Ari's Irken form


Ari is a failed Invader who was sent to Earth by the Tallest after she became too annoying. She realized her exile, unlike Zim, and despises the Tallest, and Irkens in general. At first, she liked Zim when she met him, but he rejected her brutally. Now she hates him, like most other Irkens. After a while, she noticed that one of the Skool children wasn't human, but actually the captain of the Resisty, Lard Nar. They ended up becoming friends, and teaming up to stop the Irken Empire.


Her S.I.R. Unit, RAH, is a defective version of the standard S.I.R. He likes pomegranate juice, and mostly ignores his master. However, if Ari is in real danger, he will help her, no questions asked.

When she was sent to the Principal's office for punching Zim, Ari stole the Principal's beaver, which was found to be powered by dark matter. Ari keeps this highly dangerous thing in a vault in her base.


Her Irken form has crimson eyes. She is about two inches taller than Zim. Ari's uniform is standard, except for the fact that it has long sleeves going to her wrists. There is a birthmark of a heart on her neck.

Ari's human form has red hair down to her shoulders. She wears a gray shirt with a jagged heart on it. The sleeves are long, and striped with neon green and purple. The Irken pants and boots are kept in her disgui

Ari and RAH


RAH looks like a S.I.R. with purple eyes and a purple stripe across his chest. His disguise is a white wolf doll with purple horns, a dragon tail, and green spikes along his back and tail.


Ari is hyper, happy-go-lucky and oblivious most of the time. However, when she is angry, she's merciless. Most of the time she makes stupid descisions without thinking things through. Ari has no reasons to destroy Earth. In fact, she detests the fact that Irkens destroy other planets.

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