pitched voice*11:35Invader JibKlipnorp: i just did...sort of*Klipnorp, Anyway,*11:35MysteriousjillguyFuture Irken2:Excuse him. We all used to find him funny before we realized how horrible our situation is. My name is BloopBlong.*Zogg:*Eyes begin to water,holding in laugh**11:36Long TimeHatbot: BLOOPBLONG GOOD CIRCUITS THAT'S EVEN FUNNIER HEHEAAHAHAAA*11:36Cravitus(the plot twist is megadonger survives xcom and has joined the future resistance*11:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Snorts**Zogg:BWHAHAHAHAHA *Falls over**11:36Long Time(hatbot's high pitched laugh, krev*(torture*11:36Invader JibKlipnorp: Due to a number of factors, including alter-dimensional interference, refined conquest methods, and general lower tolerance for the difference*11:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:H-HIS NAME AND HAHAHA BLOOPBLONG! HAHAHAHA! WH-WHAT A RIDICULOUSRESISTANCE! HAHAHA!*11:37Long TimeMario: You're all so immature... gosh...*11:37Invader JibKlipnorp: Irken society as it is now will run into the ground, resulting in hundreds of deaths, and uh...other bad stuff.*11:37Long TimeMario: At least Jib is mature enough to actually LISTEN to what he's saying, without laughing at an innocent guy's name.*11:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Wipes tears off eyes* And *Chuckle* Why should we care about Irken society?*Zogg:Oh right,I forgot Menami's dead.*11:38Invader JibJib: Well, considering you're an irken, it's goign to affect you just as much as..other people*Klipnorp: Yeah what he said.*11:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmm...Ok..but how are we supposed to fix the future..err..past..whatever*11:39Invader JibKlinorp: See, that's the problem..*11:39MysteriousjillguyYik:We have to call the meat beings,foolish mortal.*11:39Invader JibKlipnorp: We don't know exactly.*11:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:Huh-*Yik:My people need me for the great kloobash ceremony.*11:39Invader JibKlipnorp: We figured that if you people had a reasonable warning, you could...figure it out somehow.*11:39MysteriousjillguyYik:*Rolls away**Zogg:*Looks at Yik,disturbed**11:40Long TimeMario: How're we supposed to figure it out?*11:40MysteriousjillguyBloopBlong: You're forgetting about the time machine mission...uh..*11:40Long TimeMario: We're just a weirdly mixed group.*11:40Invader JibKlipNorp: The what..OHH*KlipNorp: ...*whispers to BloopBlong asking what it is**11:42MysteriousjillguyBloopblong: We've discovered an ancient time machine in a human ship. However,we couldnt get it in time,and the humans managed to spot us.*Zogg:H-human..?*Zogg:Humans are still around..?*Bloopblong:Well uh..technically..they're an evolved form of human..yes..*11:43Long TimeMario: Humans have a time machine? Huh? I don't think they'd ever be smart enough to create such a... thing.*11:43MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:THats just it. It's not theirs.*11:43Long TimeMario: Oh?*11:44Invader JibJib: I coulda swore they'd be extinct by now*11:44MysteriousjillguyBlooblong:They found it and used it for research.*( h*( chat delayy*11:46INVADER VEX(Gtg*11:46Long TimeHatbot: YAY! We wasted time!*11:46Mysteriousjillguy( bye*11:46Long Time(bye*11:46Cravitus(goodbye*11:46Invader Jib(bye*11:46INVADER VEX(Gotta get up at... Four in the morning. Probably should've left earlier*Long TimeHatbot: YAY! We wasted time!*11:46Mysteriousjillguy( bye*11:46Long Time(bye*11:46Cravitus(goodbye*11:46Invader Jib(bye*11:46INVADER VEX(Gotta get up at... Four in the morning. Probably should've left earlier*(Whatever*(Bye*Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat *11:48Mysteriousjillguy( chat lag*Alien scientist:Some of the human race managed to escape in a gigantic spaceship before the Irkens came to destroy the planet.*Alien scientist:Eventually they got used to living in space and got really really ugly. They also smell a lot more too.*11:49Invader JibJib: Even more than before? Ech*11:50Long TimeMario: Can we just get moving? We've sorta already wasted time, and I get the gist. I just wanna get home as soon as possible...*11:50MysteriousjillguyAlien scientist:They're pretty stupid now too. Infact,they pretty much just depend on machines and artificial intelligence to take care of them.*11:50Long TimeHatbot: Nah. I was enjoying that story!*11:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hey hatbot! I've got a story like that too.*Zogg:It's purty long and interesting. You wanna hear it?*11:51Invader JibJib: No*11:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh thats ok. I lied.*Zogg:*Looks around**11:52Long TimeHatbot: What kind of story? If it's your fan fics, THEN NO.*Hatbot: NEVER AGAIN*11:52Cravitus(meanwhile*11:53MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Thats why we need you to help get that time machine. It's from your time period,so only one of you should know how it works.*11:53Invader JibJib: Wait...then what happens?*11:53MysteriousjillguyBloopblong: If we can repair it with your help,we can send you home and try to fix the future.*11:55Invader JibKlipNorp: Once there, you can search for what horrible world-changing event that made the universe that way.*11:55MysteriousjillguyBloopblong: All of this horrible future will be erased and replaced with a...maybe slightly better one where everyone you know and love dont die.*11:55Invader JibKlipNorp: To save yor friends and uh..yourselves actually**your*11:55Long TimeMario: Sounds good to me.. let's uh, get moving.*Mairo: I'm just doing this to save my friends.*11:56MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Alright,but first we need equipment and what not. And uh..stuff..*11:56Invader Jib+**typo*Jib: This is kinda uh...Couldn't you just have sent some kind of message to the past?*11:57Long Time(again, how did you manage to typo that jib-*11:57Invader JibKlipnorp: We uh...never thought of that actually*11:57Mysteriousjillguy *A small mutant smeet with a large head walks over,wearing a lab coat**Glip:Hello. My name is Glip. *Speaks with a deep voice**Zogg:D'awww,you're kind of cute.*Glip:I AM NEARLY ONE THOUSAND YEARS OLD,MORTAL.*11:58Long TimeHatbot: How do you think he's cute-*11:58MysteriousjillguyZogg: O_o*Glip:I will help you "past irkens" get your gear and other stuff. Follow me.**The hideous mutant smeet floats using telekinesis,his knocks his head into a floating robot on accident**Glip:Ow.**Glip continues to float**11:59Invader JibJib: *follows**11:59Long TimeMario: *follows**Hatbot: This is weeeeeeeeird....*11:59Mysteriousjillguy *Glip floats over to a door,and puts his 5 fingered hand on a console on the wall***The door opens***It reveals a hallway,Glip floats through it***Zogg,Yik,and Feebl follow**12:00Invader JibJib: *follows**12:01Mysteriousjillguy *Another door opens at the end of the hallway,revealing a small room with weapons in strange giant canisters**Zogg:Ooooo*Zogg:*Eyes a gigantic laser cannon**Zogg:I WANT THAT ONE! *Grins mischievously***Zogg smirks,imagining zik**12:02Long TimeMario: It's probably for the best that you don't get it.*Mario: You'll probably blow someone's face off, or something.*12:03MysteriousjillguyImaginationzik:Zogg! I'M SO SORRY IM SUCH A DIRTBAG AND A FILTHY PIGGY PIG TO YE! ALSO,I'M SORRY I TALK LIKE A PIRATE! ARRR!*ImaginationZogg:Apology accepted.*ImaginationZogg:Wait no,nevermind. *Fires the cannon at imagination zik,vaporizing him,screaming is heard**12:04Long TimeMario: You're getting that weird look again ...*pokes Zogg* Hellooo?*12:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:Heheh..*Zogg:Huh?*12:04Long TimeMario: Eeeh... nothing.*12:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh uh*12:04Invader JibJib: ..Yeah I'd rather him not have one of those*12:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:I was just thinking about Fionna and uh-*Glip:Enough.*Glip:I have seen your horrific fanfictions,spikey haired porcupine child. They are seen as one of the most ingenious literature works in history to the humans,unfortunately.*Zogg:Really? Wow-HEY I'M NOT A SPIKEY RODENT!*Loventium has joined the chat. *12:05MysteriousjillguyGlip:*Head glows green**Glip:BLAOUYGGAUGH*12:06Loventium(wat*12:06Cravitus(i dunno*12:06Mysteriousjillguy *Some weapons glow green and float toward them all**( rp stuff hh*12:06Loventium(*steps away* ok*12:06YourFavoriteFangirl(welp*12:06Loventium(bye guys---*12:06Long Time(h*12:06YourFavoriteFangirl(you scared your gf Zogg*12:06MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well..that was very disturbing..but..thank you!*12:07Invader JibJib: *Takes one of the weapons**12:07Long TimeHatbot: WEIRDO. YOU'RE A WEIRDO. THIS IS WEIRD. YOU'RE WEIRD.*12:07Mysteriousjillguy( now angie gets to see the Zogg in its natural habitat*Zogg:This seems pretty normal to me.*12:07Long TimeHatbot: Anyways, give me one of those cool big weapon thingies!*12:07MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Nods***Glip throws a gigantic handheld cannon at hatbot**12:07Long TimeHatbot: *falls over* NOT LIKE THAT!*12:08MysteriousjillguyYik:*Chews on his weapon,growling**12:08Long TimeHatbot: My eyesssss MY RED CRIMSON EYESSSS*Loventium has left the chat. *12:08Long TimeMario: Eeeeeh... most of these are guns..?*12:08MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Charges his weapon* I cant WAIT to use this to vaporize Zik's armmmssss.*12:08Long TimeMario: ...*12:08Mysteriousjillguy( the angie was horrified*( R.I.P*12:08Invader JibJib: Yeah...what else would we use*12:08Long TimeMario: Zogg, if you do that I'll vaporize your arms too.*12:08MysteriousjillguyGlip:Well get a cool grappling hook. Yeah.*12:09Long TimeMario: Well, Jib. I'm not good with guns...*Mario: A grappling hook, really?*12:09Mysteriousjillguy *Glip hands Mario a grappling hook with his stubby arms**12:09Long TimeMario: ...*12:09MysteriousjillguyGlip:Oh uh,sorry. I forgot.*12:09Long TimeMario: That's not even a weapon.*12:09Invader JibJib: Oh okay. Well that just uh..shot at the..*12:09Mysteriousjillguy *Glip hands Mario a can of tuna**12:09Cravitus(yes it is, mario*12:09Long TimeMario: ... tuna..*12:09Cravitus(do you even just cause series*12:09Long Time( me//mario*12:09Cravitus(grapple hook is best weapon*(regardless*12:09Long Time(tell that to oc mario, ye scroob*12:09MysteriousjillguyGlip:Yep.*12:09Cravitus(grapple hook is best weapon*12:10Long TimeMario: This... this isn't a weapon..*Hatbot: *climbs back up to Mario's head*.. that hurt, man.*12:11MysteriousjillguyGlip:The humans won't detect your outdated PAK signatures due to them being about 100 million years old. So uh..theres no need for cloaking devices. They'll probably see you guys as entertainment holograms or somrthing.*something**Glip:Now uh..*Coughs***A robot arm pats his back from the ceiling,Glip burps**12:12Long TimeMario: Can I get a REAL weapon?*12:12MysteriousjillguyGlip:Now it is time for your mission.*Glip:Of course.*12:12Cravitus(is it a rock*(he must be issued two sticks and a rock*(and he must share the rock*12:12Mysteriousjillguy *Glip picks up a pile of weapons with his telekinesis,and drops it on Zogg***Glip drops a rock and a few twigs on Zogg as well**Zogg:BLAUGhhHh-MY SPINEE*12:13Long TimeMario: Just give me something that isn't a gun, or tuna, please.*12:13MysteriousjillguyGlip:*Floats away**12:13Cravitus(*12:13MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hey how about you GRAB A WEAPON FROM THIS PILE,MY DEAR FRIEND*12:13Long TimeMario: Ooooor not... just drop an unorganized pile, that's cool. It's not like it'll be hard to search through this all.*Mario: Nah.*12:14MysteriousjillguyZogg:Just shut up and pick something.**Zogg struggles to hold the pile up,but falls over,it covers him**12:14Long TimeMario: Wow. Somebody's sassy... *searching through the pile**(pm stuff sorry for the pause rip-*12:17Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg crawls out of the pile***A weapon is stuck in his hair,Zogg pulls it out**12:18Long TimeMario: Hmmm..*12:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:OW!-Huh**Zogg looks at the weapon***Zogg presses a button on it,a sword pops out of it**Zogg:It appears to be some kind of plasma weapon...COOL*12:19Long TimeMario: *looking at Zogg* A sword? Finally! Let me see it...*12:19Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg retracts the sword over and over again**12:19Long TimeMario: Wait, plasma?*12:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:No! ITS MINE!*12:19Long TimeMario: Laaaame...*12:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmph.*(>hmph*12:19Long TimeMario: *continues reaching around in the pile**12:19Mysteriousjillguy( shadow confirmed*12:20Long TimeMario: *Pulls out a rather.. odd-looking sword*... hmm?*12:20Mysteriousjillguy( the 4th coming of the dankening confirmed**The sword has a button on it**12:20Long TimeMario: So far this one kinda looks... lame..*12:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:Ever notice how most of these weapons have such easy controls? You'd think theyd have triggers instead of buttons-*12:21Long TimeMario: *presses the button, the sword is now covered in blue flames**12:21MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Swings a spikey mace,almost cutting of Zogg's head**12:21Long TimeMario: ...!! *Eyes widen* Woah!*12:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:AHHH!*12:21Long TimeMario: This is pretty... cool.*12:21MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Oops.**Feebl falls over from the weight of the mace**Yik:*Chews on a plasma pistol**12:22Long TimeHatbot: Meh. Blue fire? Sounds oddly familiar!*12:22Invader JibJib: *Mumbles* My sword never had blue fire*12:22MysteriousjillguyYik:The burrito demons approve of this gun.*Yik:*Throws the gun away and looks for another**12:23Long Time(wait* guys ready yet? I have dinner in about an hour.*12:23Long Time(how long has this rp been so far*12:23Mysteriousjillguy( huh*(?*12:23Long Time(seems a bit**Mysteriousjillguy( huh*(?*12:23Long Time(seems a bit*(like a long rp*12:24Mysteriousjillguy( arent our rps usually this long*12:24Long Time(oh*(nevermind*(are we close to the end though?*12:24Mysteriousjillguy( we're in the middle*12:24Long Time(o*12:24Invader Jib(geez that is long*12:24Long Time(yeah*12:24Mysteriousjillguy( well this is pretty important*12:24Long Time(it is?*12:25Mysteriousjillguy(althoughiadmitishould'vesavedthisforanotherseason*12:25Long Time(i thought it was just some rp*12:25Invader Jib(watch it never be mentioned again-im sorry*12:25Cravitus(*12:25Long Time(krev*(i actually half-expected somebody to make that reference*12:25Mysteriousjillguy( krev is correct*( krev:*munches popcorn,watching the rp**12:26Cravitus(i don't even have popcorn*12:26Long Time(so this rp is gonna be as big*(as the finale*12:26Cravitus(i have four empty 40 ounce cups that once contained either coffee or water*(and an empty foodservice grade dorito box*(The RP has gone on for so long I have run out of chips*(as such*(*12:27Invader Jib(hm maybe it should be slightly shortened*12:27Mysteriousjillguy( id think the finale's longer*12:27Long Time(this is like triple the length of the last recording*(and we're only in the middle*12:27Invader Jib(The finale's longer** Invader Jib digs graves for the entire chat*12:27Long Time(but what if this rp turns out to be longer than the finale*(and 5 ave-articles combined*12:29Cravitus(Recordings tend to be longer than the Ave-Article*12:30Long Time(that's why i said 5 ave-articles combined*12:30Invader Jibhm*12:30Cravitus(*(no sense in lounging about unless you're missing anyone*(you must get the rp done*12:31Invader JibJib: Sadly I left that plasma sword I had in some ship*12:31YourFavoriteFangirl(what're you guys rping?*(:3*12:31MysteriousjillguyZogg:Can we go shoot humans now?*12:31Cravitus(That future one*12:31Long Time(future rp*12:31Mysteriousjillguy( 1000 thousand years later*12:31YourFavoriteFangirl9Ooh*12:32Long TimeMario: Plasma sword? Zogg already has one of those blasted things...*12:32Invader JibJib: oh*12:33Long TimeMario: Anyways, yeah, we should get going.*Mario: This better not take long.. I just really, really wanna get home.*12:33MysteriousjillguyBloopBlong:Indeed. We need to hurry before their ship changes course..or something*12:34Invader JibJib: Maybe we should move faster*12:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yep.*BloopBlong:Follow me to your ship. We'd better get moving.*12:35Invader JibJib: I thought it exploed*12:35Mysteriousjillguy *BloopBlong walks out of the weapons room**12:35Invader Jib *exploded*12:35Long TimeHatbot: WAIT! I never got a weapon!*12:35Invader JibJib: *follows**12:35MysteriousjillguyBloopBlong: I was talking about a new one.*12:35Long TimeHatbot: I wanna get a cool-stabby thing too.*Mario: *follows Jib**12:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:Geeze hatbot,this episode is long enough already! Don't drag it along even MORE!*Feebl:Episode? Huh*12:36Long TimeHatbot: Buuuuut Luuuuurk! I want to get a stabby thing too.*12:36Cravitus(the plot twist is*(he wants to cut off mario's head and steal his body*12:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:BLAUGH! Fine,but don't whine when time suddenly freezes again.*Yik:Yeah I hate when that happens.*12:37Long Time(wait what-*(nightmare fuel krev*Hatbot: Give me your sword!*12:37Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg follows BloopBlong,along with Yik and Feebl**12:37Long TimeHatbot: I NEED THE SWORD, I NEEEEEED ITTT.*12:38Invader JibJib: You're a hat, right? Just do..hat things*12:38Mysteriousjillguy *BloopBlong walks onto a circle shaped platform**12:39Long TimeHatbot: Hats have rights toooooooooo.*12:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:HATBOT! C'mon! THE FATE OF MENAMI...and Zik..DEPENDS ON US!...Or something*12:40Cravitus(hatbot wants mario's body*12:40Long Time(krev*(no*(nightmaressss*12:40Mysteriousjillguy *Yik grabs Jib and tosses him onto the platform**12:40Cravitus(nightmares~*12:40Long TimeHatbot: You, and Zik? You're kidding right-*12:40Invader JibJib: OW*12:40Long Time( krev used ~*(kawaii krev senpai*12:40MysteriousjillguyAlien:Geeze you guys drag on things a lot.*Alien2:*Whisper* These are the right irkens right..?*Alien:I think so..*12:41Long TimeMario: *neverstoppedfollowingjustmovetheplotyescrub**Hatbot: You two hate eachother man.*12:41Mysteriousjillguy *The platform teleports them to a ship hangar***Two metal doors on the ceiling open up,leading to outside**12:42Invader JibJib: So which ship Can it be one closer so we don't spend like...two hours walking*12:43Cravitus(jibslowreaction.avi*12:43Mysteriousjillguy *A cylinder shaped ship is in the middle of the hangar,with the words "IRKUNS STINK!" written on it in purple paint**Zogg:...That looks horrible.*Bloopblong:It's not that bad!*12:43Long TimeMario: Is that.. supposed to be our ship?*12:43Mysteriousjillguy *A peice of the ship falls off**12:43Long TimeMario: You're... you're kidding right?*12:44MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:That piece wasnt important.*Zogg:Well,it could be worse Mario,we could have taken a gigantic magical space rodent. Those have ruined all kinds of beloved areas,Mario.*12:44Cravitus(but what about*(the space walrussssssss*12:45Long TimeMario: This is still pretty terrible though.*12:45Cravitus(*12:45MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Well uh..good luck.*12:45Long TimeMario: Buuuut.. I'm sure we'll be able to make use out of it.*(krev*(is that the same mastermind that created plan b*12:46Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong pushes them toward the ship**12:46Cravitus(yes*(the gloriousness of*12:46Long Time(this man*12:46Cravitus(the sexualobster*12:46Long Time(is a genius*12:46Cravitus(the pinnacle of all lobster kind*12:46Mysteriousjillguy*Zogg:Wait uh..shouldn't you guys be coming too?*Bloopblong:Huh? Oh no,we can't go there without being detected.*Zogg:Wait but-*12:47Invader JibJib: How do we stop the-*12:47Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong walks away,the ship doors open**12:47Invader JibJib: ...This was a huge waste of time*12:48Long TimeMario: Jib, I agree.*12:48MysteriousjillguyZogg:SHUTUPJIBWE'VEGOTTASAVETHRUNIVERSEAGAINANDSTUFF *Picks up Jib and throws him into the ship**12:48Long TimeMario: I agree SO MUCH with that, Jib.*12:48Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg runs into the ship**12:48Long TimeMario: *Sighs, following them in*..*12:48Invader JibJib: Ow*12:48Mysteriousjillguy *The others follow***The ship doors close**12:48Invader JibJib: Considering we don't know what the future problem is, we don't know what fixes it*Jib: Meaning probably NOTHING will change*12:49MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:Greetings useless sacks of flesh. You are boarding this..ship..thing...*12:50Long TimeMario: Jib.. that's actually pretty true..*12:50Invader JibJib: It is.*12:50Long TimeMario: This could all accomplish literally nothing.*12:50MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:I have been programmed to fly you to the filthy human ship,in order to complete your suicide miss-*Voice glitches*-ission*12:50Invader JibJib: So basically, they took us here to tell us we'll all die, and there's nothing we can do about it**,**.*12:50MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:I'd tell you to buckle up but we dont have seat belts.*12:50Cravitus(did they ever have seat belts*12:51Mysteriousjillguy *The ship starts up,and flies upward**12:51Cravitus(irken safety features 2-something-something-something*12:51Long Time(krev*(i ventured into sexuallobster's other videos*(what*(what is this*12:51Cravitus(it's majesticness*12:51Long Time(*12:51Cravitus(purity of the lobstersoul*12:51MysteriousjillguyRadio:Are you still ali-err..are you guys flying alright?*Zogg:I guess..*12:52Cravitus(That one elevator ride I went to with you guys had a Sexualobster reference*12:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wheres the food dispensers-*12:52Long Time(o*12:52Cravitus(When I was screaming Lobster Pit at Fernando*(*Walrus Pit*12:52Long Time(ohhh*12:52Cravitus(Fernando's the bearded gentleman in the Chimp Heist*12:52Long TimeMario: Ummm.. what was the problem, anyways?*12:53MysteriousjillguyRadio:Alright good. Now uh..the ship should be in a system near this planet. So it'll take you about..uh..maybe 30 minutes to get there.*12:53Long TimeMario: Can you at least tell us that.*Mario: At least ONE of you guys should know.*12:53MysteriousjillguyRadio:Hmm...There should be a data log on this ship somewhere..uh..*12:53Invader JibJib: ...*(Chat delay dagnabbit*12:54MysteriousjillguyRadio:It'll give you information about the horrible doomed filled future.*12:54Invader JibJib: Really?*12:54MysteriousjillguyRadio:Yes.*12:54Invader JibJib: Where?*12:54Cravitus(*12:54MysteriousjillguyRadio:I think its the blue button.*12:54Long Time(wha*(krev*(what is*12:54Invader JibJib: *Presses the blue button repeatedly**12:54Cravitus(The way of the universe, Mario.*12:54Mysteriousjillguy *A hologram comes up**12:55Cravitus(*12:55MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:DATA LOGS ACCESSED.*COMPUTER:WHAT YEAR WOULD YOU LIKE TO SELECT,SACK OF FLESH?*12:55Long Time(so strange yet amusing, krev*12:55Invader JibJib: Uh...*turns to radio* Hey, when did everything go horribly wrong?*12:56MysteriousjillguyRadio:Hmm...*12:56Cravitus(*12:57Long Time(amazing*12:57MysteriousjillguyRadio:I believe it was sometime around...2018..*12:58Invader JibJib: Alright,*Jib: Data logs, 2018!*12:58Long TimeMario: 2018!? That's so close to our present.*(meanwhile that's probably when season 4 will happen*12:58MysteriousjillguyRadio:Uh...hopefully you're prepared for what you're about to see..*12:59Invader JibJib: Yeah I hope so too.*12:59MysteriousjillguyRadio:To tell you the truth I didnt expect you guys to be so curious about this,so we kind of left out some..details*Radio:It will be quite depressing..*1:00Long TimeMario: You didn't expect us to ask about our horrible demise?*Mario: That's common sense.**Invader JibJib: This entire universe is depressing. I'm used to it*1:02Cravitus(*1:02Long Time(that's amazing-*Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat *1:03Cravitus(Zogg*(*1:03Long TimeMario: Unfortunately... yeah.. I'm still not used to it though.*Mario: As long as my friends are fine in the end, I'll be okay.*1:03Mysteriousjillguy( LOL*Zogg:Hmm...*1:03Cravitus(I shall play it whenever someone goes AFK*1:04Long Time(yes lol*1:04Cravitus(Or leaves rather*1:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:Computer..uh..were there any wars in 2018?*COMPUTER:NEGATIVE.*1:05Invader JibJib: ...What happened then?*1:06MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:The Empire declared a small group of irkens as traitors,and had them executed. It is unknown how many were executed.*1:07Cravitus(that was a pretty uneventful year*1:07Long TimeMario: Who was in this small group... exactly?*1:07MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:Dangerous occult sciences were found to be done by these irkens,making them extremely dangerous.*1:07Invader JibJib: ..Define "small group"*1:08MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:I can only identify a few of them. Data corrupted.*Computer: Z E E RK*COMPUTER: S E V E N*1:09Long TimeMario: Z-Zeerk...? What...?*1:09MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: D A R R Z*1:09Cravitus(Ave 2018: *Celebration Noises**1:09Long TimeHatbot: If he says me I'm gonna flip.*1:09MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: K I Z*1:10Cravitus(Feebl's fanmail reign of terror ends*1:10MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: T R A X X*1:10Invader JibJib: That's a few people i've...vageuly heard of already*1:10Long TimeMario: ...*1:10YourFavoriteFangirl(is that zik-*1:10Long Time(which kiz*1:10Cravitus(i'd think zik-kiz*(kizbot would just be deactivated and disassembled, if we mean Frognol's*(Not much of an execution*1:11MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait..which Kiz are you talking about..?*COMPUTER:DATA NOT FOUND.*Zogg:..O-o...*1:11Long TimeMario: *Antennae droop* It better not be my Kiz...*1:12YourFavoriteFangirl(does mario not care about the both of them*(XDD*1:12Invader JibJib: Is that all of them?*1:12MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: I CANNOT IDENTIFY YOU PAK SIGNATURES,DATA LOST.*COMPUTER:However,during the great attack on Irk in 2019,I can confirm that most of you most likely died.*1:13Invader JibJib: Well that's...not very good*1:14Long Time(they're like all he cares about lol-*Hatbot: That's probably not good, like at all.*1:14MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:The Nightmare Irkens raged a horrible war on Irk in the year 2019,causing great damage to both sides.*1:14Invader JibJib: That's...not entirely surprising*1:14Long TimeHatbot: So you're telling me, you expect the few of us, to prevent ALL of this?*1:14MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:The Nightmare Irkens created some kind of mutagenic super weapon. Data on it is lost.*1:15Cravitus(*1:15MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:You all are theorized to be heavily involved in what triggered the wars,and the rising strength of the empire.*1:16Long TimeMario: Whatever caused this... I'll be sure to try my best to stop it... or whatever caused it. I'm not letting Kiz, or ANY of my friends die to these forces. I'll do ANYTHING it takes to protect them.*Hatbot: Ye.*1:17MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:I have much more records of disasters happening after 2017.**2018*Zogg:Hmm....Do you have anything paranormal related?*COMPUTER:DEFINE,"PARANORMAL"*1:18Cravitus(krev's problem-with-wording sensors have been going off for a while now, krev realizes*1:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:uh..weird..stuff*COMPUTER:"WEIRD STUFF"? WHAT IS WEIRD STUFF.*1:18Long TimeMario: I just... *getting a little teary eyed* care about you guys and the others, so much .. I'd do anything to protect you people.*1:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:Even me..?*( mario:no*1:19Long TimeHatbot: YOU'RE WEIRD, COMPUTER*1:19MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:ACCEPTED.*1:19Long TimeMario: Of course Zogg, you've helped me in so many ways..*1:19MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:SEARCHING FOR DATA FILES INVOLVING ANY UNUSUAL ACTIVITY*1:19Long TimeMario: I care about you and everyone else, so much.*1:19MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:DATA F-FO-FOUND *Glitching**1:20Long TimeHatbot: STOP STUTTERING YOU NERD*1:20MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: A-ANO-THER-THER DIMENSION WAS DIS-DIS-COVERED IN THE YEAR 2205*COMPUTER:D-DATA C-C-CORRUPT*1:21Long TimeHatbot: Cool stuff. Was there another Hatbot there?*Hatbot: That'd be cool. Two hatbots, double the hat, and double the hat... and most likely double the arguments.*Hatbot: Which I could prooobably live with.*1:21Invader JibJib: I couldn't-*1:21MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:*Voice distorts* UP ABOVE THE WORLD SO HIGH* FEAR THE DIAMOND IN THE SKY*1:22Long TimeHatbot: *stares at Jib**1:22MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: HE NEVER SHUTS HIS EYE-DFHFHHGHZZZT*1:22Long TimeMario: Um.. what?*1:22Mysteriousjillguy *THe data logs begin to spark**1:22Invader JibJib:*1:22MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:Please select a year.*1:22Long TimeMario: Ehhh... Jib.*1:22Invader JibJib: What does that even*Jib: TWO-THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN*1:23Long TimeMario: My memory hasn't been so great lately, could you remember that for me? I think it's some sort of hint.. to how more horrible stuff happened.*1:23MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:2018?*1:24Long TimeHatbot: Or you know, you could ask YOUR OLD PAL HATBOT, YOU KNOW, YOUR LIFE LONG FRIEND.*1:24Invader JibJib: Yeah i'll remember..whatever it means*1:24Long TimeHatbot: But nah, some guy you've only seen like 5 times is good too.*1:24Invader JibJib: Yes, 2018.*1:24Mysteriousjillguy( trying to not spoil plot twists with the computer*( hhh*1:24Cravitus(honestly*(I would've rushed this scene and had it end suddenly due to approaching the humans or whatever*(There is a point at which you linger too long and stagnate.*1:25Long Time(just have Zogg spill soda all over it*(or something*1:25MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER: DATA ERROR*1:25Invader JibJib: ERGGH*1:25MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Asleep,drooling on the control panel***It sparks**Zogg:Hu-whu Ma I'm awake..*Zogg:Do we have to milk the klorgons again?*1:26Long TimeHatbot: Zogg, YOUR MOUTH LIQUIDS ARE RUINING THE SHINY COMPUTER'S PANELS!*1:26MysteriousjillguyCOMPUTER:ACCEPTED. ERASING DATA.*Zogg:Hu-WHAT*1:26Invader JibJib: ARGGGGGGH*1:26Long TimeHatbot: Whaaat? IT'S RUINEDDD*1:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:NO! DONT ERASE! REQUEST DENIED!*1:26Invader JibJib: *Slams on computer**1:26Cravitus(jib gon kill Zogg*1:26Long TimeMario: *Sigh*...*1:26Cravitus(jib gon kill Zogg*(do it*(do it jib*1:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:I NEED TO FIND OUT IF I EVER GET A GIRLFRIEND OR BECOME MAYOR OF JUPITER!*Computer:NURSE.*1:27Long TimeHatbot: I know the answer to the first one-*1:27Invader JibJib: Yeah, I think we all do*1:27Mysteriousjillguy *The data logs shut off,the hologram dissappears*Zogg:AURGH!*Zogg:STUPID COMPUTER!**Zogg bangs his fist on the control panel**1:27Invader JibJib: Great, we all die in a massive war, and there's nothing we can do about it*1:27MysteriousjillguyComputer:WARNING! Nearby vessel detected!*1:28Invader JibJib: Hhuwhat*1:28Mysteriousjillguy *A huge human ship is seen nearby in the window**1:28Long TimeMario: If everything goes wrong we could just move to like... a really far away place, or even a different reality.*Mario: That would be the smart thing to do...*1:28YourFavoriteFangirl(mario: can we all go live at zik's place-*(Zogg: but but the girl there hates me*(mario:.. what did you do while i was gone*1:29Long Time(lol*1:29YourFavoriteFangirl(Zogg: wellikindofmesseduphishouse*1:30Invader JibJib: I'd rather it not come to that*1:30Long TimeMario: Yeah, no? Actually, doesn't Zik live in another universe or something like that? We could y'know... stay there for a bit... it doesn't even have to be his house... just somewhere far from the empire.*1:30MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmm...well...we're from the past...right? So obviously..uh..catnip or whatever his name is needs us to alter the past right?*1:31Long TimeMario: Yeah, but think about it. These disasters seem unavoidable. They're too huge... to change, I think.*1:31MysteriousjillguyRadio:This is why I didnt want to tell you..*1:31Long TimeMario: These guys don't seem like the type to fix it, you know...*Mario: Wouldn't it be easier to move somewhere far away?*1:31MysteriousjillguyRadio:T-the empire..they destroyed everything..they many of my friends..*1:31Long TimeMario: To be safe, avoid the horrible events?*1:32MysteriousjillguyComputer:VESSEL APPROACHING*1:32Long TimeMario: NOT fight when we don't have to?*1:32MysteriousjillguyComputer:ENGAGING MISSION MODE.**The ship flies underneath the gigantic human ship,robotic tenetacles sprout from it's side**1:32Long TimeMario: *Sigh*..*1:33Mysteriousjillguy *The ship drifts toward the giant ship,the tenetacles drill into the ship,anchoring it**1:33Invader JibJib: I have no way of knowing those other places aren't just as dangerous*1:33Long TimeMario: Jib. An army vs living at Zik's house.*1:33Mysteriousjillguy *A robotic arm comes from the ship*'s top**1:33Long TimeMario: I'd go with the 2nd option ok*1:33Mysteriousjillguy *It shoots a laser onto the ship,making a hole**1:34Cravitus(krev is amused that mario and jib are ignoring the mission to banter about completely avoiding any attempt to save the future*1:34Invader JibJib: I've never been to Zik's house. For all I know, a colony of galaxy-eating octopi live there*1:34Long Time(yes krev*1:34Cravitus(meanwhile in krevland*(*(top gun intensifies**A bridge comes out of the ship's side from a hidden panel,metal walls and a ceiling come out,attaching to the bridge***Metal parts come out from the bridge,making the hole airtight shut***A door opens to the bridge**1:34*1:34Long TimeMario: Yeah because that's totally true.*1:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:Look guys,if we don't do something and dont help..KIG-YAR..or whatever his horrible name is,we won't EVER fix the future.*1:35Invader JibJib: *Walks towards the bridge***the*1:35Cravitus(was that a halo reference-*1:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:So we have to stop wasting time bantering like we always do and stuff.*( yep**1:35Invader JibJib: Besides, considering millions of lives could die, just leaving is kind of selfish.*1:35Mysteriousjillguy*1:35Long TimeMario:Oh fine...*Follows**1:35Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks onto the bridge**1:36Long TimeMario: Jib, is very unlikely that a group like us, could save the future.*it's**1:36 *Zogg:Who are you?*1:37Long TimeHatbot: We're going on a secret missionn... yeeeeeee seeeeeeeeecret mission time.*1:38*(afk*1:38Mysteriousjillguy( pause*1:41Cravitus*1:41Mysteriousjillguyperf*Zogg is the one who throws the grenade*jib:*sitting in chair with blank expression**Zogg: we couldnt save him trust me*( ok*1:49Invader JibJib: We should get going.*1:49MysteriousjillguyFeebl:But the question is...when?*Zogg:What*1:49Long TimeMario: Now.*1:49Cravitus(*1:49Long TimeMario: We're wasting time.*1:49Cravitus(underlined places where spaces are needed*1:49Long Time(kreb*1:49Mysteriousjillguy( kreb*1:49Long Time(stop being a grammar nazi (and krebshush*1:49Mysteriousjillguy( ye skrub*1:49Cravitus(sieg heil*1:51Invader Jibalso you can't put 'this' after a comma-*wait hm*1:51Long Time(jib*(brackets you scrub*Hatbot: Yeah, but wasting time is fun!*Hatbot: How else will we pass time?*Mario: By doing something worth-while with our time, that's how.*1:53Invader JibJib: Yeah*1:54Mysteriousjillguy( hngh*( i must the sleep*1:54Long Time(Zogg is getting really tired*(we should end the rp*(we'll probably continue it tomorrow anyways*1:54Mysteriousjillguy( i forgot my sleep meds so i might as well go now to try and get some sleep*( while i still have time*1:54Long Time(wait*(who recorded*1:54Mysteriousjillguy( i did*1:55Long Time(oh ok**Mysteriousjillguy( should i start*12:46Long Time(ye*(*12:48MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Walks out of ship and onto the floor**12:48Long TimeMario: *following**Hatbot: Wait, where are we again?*Hatbot: Gee, THANKS FOR RESPONDING OL' FRIEND!*12:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:We're on the future hyoomans ship*Zogg:I think*Zogg:Hopefully this isnt the ship of man eating space demons*12:50Invader JibJib: Yeah uh...I'm pretty sure it isn't*12:50Long TimeHatbot: Man eating SPACE demons!? It's a good thing I'm not a man, then.*12:51MysteriousjillguyYik:BUT WHAT IF THEY DONT LIKE CERIAL*12:51Long TimeHatbot: Nobody likes cereal.*12:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:What does cerial have to do with-*Zogg:Wait a second*Zogg:HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FIND THE TIME MACHINE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!*Feebl:*Still in the ship,looking around in the bridge for no reason**12:53Invader JibJib: We're supposed to...huh*12:53MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Oooh!*12:53Invader JibJib: I didn't think of that actually*12:53Long TimeHatbot: Oh, it's probably a strange concept to you, but it's called "looking".*12:53MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Grabs a sticky note from off the ground and walks outside the ship**12:53Long TimeHatbot: We've gotta search THIS WHOLE DANG SPACESHIPPER*12:54MysteriousjillguyFeebl:HEY YOU GUYSSSS,I FOUND A CLUE*Zogg:*Snatches the note**12:54Invader JibJib: Well what is it?*12:54Long TimeMario: Wait... a sticky note? .. *shivers* horrible memories with those things.*12:54YourFavoriteFangirl(Hey*(Watcha guys rping?*12:55Long TimeHatbot: I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you're talking about!*(future rp 1000 thousand years later*12:55MysteriousjillguyZogg:"Dear past Irken peoples,I forgot to tell you guys that we left a bunch of kool robot hoverdrones on the ship to help you with your mission,and a time residue anomoly detection device thingy. Pretty convient huh? Anyway uh-Oh wait,also the ship's kind of low on fuel so try to hurry up."-Ploobsloob*12:55YourFavoriteFangirl(Cool*12:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:Why do future irkens have such STOOPID names?*Yik:such is the will of the multidimensional omnipresent digital apes.*Zogg:Thats not a helpful explaniation at all but ok.*12:57Invader JibJib: *looks around for the stuff the future people left**12:57Long TimeMario: ...! The ship's LOW ON FUEL?*Mario: You know, that information would've been useful EARLIER.*12:58Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl looks around,the cargo hold is filled with tons of cargoboxes, the room is lit up by blue lights and futuristic looking human technology n stuff**Zogg:Hmm..well uh..I guess we better put those drones to use.*Zogg:*Goes inside the ship,looking around***Zogg finds a grey door on the left side of the bridge,and presses a button on it, opening it**Zogg:WOW!*12:59Long TimeHatbot: OOOH Oooooh! *Points at a random crate* What's in THAT CRATE-- wait no, no, *points at another random crate* THAT CRATE! Wait, NO I've changed my mind, THAT CRATE *points at the first crate he pointed at*..*1:00Invader JibJib: Gee, what an innovation..*looks through the boxes**1:00Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Hatbot, can you just--.. like be quiet*Mario: For a little bit, please?*1:00Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg kicks one of the drones**Drone:DRONE-118 DETECTS THREAT,RESPONDING IMMEDIATELY**The drone hovers and fires a laser at Zogg, blasting him out of the ship**Zogg:AHHHHHHHHHHHH!*1:01Long TimeHatbot: Awwwwwhhhh... but I'm so excited.*1:01Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg crashes into a bunch of crates, covered in burns**Zogg: Drones are functional....*1:01Long TimeMario: !! *Looking over at Zogg* Mario: Woah, Zogg what happened!?*1:01MysteriousjillguyZogg: guhhhergh*1:02Long TimeMario: *walking over to him* You okay?*1:02Mysteriousjillguy *a bunch of floating robot drones come out of the ship**Drones: AWAITING COMMAND*Drones: COMMANDER DETECTED. NAME:HATBOT*Zogg:HUH?!*Zogg:I kicked the drone and started them up! WHY AM I NOT COMMANDING THEM?!*1:03Long TimeHatbot: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*Mario: Wait, what?*1:03MysteriousjillguyDrone:Your smell overloads our scent detectors. That is why.*1:03Long TimeHatbot: Ooh! I get to be all powerful 'n' stuff!*1:04MysteriousjillguyZogg:Welp,great. They're malfunctioning. We're gonna die.*Feebl: Awww cheer up Zogg! At least you won't get eaten by space squids!*Zogg: I hate you.*1:04Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Hatbot... just tell them to help us find that time machine ... or whatever it is.*Hatbot: Can you drone-thingies be my friends?*1:05Mysteriousjillguy *Yik comes back out of the ship, holding a large strange looking device bigger then his head**Yik:*Chews on it**1:05Long TimeMario: You're-- you're kidding right.*1:06MysteriousjillguyDrone: DRONE ACCEPTS REQUEST*1:06Long TimeHatbot: Eheheheheeeh! *Arm flail* NEW FRIENDS!*1:06Mysteriousjillguy *One of the drones put a party hat on hatbot and blows a party horn**1:06Invader Jib(brb real quick*1:07Long TimeHatbot: WOOOO, FRIEND-PARTY!**Mysteriousjillguy( pause for jibi nutrin*1:08Invader Jibback)*1:08Mysteriousjillguy( continue*1:08Invader JibJib: Yeah uh Hatbot, tell them to have a box-searching party*1:08MysteriousjillguyZogg: Huh? Whats that thingy you got Yik?*1:08Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... We're wasting valuable time, Hatbot. Tell them to stop doing ... whatever this is ... and find that machine.*Hatbot: Fiiiiiiine. You're such a buzzkill, Mayo.*1:09MysteriousjillguyYik:It tastes like the warm flesh of the watermelon gods.**Zogg takes the device out of his mouth and falls over**Zogg:GRGH! This thing is heavy...*1:09Long TimeHatbot: Drone-friends, can you guys find that machine thingy?*1:09Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg wipes some dust off it**1:10Long TimeHatbot: But also continue the party, while searching, because who doesn't like a good robot-party?*1:10MysteriousjillguyDrone: NEGATIVE. TIME DETECTING THINGY PROGRAMMING NOT INSTALLED. PLEASE PURCHASE IN HYPERDATA STORE.*Yik:HA! DLC!*Yik:*Gnaws on his own foot**Zogg:"TIME DETECTOR-400 V PROTOTYPE"*Zogg:...Who makes the detector device this big and heavy?*1:11Long TimeHatbot: *shrug* I guuuueeeessss we'll just have to keep on partying, right?*1:11Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg flips the device over and presses one of its huge buttons***A beeping noise is heard**Detector:HELLO MEATSACK,IF YOU'RE HEARING THIS THAT MEANS YOU'VE JUST ACTIVATED Y-YOUR TIME DETECTOR-400 V PROTOTYPE,BROUGHT TO YOU BY PLANETNOREFUNDIUM INDUSTRIES,AND SCAMULOT.CO!*1:13Long TimeHatbot: *pokes Jib* You don't talk much, do you?*1:14MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well that sounds certainly trustworthy.*1:14Invader JibJib: ...No not really*Jib: *@hatbot*1:15MysteriousjillguyDetector:IF YOU'RE TOO STUPID AND HIDEOUS TO UNDERSTAND,THE TIME DETECTOR DETECTS [audio missing] BY [audio missing] USING HIGHLY ADVANCED [audio missing] TECHNOLOGY THAT YOU POSSIBLY COULDNT UNDERSTAND*Detector:THE CLOSER YOU ARE TO SAID [audio missing] THE MORE THIS DEVICE WILL BEEP*1:16Invader JibJib: ...huh*1:16Long TimeMario: Soooo we'll just have to aimlessly walk around .... again?*Mario: Greeaaaat...*1:17MysteriousjillguyDetector:HAVE A NICE DAY,AND DONT FORGET TO BUY THE BRAND NEW PLOT-O-TRON-300,CAPABLE OF IMPROVING FICTIONAL PLOT DETAILS IN SECONDS*1:17Long TimeHatbot: That sounds pretty useless.*1:17MysteriousjillguyDetector:APPROVED BY 9/10 BASEMENT DWELLERS*1:18Invader JibJib: Sigh*1:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:I could make a better plot in seconds then that gizmo could in nanoseconds,why last thursday I just thought up a totally kool story about what would happen if Jib was actually capable of producing smeets-*1:19Long TimeMario: ...what*1:19Invader JibJib: That sounds HORRIBLE*1:20MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well uh anyway,OH LOOK THE DEVICE IS BEEPING AGAIN**A holographic screen comes up from the device,showing a red dot for where the time machine is**Zogg: Theres an instruction manual for this thing right?*Zogg:Feebl GO LOOK FOR THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL*Feebl:Okie*1:21Long TimeMario: Do we really need an instruction manual?* guys go look in those crates while Feebl looks for the manual*INVADER VEX has left the chat. *1:22Invader JibJib: What we would need....we just follow the dot on that map.*1:22Long TimeMario: ... exactly*1:22MysteriousjillguyZogg:Well there could be some hidden features or something**Feebl runs over to Zogg,and stops**Zogg:Did you get the manual?*1:23Invader JibJib: That doesn't really matter right now..*1:23Long TimeMario: *Sigh* .. *looking through more crates**1:23MysteriousjillguyFeebl: *Hands Zogg a soggy, wet mangled manual**Zogg: Huh?! Feebl, what did you do?!*Feebl: Thats what you saaaiiddd*Zogg:I said to just give me the manual.*Feebl: Oh I thought you said give CHEW THE MANUAL AND THEN SPIT IT OUT*1:25Long TimeMario: Most of these crates are empty, or just have complete trash in them..*1:25MysteriousjillguyZogg: *Looks at the soggy, saliva soaked manual and gags**Zogg:*Drops it**Drone: DRONE SUSPECTS THIS AREA MUST BE SOME KIND OF TRASH HOLDING AREA.*Zogg: Why put trash in crates?*Drone: EXPLANATION NOT FOUND*Zogg: Well uh..lets get moving*1:27Long TimeHatbot: Wait, drone-buddies what happened to the party?*1:28MysteriousjillguyDrone: DRONES MUST PARTY LATER. PRIORITY ONE IS FINDING TIME MACHINE*Drones:*Crumple up their party hats**1:28Long TimeHatbot: AWWWWWWWW BUT PARTYING WAS SO MUCH FUN!*Hatbot: You guys were robots that actually liked me for once!*1:29Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks over to a giant door, it automatically opens revealing a hallway with different paths**1:29Invader JibJib: Yeah uh...let's hurry this up then. If we just keep sitting around, we'll get discovered eventually, then be brutally dissected.*1:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm...I think the time machine must be in the upper levels of the ship.*Zogg:Ok obviously we're going to need to teleport up there, so Jib you should serve as a good sacrifice for the elder gods.*1:30Long TimeMario: *follows Zogg**1:30MysteriousjillguyZogg:Mario you grab some candles for the demonic teleportation ritual*1:30Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.*1:30Invader JibJib: Yeah that won't be necassary*1:30Long TimeHatbot: Wait a minute.. NOT THE SPACE-DEMONS!*Hatbot: BAD PLAN! BAD PLAN! BAD PLANNN!*1:30Invader JibJib: I'm pretty sure there's some kind of elavator, or at least a staircase*1:31MysteriousjillguyYik: SPACE DEMONS ONLY COME IN PURPLE*INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *1:31Mysteriousjillguy *A floating monitor looking thing zips by down one of the hallways**Zogg:!*1:32Invader JibJib: *quickly leans on a wall**1:32Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg slams the device infront of him and hides behind it***The monitor turns toward them and makes a few beeping noises**Zogg:...**The monitor turns back around and continues going down the hallway**1:32Long Time(chat laggg*Mario: *was already behind a wall.. or something**1:33Invader JibJib: Mother of Irk it's probably informing the humans of unindentified lifeforms on the ship*1:33Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg looks over the hallway on the right,and looks at the monitor thingy**1:34Invader JibJib: We better hurry up before it reaches htme*1:34Long TimeHatbot: Jib, you're CRAZY! There's no mother of Irk.*1:34Invader Jib *them*1:34Mysteriousjillguy *The monitor robot thingy stops and hovers over a strange looking circle shaped platform on the floor, a ring of blue lights appear on the platform***The monitor transforms into a glowing blue cube and dissappears**1:35Invader JibJib: Well I meant as in-Blagh nevermind, I don't pre-anaylze everything that comes out of my mouth*1:35Mysteriousjillguy *The lights dissappear**Zogg:You sure don't.*Zogg:Get it? Cuz you're stupid.*1:35Long TimeHatbot: Wait a minute*1:35Invader JibJib: Be quiet*1:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm*1:35Long TimeHatbot: How do you know what a mother is?*Hatbot: FAKER*Hatbot: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REAL JIBBB*1:36MysteriousjillguyZogg: Obviously that device must be some kind of teleporter to the nethral dimension.*1:36Invader JibJib: I only know what that is due to forced exposure to other cultures*1:36MysteriousjillguyDrone: TELEPORTER SIGNATURE IDENTIFIED*Zogg: No! Shut up you! IT LEADS TO THE NETHRAL DIMENSION*Drone:THREAT IDENTIFIED**One of the drones fire a laser at Zogg, causing him to scream in pain**1:37Long TimeHatbot: Wait, drone-buddies*1:37MysteriousjillguyYik: *Eats a bag of popcorn**1:37Long TimeHatbot: Don't treat bad behavior with lasers*Hatbot: Smack him instead.. or something..*1:37MysteriousjillguyDrone:DRONE IS CONFUSED*Drone:ACCEPTABLE*1:38Long TimeHatbot: SMACK EM*Hatbot: SMACK EMMM*1:38MysteriousjillguyDrone: *A mettallic hand comes out,smacking Zogg**Zogg:GAUGH*Yik:*Chokes on the bag of popcorn, falling over**1:39Long TimeMario: It's a teleporter.*Mario: Can we move on now?*1:39MysteriousjillguyZogg: Teleporters? What happened to elevators?**Zogg walks onto the platforms,suspicious**1:39Long TimeMario: These are future humans we're talking about, Zogg*1:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:I'm not sure about this-**The ring of light appears,Zogg transforms into a blue cube and dissappears**Feebl:WOAH DUDE,YOUR BEST FRIEND GOT VAPORIZED*1:40Long TimeMario: *Eyes widen* ...*1:40MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Sorry for your loss.*1:40Long TimeMario: Zogg!? *Running over to the cube**1:41MysteriousjillguyFeebl: *Pats mario on the back**1:41Long TimeMario: Where.. where did he go?*Mario: No, he couldn't of died... not.. not like this.*1:41Invader JibJib: To the upper levels I guess...*1:41Long TimeHatbot: He's probably that strange blue cube thingy*1:41MysteriousjillguyDrone: TELEPORT SIGNATURE DETECTED. SUBJECT: LEERIK WAS TRANSPORTED TO ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.*1:42Long TimeMario: *Antennae droop* I.. I Mario: Oh-*Mario: That makes me feel better.*Hatbot: DONATE THE BLUE CUBE TO THE SPACE-DEMONS!*1:42MysteriousjillguyYik: The potato gods tell me that Zogg will be horribly mangled and then stuffed into a mechanical suit by anti-social mammal enthusiasts*Feebl: *Walks onto the platform,becoming teleported**Yik: Oh well. Death sounds great anyway.*1:43Invader JibJib: *Slowly steps onto the platform**1:43Mysteriousjillguy *Yik jumps onto the teleporter and gets teleported**1:44Long TimeMario: *Steps onto the platform*..*1:44Mysteriousjillguy *The drones go over to the platform,everyone gets teleported***The group of irkens end up in a large theater, hoverchairs surround the room***Everyone is on a large stage***Loud cheering is heard**1:45Long TimeMario: Uhh...?*Mario: What exactly IS this?*1:46Mysteriousjillguy *Wrinkly pale fat humanoids sit in the chairs, with long skinny limbs and 7 fingers on each hand***They all wear stupid looking hats of some sort**1:46Long TimeMario: ... ewwwwwww ...*Mario: They look so ... disgusting*1:46MysteriousjillguyZogg:What are these things? They look like PIGS*Drone:HUMANS DETECTED*Zogg:Those..are humans..?**The horrible disfigured humans rapidly typed on keyboards installed on their chairs,they stare at monitors connected to their chairs**type**1:48Invader JibJib: Uh..can they see us*1:48Long TimeHatbot: Hey, these pig people aren't so bad!*Hatbot: We're still alive, soooooooooo they're friendly?*1:48Mysteriousjillguy *Large holographic words appear above them,reading " C0WB0Y SIMULTOR STRTED"**Holograms of cowboys appear around them***The stage cloaks into a western desert with a sterotypical old west town on it**Cowboy:WELL HURP DURP AH REKON DAH BAD GUYS COMIN TO TOWN*Cowboy2:YESSIRE*Zogg: Huh..? Holograms..?*1:50Long TimeMario: .. this is really dumb.*1:50MysteriousjillguyZogg: WAIT A SECOND*Zogg: *Takes a cowboy hat from one of the holograms, and hands it to Mario***Zogg steals some more cowboy hats,and puts one of them on**Zogg:OH BOY! I SURE AM A NORMAL COWBOY PERSON! NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL!*Zogg:WESTURN WORDS AND ALL THAT*1:51Long TimeMario: Euhgg... do I really have to wear this? This looks awful.*1:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:HEY MARIO,WANNA TALK ABOUT TEXAS?*1:52Long TimeHatbot: You're such a diva, Mayo. Just put the hat over me and DO THINGS!*1:52MysteriousjillguyZogg: *Sweats nervously,staring at mario with a fake smile**1:52Invader JibJib: Yeah and uh i'm the guy from the general cowboy area who dislikes hats*1:52Long TimeMario: *Sigh, puts the cowboy hat over Hatbot**1:52Mysteriousjillguy *Some of the future humans stare curiously at jib,hatbot,and mario***Feebl puts on some cowboy boots and dances around wiggling his arms**1:53Long TimeMario: *Thumbs up* Yup. Cowboys. Stereotypical catchphrases.*Hatbot: *muffled noise, arm flail**1:53Mysteriousjillguy *The future humans cheer, shaking their chubby fat faces around in excitement**1:53Invader JibJib: Yeah that*1:54MysteriousjillguyCowboy:OH NOOOO! ITS OUTLAW GENE NERIC JENKINS! COME TO STEAL OUR PRECIOUS RESOURCES AND SUPPLIES**A green humanoid wearing a cowboy hat with a mustache walks over**GENE-NERIC:YES IT IS I! GENE,THE BAD PERSON WHO IS GOING TO STEAL YOUR GOLD AND LUCKY CHARMS. YESSIRE*Cowboy:QUICK,COWBOY#2 GET YOUR HISTORICALLY ACCURATE WEAPON OUT!*Cowboy2:Right!**The 2nd cowboy takes out a laser cannon and fires it at the bad guy**Gene:OUCH! MY NERVES!*1:56Long TimeMario: ... really*1:57MysteriousjillguyZogg:*whispers* Just play along so they dont discover us!*Zogg: MMMMM WESTERN THINGS YEP*1:57Invader JibJib: Yeah remember that time we did that..thing, that was so western*1:57Mysteriousjillguy *Gene pulls out a helicopter,and chucks it at the 2nd cowboy**INVADER VEX has left the chat. *1:58Mysteriousjillguy *The 2nd cowboy spontanesously explodes for no reason,and the helicopter transforms into jelly**Cowboy:JIM!*Cowboy:NOOOO!*Cowboy:Who will deliver the donuts?*1:58Long TimeHatbot: YEAH REMEMBER THAT ONE DAR SPACE WESTERN CAT, YEAH THAT REALLY SUCKED. ALSO I'M YELLING SO YOU CAN HEAR ME FROM UNDER THIS CHEAP HAT!*darn**1:58MysteriousjillguyCowboy:Who will help my grandma with her sicknesssss*Cowboy: WHO WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL SPACE CRABS*Cowboy: YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT,FOUL VILLAIN!**Poorly made dramatic music plays,a loud choir is heard yelling gibberish for dramatic effect**Gene:NEIN! YOU VILL SUFFER,AND THEN DIE,AND THEN SUFFER SOME MORE*Gene:After I ressurect you from the dead that is. Then you'll die again. But this time forever.*Cowboy:YOU*Cowboy:*Clenches fist**Cowboy:Youuuuu siccckennn meee*Cowboy: BLAPGGTHOUGH INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH ABOUT HEROISIM**One of the future humans shed a tear,clapping***The cowboy takes out a giant flaming sword similar in design to jib's trio gem sword,and cuts gene in half**Gene:NOOOOO! I LEFT MEATLOAF IN THE OVEN**Gene's head asplodes**Feebl:Wooo! THat was great! Lets do that again!*2:03Long TimeMario: Ehh.*2:03Mysteriousjillguy *A robotic voice is heard from speakers in the room**Voice:And that was when an asteroid struck earth,killing off 90% of the cowboy population and giving rise the mighty bighead-o-saurs**A bunch of holographic dibs appear,with ridiculously large heads and lizard tails**2:05Long TimeMario: ... What ...*2:05Mysteriousjillguy *The future humans boo,and throw trash at the dib holograms**2:05Long TimeMario: This is... really bizarre*2:05MysteriousjillguyVoice:Until their heads got so large they died. Giving rise to the human race.*Humans:*Cheer***The stage reverts to normal**Zogg:*Stands there wearing a cowboy hat,sweating**Zogg:Uhh...*2:06Invader JibJib: ...*Jib: *Slowly inches toward an exit**2:07Mysteriousjillguy *One of the future humans stare at the group,and agressively slap their fingers on the keyboard**2:07Long TimeMario: ...*Mario: *Slowly follows Jib**2:07MysteriousjillguyVoice: MALFUNCTIONING ENTERTAINMENT BOTS SPOTTED.**Cylinder shaped robots fly over,and emit a field of energy around the group**2:08Invader JibJib: Agh, I shoulda ran for it while I had the chance**should've*2:08Mysteriousjillguy *The robots teleport them into a room filled with maintenance bots and tools**Drone: DRONE AWAITS COMMAND*2:09Long TimeMario: Greaaat..*Hatbot: Drone-buddy, quick!*Hatbot: Smack Zogg again, OR SOMETHING!*Hatbot: SMACK EM*2:09MysteriousjillguyDrone:*Smacks Zogg once more**Zogg:OW! Quit it!*2:10Long TimeHatbot: SMACK EM AGAIN!*Hatbot: Wait, no*2:10MysteriousjillguyZogg: I'll HAVE YOU KNOW I KNOW 600 REALMS WITH WEAPONS CAPABLE OF DESTROYING YOUR ATOMS-*2:11Long TimeHatbot: Hmmmm*Hatbot: What should I make these drone-buds do?*Hatbot: Or drone-bud... I forget how many drones even follows us.*2:11Mysteriousjillguy *Robotic arms grab Zogg and slam him onto a metal table,hard light straps appear,holding down Zogg's arms and legs to the table**Drone:DRONE ESTIMATES ABOUT 15*2:12Invader JibJib: *Cringes at the metal arms* I dunno, tell them to get us out of here?*2:12Long TimeHatbot: DRONE-BUDS GET US OUT OF HERE!*2:12MysteriousjillguyComputer:Intiating diagnostic protocols for drone #001.*2:13Long TimeHatbot: And play relaxing smooth jazz the entire time!*2:13MysteriousjillguyDrone:DRONE NEEDS LOCATION TO GET YOU OUT OF HERE TO*2:13Long TimeHatbot: TO AN UPPER LEVEL, OR SOMETHING*2:13MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Hatbot! Tell them to take us to SPACEBURGERUS! They have milkshakes!*2:13Long TimeHatbot: Also, JAZZ*Hatbot: WE NEED THAT JAZZ*2:14Mysteriousjillguy *A robotic arm with a sharp point moves toward Zogg's head**Zogg:*Struggles**Drone:AFFIRMATIVE**The drones fire lasers at the other robots in the room,smooth jazz plays as they do**Computer:INTRUDER ALERT*2:15Long TimeHatbot: Yaaaaay*2:15Mysteriousjillguy *Robotic arms come out of the ceiling,armed with tasers**Computer:INTIATING ATTACK PROTOCOL-**The drones fire at the arms,breaking them**Computer:Attack protocol cancelled. Activating alarms.*2:17Invader JibJib: Alarms?!*2:17Mysteriousjillguy *The drones hit everyone with tractor beams,including Zogg and his metal table**2:17Long TimeMario: ..*2:17MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait a second can you get me out of this thing first-**The drones smash through the ceiling into the upper floor,Zogg gets hit by chunks of the ceiling**Zogg:AGH HHTG*Drone:Upper level reached.*Feebl:YAY!*Feebl:Can we go show Jib my fanfictions now?!*Yik:No.*2:19Invader JibJib: Yeah no*2:19MysteriousjillguyDrone:Awaiting further commands*2:19Long TimeHatbot: Hmmmm*2:20Mysteriousjillguy *Large bulky robots fly into the room,armed with plasma cannons**Robots:NEUTRALIZING INTRUDERS**The robots fire plasma balls at them all**2:20Invader JibJib: *ducks**2:21Mysteriousjillguy *The drones deactivate the tractor beam,everyone falls to the floor***Zogg lands with the table ontop of him**2:21Long TimeMario: *ducks out of the way**2:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:I probably deserve this but I don't care.*2:21Long TimeHatbot: Uhhhh.. uhhhhm... DRONES, GO KILL THEM*2:21MysteriousjillguyZogg:GET THIS THING OFF ME*Drones:ROGER ROGER**The drones fire lasers at the robots while the smooth jazz continues to play in the heat of battle***Yik jumps onto one of the robots,angrily snarling**2:22Long TimeHatbot: Yay, oooh, OOH! We're getting to the good part of the jazz.*2:23Mysteriousjillguy *Zoggs spider legs activate,and fire lasers at the table ontop of him,breaking it into pieces***The hard light straps deactivate,letting Zogg free***Zogg's pak legs retract**2:24Invader JibJib: *fires hand-laser gun on the robots, doing very little effect**2:24Long Time(lork*(pm*2:24MysteriousjillguyZogg:Ok thats better. Now to brutally disassemble Hatbot-*2:24Long TimeHatbot: Wuh-- HEYYYY!*Hatbot: I thought you liiiked meee? *frowns**2:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:You ordered your stupid drones to brutally slap me! That is not what people that like other people DO!*Zogg:Except on "Slap-your-friend-named-Mario day". Thats a tradition.*2:26Long TimeHatbot: You were being rude to my robo-buds!*Mario: ..*2:28Invader JibJib: Gee this robot laser battle is taking a while*2:28Mysteriousjillguy *One of the robots slams one of its arms on Mario***Another robot grabs one of the drones and crushes it,then throws it at Zogg**2:29Long Time(Zogg (pm*(hhh*2:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:GARAUGH-*2:29Invader JibJib: *Swings plasma sword at one of the arms**.*2:32Mysteriousjillguy *The robot's arm breaks in half**2:33Invader JibJib: *Swings for another arm, but misses**2:33Mysteriousjillguy *The robot grabs jib and throws him at a wall**2:34Invader JibJib: ow*2:35Long TimeMario: ..Auhg! *Activates the flame-sword that the future irkens gave him earlier, and slashes the robot arm that slammed him**2:35Mysteriousjillguy *The robot flys backward,crashing into a few other robots***More robots teleport into the room**Zogg:There's too many of them!*2:37Invader JibJib: We'll have to run for the exit or something*2:37Long TimeHatbot: Uhhhh, drone-buds can you save us from this painful slow fight?*2:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:HATBOT! TELL THE DRONES TO SHOOT A LASER THINGY OR SOMETHING INTO THE WALL!*2:37Long TimeHatbot: Oh, shoot that wall-- wait no, THAT WALL!*2:38MysteriousjillguyDrone:ROGER ROGER*Feebl:That wall's name isnt roger. It's burt. Burt is very displeased now.*Feebl:*Hugs the wall***The drones fire lasers at the wall, blasting Feebl across the room**Feebl:WEEE**Zogg runs through the hole in the wall**2:40Invader JibJib: *Runs and jumps through the hole in the wall**2:41Long Time(meanwhile, discovered something in one of Zogg's gun sketches- (*2:41Mysteriousjillguy( the gun fires flaming Zoggfics at people-*2:41Invader Jib(thats terrifying*2:42Long TimeMario: *follows them**2:42Invader Jib(i think i might gtg*2:42Long Time(oh*(rip*2:42Invader Jib(i blame the two awkard silences*anyway*bye*2:43Long Timebye jib*2:43Invader Jibbye*ye*"e drones fire lasers at the wall, blasting Feebl across the room* Feebl:WEEE Zogg runs through the hole in the wall* 2:40 Invader Jib Jib: *Runs and jumps through the hole in the wall* 2:41 Long Time (meanwhile, discovered something in one of Zogg's gun sketches- ( 2:41 Mysteriousjillguy ( the gun fires flaming Zoggfics at people- 2:41 Invader Jib (thats terrifying 2:42 Long Time Mario: *follows them* 2:42 Invader Jib (i think i might gtg"*should we do a time skip*we could introduce the villain*during said time skip*11:26Invader Jibidk*11:27Mysteriousjillguyor should we continue the rampage through the ship*11:28Long Timeidk*11:28Mysteriousjillguy( hh ill start*11:28Cravitus(break the eternal delay*11:30Long Time(*11:30Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg ends up in the hallway next to the room, filled with tons of doors leading to other repair rooms***More robots enter from the end of the hallway, with red alarm lights on their heads**Zogg:AHH!*Zogg:QUICK! JIB! USE YOUR UGLY FACE TO PROTECT US!*11:32Long TimeHatbot: YEAH, JIB DO IT!*11:32Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg grabs a hold of jib and chucks him at the robots**11:32Invader JibJib: Your ugly face is probably more effective than mine, due to it's higher ugliness factor*11:32Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg runs down the hallway**11:32Invader JibJib: *gets up**11:32Mysteriousjillguy *Robotic arms come out of the ceiling,firing lasers at Zogg**11:32Invader JibJib: Gah*11:33Mysteriousjillguy *The robots shoot red lasers at Jib**11:33Invader JibJib: *Starts running down the hallway**11:33Long TimeHatbot: OOOOOH YOU JUST OWNED Zogg!*Mario: *still following them, running**11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:Shut up and use your stupid robot drones!*11:33Long TimeHatbot: But*Hatbot: I'm already using them.*11:33Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl is ontop of Mario's head,holding on tight**Feebl:Your head feels nice.**Yik rolls down the hallway**11:34Long TimeHatbot: Can't you hear the smooth jazz-- AHHH WEIRD GUY*Mario: Euhg... can you not, Feebl?*11:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh yeah sure they're REALLY HELPING. *Points the group of robots chasing them***A laser flies by,missing mario by an inch**Zogg:Where did these robots learn to shoot?! From stormtroo-**Zogg gets hit by a laser and falls over**Zogg:GAUGH*11:35Invader JibJib: *doges a laser while running**11:35Long TimeMario: ..! Zogg, are you okay?!*Hatbot: Nah, he's dead dude.*11:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:Eghughh...just a few minor 360 degree burns**Zogg gets up,stumbling***Zogg's spider legs activate,he runs down the hall***Zogg takes a left leading to another hallway**11:37Invader JibJib: *heads into the other hallway**11:37Long TimeHatbot: Heeeey that's no fair! You get weird spider legs, and I can't even walk.*11:37Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg stops,finding a large hatch shaped door**11:38Long TimeMario: *following Zogg**11:38Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's spider legs fire lasers,breaking it open**11:38Long TimeMario: Uh..*11:38Mysteriousjillguy *The door leads to a supply closet filled with cleaning supplies and stuff**Zogg:QUICK! IN HERE!*11:38Long TimeMario: Really..?*11:38Invader JibJib: *jumps in the supply closet**11:38MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Grabs Mario and Yik and pulls him in***Feebl falls off Mario's head,and onto the floor**Zogg:SHHH*11:39Long TimeHatbot: Aren't we all gonna be squished together?*Hatbot: WAIT, I CAN'T HEAR THE SMOOTH JAZZ ANYMORE*11:39Mysteriousjillguy *The robots pass by the supply closet,not noticing them**11:39Long TimeHatbot: THIS IS AN OUTRAGEEEE*11:39MysteriousjillguyDrone:Drone shall raise volume.*Zogg:NO! THEY'LL HEAR US!*11:40Invader JibJib: There's more important things than that right now, we had a roughly...0% chance of survival back there*11:40Long TimeHatbot: Fiiiiiiine.*11:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:Thats because your hideousness distracted the robots.*11:40Long TimeHatbot: Drone-buds, lower the volume*11:40MysteriousjillguyDrone:YESSIR**The music lowers**Zogg:*Stands on Jib's head,and looks through the supply closet door window**Zogg:Hmm...*Zogg:...The coast seems clear-*11:41Invader JibJib: Well THAT'S because-*tumbles**11:41Mysteriousjillguy *A robot slowly stops infront of the window,Zogg ducks**11:41Long TimeHatbot: Zogg, to be fair..*Hatbot: Jib is like*Hatbot: Way more handsomer*11:42Mysteriousjillguy *The robot's red single eye zooms in on the room through the window**Zogg:*Grabs hatbot and puts him on the floor***Zogg puts a bucket over hatbot***The robot stares**Zogg:...*Zogg:*Gulps**Robot:INTRUDERS DETECTED-*11:43Long TimeHatbot: Man, it's spooky in here*11:43Mysteriousjillguy *THe broken door falls over on the robot,crushing it**Robot:BBZZTT-**The robot sparks,smoke rises from it**11:43Long TimeMario: Wow... we're extremely.. lucky*11:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:Huh. Well would ya look at that.*Feebl:Yep.*Zogg:Hmm..well the other robots seemed to have missed us...*Zogg:Wait a second wheres the time detector thingy-*11:45Invader JibJib: *Facepalm**Jib: Not here*11:45MysteriousjillguyYik:*Hands it to Zogg despite its incredibly heavy weight**11:45Invader JibJib: ...oh*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:How did you-*Yik:I dunno*Zogg:...Uh...*Looks at the detector thingy screen**Zogg:Blaugh! Its on the other side of the SHIP!*11:46Long TimeMario: Greaaaat..*11:46MysteriousjillguyZogg:It's near the cafeteria and reactor core*Zogg:Hmmm*Zogg:We're going to have to be sneaky*Feebl:Like SPACE NINJAS?*Zogg:...Yes*11:47Invader JibJib: *looks around* Is there some kind of other exit?*11:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:We could look for some kind of teleporter*Zogg:It might be risky..*11:48Invader JibJib: Hm..*11:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:According to this poorly made low quality holographic map on the detector thingy theres some kind of "human expressway" near here*Zogg:Theres a shortcut leading to the reactor core and wherever the time machine is*11:50Invader JibJib: We'd better hurry then*11:50MysteriousjillguyZogg:We need a way to not get caught..*Zogg:I SUGGEST WE DRESS UP AS CLOWNS*11:50Long TimeHatbot: Use your disguise things, duh.*Hatbot: Clowns, NO I HATE CLOWNS!*11:51MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Oh I left those on the ship.*11:51Long TimeHatbot: Really?*11:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Facepalms**11:51Long TimeHatbot: Even I would've brought those.*11:51MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*looks over to a bucket and cleaning supplies**Feebl:Huh*Feebl:*Puts a bucket on his head and walks outside the closet***A janitor bot hovers over**Feebl:I am a bucket.**The janitor bot ignores him and hovers away***Feebl walks into a wall, unable to seee**Zogg: Its so obvious...*Zogg:Their weakness is CLEANING SUPPLIES*11:53Invader JibJib: ...*11:53Mysteriousjillguy *Yik puts a mop on his head***The drones put a bunch of buckets on themselves and hover out of the room**11:53Invader JibJib: *puts a bucket on his head**11:53Long TimeMario: What...?*11:53Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg grabs a sponge and puts it on his head**11:54Long TimeMario: You.. You're kidding, right?*11:54Mysteriousjillguy *Another robot appears**11:54Long TimeMario: That's ridiculous.*11:54Invader JibJib: It's dumb, but to be fair, they're robots made by future humans*11:54MysteriousjillguyRobot:SCANNING...*Robot:CLEANING SUPPLIES DETECTED. NO OBJECT OF INTEREST IDENTIFIED.*11:54Long TimeHatbot: *grabs a mop and puts it infront of Mario**Hatbot: Just go with ittttt*11:54Mysteriousjillguy *The robot hovers over Feebl,knocking him over**Feebl:Ouch mah head.*Feebl:Yeah Mario! GO WITH THE FUNKY FLOW**Yik somehow makes eyeholes in the bucket***Zogg walks down the hallway**11:56Long TimeMario: *Sigh* Do you guys realize how stupid this is?*Mario: *following the others**11:56MysteriousjillguyZogg:Sure, but these are HUMANS in a HUMAN ship.**Zogg walks down the hallway**11:56Long TimeMario: Doesn't make it any less stupid, Zogg.*11:57Mysteriousjillguy *MEANWHILE,IN SPACE,OUTSIDE THE HUMAN SHIP,IN SPACE***A strange looking ship with green lights is seen flying near the human ship***A silhouette is inside the ship,only her green visor is visible**COMPUTER:I have detected the signal,commander Plyzri.*11:58Long Time(brb*11:59Mysteriousjillguy( is rp good so far*11:59Invader Jib(yeah**( i feel like its better then yesterday*( h*User:Derpiestderparound*(whats with distorted icon*( derp is being possessed by a demon confirmed*( her website:*( wh*INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *INVADER VEX has left the chat. *INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *12:12INVADER VEXHello*12:12Mysteriousjillguy( Hi*12:13Cravitus(greetings*(they're doing future rp*12:13INVADER VEX(Oh, ok*(I assumed so*12:14Mysteriousjillguy( continue*12:14INVADER VEX(By the way, I'm off to the horrible school trip of doom for four days. So after today, I'll be back on Thursday*12:14Mysteriousjillguy( oh you're back in school now?*( rip*12:14Long Time(back*12:14INVADER VEX(yes. Unfortunately*12:14Mysteriousjillguy( qq*( mario and kreb are next*12:14Long Time(wait krev*12:15Mysteriousjillguy( misty and miz are going to skool tommorrow*12:15Long Time(what day are you going back to school*12:15INVADER VEX(Same as me. Well... I had registration on Friday*12:15Mysteriousjillguy( oh*12:15Long Time(i'm pretty sure i'm going back on September 11th*12:16Cravitus(krev goes back on the 9th*12:17INVADER VEX(Ugh, I wish I went back that late. One of my friends (he's a homeschooler kid) only has like six months of legit school*12:17Long Time(woo*(i'm the last one to return*12:18Mysteriousjillguy *A monitor displays a bunch of weird looking controls**12:19Long TimePlyzri: ..*Nods her head, and continues to type with her mechanical fingers**12:21Mysteriousjillguy *A door opens behind hear,a hunchback slave walks in**Hunchback:*Coughs**12:21Long TimePlyzri: ..What do you want?* think you could give us some water? It's been about 24 hours since you gave us food and water.*Hunchback:Our throats feel super dry y'know,and-*12:22Long TimePlyzri: ... *turns her heard towards the hunchback**12:22Mysteriousjillguy( heard*( herd*( a herd of plyzris*12:22Long Timehead**(typoooo*(whyyy*Plyzri: *unfazed, presses a button* *A trapdoor opens underneath the hunchback, and sucks him out into space**12:23MysteriousjillguyHunchback:*Screams*(**The trapdoor closes**12:24Long TimePlyzri: *Sigh* .. Rnnnhg... stupid hunchbacks. Needing food and water just to stay alive, how embarrassing...*12:24Mysteriousjillguy *MEANWHILE BACK IN THE HUMAN SHIP***Zogg walks out of a large octogon shaped passageway***Zogg looks down from a platform he's on,a bunch of hardlight bridges are in the room***Future humans in hoverchairs hover on the bridges, leading to other passageways**Zogg:WOW! LOOK AT ALL THAT CHUB!*12:26Invader JibJib" *wipes off sweat* Geez that was crazy, all that stuff that happened offscreen*12:26MysteriousjillguyYik:They look....delicious...*Feebl:Can we blow them up?*Zogg:No. Later.*12:26Long TimeHatbot: YES!*12:26MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Aww*12:27Long TimeHatbot: Aw, what?*Hatbot: Booooo* there must be a hardlight bridge leading to the reactor core..**Zogg looks around***A hardlight bridge is down below,leading into a passageway with a sign that reads "MESS HALL/REACTOR CORE"**Zogg:There!**Zogg looks down below***A sign reading "BUY THIS VIDEO GAME NOW" hovers below them***Zogg jumps off the platform and onto the sign,holding on**Zogg:Woah!*12:30Long TimeHatbot: That looks dangerous.*12:30MysteriousjillguySign:BUY THE NEW ULTRA HYPER REALISTIC HD RTFGHGTMMORPG FPS SHOOTER FIRST PERSON MELON SIMULATOR*12:30Long TimeMario: Yeaaaah..*12:30MysteriousjillguySign: CALL OF DESTINY:MODERN CYBER WAREFARE:MASS EFFECT:DEAD GALAXY:2:THE GAME*12:30Long TimeHatbot: FPS MELONS? OH BOY!*12:31MysteriousjillguySign:COMES WITH ULTRA RAM PROCESSOR ULTRA REALITY HELMET AND HD RAM PROCESSOR 560 GIGABYTE GRAPHICS*Sign:INCLUDING ADVANCED SMOOHORP AI WITH DLC*Zogg:*Jetpack comes out**Zogg:JUMP ON!*12:32Long TimeMario: *Jumps down onto the sign, and hold on**12:32Mysteriousjillguy *Yik jumps onto the sign,and bites onto it***Feebl jumps onto Marios leg and holds on tight***The drones follow**12:32Long TimeMario: Why do you keep clinging to my body, Feebl-*12:32MysteriousjillguyZogg:Jib! You sack of flesh!*12:32Long TimeHatbot: THAT SOUNDED WRONG*12:32MysteriousjillguyFeebl:It feels nice-*12:33Long TimeMario: ..*12:33Mysteriousjillguy *Another sign bumps into the video game sign**Zogg:WOAH!*Zogg:JIB! GET ON! QUICKLY!*Zogg:Or know we could leave you here. Thats good too.*12:33Long TimeHatbot: Jib! Quickly! Do something interesting for once!*Hatbot: JUMP JIB JUMP!*12:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:Infact,don't jump. We'll come back for you, I promise-*12:33Invader JibJib: *jumps**12:33Long TimeHatbot: YAYYYY*12:34Mysteriousjillguy *The sign moves to the right, rocking around a bit***Zogg's jetpack activates, causing it to tip over**Zogg:AHHHHH*Feebl: YAY!*12:34Invader JibJib: I was distracted uh...trying to come up with a better plan*12:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:TELL THE DRONES TO MOVE US TOWARD THE BRIDGE!**The sign begins to spin around due to Zogg's jetpack**12:35Long TimeMario: *Eyes widen, his antennae perk up* HURRY UP MAN, I'M GONNA BE SICK*Hatbot: Uhhh drones, move us towards that bridge.*Hatbot: AND DO IT IN STYLE, OR ELSE YOU'RE uh.. fired!*12:37MysteriousjillguyDrone:*Drops a playbot magazine it was reading* YES SIR!*12:37Invader JibJib: Yeah and hurry up, perptually spinnig sucks**spinning*12:37Mysteriousjillguy *The drones hold onto the sign,and propel it toward the hard light bridge***It crashes into it,causing humans in chairs to fall over**Human1:AH1 H3LP MY CH@I3R HAS FULLEN AND I CUNNOT GIT UP*12:38Long Time(ch@i3r*12:38Mysteriousjillguy *The human speaks with a computerized voice coming from his chair***More humans crash into the sign,forming a pile of whining fat smelly humans**Zogg:This is just sad.*12:38Long TimeHatbot: WOOO! Drones, you're doing a good job, and DOING IT IN STYLE*12:39Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg's jetpack retracts,he jumps off the sign**12:39Long TimeHatbot: All of you guys, you get a promotion, or something..*12:39Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks past the pile of future humans**Drone:PROMOTION?*12:39Long TimeMario: *Jumps off the sign and follows Zogg**12:39MysteriousjillguyDrone:HORRAY! NOW DRONE OUTRANKS YOU!*12:40Long TimeHatbot: What? NO I MEANT PER.. SHOW MEN*Hatbot: YOU'RE SHOW MEN NOW*12:40MysteriousjillguyDrone2:Lets go jump into the ship's trash compressor!*Drones:YAY!*12:40Long TimeHatbot: NOOOOO DON'T DO IT DRONE-BUDS*12:40Mysteriousjillguy *The drones fly away,randomly shooting random future humans**12:40Long TimeHatbot: You're the only people that enjoyed smooth jazz with me!*12:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:Great job hatbot.*Zogg:You had one job*Zogg:ONE JOB*Zogg:And-HEY LOOK THERES THE CAFETERIA!**Zogg runs down the bridge toward another passageway,leading to a huge cafeteria**12:41Invader JibJib: *runs towards the cafeteria**12:42Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of robots are seen trying to pick up the incredibly heavy humans in the pile behind them***Zogg walks into the cafeteria,humans are seen being fed buckets of brown sludge***Some of them slug down soda cans**Zogg:Euagh...**An incredibly fat human is seen in a giant chair, serving food**12:43Long TimeMario: Ewww...*Mario: That's--... euhg... that's so gross.*12:43Mysteriousjillguy *Signs are seen everywhere,reading "EET" and "DRINK MOAR SLUDGE"**Zogg: I'm starting to find humans less attractive now..*Feebl:Wait what-*12:43Invader JibJib: You mean you found them-Nevermind*12:44Mysteriousjillguy *A red hatch door is seen at the end of the cafeteria, with danger signs around it***A sign reads "REACTOR CORE: WARNING: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RADIATION BURNS OR HORRIBLE MUTATIONS"**12:44Long TimeHatbot: Well didn't he like that weird bunny hybrid human girl?*12:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:There it is!*Zogg:SHE IS NOT WEIRD!*12:45Long TimeHatbot: You're into some WEIRD STUFF MAN*Hatbot: WEIRDO*12:45Mysteriousjillguy *Yik runs toward the red hatch***Robots walk toward the hatch,it opens**12:45Invader JibJib: She is though-*runs towards the hatch**12:45Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg runs into the open hatch,along with Feebl and Yik**12:45Long TimeMario: *still following**12:46Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walks into the reactor core room,tons of machines are seen covered in blue bright lights, cords and wires are seen throughout the room***The detector begins to beep rapidly**Zogg:We're close!*12:46Invader JibJib: *Follows**12:47INVADER VEX(Gtg guys. See you in a few days*12:47Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg looks around**12:47Invader JibJib: Why'd they put the time machine in the..Maybe I should stop trying to make sense of stuff*12:47Long Time(bye*12:47Mysteriousjillguy( Bye*12:47Invader Jib(bye*12:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm*12:47Long Time(this rp recording is gonna be huge*12:47Cravitus(Goodbye*12:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:The detector says its somewhere behind the wall of the end of the reactor room**Zogg takes out a plasma cannon,similing***Zogg fires it,it makes a huge pink beam of light,vaporizing everything in its path**Zogg:There!*12:48Long TimeMario: Um... Zogg*12:48Mysteriousjillguy *A huge hole is seen at the end of the room**INVADER VEX has left the chat. *12:48Long TimeMario: I don't think it's a good idea to do that in the reactor room-*12:48Mysteriousjillguy *Machines spark,smoke erupts from them,along with fire**12:48Long TimeHatbot: JUST GO WITH IT*12:48MysteriousjillguyZogg:Eh**Zogg's spider legs come out,he runs toward the molten hole in the wall**Zogg:Now we can finish this thing and go home! Hopefully*Zogg:That or die horribly**Zogg jumps through the hole**12:49Invader JibJib: *Jumps into the hole**12:49Long TimeMario: *Jumps through the hole**12:49Mysteriousjillguy *Yik and Feebl follow**12:50Invader JibJib: Yep, we get to go home knowing our lives are destined to fail*12:50Long TimeHatbot: Nope, we're probably gonna have like five thousand other interruptions/*12:50Mysteriousjillguy *The room is filled with tons of junk, and is dimly lit**Yik: I feel like the space time continium will freeze for a few times as well.*Feebl:Huh?*12:50Long TimeHatbot: And once we return home, we'll know our HORRIBLE DEMISE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIFE, KNOWING EVERYTHING IS GONNA GO WRONG AND OHGODWE'RESOSCREWEDDD*12:51MysteriousjillguyYik:YOU KNOW?! That feeling when everything in the universe seems to PAUSE for some reason.*12:51Long TimeHatbot: Oh! Wait a minute, I left my comics back at home. Yeah let's try and go home.*12:51MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Huh?*12:51Invader JibJib: Yeah it's awful when that happens*12:51MysteriousjillguyYik:You are BLIND to the TRUTH,of GREATER COSMIC FORCES,USING US LIKE PUPPETS IN ANOTHER SUBSPACE TEMPORAL DIMENSION,ALTERING US AS IF WE WERE DRAWINGS ON A PAGE-*Zogg:Shut up Yik! I'm trying to concentrate...**Huge crates fill the room***Zogg walks past an open crate with the words "FORGOTTEN STUFF" written on it**12:52Long TimeHatbot: Yeah, shut up Yik!*Hatbot: Nobody cares about your greater comic forces.*12:54Invader Jib(gtg*12:54Long Time(qq*(bye*12:54Mysteriousjillguy * Weegle Plasma,Jorg the Yoozian,and a poorly drawn goth looking Zogg are in the crate,frozen in ice**Yik:THE COSMIC FORCES,IT'S HAPPENING-*8-30-2015 Session*· · 7:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( BEGINN· 7:58 Cravitus (sechs· (funf· (vieh· 7:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( waitwhere did we leave off· 7:58 Cravitus (drei· (zwei· (ein·· 8:01 Invader Jib Jib: *looks inthe forgotten crate, sees pictures of dependence day*· 8:01 Mysteriousjillguy ( gg· Zogg:Hmmm...if I were a time machine where would I be· Zogg:OH I KNOW!· Zogg:JIB,STAND STILL· *Zogg grabbed a small circular saw blade tool from a pile of junk*· Zogg:The time machine must be in your stomach,I'll get it out-· 8:03 Invader Jib Jib: I canconfirm it's NOT· 8:03 Mysteriousjillguy Zogg:BUT HOWDO YOU KNOW?!· 8:04 Invader Jib Jib: I had anx-ray yesterday· 8:04 Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg walkedover to Jib,grinning*· 8:04 Invader Jib Jib: *Hits himwith the crate top*· 8:05 Mysteriousjillguy Zogg:OW!HEY!· *Zogg tackles Jib and begins beating him with a stick he found from somewhere*· *Feebl begins rooting through a pile of junk*· 8:05 Invader Jib Jib: ARGH· 8:05 Cravitus (wasn't mario in this· 8:06 Mysteriousjillguy ( oh· ( mayo· ( y u· ( away· 8:06 Cravitus (WE FORGOT THE MAYO· (HOLD THE MAYO*(if jib does leave and if vex comes in like five minutes later*(and if mario returns*(then we could probably continue at least one thing*11:30Mysteriousjillguy( mayo is here*( and ye*11:30Cravitus(mario y u no rp*11:30Mysteriousjillguy( lork was waitinf for kreb to put on page*( waiting**11:31Cravitus(that has been done*11:31Mysteriousjillguy( o h*( continue then**Feebl continues to dig in the pile of junk**Feebl:WOW!**Feebl pops his horrible looking head out of the pile**11:32Cravitus(is it krusty space walrus*11:32MysteriousjillguyFeebl:RARE SPACE WALRUS MAGAZINES!*Feebl:Oh and I found a spooky hidden trap door or something*Zogg:*Stops biting on Jib's arm,and gasps**Zogg:*Runs over to Feebl**11:33Long TimeHatbot: That sounds pretty convenient*11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:THIS IS THE RARE ISSUE 34 COLLECTORS ITEM-*11:33Long TimeHatbot: And dangerous*11:33MysteriousjillguyYik:Such is fate.*Feebl:Ooo. Sounds interestin*11:33Invader JibJib: ..*11:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yeah. This issue is pretty neat.*Feebl:Can ya tell me about it?*Zogg:No. *Flips page in magzine***magazine**Yik crawls into the pile,eventually reaching some sort of rusty hatch**11:35Long TimeHatbot: Ooooh, what's it about? Tell meeee! TELL ME!*11:35Mysteriousjillguy *A bright red light emits inside the hole in the pile**Zogg:?*Zogg:AUGH!*Zogg:THE WALRUS DARK MAGIC BOOK MAKER WAS ACTUALLY CAPTAIN WALRUS'S TWIN BROTHER ALL ALONG!*Zogg:What a let down!*Zogg:*Chucks the magazine at Hatbot**Zogg:Heh? Oh whats that bright light*11:36Cravitus(was that a gravity falls reference*11:36Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg crawls down the hole**( yessssssssssssssssssssssss*11:36Invader JibJib: *Crawls down the hole**11:36Long TimeHatbot: Well, that was predictable.*Mario: *follows them**11:37Cravitus(i haven't even watched it and krev's was right*(*krev*11:37Mysteriousjillguy *Yik holds his pet rock,it somehow emits a bright red light**11:37Long Time(krev*(you're magic*11:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm**Zogg knocks on the hatch***THe hatch door creeps open***Yik takes out a flashlight***Yik smashes the flashlight with his rock and throws his pet rock in the hatch room**( jib chek pm**Yik throws the flashlight onto the ground and walks in**11:38Long TimeMario: You know... you could've used that flashlight instead of the ... rock...*11:39Mysteriousjillguy *Tons of generic space bugs crawl around the room***Zogg picks up the rock and shines it on something infront of him***The object is a ring looking thing,covered in rust***Zogg blows off some spider webs on it and dust**Zogg: "V____X LABORATORIES"*Zogg:It looks like a time machine...**Zogg throws the rock at it***The machine sparks,blue electricity swirls around it or something**11:44Long TimeMario: I'm guessing that's related to that one guy Vax.*11:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmm..or...maybe..Vex?*Zogg:That or Carl the mailman.*11:45Long TimeMario: .. or you know, Vax, the time traveler.*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:That Carl.*11:45Long TimeHatbot: OH Carl. The times we spent to carl.*Hatbot: Y'know I really miss carl.*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:Too bad Carl exploded last week.*11:45Long Timespent with**11:45Invader JibJib: Hmm*11:45MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm*Zogg:How do we get this thing out of this room*11:46Invader JibJib: If it's a time machine, won't it warp itself out of the room or something*11:46MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh yeah,because ITS TOTALLY IN PERFECT SHAPE-*INVADER VEX has joined the chat. *11:46Cravitus(ohai vex*11:46INVADER VEX(Hai*11:47Long Time(hi*11:47Mysteriousjillguy(Hi Vex**Zogg walks out of the room and climbs out of the fossilized pile of junk***Zogg walks out of the room and climbs out of the fossilized pile of junk*"*woah*saw a purple splotch for a minute there*probably just a haullcination from a 2nd med*dgfhhghh*4:31Invader Jiboh*4:31MysteriousjillguyZogg:SO HOW WE GONNA GET THIS TIME MACHINE OUT HUH*Feebl:Time machine? I thought it was a burrito maker.*Zogg:WAITJUSTAMINUTE*Zogg:Darrrzzz? Uh,where did we leave the space ship again?*4:32Cravitus(i thought it was just one million years*4:32MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Oh hold on. I got a beacon thingy that'll call the ship here.*Feebl:*Looks in his pockets**Feebl:I lost it. Oh well.*Zogg:...Why did I trust you with these super important devices again?*Feebl:I dunno.*Zogg:WELP*Zogg:There must be SOMETHING in this treasure room that can get this hunk of junk out of here!*Zogg:JIB!*4:34Invader JibJib: Uhhh*Jib: Hm...*4:34MysteriousjillguyZogg:You go look in the other side of the room.*4:35Invader JibJib: *looks on the other side of the room**4:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:That way I can even further away from your stench.*Feebl:*Looking through a pile of junk**Feebl:I found rubber pants.*Zogg:...*4:35Invader JibJib: Yeah well I didn't..want to uh..your face*4:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Takes the rubber pants away and puts it in his PAK calmly**Zogg:JIB DID YA FIND ANYTHING?!*4:36Invader JibJib: *looks into a box, and is almost pulled in by random tentacles**Jib: Nope*4:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait uh,I think theres something in that box. You should look s'more.**Zogg grabs a random plunger and stuffs him in the box**4:37Invader JibJib: Yeah I'd rather-AHHHH*4:37Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl walks over to a button lookin thing and presses it***A hidden door opens**Feebl:WOW! MAYBE THERES A SPACESHIP IN HERE! THAT WOULD BE CONVIENT-*4:38Invader JibJib: *muffled screaming**4:38Mysteriousjillguy *A rusty toilet sits on a podium surrounded by red velvet rope**4:38Invader JibJib: *Slowly climbs out of the box covered in slimey stuff**4:38Mysteriousjillguy *A spotlight shines on it**Feebl:Oh.**Zogg walks over**Zogg:"EARTH'S LAST REMAINING TOILET"*Zogg:Huh.*4:39Invader JibJib: *Looks through other boxes**4:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wonder if it still works.**Zogg pulls the lever**4:39Invader JibJib: Somehow I doubt it*4:39Mysteriousjillguy *A loud flushing noise is heard,the ground shakes***A huge hidden door opens up in the toilet room**Zogg:Welp theres nothing here,lets go look someplaace else-*Feebl:Oooh*Yik:I hear voices at night.*4:41Invader JibJib: *Walks over to the secert door, after being attacked by several giant spiders that came out of a box**4:41MysteriousjillguyFeebl:*Shuffles to the left awaay from Yik,disturbed**4:41Invader JibJib: Yeah uh there's nothing useful in here*4:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:WOAH!*Zogg:A HIDDEN DOOR!*Zogg:See? I told you the time machine was here somewhere.*Feebl:Yeah Jib you should listen to Zogg more often.**Zogg walks into the room,holding a flash light**4:42Invader JibJib: *Narrrows eyes* He got olucky in this specific instance*4:42MysteriousjillguyZogg:Itss pretty dark in here.*4:42Invader JibJib: *walks in the room**4:42MysteriousjillguyZogg:What? Sorry Jib I cant hear you,its too dark in here.**Zogg shines his flashlight on the walls,all kinds of slimey crud stain the walls,space bugs crawl everywhere***Feebl walks into a spider web**Feebl:BLPGGTHAUGh*4:43Invader JibJib: How does that work-*Trips and falls into slime**Jib: EUUUGH*4:43Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg shines his flashlight and it reveals a rusty weird looking ship,surrounded by broken glass walls**4:43Invader JibJib: I hate the future so much*4:44Mysteriousjillguy *A crooked sign on the wall reads "OLD INTRUDOR SHIP"*Zogg:Hmmm*Zogg:It seems to be a ship left over from those stupid rebel guys.*Zogg:It doesnt look irken at all though..*4:44Invader JibJib: It doesn't look like it still works either*4:44MysteriousjillguyFeebl:It's green. I hate green. Green isnt a creative color.*Zogg:Might as well see if it works.**Zogg chucks his flashlight at it***The flashlight breaks and the room goes pitch black**Zogg:Oh.*4:45Invader JibJib: Sigh*4:45Mysteriousjillguy *A loud humming is heard***The ship glows green**SHIP:SYSTEMS ONLINE*4:46Invader JibJib: ...oh*4:47MysteriousjillguyShip:REBOOTING DARK MATTER ENGINES. FLOORGARAZING DONUT CAPACITORS.*SHIP:ORGANIC LIFEFORMS DETECTED. WHO DARES TO AWAKEN ME?*4:47Invader JibJib: Uhhh *points at Zogg**4:47MysteriousjillguyZogg:Your new masters!*SHIP:COMMAND VOICE NOT RECOGNIZED.*SHIP:INTRUDERS PRESENT.*SHIP:ERROR*SHIP:DETECTING FAMILIAR DNA SEQUENCE*SHIP:KLIPNORP DNA SIGNATURE DETECTED.**The Ship sprouts robotic tenetacles and crawls over to Jib,its cockpit opens**4:49Invader JibJib: Huh.*Jib: *Jumps in the cockpit**4:49MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh yeah only someone as stupid as Jib would be related to the only one that can save the future. Pfft,not jealous at all.*SHIP:SHOULD I TERMINATE THE INTRUDERS,SIR?*4:50Invader JibJib: WELL-That's not necassary actually*4:50MysteriousjillguySHIP:ARE YOU SURE?*4:50Invader JibJib: ...Yes.*4:51MysteriousjillguySHIP:OKIE DOOKIE*SHIP:WHERE WOULD MASTER LIKE TO GO?*Zogg:Wait a sec,we're forgettin Mario.*4:52Invader JibJib: I wonder what happened to him, he hasn't said anything in like a half an hour*4:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:Mario and Hatbot must be plying rock paper scissors with Hatbot up in the storage room.*Zogg:That or they got eaten by giant space ghost demons.*4:52Invader JibJib: Hmm*4:52MysteriousjillguyDaarrz:You said hatbot two times-*Zogg:OF COURSE I DID! THAT WAS ON PURPOSE!*Feebl:But why?*Zogg:Uh..*Zogg:YOU COULDNT COMPREHEND THE REASON WHY*Zogg:Lork is too sMART for YOUUU *Wiggles arms**4:54Invader JibJib: I'm guessing you'd rather not know. Anyway, ship, is there some kind of uh..object transfer system?*4:54MysteriousjillguySHIP:Wow. He's really annoying,Katnip.*Long Time has left the chat. *4:55Mysteriousjillguy(pause*4:55Invader Jib(ok*4:55Mysteriousjillguy( a key on keyboard is messin up*( sometimes it doesnt work*4:55Invader Jiboh*4:55Mysteriousjillguy( if i make typos with missing a's you'll know why*( is rp better*( well*( then last time*4:56Invader Jib(Somewhat yeah*(I know i'm rping better since i'm not tired*4:57Mysteriousjillguy( mother is home early*( y*( on the bright side she might be bringing food so i dont suffer brain malfunctions*4:58Invader Jib(oh*Invader Jib has left the chat. *4:59Mysteriousjillguyso kreb*sleeping well*hm*hmmmmmmmmmmmmm*Mysteriousjillguy * Mysteriousjillguy stared at moorio sweating and twitching while breathing heavily*12:23Long Time(uh*12:23Mysteriousjillguy( h*( i guess il*( start*Zogg:HEY MOORIO GET OVER HERE,BRING YOUR BOOTY,KIZ IS LIKE,TOTALLY STARVING*12:24Long TimeMario: ..*already walking over to them*..*Mario: What?*12:25MysteriousjillguyZogg:JIBS GOT US A SHIP*Feebl:It is green. I hate green.*SHIP:AWAITING COMMAND*12:26Invader JibJib: Uhhh*Jib:Move the time travelling object*12:26Mysteriousjillguy *The ship hovers in the air and a purple tractor beam comes out of it,it moves toward the time machine***The bolts holding the machine to the ground break,and the time machine floats in the tractor beam**Zogg:*Jumps into the ship's cockpit with jib**Zogg:This is kind of a tight squeeze.*12:27Long TimeMario: *Gets into the ship**12:27MysteriousjillguySHIP:You know I can easily kill the spiky one with the annoying voice,right?**Yik and Feebl jump into the ship**12:28Long TimeHatbot: WELL, that isn't very nice*12:28MysteriousjillguyFeebl:But Zogg does smell really bad.*Zogg:HEY!**The cockpit windshield closes,pushing them all against ech other**each**12:29Invader JibJib: os**ow*12:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:This SURE IS COMFORTABLE*12:29Long TimeHatbot: WOO, NO PERSONAL SPACE!*12:29MysteriousjillguySHIP:MISSION COMPLETE. SETTING COURSE FOR PLANET BRISMILTH OR WHATEVER THE IRK IT WAS CALLED.**The ship begins to start up it's booster engines,the ship hums and tense dramatic music plays***2 EARTH HOURS LATER,IN SPACE**Feebl:THAT WAS GREAT*12:30Invader JibJib: *Yawns* huh*12:31Long TimeHatbot: YEAH! Wait, not really.*Mario: Ehhh...*12:31Mysteriousjillguy *The ship is covered in dents and scorch marks**Zogg:Boy that sure was a quick escape plan. Yepp.**A loud splosion noise is heard from behind the ship**Zogg:Oh yeah*Zogg:Lucky we got out of the ship before the reactor sploded. I forgot to tell you guys I damaged some of it.*Zogg:At least we're alive RIGHT?!*12:33Invader JibJib: ...Yes.*Jib: Sigh*12:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:You'd think the humans would install some kind of warning system for the reactor sploding-*12:33Long TimeHatbot: That's a strange way to sigh.*12:34MysteriousjillguySHIP:JUMP GATE LOCATED. LOADING JUMP CODES TO PLANET BRISMILTH.*12:34Invader JibJib: Planet what?*12:35MysteriousjillguySHIP:DO YOU NOT REMEMBER MASTER? IT IS THE LOCATION OF THE REBEL BASE.*Zogg:Hey can you download some managa reel quick?*12:35Invader JibJib: Deny his request please*12:35MysteriousjillguySHIP:I HAVE ONLINE CONNECTIONS FROM ALL OVER THE GALAXY.*12:35Long TimeHatbot: Screw manga, DOWNLOAD SOME COMICS!*12:35MysteriousjillguySHIP:BUT THE PROBLEM IS I DON'T LIKE YOU*Zogg:aw.*Zogg:But Jib is LAME!*SHIP:WHO IS JIB?*12:36Invader JibJib: I'm starting ot like this ship*12:36MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh uh..I MEAN KATNIP! YES!*SHIP:I CAN THROW YOU INTO THE VOID OF SPACE AND KILL YOU 8 DIFFERENT,PAINFUL WAYS.*12:37Long TimeMatio: Katnip, really?*Mario:**12:37Mysteriousjillguy *The ship flies toward the jumpgate and prepares to land**SHIP:JUMPGATE LOCKED TO UNAUTHORIZED VESSELS. YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY PUT IN THE JUMP CODES YOURSELF IN THE JUMP GATE MAINTENANCE ROOM OR SOMETHING.*12:39Invader JibJib: ....*12:39Mysteriousjillguy *The cockpit opens,Zogg,Yik,and Feebl activate their bubble helmets**12:39Long TimeMario: ...*Mario: *activates his bubble helmet**12:39MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait a second,what kind of warp gate has a maintenance room?*SHIP:THIS ONE.*Zogg:You've used this warp gate before right?*SHIP:YEs.*12:40Invader JibJib: Just one of the many futuristic innovations..*12:40MysteriousjillguySHIP:NO ACTUALLY I LIED BECAUSE I HATE YOU THE MOST,SPIKEY ONE.**A hidden panel opens up nearby,a robot looking thing with a tv monitor for a head walks over**???:GREETINGS STRANGERS*12:41Long TimeHatbot: HI!*12:41Invader JibJib: ....*Jib: Is this the right planet?*12:42Long TimeMario: ...*Shrugs**12:43Mysteriousjillguy???:WELCOME TO JUMPGATE-404! MY NAME IS QB3RT*Zogg:Hello Brt.*QB3RT:ITS QBERT*Zogg:Burrito*QB3RT:Try again.*12:44Long TimeHatbot: Bort!*12:44MysteriousjillguyZogg: Bartholomew*QB3RT:Nuh uh*12:44Long Time(wait*12:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:George*12:44Long Time(qbert*12:44MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:Not even close.*12:44Long Time(that name sounds so familiar*Hatbot: KLIPNORP!*12:44Mysteriousjillguy(*bert*12:44Invader JibJib: Is it Q-bert*12:44Mysteriousjillguy( reference*( yes*QB3RT:Yes! The big headed one is correct!*12:45Long TimeHatbot: WOW! Jib, that's not even close to being his name!*Hatbot: That is VERY disrespectful Jib, you should apologize.*12:45MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:I am programmed to follow any visitor's orders!*12:45Long TimeHatbot: Right, qubort?*12:45Invader JibJib: Yeah, see, he said the one with the AVERAGE sized head was correct!*12:46Long TimeHatbot: Soooo, Mario?*12:46MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:Hahha. Oh man. I'd so gruesomely kill the hat shaped robot if it wasnt for my programming.*QB3Rt:Anyway*12:46Long TimeHatbot: 'Cause you have a pretty big head, Jib.*12:46MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:Where would you flesh sacks want to go? Planet Poodle? The planet of the slimy cow mutants? Space Ray'dio shack? Or perhaps Space Mcburger.*QB3RT:Or maybe the SPACE MALL.*( moorio chek pm*12:47Long TimeHatbot: A comic store. Wait no, the COPER- wait nooo.. I don't know.*12:47Invader JibJib: I have a NORMAL sized head*12:48Long TimeHatbot: Nah, no offense.. but you have a big head*(pm isn't working*(pm whyyy*12:49Mysteriousjillguy( refresh*12:49Long Time(i am*12:49MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yeah your head is whale sized.*( paussee**Long Time(rip pm*12:51Mysteriousjillguy( did u*( refresh*12:51Invader JibJib: That's all just your imaginations*12:51Mysteriousjillguy( lemme try**Invader Jibfinally*1:14Mysteriousjillguy( HORRAH*Zogg:HEY ROBOT GUY! TAKE US TO PLANET FIONNA!*SHIP:Can I splode him please,master?*1:15Invader JibJib: No, just something non-lethal*1:15MysteriousjillguySHIP:Aw.*1:17Invader JibJib: ...*Jib: Anyway,*1:17Long TimeHatbot: *pokes Jib**1:18Invader JibJib: Robot Guy, go to uh..planet brismith I guess*1:18Mysteriousjillguy *A strange ship flies nearby the warp gate**Zogg:?*Feebl:WHY IS IT GREEN?!*1:19Long Time(brb*1:20Mysteriousjillguy( insert rip joke here*( burritos

*(so how bout those rp continues*Zogg:LOOK ITS A SHIP OF SOME SORT!*SHIP:UNIDENTIFIED VESSEL SPOTTED.*1:48Long Time(u scrub*(wait*1:48Mysteriousjillguy( w0t*SHIP:ALERT*SHIP:IRKEN SHIP SPOTTED*Zogg:IRKEN?!*1:52Long TimeMario: Wait, what?*1:52YourFavoriteFangirl(right when i play space themed touhou music*1:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:ITS THE FUTURE IRKENS!*1:52YourFavoriteFangirl(i see that message of Zogg's*(gr8*1:52Long TimeHatbot: We're SCREWED!*1:52MysteriousjillguyZogg:WE SHOULD SACRIFICE JIB MAYBE THEY'LL GO AWAY!*1:53Long TimeHatbot: YEAH!*1:53MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:I have NO IDEA whats going on!*1:54YourFavoriteFangirl(so what goes on in rp*1:54MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Jumps into the ship and slams face on a bunch o buttons**( theyreinthefutureonabigwarpgateorsomethingandsumfutureirkenguysaregonnacomegetimandnowtheyrepanicingbecausefutureirkensrbadandstuffandmightsmellreelbad*1:55YourFavoriteFangirl(o*1:55Mysteriousjillguy( jib*( y scr00b*1:55Long Time(jiiiiiiiiiiiiiib*1:55Mysteriousjillguy( this rp must*( die*( insertwe'vegotamandown.mp4here*( Zogg:GRENADE*1:56Cravitus(*1:56Mysteriousjillguy( jib:i'm still alive-*( *splosion**( jib joobs jombles*( jibbletin jooble*( job the iraq*( j0b the iraq invad0r*( job*( jible*( joomb*( jeerb*( jerbmb*( jloob*( jibbers*( JIBXFrognol IS NOW CANON*( Frognol WILL COSPLAY AS MAKO-CIRNO*( AND SEDUCE JIB IN SEASON THREE*( THEN THEY'LL GET MARRIED*1:59YourFavoriteFangirl(i'd love to see jib come back to that*1:59Mysteriousjillguy( AND HAVE THREE LITTLE JIBLETS*1:59YourFavoriteFangirlhaA I JINXED IT*1:59Invader Jibhuh*1:59Mysteriousjillguy(THEN Frognol AND JIB SHALL COMMENCE HOT PANCAKE WAFFLE MIXING*1:59YourFavoriteFangirlha*1:59Mysteriousjillguy( it worked*1:59Invader Jib(I blame myself for this entirely*2:00MysteriousjillguySHIP:YOUR FINGERS ARE STICKY. CEASE THE TOUCHING.*Zogg:*Presses random buttons***The Ship sprouts robotic tenetacles and grabs Yik,Mario,Jib,Feebl,and Hatbot and slams them into the cockpit**Zogg:GAUGH-GET OFF ME-**The cockpit windshield closes and the ship activates a cloaking device**QB3RT:Wait what about me-*2:01Invader JibJib: Ow*2:01Long TimeMario: *Eyes widen* EHY!*Hatbot: ow.*2:01Invader JibJib: You're job is done buddy @robot guy*Jib: Go get icecream or something*2:02Long Time("@robot guy" -jib 2015*2:02Mysteriousjillguy( bril*2:02YourFavoriteFangirlXDD*2:02Invader Jib(yes*2:02Mysteriousjillguy *The Ship lands near by,a walkway comes out of it***A strange irken-like figure walks out**QB3RT:ANOTHER VISITOR!*2:03Long TimeHatbot: YAY!*2:03MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hatbot,SHUT UP!*2:03Long TimeHatbot: HEY!*2:03MysteriousjillguyZogg:Whoever that is will HEAR US*2:04Long TimeHatbot: Well he doesn't look THAT bad!*2:04Invader JibJib: ...*2:05Long TimeHatbot: Well, qubot, GO TALK TO HIM!*Hatbot: Or quburt... or bart.. or something..*2:05Mysteriousjillguy *The annoying little robot walks over to the Irken**2:06Long TimeHatbot: Yeah! Wooo little buddy!*Hatbot: GO MAKE SOME FRIENDS!*2:06MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:GREETINGS VISITOR! MY NAME IS QB3RT UNIT 007! WELCOME TO WARP STATION 404!*QB3RT:I WS PROGRAMMED AGAINST MY WILL TO FOLLOW ANY VISITORS COMMAND,SO ASK AWAY,WHAT DO YOU WANT-*WAS**2:06Long Time???: *Looking at the little robot with an annoyed look* ...*???: *Her hand transforms into a strange looking gun, and fires at the little robot, unfazed**Hatbot: WHAT NO!*2:07MysteriousjillguyQB3RT:Oh! You must be shy! Dont be scared! Go ahead and ask your useless questions and-*2:07Long TimeHatbot: LITTLE BUDDY!*Hatbot: NOOOOOOO*Hatbot: HE HAD SO MUCH TO LIVE FORRRR*2:07Invader JibJib: This person is more dangerous than I thought*2:07Mysteriousjillguy *QB3RT's head explodes,and he falls over,on fire**Zogg:WE'RE GONNA DIE*2:08Long Time???: *Continues to walk over to the others**2:08MysteriousjillguyZogg:QUICK! THERES GOTTA BE A HYPERDRIVE IN THIS SHIP OR SOMETHING!*2:08Long TimeHatbot: Zogg, DO SOMETHING!*2:08Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg presses random buttons***Zogg accidentally elbows Yik in the face**Yik:GRAHHHH*Yik:*Tackles Zogg,biting him**Zogg:AH! GET OFF ME!*2:09Long TimeHatbot: AHGGG, DO SOMETHINGGGGG*2:09Invader JibJib:SHIP QUICK! DO SOMETHING!*2:09Mysteriousjillguy *The ship's cloaking device begins to malfunction due to the horrible draaxx-Zogg fighting***The ship rocks around violently due to Zogg and Yik**Zogg:GET OFF ME! YOUR TEETH ARE SINKING INTO MY FLESH!*2:10Long Time???: *Suddenly stops walking, and sighs* So YOU'RE the ones who were in my reports, you've wasted so much of MY TIME... AIMLESSLY WANDERING... RHHHHN!*2:10MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Oh! SHE SEES US!*2:10Long Time???: I am commander Plyzri and I won't be wasting ANYMORE time.*2:10Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl presses a button and the windshield opens,the cloaking device shuts of**2:10Long TimeHatbot: Oh, it's a girl! HOW UNPREDICTABLE!*2:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:Feebl! NO! YOU IDIOT-*2:11Invader JibJib: Look what YOU guys did*2:11MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Hi! My name's Feebl! You look like a FUNNY PERSON*2:11Long TimePlyzri: ... *looking at them**2:11MysteriousjillguyZogg:ITS NOT MY FAULT Yik HAS AN ENDLESS DESIRE TO CONSUME Zogg MEATS!*2:11Invader JibJib: Yes it is*2:12Long TimePlyzri: *Smirks* ..Mhmhmhm*2:12MysteriousjillguyYik:I LIKE TO SING WITH THE SHRIEKING CHOIR FROM THE HORRIBLE ORBS IN THE VOID OF SPACE*2:12Long TimePlyzri: *Her arm extends out, punching Jib**2:12Invader JibJib: AHH*2:12MysteriousjillguyZogg:ENOUGH! Okay, you uh...UGLY FUTURE IRKEN..GIRL..PERSON!*2:12Long TimeMario: You guys have weapons, DO SOMETHING!*2:13Invader JibJib: *Shoots his laser pistols at her while trying to regain his balance**2:13MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Pulls out plasma cannon**2:13Long TimePlyzri: *Arm extends out, punching Zogg in the gut**2:13MysteriousjillguyZogg:PREPARE TO BE VAPORIZED-*Zogg:AUGHACK**Zogg falls over,his plasma cannon drops onto the floor**Zogg:Grughnk..uargh..*2:13Invader Jib *The ship moves slightly at the weight of the plasma cannnon**2:13Long TimePlyzri: *Backing up, her hand transforms into some sort of gun**2:14Invader JibJib: I don't think I brought most of my good weapons...*2:14Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg takes out a laser pistol and fires it at Plyzri**2:14Invader JibJib: *Slowly backs up, and fires the laser pistols at her arm**2:14Long TimePlyzri: You primates truly are embarrassing.. and ARHG-- *backing up from the shot**2:14Invader JibJib: ALRIGHT SHIP, INTIATE ESCAPE MODE*Jib: ....*Jib: WELL COME ON*2:15Long TimePlyzri: *Fires her gun at Jib and Mario, electricity comes at them**2:15MysteriousjillguySHIP:REQUEST DENIED. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE WE CAN GO WITHOUT SACRIFICING THE MISSION*SHIP:I MUST COMPLETE THE MISSION AND BRING THE TIME MACHINE TO BASE.*2:15Invader JibJib: SFJEGHERGOWFJWO*2:15Long TimeMario: *late response, getting hit* HNNG! *Falling over**2:15MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Eyes widen,looking at the ship and then at Ply**2:15Invader JibJib: *Falls to the ground, looking semi-burnt**2:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:Uh...WHAT TIME MACHINE*2:16Long TimeMario: *muffled talking* Can't... moove... this rnh... suuuucks...*2:16MysteriousjillguyZogg:WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SHIP THATS RIDICULOUS*2:16Invader JibJib: Ship, intiate overide of the intial plan*2:16MysteriousjillguySHIP:NEGATIVE.*2:16Long TimePlyzri: Time machine...? You PRIMATES ARE SUCH A PAIN!*2:16MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Ship! Give me a burrito!*SHIP:No.*Zogg:JIB! TELL IT TO INTIATE DEFENSES OR SOMETHING!*2:17Invader JibJib: SHIP, INTIATE DEFENSE MODE QUICKLY*2:17Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg fires his laser pistol at Ply aain**2:17Long TimePlyzri: *Her other hand changes into to what seems to be a laser sword* *2:17Mysteriousjillguyagain***The Ship sprouts a bunch of weapons,they fall apart seconds lter**later**Zogg:We're gonna die.*2:17Long TimePlyzri: *A green shield displays infront of her, blocking the shots**2:18Invader JibJib: HOLY*Jib: Ship, PUT UP SHIELDS NOW*2:18Long TimePlyzri: *Running over towards Zogg, slashes at Zogg's arm**2:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Backs up* EE!**Zogg whacks Ply in the head with his pistol**Zogg:DIE! DEMONNN!*2:18Long TimeMario: *Gets up, and attempts to break her shield with his sword**Mario: *the sword breaks in half* ..... wooow.... well then....*2:19Mysteriousjillguy *The Ship activates its shields**2:19Invader JibJib: Darn, my plasma sword would probably be useless then*2:19Long TimePlyzri: Owh! Seriously!? You're going to PAY for that!*2:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Continues whacking her in the head with laser pistol**2:19Long TimePlyzri: Rhhhg... you PRIMATES! *Fires her gun at Zogg**2:19MysteriousjillguyZogg:C'MON ALREADY! WHATS THIS STUPID HELMET MADE OF ANYWAY?!**The shot hits Zogg's gun,causing it to explode**Zogg:GAHHH**Zogg flies back into Mario**Zogg:GHRGH-*2:20Long TimePlyzri: *Smirking* Mhmhmhm .. hmahahaheHAHAHAA how does it feel to be so outpowered?*2:20Invader JibJib: *Pulls a lever and presses a button on the ship, and the ship thrusts in Plyzri's direction**2:20Long TimeMario: ..*2:21Mysteriousjillguy *The ship thrusts toward Ply**2:21Long TimePlyzri: *Her hand transforms into a larger gun, firing a green plasma ball at the ship**2:21Invader JibJib: I SHOULD'VE KNOWN THAT WAS A BAD IDEA-*2:21Mysteriousjillguy *The ship gets hit by the shot,and flips over***The ship crashes into the ground**2:22Long TimePlyzri: Do you honestly think you'll win with such outdated technology!?*2:22MysteriousjillguySHIP:SYSTEMS DAMAGED.*Yik:*Runs up behind her and leaps at her,snarling**2:22Invader JibJib: Start system repair!*2:22MysteriousjillguyYik:THE TOMATO GODS SHALL PRAISE ME*2:22Long TimePlyzri: *Her arm extends yet again, punching Yik**2:22MysteriousjillguySHIP:Would you like to send an error report?*Yik:GAUGGHOGFAKGH*2:22Long TimeMario: We're SCREWED!*2:23Mysteriousjillguy *Yik crashes into the ground**2:23Invader JibJib: GAHHH*2:23MysteriousjillguyZogg:NO! Dont send error report! FIGHT THE FUTURE IRKEN WITH THE STUPID HELMET!*2:23Long TimeMario: *Running up to Plyzri, attempting to hit her in the head**2:23MysteriousjillguySHIP:Sending error report.*Zogg:GAHHHH*2:24Long TimePlyzri: *Stabs his arm with the laser-sword, chuckling**2:24Invader JibJib: *Fires laser guns at her desperately**2:24Long TimeHatbot: WE CAN JUST ESCAPE, RIGHT GUYS?*2:24Invader JibJib: ...*2:24Long TimePlyzri: *Displaying the shield yet again, and blocks the shots**2:25Invader JibJib: I meant to come up with an escape plan for this exact situation...then I forgot*2:25Long TimePlyzri: *Looking like she has a rather annoyed expression* RHHHNnn...NONE of this will go unoticed! I'll be telling the control brains all about this! Even if you DO escape you stupid primates will be HUNTED DOWN.*Plyzri: Accept your FATE, you embarrassing stupid PRIMATES.*2:26Invader JibJib: They'll get tired of looking and forget eventually.*2:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:I'M NOT A MONKEY YOU SACK OF FILTH! THATS IT!*2:26Cravitus(krev came up with plyzri's name right*2:26Mysteriousjillguy( ye**Zogg's PAK spider legs come out,he leaps toward Plyzri**2:26Cravitus(then krev has funfacts about the name he shall reveal later*2:26Long TimePlyzri: *Walking over to Zogg, stabs him in the chest**2:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:EAT SPIDER LEG YOU STUPID PERS-*Zogg:ACK**Zogg's spider legs pull him backward,he coughs up blood**2:27Long TimePlyzri: Mhmhmhmhaha... *smirks* It's so funny watching you idiots fail..*2:27MysteriousjillguyZogg:*cough* *Gag**Zogg:ck...*2:27Invader JibJib: *Takes out PAK lasers, and fires them at Plyzri*2:27MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wha..? Bunnies..?*2:27Long TimeMario: Zogg! *His eyes widen, and charges Plyzri again**Plyzri: *Whacks him in the head with her gun, and shoots his leg**Mario: *Falls over* Rnhgg....*2:28MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Zogg faints,his spider legs move him near the ship and retract,Zogg lays there,unconscious**2:28Invader JibJib: ...*2:29Long TimePlyzri: RHHHNNn.... *Blocking the PAK lasers with her shield, yet again* This is nothing but a waste of time, technology being wasted on primates, that's all this is, really.*2:29Mysteriousjillguy *Yik bites onto Ply's leg**YourFavoriteFangirl has left the chat. *2:29Long TimeMario: *crawling over to the ship while Plyzri is distracted**2:29Mysteriousjillguy *The ship sparks**2:29Long TimePlyzri: *Firing at Jib and the ship**2:29MysteriousjillguySHIP:FLIGHT SYSTEMS BARELY FUNCTIONAL. FUEL CONTAINERS DAMAGED.*2:30Invader JibJib: *Grabs Zogg with two of his PAK legs, and runs over to Mario**2:30Mysteriousjillguy *Yik continues to bite Ply**2:30Invader JibJib: *Grabs Mario with the other two PAK legs, and then sprints away from the ship**2:30MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Are we gonna go to the space circus now with the irken girl?*2:30Invader JibJib: Draax and Feebl, GET OVER HERE!*2:30Long TimePlyzri: *Stabs Yik with her laser sword* Euhg.... pitiful...*2:30MysteriousjillguyYik:ARGH*Feebl:Okie Dokie.**Feebl drags Yik and calmly walks over to Jib**2:31Long TimePlyzri: *Still firing at them, slowly inching towards them**2:31MysteriousjillguySHIP:M-MASTER,WE NEED TO GET OUT OF H-HERE NOW IF THE MISSION IS TO BE COMPLETED.*2:32Long TimeMario: Jib... just leave..*2:32Invader JibJib: *Throws mario and Zogg into the ship**Jib: *Pushes some buttons in a desperate attempt to get it to move**2:33Mysteriousjillguy *The cockpit windshield closes,the ship hovers with one of its engines barely working**2:33Invader JibJib: *Pulls Feebl, and by extension Yik into the ship, while it slowly begins to move again**2:33Long TimePlyzri: NO NO NO! YOU IDIOTS! *Frantically firing at the ship**2:33Mysteriousjillguy *The ship ejects some cargo boxes onto Ply,in an attempt to distract her**Feebl:NOOO!*2:34Long TimePlyzri: *Throwing the cargo boxes off of her**2:34MysteriousjillguyFeebl:THE FOOD! *Tears form**2:34Invader JibJib: *Pulls a lever, in a desperate attempt to make the ship move faster**2:34Mysteriousjillguy *The ship moves a bit faster and flies toward the warp gate**2:35Long TimePlyzri: *covered by cargo boxes* What!? YOU PRIMATES! RHHHNHHHNNN, THE CONTROL BRAINS WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS, I'M REPORTING ALL OF THIS TO THEM! WE WILL FIND YOU! I'LL FIND YOU!*2:35Invader JibJib: YEAH YEAh I get it*2:36Long TimePlyzri: *Smirking* ... *sticks her arm out of the pile, her arm transforms into a strange looking gun, and fires a very small tracking device onto the bottom of the ship**2:36MysteriousjillguySHIP:JUMP CODES INTIATED. ACTIVATING WARP*2:36Invader JibJib: WOO!*2:36Long TimeHatbot: YAY WE'RE GONNA LIVE*Mario: Woo.. *cough*... ooo*2:36Mysteriousjillguy *The warp gate activates,the ship glows green and warps***Somewhere near planet Brismilth,a warp gate beeps***The ship warps out of it and flies toward the planet**2:38Invader JibJib: I hope this thing can last that long..*2:38MysteriousjillguySHIP:ENTERING ATMOSPHERE**vader JibJib: Oh.*2:39MysteriousjillguySHIP:LANDING GEAR DAMAGED. PREPARE FOR ROUGH LANDING*2:40Long TimeMario: Oh GREAAAT...*Mario: *holding onto something attached to the ship**Hatbot: YAY!*2:40Mysteriousjillguy *The ship flies toward the swamp from earlier with the rebel base,it crashes into some trees**Feebl:WEEE!*2:40Invader JibJib: Eughh*2:41Mysteriousjillguy *The ship smashes through several trees and flips over, it then crashes into the ground***Feebl smacks into the windshield**Feebl:Ow.**Invader JibJib: *Slowly pulls himself out of the ship**2:42MysteriousjillguySHIP:SYST-T-TEMS-TEMS CRITICAL DAMAGE. ERROR. SELF REPAIR FAILING. SYSTEMS OFFLINE.*2:42Long TimeMario: *trying to pull himself out of the ship, falls on Jib**2:42Cravitus(*Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat *Cravitus has joined the chat. *2:43Invader JibJib:*tumbles out of the ship**2:43Long Time(kreb*(you can't commit to the man-downing*)when*2:43Mysteriousjillguy *The ship's voice distorts and shuts off**2:43Long Time(you've missed like*(19 man downs*2:44MysteriousjillguyYik:*Pushes a bleeding Zogg off him**Bloopblong:Oh hey guys!*2:45Invader JibJib: Do you guys have medics?*2:45Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong is outside the lake where the base is hidden, a bunch of old construction drones are building some kind of wall**2:45Invader JibJib: Or uh...something..*2:45Cravitus(i'm busy watching frank filth*2:46MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:We uh..we totally weren't building a bunker and defense systems because we thought you had died. Yeah.*2:46Cravitus(brb*2:46MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:This um*Bloopblong:This is so..uh...these walls will protect*2:46Invader JibJib *sigh**2:46MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:You brought the time machine right?*2:47Long TimeMario: ...*2:47Mysteriousjillguy *The ship cracks open,the time machine falls out of a compartment in the ships roof**Cravitus has left the chat. *2:47Mysteriousjillguy *It lands in some mud** that it..?*2:47Invader JibJib: Yep.*2:47Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl drags Zogg**Bloopblong:Well..uh..I'll go call the medics and what not.**Bloopblong takes out a radio**Bloopblong:THey're ALIVE! Abort plan delta! ABORT PLAN DELTA *Whispers* BRING MEDICAL HELP*Cravitus has joined the chat. *2:49Long Time(plan delta*2:49Mysteriousjillguy *Some hover vehicles rise out of the lake and land,rebel guys come out with supplies**2:49Invader Jib(lol*2:49Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg lays there,limp***A FEW HOURS LATER**Zogg:Gngh...*Zogg:Augh...what happened..?**Zogg wakes up on a medical table of some sort**2:50Long Time(vex: hey guys i'm gonna be active all the time again (jib:*2:50Mysteriousjillguy( o h*Zogg:AHH! I KNEW IT! THEY FINALLY GOT IT! THE SPACE SQUIDS!*Zogg:YOU WONT DISECT ME YOU MEAT WORMS!*2:51Long TimeMario: *Rubbing his forehead* Aurhg... Zogg*2:51Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg chucks a medical tool at one of the medics**Medic:Ow.*2:51Long TimeMario: Calm down.*2:51MysteriousjillguyZogg:NO! We're ALL GOING TO PROBABLY DIE! I gotta find some way to the LSD somehow-*2:52Long TimeMario: NO.*Mario: no*2:52MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Uh..sorry we don't have that kind of stuff. Those things are illegal.*Zogg:Wh-NO! THE LIR STORAGE DIMENSION!**Zogg attempts to get up,but groans in pain**2:52Invader JibJib: That raises my opinion of the future a bit-*2:52Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg looks at his waist,seeing a bloody bandage**Bloopblong:Oh. Dont worry theres still famine and crime. Also this is probably the last rebel base that hasnt been blown to bits-**Zogg struggles to get up,but eventually gets off the table,Zogg slowly walks toward the room's exit*****Invader JibJib: ...* CONVENTIONS...*2:56Invader JibJib: Future menami is dead Zogg!*Jib: Oh wait...*Jib: Nevermind I get it*2:57Long TimeHatbot: Wait, I don't get it. So you want Lir to cosplay?*Hatbot: Or Menami.*2:57**( okrwereddy**6:10YourFavoriteFangirl(no**(Zogg pls**6:10MysteriousjillguyZogg:SHES NOT DEAD YET JIB! We can still SAVE her**Zogg:WHERES THE TIME MACHINE?!**6:10Invader JibJib: Eh**Jib: In this timeline she is**6:11MysteriousjillguyZogg:You know what Jib**Zogg:You can stay here and complain, I'm going to fix the future,with or without you.**Zogg:Infact I'd prefer it if you stayed here and got blown to bits by the future Irkens.**6:11Invader JibJib: No see, I'm just as interested in sving the future as you.**6:11Mysteriousjillguy *Zogg limped forward in the hallway***6:11Invader JibJib: But that doesn't mean i'm not gonna complain**6:12Long TimeHatbot: Geez**6:12MysteriousjillguyZogg:Whatever. Now wheres that time machine....**6:12Long TimeMario: *Following Zogg***6:12MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:It should be ready by now..**6:13Invader JibJib: Well is it?**6:13MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:*Takes out communicator,calling KlipNorp***Bloopblong:Hello? Catni-Errr KLIPNORP**( jib klinorp is your charactrer-**6:14Invader JibKlipnorp: What was that? Anyway, yeah, I'll be over there soon**6:14MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Is the time machine ready yet?**6:14Invader JibKlipnorp: *Walks through several doors and arrives***Klipnorp: Uhhh probably.**6:14MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Well that was fast.**6:15Invader JibKlipnorp: Yeah I was like, two rooms away.**6:15Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong follows Klipnorp into an elevator nearby****Zogg,Yik,and Feebl follow***6:15Invader Jib *Jib follows them***6:15Mysteriousjillguy( im gonna say the time machine is on a lower floor because security**6:16Invader JibKlipNorp: *Taps his foot while calm elavator music plays***6:16Mysteriousjillguy *The elevator goes down 3 floors,and stops,the door opens***6:16Invader JibKlipNorp: Alright then, he we are.**6:17Mysteriousjillguy *A small hallway is ahead, a door with a keypad on it is seen***6:17Cravitus(jesus christ**6:17Invader JibKlipNorp: I'd like to get you folks in there as fast as possible, but we aren't entirely sure if it's safe...err...I mean functional.**6:17Cravitus(a bear just oneshot me in metal gear**6:18Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong enters a code,and puts his hand on a scanner***6:18Long Time(bear.**6:18MysteriousjillguyZogg:...What?**Bloopblong:Oh uh,dont worry about it.**6:18Long TimeMario: ...**6:18Mysteriousjillguy *The door opens,a beeping noise is heard***6:18Long TimeMario: Really?**6:19Mysteriousjillguy *It reveals a large room with scientists everywhere,the time machine is at the center end of the room,connected to the ceiling and walls by wires***Feebl:Oooh***An alien is seen with a hazmat suit on,standing near the portal***Bloopblong:We'll have to do a little test first.**6:20Invader JibKlipNorp: *Grabs the alien in the hazmat suit by the head***Alien: Wait what-**KlipNorp: *Throws it in the portal***6:20MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Wait WHAT-**6:20Long TimeHatbot: FORCED TESTS! WOOOOO**6:20MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Klipnorp,what are YOU DOIN?!**Bloopblong:THE PORTAL ISNT SET TO THEIR TIME PERIOD YET!**6:21Invader JibKlipNorp: Yeah but that alien didn't need to go there.**KlipNorp: Did he?**6:22MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:Who KNOWS where he could've gone! The begginning of TIME ITSELF! The Formation of the Multiverse! THE CREATION OF EXPENSIVE CHEESES**Bloopblong:You could've created a TIME PARADOX!**Feebl:I like cheese.**6:22Invader JibKlipNorp: Eh. You win some, you lose some.**6:22Long TimeHatbot: Cheese is lame.**6:22Invader JibKlipnorp: *Starts editing the chosen time period***6:22Long TimeMario: Really, Klip? *Sigh* That was a stupid idea.**6:23MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:YOU WIN SOME?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY MEN WE'VE LOST**6:23Invader JibKlipnorp: I didn't count so.**6:24MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:We've been planning day after day to stop the future irkens! And so far every plan has FAILED! We've lost HUNDREDS of forces,and now we've lost ANOTHER! Do you know how hard it is to make funerals three times a week? HUHHH?!!**6:24Invader JibKlipNorp: Alright, I believe it's set ot there time period.**6:24MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:I mean,by golly,THATS THE SEVENTH MEMBER WE'VE LOST THIS WEEK-**6:24Invader JibKlipNorp: Either way, TECHNICALLY, if we sent him to there time period we would still lose him.**6:24Mysteriousjillguy *The alien comes out of the portal***Bloopblong:Oh there he is.**6:25Invader Jib KlipNorp: See.**6:25Long TimeMario: ... You guys really need to plan things out. This sounds AWFULLY dangerous.**6:25Mysteriousjillguy *The alien holds his head,confused***6:25Invader JibKlipNorp: Wait. Is that supposed to happen?**6:25MysteriousjillguyZogg:Yeah I agree.**6:25Invader JibKlipNorp: Hey alien guy, how do you feel?**6:25Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl walks over to the portal***Alien:..BLUegh..nungh..ebughlugh..bloegh**Alien:...Who are you..?**6:26Invader JibJib: I guess we're gonna have to get used to stupid and dangerous things eventually.**6:26Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl sticks his head in the portal,curious***Zogg:HUH-**6:26Invader JibKlipnorp: Wait what?**6:26MysteriousjillguyAlien:...where am I?**6:26Invader JibKlipNorp: I think your name is uh..Bob? You've been here since last week.**6:26MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Runs over to Feebl,pulling him out***Zogg:Feebl?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!**Zogg:Did you see anything? WHAT DID YOU SEE?**6:27Invader JibKlipNorp: Feebl, is it? Stop that**6:27Mysteriousjillguy *Feebl twitches violently,grumbling***Feebl:Can we get some burritos filled with ice?***Feebl twitches again***6:28Invader JibJib: *Narrows eyes***6:28MysteriousjillguyFeebl:Wait..where ARE WE?**6:28Invader JibJib: That doesn't sound out of the ordinary**Jib: Oh wait**6:28MysteriousjillguyFeebl:IS THIS SOME KIND OF PARTY?! JIB'S HERE TOO? WOW!**6:28Long TimeHatbot: If it was a party, why would JIB be here? He's the quietest person I know!**6:28MysteriousjillguyFeebl:I could'a SWORN we were on planet Blaargh a minute ago. Spooky.**6:29Invader JibKlipNorp: Oh god...**6:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:...Feebl..**6:29Invader JibKlipnorp: There's an AMNESIA side effect**6:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:....We left Planet Blaargh several hours ago..what are you-**Blooopblong:...What..**6:29Long TimeMario: As long as I get home, I don't really care.**6:29Invader JibKlipNorp: GOSH DARN IT TO HECK**6:29MysteriousjillguyZogg:..No..**6:29YourFavoriteFangirl(Zogg**6:29Invader JibKlipNorp: They won't KEEP their future knowledge** you know what this means..**6:30Invader JibJib: Great, so this is even MORE pointless than before**6:30YourFavoriteFangirl(i have a message to deliver from fes**("Tell him that I'm "Still on the conquest for dat ass" "**6:30MysteriousjillguyZogg:..When we cross over through that portal..we won't remember any of this..**( no**6:30YourFavoriteFangirl(yes**6:30Mysteriousjillguy( 2 l8**6:30Invader JibJib: Ugh**6:30MysteriousjillguyZogg:..We won't remember anything..the future won't be changed..**Zogg:...We're DOOMED**6:31Invader JibKlipNorp: I'll have to do something quick**6:31Long TimeMario: *Sighs, crossing his arms* I do. You know what you guys COULD do? Give us something through to portal, to fill us in what happened. It's not that hard to solve something like this.**6:31MysteriousjillguyFeebl:DOOM?!**Feebl:I LIKE DOOM!**6:31Long Timethrough the***6:31MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:...Grghh..grgh..GAUGHHH**6:31Invader JibKlipNorp: Hmmm...that's brillaint!**6:31MysteriousjillguyBloopblong: I KNEW THIS WOULD NEVER WORK!**Bloopblong:WE'VE BEEN WASTING OUR TIME!**6:31Invader JibKlipNorp: *runs to a computer room8**6:32MysteriousjillguyBloopblong: I SHOULD'VE NEVER TAGGED ALONG WITH YOU KLIPNORP,THIS PROJECT IS DOOMED!**6:32Invader JibKlipNorp: *Runs back with the tower part of a computer***6:32MysteriousjillguyBloopblong:I QUIT!**6:32Invader JibKlipNorp: Quick, tAKE THIS**6:32Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong takes his labcoat off,and slams it on the ground***6:32Long TimeMario: *Rubbing his forehead* All of this future stuff is giving me a headache, so annoying...**6:32Invader JibKlipNorp: Eh. It was probably your fault it failed**6:32Mysteriousjillguy *Bloopblong walks away,grumbling***6:32Long TimeHatbot: WOO! You tell 'em Blooper!**6:33YourFavoriteFangirl(mario: man i just wanna go home and chill at menami's house**6:33Mysteriousjillguy *Suddenly a loud rumbling is heard***6:33Invader JibKlipNorp, ANYWAY,**6:33Mysteriousjillguy *An alarm blairs***6:33Long Time(lol**6:33Invader JibKlipNorp: *Begins ducktaping the computer to Jib's back***6:33MysteriousjillguyIntercom:ALERT,IDENTIFIED SHIPS SPOTTED**6:33Invader JibJib: Wait WHAT ARE YOU DOING**6:33MysteriousjillguyZogg:..What are you doing?**6:33Invader JibKlipNorp: SHH THIS IS IMPORTANT**6:33MysteriousjillguyAlien:Uh..sir..**6:33Invader JibKlipNorp: This computer contains ALL of the future knowledge you learned**6:34MysteriousjillguyAlien:Thats not a computer. Thats our microwave oven.***A slice of pizzia falls out of it***6:34Invader JibKlipNorp: ....**6:34Long TimeHatbot: Yay!**6:34Invader JibKlipNorp: *Places a harddrive inside it***KlipNorp:THERE.**6:34MysteriousjillguyAlien:You forgot about the flashdrive thingy you made incase the past guys di-UHHH I MEAN FAILED**Alien:*Hands klipnorp the flashdrive***6:35Invader JibKlipNorp: *places it in the microwave***6:35Mysteriousjillguy *A crashing noise is heard***6:35Long TimeMario: You can stop trying to cover up the whole "we thought you guys would die" thing, it's kinda obvious. Annoying, too.**6:35Invader JibKlipNorp: Alright, you guys better hurry.**6:35Mysteriousjillguy *The sound of laser fire is heard***6:35Long TimeHatbot: Gee you really are tired today, Mayo.**6:35MysteriousjillguyZogg:Wait a second,I dont think I want to go into a dangerous portal,maybe we should rethink this-**6:35Invader JibJib: So uh, I was wondering, why did the ship think I was you?**6:35Long TimeHatbot: TOO BAD! DO IT!**6:35Invader JibKlipNorp: Long story...I forget.**6:36Mysteriousjillguy *The sound of Plyzri laughing is heard****The door to the elevator closes***6:36Invader JibKlipNorp: *Picks up Jib and begins to throw him in the portal***Jib: WHAT ARE YOU-**6:36MysteriousjillguyA.I:SECURITY BREACH. LOCKDOWN MODE INTIATED.**6:36Long TimeMario: Oh GREAT, it's her.**6:37Mysteriousjillguy *The exits snap shut***6:37Long TimeHatbot: Yay, green lady!**6:37Invader Jib *The weight of the microwave slams Jib down, but he crawls towards the portal***Jib: Aggh**6:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:0_0**6:37Invader JibJib: I hate...the future so much**6:37MysteriousjillguyZogg:Hmmm**Zogg:Its either get arrested by future irkens..or go back in time with amensia...**Zogg:hmmm**6:38Long TimePlyzri: *Banging on the door, frantically trying to break in* RHNNN... you DEFECTIVES, you'll NEVER get rid of me. I will HUNT you down!**6:38MysteriousjillguyZogg:I think Plyzri was kind of hot so I guess I'll stay here instead of going back in time to eventually die-**6:38Invader JibJib: Ugh**6:38Long TimeMario: ... what-**6:39Mysteriousjillguy( brb dinner**6:39Invader JibJib: *Comes close to the porta-**oh**6:39Mysteriousjillguy( is rp good so far**6:39Long Time(ye****Mysteriousjillguy( wanted this to have a climatic ending but oh well**( maybe plyzri breaks in and klipnorp shoves them in the portal?**6:40Invader Jib(Yeah that sounds good**6:40Long Time(ye**6:40Mysteriousjillguy( they could try to fight for a few minutes maybe**( but then klipnorp shoves them in**( well brb food**MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Looks back at the portal,then at the door***10:40Cravitus(laptop secured so it should be finished**10:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Grumbles***( ok**10:40Long Time(still bluffing**10:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:Grghh..hnghn...**10:40Long Time(look at that bottle of weaksauce**(mmm mm mm what a nice, fresh, glistening cold bottle of refreshing weaksauce**10:40MysteriousjillguyZogg:If we go into that portal we remeber nothing..the future wont be saved...**10:41Invader JibJib: Well, I have this hard driev**10:41Long TimeMario: You know, that future guy already strapped a driver onto Jib's back?**Mario: We'll be fine.**10:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh. Right**10:41Invader JibJib: Hopefully regular-timeline Jib will put it into a computer**10:41Long TimeMario: Also... uh, we should get moving. I think Ply is coming.**10:41MysteriousjillguyZogg:Still though I-**10:41Long TimeMario: Or at least trying**10:41Mysteriousjillguy*The door blasts open***10:41Invader JibJib: Then realize the situation is futile**10:41Mysteriousjillguy*Dust flies everywhere***Zogg:?!***Scientists flee the room***10:42Long TimePlyzri: *Her hand transforms into the gun seen earlier, walking through the dust* Mhmhmhm .. hmahahaaa *grins* Even if you "escape" through your worthless portal, I'll still get rid of all you primates mhmhmaa...**10:42Mysteriousjillguy*Turrets come out of the ceiling,firing at Ply***A.I.:INTRUDER SPOTTED. ELIMINATE! ELIMINATE!**10:42Long TimePlyzri: AHG! *She projects a green shield in front herself***10:42MysteriousjillguyZogg:LETS THROW JIB AT PLY! QUICKLY!**10:42Invader JibJib: *Fires lasers at Plyrizi**10:43Mysteriousjillguy*Robot drones come in,firing lasers***10:43Invader JibJib: No you moron! Then SHE'D get the hard drive**10:43Long TimePlyzri: *Firing at the turrets* YOU'RE JUST WASTING MY TIME! LET ME GET IT OVER WITH! RHNNN...**10:43MysteriousjillguyZogg:Oh right.***The turrets explode***Zogg:Hey uh..Klipnorp,you got any IDEAS?!**10:43Long TimeMario: We should probably.. uh.. get in the portal.**10:43Invader JibKlipNorp: Not at all.**10:43MysteriousjillguyZogg:Grggh...**10:43Long TimePlyzri: *Running towards the others, shooting at them***10:44Invader JibJib: Hope this is safe. *Rolls into the portal***10:44Long TimeHatbot: HURRY UP YOU SLOW POKES!**10:44Invader JibKlipNorp: *Shoves the others towards the portal**10:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:*Looks back at the portal***10:44Long TimeHatbot: Wait a minute! Do I lose my MEMORY TOO?**10:44Invader JibKlipNorp: Come on Guys, we don't have all day**10:44MysteriousjillguyZogg:HEYWAITAMINUTEWHATTHE-**10:44Long TimeHatbot: MY NACHO RECIPE! THE NOIR SECRETS NOOOO!**10:44Mysteriousjillguy*Zogg,Yik,and Feebl fly into the portal****The drones form a circle around Klipnorp,hovering above him***10:45Long TimeMario: This is going to be the death of me... *Sighs* *Jumps into the portal***(lork**(pm**10:45Invader JibKlipNorp: Alright, they're gone.**KlipNorp: *Smashes the time machien control panel with ahammer***10:46MysteriousjillguyDrone:YOU ARE UNDER ARREST,REBEL SCUM.**10:46Long TimePlyzri: RHNNNNG! NO!**Plyzri: ... rhnnn those PRIMATES! *Shooting a drone out of anger***10:46Invader JibKlipNorp: Welp, not like I had anything to live for. *Finishes off the panel, as the rest of the time machine begins to spark****The portal fades away***10:47Mysteriousjillguy*Back on planet Blaargh,a blue ball of energy forms****The ball transforms into a portal,Zogg falls out into the sand,along with Feebl and Yik***Zogg:*Twitches***Zogg:Augh...**10:48Invader JibJib: *Falls out of the portal***Jib: Eugh...why's there a microwave...what..**10:48MysteriousjillguyZogg:WAIT A MINUTE WHERE ARE WE-**Zogg:Get off me.**10:48Long TimeMario: Uhg... wait--- what?**10:48MysteriousjillguyFeebl:But this is comfortable.***Zogg pushes Feebl off into Yik***10:48